xt78cz323d4v https://nyx.uky.edu/dips/xt78cz323d4v/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19831209 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, December 9, 1983, no. 420 text The Green Bean, December 9, 1983, no. 420 1983 2014 true xt78cz323d4v section xt78cz323d4v A UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LIBRARIES’ NEWSLETTER
`= - 12—9—83 · No. 420
1 Dec. 13 Mary ToddgLinco1n's Birthday
I Dec. 15 Bill of Rights Day
Dec. 16 Library Faculty Ivbeting, 8:30 a.m.
4 Libr News Submission Deadline
I A Annual Christmas Luncheon I
  Underdog Day
A Dec. 17 Wright Brothers Day
, Dec. 21 National Flashlight Day
E Phileas Fogg Wins a Wager Day
i Jan 7·—12 ALA Midwinter.Confere11ce, Washington, D.C.
, Next "Green Bean" issue: January 6. 4
i Submission deadline: 10 a.m. , January 3{ I
X Emergency items can be submitted to the editor by · y
  phone after the deadline (7-1631) .
Q , Production Staff: Cecil Madison, Liz Pogue, Rob Aken (editor) ,
§   I
‘ 2

  _ Map Reading Tables p _ (
  A light table has been rroved from the Map Room to the Periodicals
` Area and is now available for use anytime the library is open.
Two light tables will remain in the Map Room to be used only when
_ the Map Room is open (Nonday—Friday, 10 a.m.·4:30 p.m.) . (Gwen Curtis) “
5 Thanksgiving Donations
The Thanksgiving Committee wants to thank everyone for their generous
. donations for the Thanksgiving baskets. They received $$4.00 and
enough canned goods for three needy families. The Committee purchased
· turkey, trimmings, and several staples for each family. All families
were very appreciative of the gifts. (Perry Bratcher, Karen Croneis,
. I Loraine Bates, Pam Fields, Patty Hornback, and Sonja Riggen)
Annual Christmas 1;uncheon——Dec. 16, 1983 in the Paperback Reading Room
" Yes, you can feel the excitanent building in the air as we approach the
‘ gala event of the year——the annual Christmas luncheon? By now, sign—up 4
sheets for food items should be circulating in your department with an
explanation regarding "white elephants."
You're encouraged to bring along a small wrapped gift for a child.
- The gift should be labeled "boy" or "girl" with the appropriate age
designated. These gifts will be donated to local charitable organizations.
Non—LSO members are expected to pay $1.50 each at the door to help
{ defray the $200 + cost of the affair. (Hank Harken)
Librgy News Deadline E
The submissicn deadline for the January issue of Library   is
December 16. (Brian Coutts) ” .
Video Display Terminal Precautions
Recent studies from the Library and Information Technology Associatim
(LITA) and the American Optometric Association give the following
recommendations for the use of \[Dl`s. ’ .
Operators' arms should be at 90 degree angles at the elbows.
Chairs should be adjustable for height. _
Screens should be covered with antiglare shields.
· Lighting should be indirect. A
‘ 4 Screen—hoods_ should be used to out glare.
1 V .

 · VDI‘s should be adequately ventilated to reduce build—up
of negative ions, dust, sxmke, and pollen.
· Work surfaces should be light—co1ored1and textured.
Work areas should be decorated with attractive posters,
" ~ photos, etc. to encourage restful focusing of eyes .
R away from the screen. A
The height of the VDT should be set with the top of the
A · · screen 10 degrees above and the center of the screen
. 20 degrees below the operator's straight—ahead vision.
" .. ' Reference materials should be placed at the sane distance
from the eyes as the screen. ‘ ,
Lighting should be set at only 30-50 candles; characters
on the screen should be 3--4 times brighter than the
room light and 10 times brighter than the screen
1 There should be no bright light behind the operator".
V Terminals should be adjustable for height and tilt.
Keyboards should be less than 60 um thick. " ·
· Keyboards should have matte finishes. -
A Key tops should be concave. ‘ ‘
Color and brightmess should be adjustable.
Also reconmended are annual visual examinations, regular work breaks p
. of 15 minutes every two hours, and permission for pregnant staff to
4 refuse work on terminals during   term of the pregnancy. ‘
5 4 Special glasses are being nede for users of bifocal and tasifccal
lenses to make terminal use more comfortable and to- reduce emissinns
reaching the eyes. _ V . _
Further information can be obtained from: . 1
The American Optouetric Association _
243 North Lindberg Blvd. 4
» St. louis, FD 63141 , - `
(3l4)99l-·4l00 ‘ ’ ·
National Organization of Working Women  
.phone hotline: l—800—521~~VUI’S _ ‘
4   American Library Association ` 1
‘ . ·‘ 50 East Huron St. - L '
Chicago, IL 60611 W
(BM)944-6780 V J
(Librggry Journal (Nov. 15, 1983), p. 212) y

