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C H Vol. VI LEXINGTON, KY., DECEMBER 4, 1913 No. 12
. .5
‘—  "' "‘_‘ COURTESY OF
wttgug; qw. 1-..1;;;.... A||1·h•y Ay-. 8sys Its Hard to Plck an All-Btn Grldlron and V•nd•v|||• ·•6tunt•” to C H BERRYMAN Prospects Bright for s Successful
Lqokmg rm-, gnj thm Eleven, and Glves Hls Reasons Add Gsy•ty to tm Oceealon. ° ° Season, and Much New Mlterlil
v . ·°m*· rw chu"' —— Harlow F. Dean, of Arts Club, to Ren- H-. Turned Ou"
.._._.. ——- ¤0v:RNOR McCHEARY INVITID du swam vo"' -—;-
} TH! econ; negewr Mgrrgg, STATE GPI'! SEVEN MEN _... Numb". 6000 SCHEDULE ARRANGED
' ....; ——— On next Saturday evening one of . .......
The wudcau cmfcmded their 1913 umm J' Tis°rt' in Lexingwu Lad") the biggest events ln the history of PLAN TO RAISE FUNDS Basket ball practice has begun in
.,“0¤ with the most gmemns wmv I have (men °°m°nd°d that A"` State University and the clty ol Lex- earnest, and the prospects are good
cnr Nan on Sum meld. The mu American. All-C0nfeN¤<>¢. All-Bitte metee will be pulled on at the pheemx Through the courtesy of Manager for s successful season on the armory _e
  md whit, eleven S", [hg wm {mm TM nl °th°r A“`T°°m° WM? ° j°k°' Hotel. The banquet will be an appro- Charles H. Berryman, the Ben Au floor.
U ¤·· v¤¤v¤r·¤w ¤r r·¤·····¤¤ •¤· ¤··¤¤- ”““"‘°" ‘° "‘°'° `"‘° ‘°°°‘ ‘“°" ·=*·¤¤¤ 0* me ·¤*e¤¤*¤ vers of the Theater has been donated for the ttm. A""“‘ 3° '“°" "G °“° '°' ¤’°°“°•
at Out game of the season, and lt was by t · ue ly in posmou to select Wildcat! during the season just closed. can which wm be given December every day, and Coach Brummage ex-
• theypleuum of hm md the wonderful 1nteuigent.1y,snd Ifeelthatl amlsbor- The hmcueee wm else be e ··geMe_ 15 under the auqmces of the Sum! peots to be able to put a classy tlve
mud mmm): umm, of one Tonner ing under this diflicnlty in striving to eethero me". between the emzeee of rumvcmty Y M C A for the purpose on the floor when the season opens.
' nun, yc]gpt puymn, th.; the md, ”l°°t m Auxeumcxy °]°v°¤' Bmw Lexington and the faculty and stu- of creating A fund with which to to The veteran material available ls
(mm the Sunny gut, nosed out e 13 umm “° uw"] hum. ls um gnu dents of State University. und wu delegates from the Univer. Carl Zerfoss, Tuttle, Scott, guards;
to 7 d,cg,g°¤_ w!;i°h I h"° ;I°°° °°°bl; ti °b°°"° The movement was started by s my to me Student volunteer weston Preston and Parks, centers; Morgan
th s season. owever, av ng con- · ·· ‘
, prominent glumnug of the city and is and Schraeder, forwards. The most
,,§`,‘;‘ff’,Q‘§§; f’_‘{,f__ §’,‘;§'°_,,,`f,§'f jj *··~·¤ wss Mr- B¤·¤=···· ·**~¤*··· 0* test tts-tts s.»w..-tt ws. st aid of ;’j¤f'§,'{Qj"‘Dj_Q‘;j;‘b;";0”€an“_j'j8;‘ psmssg new ttm s Tom ze.-s..,
wedceu revel, reduced In the mw “m°“°' ‘° S°“° U“"°"“’· "h° h" the Commercial Club and public 1 ' who shows promise of great class as
eehavy edd, an Kemecuem mu M °°°° ul uw °°°m' °f °b° Sum m °°` spirited citizens, the object being slug";} R r [ I t d 1 i t d a forward.
A ’ 8 mm this N"' I haw d°°|d°d t° ‘t` greater State University. Secretary ope I Ren Q D an S an The schedule to date is as follows:
the Tennesseans from whistle to tempt 8 selecuom The selection et Cramer of me Commercial Club has composer, will be the entertainer of Ju. 10_Asmwd Y- M. C- A- at
'm°¤°' uid °:° mlmcylut wwfmtb this team ls embarrassing for other suggested that M umn; mbloaux to im the evening and as an added feature Lexington
NU df DB! • D¤¢ h¤¤\• Gl S muon. Harlowe F. Dean, of the Arts Club, ` _
made the Volunteers meager lead _ di°°t° mu um t°m°h°wk hu b°°n recently of the Conservatory of Music, Jw`16_ChHsts Church' Cmcumnt
me mm “‘° "°‘ um M'· B"“'““° ‘“° ‘“’ buried, that Chief Reagan and the hss- B t m gl I I st Lexington.
F t Id uu, adm hed nu h"° bun °“°°i°'°°d m cuching klest boy in the University do a sort bog ou, W vo umn mcs num- JM- 20—A¤bl¤¤d`Y· M- C- A-. Rt Ash-
• °' w° '” ‘ ' ° the University of Kentucky team .. .. °"‘ I
_ of United We Stand act on the plat.- ,, Mid-
been sifting down on Stoll Field and men. it duncan ee niece wuheet uu Mr. Roper is the composer of The Ju 21 Marshall com e at Hum
. in groa:d was everywhere soaked. me or allele eel, Num hem seek mfg; P for ul. Chlmes," and in his lmprovlsltatlons IL 8 ’
~   W R *     V r . -*5 · r»~1";}‘·.  A .. · `
- ss ss- www ...t st. est., "“"°""'· ““ "’°"' “"""" ·¤··· s · ··¤K···» dsriisvwn mae ,0 §,‘{"§f,"‘,,‘,{·_;_'$~···**!'*""""" ""“" J-.- ·•—¤·······e s mss. s
me eb reed m Q th e l, hum numb"' md yu uu Uunniu mm ville stunts will be enjoyed. Alter the E L. Hm ° · ' Charlottesville. ,
as _°,_,__',§ '° ° ° ° " ‘ *·· ··> ¤····=¤ ·¤<·····r ¤=·¤ ¤·• ··°·•* asm . .....s.. will se an me the C A of St;tj°°U”“’m’r_; ";’u_; E Jan. s.w..tt..m.. and ss, .t
U gamma me and- were teams that I do not think that those renewing ereenm et were eeeeey rams th rt ,456 th H Lexington, Va.
I d ml 5000 km f e ‘"‘° ”° ’°‘"" °°"“’°‘”'" ‘° ’““° ‘"“ was will be given. °° ° °°°°° ' ° W Jen. z4—v. M. 1.. at 1.e¤nngton,Vs.
’°°° ° W ’ PI" N"' ° consider that the selection of these Addms ecnmm Mccmuy. “mF’“°t “°°°“*“`Y t° ’°“d u" t" d°l°' Jem 31__Heiee"_,e,.8_ et Lexmetem
‘“‘“"°" °‘ ‘“‘°' "°’° """°" "°““" ses *- ¤·=¤ ·¤ ¤·re··¤*¤e- Mr- Bm- s.nm...n.y.,.- J s e.....t, — ‘“‘°‘ '°-“‘° °°“‘°"’°°°· "'“°'*—‘"“ °° est. t.-U..tt..-..t, tt t..,....tn.,, ..
the gold. It ivasha mThanksgiv· we and I dm, careful cemummee Adam". HTM University m hmm- attended by more than 6,000 students Lexington.
3: .t:;.cr;:t tw   2) d Wim  ""'° °°‘°°‘°" "‘° '°“°‘""" "‘“"‘°"‘ tion of semee··-meanest s. s. ess  '°;’“;““ °"_‘;" °°"°‘° ""' ““"°" ree. tt-utnvmtty of ssuttvttte, .t
• . W Y °* Y * n- tucky team for 1913; ker. B Y dfth merica and many of Louisville.