     ALA To Debut E1ectroni.c Mail System
  'Ihis coming January, AIA will introduce AIANET, an electronic mail
service which will link members and provide access to library
  ` suppliers, information bulletins, various databases, and document
” delivery systems. _
Access requires any standard terminal and .a   Costs include A
.. a $30 signup fee, $7.50 a month billing fee,. and a connect—hour
·· charge for system use.
For more information,) contact Joel Lee, ALA HQ Librarian, 50 East V
Huron St., Chicago, IL 60611. (Libr_a_1_jy Journal (Nov. I5, 1983),
m p. 2123) _ l
East Asian Cataloging on OCLC Q
` Asiagraphics is working with OCLC to create a process whereby _  
_ Chinese characters can be cataloged without a special keyboard; ;
rcxmanized Chinese characters will be converted into pictographic g
characters. (Librgy Journal (Nov; 15, 1983), p. 2120) .  
. Corporate Author Searchingoon OCLC ‘  
Corporate author searches are now available on OCLC Monday·~Friday,   ‘
. 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. , in addition to the usual post--4:30 p.m. md g
_* weekend schedule. 3
Automated Systems Security A I
The September issue of Information Technology gi libraries contains A
an article by Joseph Matthews on automation security (pp. 265-271). »
The article contai.ns a lengthy checklist. `(Lihrgw ‘IHotl__i.z_E_, »; i
XII-37, p. 5) _ .
SOLDIET Area Mi.cro Users Group
The SOLINEI Microcomputer Users Group (SMUG) will now handle the  
network's responses to questions concerning "hardware, software, 3 _
logon procedures, and many other aspects of micro use." in A
_ addition, the group wi.ll provide general information on mwicrocemxpnters. _ g
Contact person is Lori Schecter, Cumberland College Library, 821 g
Walnut St., Williamsburg, KY. Phone: (606)549-·-2200, ext. 329. 1
‘(Libr§`;,HotIine·, )C[Ie-37, p. 4) _
· 3 _. ,

 ' Automated System Publicity and Training
The Brister Library at Memphis State University is installing a »
CLSI circulation and catalog system. T~They have’a committee to
study the role of user education and to direct the initial publicity ‘
and trainingand are therefore interested in any available sample
approaches from other programs. Contact Janell Rudolph, Instruction '
E Librarian, Brister Library, Memphis State University, Memphis, TN . .
38152. (max News (Fall 1983), p. 3) .
ALA Scholarships
U The following scholarships are available to xvesuews Degree students “
or candidates for admission to Library and Information Science Programs "
at ALA accredited programs.
David H. Clift Scholarship _ . .
Available to U.S. or Canadian citizens and stressing
such factors as academic excellence, leadership qualities,
and career commitment.
Frederick W. Faxon Scholarship ’ .
Available to U.S. and Canadian citizens and foreign students,
stressing academic excellence, leadership, ability to do
` . independent research and ;an understanding of or desire to _ »
learn computer applications.
louise Giles Minority Scholarship
Available to U.S. or Canadian citizens currently enrolled or .
considering admission. Deadline: Dec. l5. .
{ Frederick G. Melcher Scholarship
Available to U.S. and Canadian citizens, stressing the desire
to work with children. — _ ‘
p Further information is available from the American Library Association,
  50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL 606ll. (Access, 2 (Nov. 23, 1983), p. l)
l A .
l SPEC Kit #98——Telecozmimicati0ns in ARL Libraries
1 This SPEC Kit contains two documents on networks, seven on hiterconnection ‘
. among libraries, one on gateways! links, and two on standards, plus a short
I New Books and Articles
Epstein, Susan Baerg. "Implenentation: Preparing the Sit:e,"
Libraij Journal (Nov. 15, 1983), pp. 2142-2lé¤3.
Implementing an automated system.

   Farr, Rick C. "The Local Area Network (LAN) ," Librgry Journal
 » (Nov, 15, 1983), pp- 2130-2132-
I Henderson, Kathryn Luther and Will@ T. Henderson, eds.
Conserving gd Preserving Librgy Materials, 2d ed.
(Allerton Park Institute, no. 27) U11`b3IlH·Cl’13Hl{)3lQ'1, IL: _
A University of Illinois, 1981. (Z/701/.A444/1981)
1Yk:Clure, Charles R. and Peter Hernon. Ilnproving gig  
‘ of Reference Servi.ce for Government Publications. Chicago:
ALA-, I§8§". (z76757.m7W7719S35
Reeling, Patricia. "Updating Your Goverrm1er1t-Inforniation Skills:
A Continuing Education Proposal," PQ, 23 (Fall 1983), 13-16.
Sherer, Elaine R. "Frustrating Subj ect Headings," Library Journal
(Nov. 15, 1983), p. 2112.
Swanson, Pat. "Reference Librarians and Online Catalogs," _R_Q, 23
(Fall 1983), 23-26.
Tenopir, Carol. "More Publications About Databases, " I.ibrar_y A A ,
Journal (Nov. 15, 1983), pp. 2140-2141. A
Five Years Ago This Month in the "Green Bean" _ ,
The M.I. King Library extended its weekend hours, including moving  
back the Sunday opening time from noon to 10 a.m. A
1 Gwen Curtis attended a maps convention in Atlanta. _ A
Harry Gilbert attended a SAALCK meeting in Murray, KY. l
A An intelligent assessment of potential problems can often   terrible I
results. In older buildings, plumbing and wiring are often bazarclfsais md A j
should be inspected. Repairmen and contractors mist unders·a:and the need for
care when they work with pipes, welding equipment, and flaumable materials.
Cigarette use by staff and public must be carefully con‘L:roQLl.¤;wi., The great .
fi.re at the University of Texas Library was caused by a we1der‘ s `€`.£)`L`·f11‘;, or 1
at least by the contracting work going on in the builciing. A
Fire prevention for libraries is an extremely important c.onsi4ier°a.ti,<;vn..  
Fire itself is not the only concern; heat, srmloe, and waiter may destroy
books fire does not even reach. As always, prevention is igzhs best approach.
, (Jessie Adams) A V

_, (For more infomation, contact Faith Harders.)
University Librarian and Associate Dean of Information Services,
California State University at Chico. Salary: $34,860~$42,120.
·.: Deadline: January 15, 1984.
. Assistant Head, Catalogin Division, and Head, Monographic Cataloging
Section; UCLA. Salary: §21,228—$30,648. Deadline: January 15, 1984.
I l I Connecticut
Archivist, Yale University. Salary: $23,000 miniimnx., Deadline:
January 20, 1984. ..
Illinois .
NOTIS Marketing Librarian, Northwestern University. Salary:
$20,000—$24,000. Deadline: December 30, 1983. ’
New Jersey
_ Plasma Physics Librarian, Princeton University. Salary: not
specified. Deadline: March 15, 1984.
Cataloger, Near East Cataloging Team; Princeton University. . '
» Salary: not specified. Deadline: December 15, 1983. .
i Q .
New York 4
Reference Librarian for Business and Economics, New York University.
Salary: $20., 000   Deadline: January 13, 1984.
Social Science Bibliographerf Data Collection Coordinator, SINE?  
Albany. Salary: $17,500   Deadline: January 30,  
Head, Cataloging Dept. § SUNY at Albany. Salary: $23 ,000 minrmiim.
Deadline: January 31, 1984.
Assistant Director, Technical‘Services; SUNY at Alta:.iy·. Sa.l-.ary:
$26,000   Deadline: January 31, 1984.
Senior Assistant Librarian/Associate Librarian, Cata; :_  Dept;
SUNY at Buffalo. Salary: $20,000   Deadline: not specified.
- Pennsylvania .
Head of Cataloging, Temple University. Salary: $*13,800 minirmim.
Deadline: January 13, 1984. `

   wasmngcm V"   \" 7
` I \
  Scandinavian Cataloger, University of Washington. Salary:
. $17,000   Deadline: December 30, 1983.
I Slavic Cataloger, University of Washington. Salary: $17,000 .
    Deadline: December 30, 1983.
si `
7 .