goals zgumbogsc studsmb ugmed Len Eud—z°¤°"’ Kentucky Sum "The Educational Assets of Lexlng- the Dowd foreign institution" Feb. 18 and 19—Unlve¤-stty or Jrsn-
; dres isnt h re; betey oore, Len T·ckle_emtchel.' Kentucky mn’__R°pr°¤°¤tativ8 from the com- Dr. John R. Mott, associate general www at Lexington. -
au , an a ay e, egan the job Bene secretary of the Worlds Y. M. C. A. '
· Fb.21—Ui it f l ,
of clearing the field of its straw blah- _ mucul Club' Movement, chairman of the Executive e n vers y 0 C Mmmm
ust gm °°°:° B°(;°°”’ G°°r°°t°Y°` "“°*°“°¤ T°¤°"*°"'·”°°’** B’°°"· commntss of student Volunteer Mets “‘ L°“““'°“‘
CRIB lass, GOPKOIOWD. ' F b_ 26__M 1 C u _
The Volunteers were on the fleld _ · mud"' ment and general secretary of the B ar atm 0 esa! .t Lex
any me seemed to be when It mgm Gund w°°d°°°' Kmmcky "What the Reporters See and What W ld, Ch I U St d F i¤8¤>¤-
sem.; s st. mts at t J5 tts vine 8***** The WM-°r*¤¤ ¤·~¤*¤·‘·¤ ¤* ¤=· wlyhi Mtn tuninst et?;T°:;°' “‘“""‘ ‘2‘“““""“"‘ °°"°‘°· “‘
. : - ' c saunono e.rs n
eats trotted out on the fleld and were mgm Tackle-—W·lk°r' Louuvmen r°p°n°"’ st d t t l th 1 Lexington
ad ie b , 1 °°***°' "°°"—*’°"‘· "°°°“°"’ “‘“‘°· ··1¤ Times of ole, wm soy, we,. “ °“ ‘“°""""“ “ " ° “°"’· °“" A date ent be sn-mss sts.- tt.
I;•¤t· W • ¤1’¤t 0 muse wd mgm Eud_R0th' Kentucky Stew B0ld__~R C Stun who is considered to be the most in- meet University of Cincinnati on hor
e eers. . Len Hm Bsck_Tume’ Kentucky H ' ’ ‘ H tluentisl layman ln the United States, h n
e A few minutes later the game had Sum R TM Umsusgy N: amnkmrt _ will preside over the convention. Omg cor.
‘ tat tt . .  
'*'“’*°d· Th° nm m°'“°“*° °’ “*° R B k- in le Trans 1- opmsen ve E num   he reminded the students that they
ism Hut °° T ° y' y "The Flght for Southern Honore"- ly conduct on the floor the interest
8\¤\0y W0!'0 encnsh to ¤b0W U15! {D6 vent; D J J T rt I ' were sent to State University to flnd
Wildcat, hu! mot a dmgerous 0pp0_ Fun Back and C·pmm_Sc0"” Ku-   . iss .1 Ed U H R d splayed ln coming out and the pleas- the mm standard, to know the good
¤0¤¢· TUB Volunteers K¤‘¤¤*-IY Wt- meh. stem senutxjrzmizl $@:2: on TJ apr- 2:: pe;-romance of the mgm evening' from the bad. the right from the wrong
Wdillwd ihd BNIB IDG Whitd t%¤¤1. °I heve no hesimuon in selecting any y n V r` M;scF;l::.s¤;is:mH;l:3t;: zssnuyt; and to live according to the right
and their backheld. reported to be A B f 1, _ He is en exeeueet ' ' ’ ‘ M standard with afalth in human nature,
z° °° ° wd Admission will be by tickets at $150 Mrs A W Gulllon Mr and Mrs Zem-
very llsht. was in reality the equal in mm en the Ousnael and me bee, de r I tc Th m b Gd' bmi ‘ d ‘D Z ‘ ‘ ‘ s tstth that broadens the me or man.
werent of tsst of xsntueuy. The vm- ,mm mu I hm me ee, ,w_ H, 3; ;_’h“°·u Bil **2 ° ";°‘;‘ t :" I f““ W "· °""*“’—‘· °‘ W°"” C°" This ls the second toss tnts ssnennsr
r 0 D . V ,
t°" °h°°r wdght °°°bl°d umm t° ls an exceptionally good punter and a th U I it Oh ld sry ::1 Iguana ef: 0:1 fmwu year that the young ladies and gentle-
link imo me veneer of mud md nm nm drop kick". Rom payed a wp- b eningzerg y s ou s ow s oy y dhe For clemnglttee also deserves men have heard the Judge speak and
· mn f°°"n‘ °° uw mm ¤°u°d un` notch game at the other end all season y L an race vas t at an S of The Idea' the two occasions call for another ln
derneath while the Wildcats flound- ’
' until he was taken ill at Louisville, the near future. We need more such
° ‘"‘ ‘"°   °’°° ’“ “‘° “°"‘*‘° ··=·· ··»·~·»=   ··=   ···   ···· T"Es{t'}>%‘§§s‘%—No€Em JHB3t”€s?s’§’E's'§'t¥°t‘£sNTs   peny *¤   dm     W
""·°h°r°u· lay"` °t W"' "°u°d' Pak two games, his magnificent showing   er ls supremely fitted to do us good.
was a little weak in his toe work and unmet Cmeumeu end ether good _   EMM"` Jurm md Imtrudor SN". The convocation committee is urged
T•¤¤•||0• Ili¤0d ¤0¤16 ¤¤ l¤ i¤¢0|'· to arrange him another date and let
*6***** wsrrsnts his '°l°°u°¤· And"' Edlters are grateful to the Students. on Freedom and Fstnsss.
shsnse of tnnr vnnts- A fnrwsrd ness ,e,,_ of G,,e,e,,,ew,,_ t, ,,,0,,,,,, good the students and faculty re-hear mm.
d ral un b lr b D ..;........_.
Ltd :1:oNm w°K::“:ck;,s :;:3 FL: °¤d Wd P°"iblY °¤ UW wh°l° '°" After the struggle of the edltors of Judge Lyman Chalkley delivered an Mr E T Proctor and Mr Taylor
Wu" W°'¥ mtiht be Ul"°¤ * Pmce °"°" The Idea to get permission to hold a interesting talk to the students of o ' ' - ,
""°"° "°“‘“°"’ "“‘ ‘“‘ “‘° "°“‘°“‘ new fundltftln dance for the be ent t st t U t tt ”°"‘ °' "‘° ""“ °“° S°'°“°" °°"“"`
blt of defensive work of the day, and walk t L I m I the tron _ I n 0 A Q n vars Y at convocation Tues` ment, passed the Rhodes Scholarship
me umm: mu mm new Tennna 6*2 ° W W °· 9 S 8 our college weekly, we can with filled day morning on "Standards." Judge examination
for down. Pumas out from behind 6*** ¤¤d most *K8*`°“iV° WCHG I h°·"° appreciation thank the dance commit- Chalkley discussed standards that are
M. .081 HQW Put booted wuuy md *99** this Y°¤'~ The °th°" tackle $0*** tee and Miss Hamilton particularly, true and those that are false. Cour- Joe held her hand and she held hls‘n;
uw Nmmozl to Kentuckym slum W C*‘“'·°h°*‘· °‘ K°m“°l‘Y S'·“°· ‘”h° for the kindness shown us and the un- age. honor. lying, stealing, humor, wlt, Soon they hugged and went to kiss'n.
uno A una buck ruled to nm md @h°¤8h V°*'Y Wim wd PNWUK his drst waverlng lnterest ln the welfare of the vulgarity and obscenity ln their true ignorant that her Pa had rls‘n,
` ' Yea'- hu m“d° “ *'°m"k*bl° ‘h°w' college at large. The staff compli-iand false characters were vivldly por- Madder’n hops and simply slzz`n.
`• (Continued on Page Eight.) (éontilmed OD Page Eikbt.) ments the students f0l‘ UIQ B6¤ll8¤l&¤- truyed by the speaker and in closing (lee! But Joe went out a whizz'n.

 • T
2 ·r H E 1 n E A l
_______ __ _ _ _Y__ ___ __ __ ___ ____ap_ ,___.a_ .__   - _- --e.A.-.....-.,.-- we .. N am- - E -e se----- {
__ _ ____f:: lié? -7ii VV, ?..:, *%Vr- ;;.TTT;t;;___;_; ;__p_,;,_.,··:·.·;;+~·,_·,·——___—;; ··i · —*r *1, *7 mt ’TT‘;‘T‘1t :"Z°:" V ;
· “”“ IHE ORPHEUM IHEAI RE "‘z?él"G‘l€S l
!» ma AT 5 . R
I FIRIT-CLAII IN IVIRY APPOINTMINT. J. H. OTAMPII, Jr., Ovm•r and M•n||•r. OPIN 10 A. M. T0 11 P. M. . L
Ab ," th B All Th t to-
            ANNIE RUSSELL IN “8Hl N oard at e en ea re
DAY A     OTOOPI T0 COHQUIR night. Numerous professional singers
slnmnn ntcmtn · -——— possess, ln addition to their natural
After a Irllllant N•w York Canon     Lovers of good drama have a splen- singing voice a talsetto voice oonald- MQ'; NQ] V||‘¢1¤|¢
’°•'*'V•'¥ We °"'9"'•' N"' did treat ln store for them at the Ben erably higher than the real voice. But, `n¢|\f¢ ,
York comnnw Ju". law"' col. John R. Mlm, All n the night of Saturday Dec. 6 as the name implies this voice ls ._ ·
C hTl rt dW.K.M l ° ’ ' ' l
An nig Rqjjeu °°:" `h:°U·:°°, ·P"m:°° ° wllall Allllle nllmll and nel- old mag- r•l••—ml¤el•l-alla DOCOI alas as- 5
AM H", cwmdy comp", In ` llsh Comedy Company pr•••¤t “Bh• tained •r• clearly discernible as arti- 3     3 l
¤oId•mIth’• Glowln Comuly of stoops to Co¤quer." 0¤• ot the most flclal and forced, even to those unfam- l
YW"' °”‘ ':°°"°°° T I ATO TH!   Ng'.: dttlleult tasks of the modern theater is lltar with voice culture or production. 2,30 7*30 9:1 5 l
“SM   to Coma"', properly to cut the old E¤(l||b com- In this twenty-year-old Georgia girl, ··—· U P
lll h ,i1’ d lermllsormo Q
“Oomp•red to the mushroom stars An old-time rally .0ne ot those gath· MM"' and t° bmw wt tm d° com owxu Qmguz l c · ° “ · I;'.“_   l
of today, Annie Russell is sublime"- umn when rm mlm wd lon of wlt and vlvaclty required ot these mer- reac ng as e , 1 0 20 30 soc _
Q¤•r¤¤l><>li¤¤ M•s¤i¤•. Mw. 1913- ry alaaalea, lt la peemal-y to have a llld allen. wltllout an •¤¤l·t or • tml- • • • '
••]¢ you wut {utah pod thing; ln contllct sweeps everything before lt, .__
h_ company of actors familiar with and tlon of a second in point ot time, a .
wr theatre, patrontso D|'0!0¤t vert was ham ln ehapel last Wednesday at
•¤ me eemee *° Y°“" °“Y· ’°° trained ul the dellghttul old comedy complete change ot volc•—•. change 5       *
Aaah Russell and her comedy com- 4:30, as • last preparation for the I
··...w_ p_ Estd Amdddsn M. school ot acting. almost of person•llty—to a deep, mas- p .
’“’· °• S" Tennessee game. For days the sub- See Radlng Notice. l { l
UIQ MU; 1%}.3- ti m t noun ject M Fault interut hu been In g regent iggug of Ainglggf may tgrful, rggqngm, bgritogg ylgich hold;  
"Th• r•• en • os ve .
dg yrs, Rulqwl :,30.-; gsqgsddssggs wromvor L bunch of student! were azlne, Miss Constance Skinner speaks •p•llbou¤d. Tll• range ot her natural To Stujgnts
¤¤r•t•lr¤•s•¤v t ¤¤•¤w‘v¤r¤ lz Il db l il ;r••tultlae¤•aa¤s•r*"'?'*"'
of numb °°m“y·,,_h°m · lotto? brought math"' umm in the gum very highly of Miss usse an er vc; c• sc; In am h to u
by up JOIGDD r. raalalty, saapaaly ,.. alarm. w ¤· vw ¤ ¤r¤• •· <= •• r •·• r (]E() T MART|N
golng. So Wednesday afternoon. as • •
W P*'”id°“* w“'°“· h b. d k I She says: "M|ss Russell ls much covers three ootsves and six not••.
""°” ··-··········-··· °°° *° ”°° ° ° “ °"“° “" "‘° '°”"" `"‘ °" more than a ·atap.· She la lll artist; _..._........_ BARBER SHOP
lata on tale W•dn••d•y, Dee. 3 have so often brought new hope and   mt um stan
renewed energy to the game Wildcat. she has an eye to ensemble. Miss Rus- QUALITATIVE A~M_y·'·_
me chlpol begun to ml with noisy uu; sell supplied herself with the best sup- ________ Basement under- Omg, of Lexington •
      excited students, an agar for Mme port to be had. In ensemble and in- L Laundry Company 4
md proud of lu Opportunity to do dlvldual excellence, the cast was note· lf at nut you dmft mccudl PII"], Shower and 1
BEST IN THE WORLD honor so s mm ms ,,1 mm, w¤¤¤r-—i¤¤¤•<¤ ¤‘¤¤¤¤‘¤¤¤¤· TM de Tp, ssslsl Turkish Baths
game ·
JOS. A. THOMAS, Mgr. or elle season lllle alsplayea that sap. ‘°":'b °;‘:“°R"'°°;°“:;‘ 0';;';d‘;;’::;’ In the word the Mlshty slvcn FOUR CHAIRS BEST or sggvlcg
II Gr••v•••r Av•· P\••• 1*5 uine warrior spirit that has won them °“ Y " ““° ° · To his men.   l
  8 warm place in the hurts of an the and Mr. Yorke directed the players. Every du, · new unknown   PENS and PENQILS
T"°"h°”° m faculty, students and a great heat of FT tthllun; um°dw° ;°:“yt8;°"hui°ci°; To their wondering eyes is shown, '[ABLETS and FINE
ms d all th t _ W ° °° °·" W ° Ana tllerre left with lt, alone.
      n B Over e coun ry equipment this dainty comedlennal Try a Mn,  
• We were particularly fortunate in Nunes 8 · ,
A   having as the principal speakers, C0' D "Miss Russell played Kate Hard       ·
B PIPES .1ll R.A1l,De w.l<.M l, ‘ ¤· ————
To   ’ P0 n eu an use castle, of course, and oh, what flue It of gold you and u trace a
Pipes Repaired resident Barker and Coach Tlgert, reading of nm lines, what sparkle T ai ' ·     cn.
• Tl h all r th t ° W *8 ¤·
LEXINGTON, - · . KENTUCKY theoziy Wh;1 th:B:U:1e<;10·;r:h:0v;vh:;‘;?e and mcmurhu may of {enum. md It'! not °°mm°¤ in thi! pl°*°°·         •
means a call tor the akul and aetlvs ;°:°’ mmd v°'r:;°¥_ °;tm°tb°3; vg": Tr? ¤8¤i¤!   ‘
  · 6 es
participation lu a real game, yet their 6 ness an po B was SUVe¥'· leedl end men]! we D P   .
UNL\:F§S2;I··.l'.:;INtE’Z|;tu·?;:ND hams are just as young as when they ot the best English method. rule You may and when thwm not them; , •  
lhd lnlelllty or sexe. Unlveralty fought or watched the warrlol-a or w"°°" wm “°° “°°“ ‘°"‘°* h" °“°°' Then softly to yourself you aware. (Incorporated)
A B  NE  their Opponents go down in defeat vatlng comedy, nor the delicacy with But try again! DOROTHY DODD SHOES
cm; 8 LIMESTONE AND COLFAX The tlrst speaker was Dean Massle, which she pointed it`, FOR WOMEN a
' ° who has always been a warm sup- IH-   to    
_ porter gf the [Hug and White tsdm_ ADA MEADE. Christmas time is drawing near, RALSTQN HEALTH SHQES  
YES, PUB BD€€Ch Was that of a, strong man, ·—— Try 8gB.il'l!     dl
wd M., stm pressing 4 8u|t· gd, Ugg morally, spiritually and phys]ca]]y_ Patrons ot the Ada Meade have a Your hearts are beating loud with fear, *4.00 to $5.00 ,
—¤f— One who loves sport for its own sake, l>le¤·8i¤K diversion this week in the TTY egem!   •
  B8il¢y’S Pl°¢SSiI\g   AS he said "football victories or years Way of a musical comedy. The "Count When you tell just what you’ve done, For the : . O
AND DRY CLEANING WORKS how gong coma back to me with a Von Stromberg" is a masterpiece of Loud cries the Mighty, "Go get s0me!" C   B S k
169 $°“th L*'“f“°”° Ph°"'° °21‘Y train of happy memories of my college minature musical comedy, coming here So when you fall, just keep it mum, 0        
  dg,yS,·· after a year`s success ln New York And try again! GQ to l
C A   Colonel Alles than spoke dg the and Philadelphia. A corload of scen· The Lewin Cigar c0_ ·
• • great part 3 university may p]ay in QTY Bild €]Q('[I'i(fH.l GHGCIS, g0l'g€0\lS COB- Iv. 0pp_ Naw phoamx '
Where you will find evcrythlng a the hulldlllg up or pl great Statg and tumes, and the Broadway beauty There are some who never work;  
sh%€mPl_I]E\;E ?3Ug,.ei-rggdi urged that the same spirit that was so eh0¥`\1¤ DUI this Dl¤Y}e¥ U1 B class bY TTY again!  
MAIN AND WALNUT 81-REE-;-S_ cllaractgristic of our mums bg dis. itself. 'l`he cast of eleven artists is Constantly their work they shirk, On your way to town
played after our graduation ss ws went headed by the favorite comedian, Mr. Try again! Stop at `
  out to mes; Opposition which called Al. Davis, whose irresistible comedy But they'll hear the Mighty say, The New   Root"
° {Or the noblest wan-iop spirit in each and absurdlties keeps the house in a'As he from them turns away, U6 south Lim- {
          gf ug_ Colonel A]]€l]’ at the Close Of BCTGHID of ]B,\.Ight,€!°. hir. DRVIB is OHEINCOYHB back after Cllristmas dayl   ' l '
G M   his address, wss greeted ss wss Ms-_ of those rarely seen comedians whose And try again!"     P|·()p’|• .
, _ -· l · {forts are entirely original and the
5595. Lune . A r,l BI · Hassle, vlltll the prolonged applause E H   B b  
OPP S dz that was only a slight indication of CWM v°¤ Su'°mb°"¢ furnishes “ V· C      
the esteem in which they srs hsld by vehicle ln which his talent ls shown to So this advice I give to you,
lu of OUT faculty and gtudgntg every BGVHDIBSG. Try again!   ·°“"‘ L|m••\¤n• SL; 0,,- Ph0|MX HQIQI
p At the Gloss of his address ms,-s Sylvester and Vance ln a comedy You may get a very tew,  
was s ps;-rss; td;-md; Og yells {0,- D,-_ singing and talking act entitled "You But try again! R " l
  C Tiggrt, who has spsm so much time get out of this theatre," got rounds Take your dose and never moan;   Q l
0 m pan y and .,s,,,l ln deygloping 0,,, ,,,,,m ,0, or applause. Work tlll late the plsllt has apawp, ••·* ¤···¤*·•• ·* ••· *·¤··r•· ¤¤¤•¤• ¥••·•¤¤· g
211 NORTH UMESTONE BT thls yggrg ln ms address he paid s Mabel Carew, agood looking singing Then you won’t have, with a groan, W. W.   '
        beautiful tribute to the members of comedienne, does character changes To try again.        
ON YOUR SHOES the team lor their loyalty. spam and and ¤¤ ¤ v¤v¤¢¤¤¤¤ ¤¤<1 vlwins ¤¤¤¤— -...—;-- _______________ . •
' ° gentlemanly qualities. Dr, Tigert has ber- A Freshman one day was standing   &  
°'°‘" EVE"'"°° °'""·°°°L°°"· always lleall a favorite with every ppa Kanthe Br<>¢h¤r¤ va about the best agalllat ll past la rrallt or me om 8 t umm ‘ co ’ I
·······—·t·—··—*·— Ind was greeted at tlla llaslpplas aaa arllleuc act seen in Lexinswn for nam. He llaa peep there pearly the “°°"'°' ° , ‘ j
      vonclusion of llls address wlth great eeme time- whole third hour when a very degni- BEBT     TH! ·
_ _ _ ‘ applause. The splrlt that pervaded A comedy sketch by Night and Rlch tled gentleman with business satchel CITV Fm! cANmE· l
Anthracltc and Bltumlnous the entire audience was such as to is full ot laughter all through, round- walked up to hlln and said: "Young   3
  augur a great victory for our team on ing out a show the equal lt not best ot man, can you tell me where l’ll find      
L€Xi!1gt,0Il, - KQ¤tu¢ky 'i`hl¤k¤8iVi¤K day and everyone went the Ada Meade's season so tar. the observatory?" The young man 11. .0UTH uppln ·1,
  ¤W¤Y with K M8he¤‘ ¤l>D!'e¢|¤¤0u of .—...—....-......... had never heard of such. but replied, Fresh Candies Made Daily.  
our team and our friends who have BEN ALL "Yesslr, right there sir." and pointed Pap Corn Fritterso  
W_ S_ (]R|FF|NQ aa lovally aullparcac lllala In past to llla laalaa· lptarmlaalap mm. ,_sx,~d.,°N_ _ _ Ksmddsy ,
years end ei We PFe¤e¤¢ time- l.•w rms; In ··A|| Award, _. ....   "1
The   Grocer __i`— '_ ———- Son-"[*g' whgtfg ugutrulny?" Dr. I.     T
PHONE 71) Birdles in their little nests agree, Claire Rochester, an Atlanta glrl, is Pa-—"'l‘he attitude of the pole in the   `
Cor S Lime and Virginia Ave To keep from "falllng out," you see, singlng baritone and soprano in "All Uook~Peary controversy." city Num Bank BId•'· • 9

 • f
i T H E ID E A 8
{ Sllllscrlptlonrlntvrnatlonal Work I0.00   SAFETY  
V,  """""ii _ Slll)Hf‘f`l[lll0Il State \V0rk ...... 20.00
I     • ’ Q mmo (' foron o I ans *000 Ender, Keen Cutter,
  el Colltrlbutors Club J   '   I I   " `   " I - Md Em Rudy
I llospltnl ( luh .............r.. 22.4:»
1 Necklaces g   ¤·.-7..,...,. »¤.....¤....k ......`.... gw. “’" ‘”"" "°° "“°·
~ • Wash on llnml July l, 1913   xx
, L Hat Plus .. .0pH.c     1. €°°I§l§§H_gSQgNN
———————— $2607.07 I *
B h And Night shall come. from thc deep, dim canyons ascending; —————- BIN STREET AND BROAUWAY
0     Shall flatter the granite wall imo rosler hn.If-lights; HVMMARY nw AFVTIVITIES T0 PHOTOGRAPHS
{ For %niv€rsity ShaIl`l:]gl1ts:'brlef lam}; ln tlletlvory shrine or the evening 'YHANKSHIVINIP WFIFIK, 1913. lyq ALL THE |_A1·;g1·· 5·|·y|_gg Aj-
Omen ere 19 sun-gov wen , mt soon ls the day-god forgotten. -——
1 Administrative.    
I Then. having lngatlnerml and folded the hill-winds tn reg; them, Membership-432 men, 140 women.  
    Just the sheep·herd has cradled the flocks ln the mesa total 392. This ls the largest D"¥' f‘°¥ll· •
1 . • Close by the stream where the cottonwoods listen and mgrveI——· found In any State College. (lf tlwsc.     ’S  
i     Shan sneak 3 hullh OU $119 d\|Bk·B0¥lH 1110 Wo0¢..» per cent women are church mem- Incorporated
r For University But the great, far peaks with questioning notes ln their slnglng, bers. Mmofooguroo oy
Men Foreign Work—$200.00 subscribed    
I ...7 The great din ranges with flakes of white in their summltsr- for Assolratlon work in Japan.  
I You are cordially invited These are withdrawn altogether, and moved by the nIght.ho,nd_ State Conference-A delegation of 136 WEST MA"` STREET
l to inspect our line Of HGH- O, be not afraid! When the dark folds over the hill-things, 21. largest ln the State. attended three- mw PMN 15504 *52 s_ umm".
day Specials l The Haig? motifts shall cease then, th;I¢l;1é·;t[l;¢;;1rllr;;;¥;*;>i‘r·¢;}:h;;ll be da; rr;cténzAatHNl;holas[‘llle. ( { rt P. B. ROBARDS
· · · _ -, , );; T _ . . . . ea quar er•—7omo - TheC0,,“_, TAI] OR SMTSMADE
’t“'" - -———— able room for girls, equipped with Boys * TOORDER
  jeweler Mnosr so-uoows ratuno 1 will hand to mule spurred erm, piano. readins matter and free writ- °g];'g',';§*·,,'§;$,{{,[’),¤.,{;‘_“_   ,,,,0,,,,9
p _ -—-— If you will let me tell to the whole i¤K D¤l>€¤` 81 l‘8¤€¥‘S0¤ Heli All Work Gummml Alleratlons a 8p•cIaIty
123 EAYY MAIN STREET Come with me and wander ,love, wide world Religious Education.  
· Ad·l°i“i“‘ B"' All Th°“" Among the shadows falling, The poem which the cockles ot my Blbll C|¤|•¢•—$49 men and 62
. 998168 the sleepy little brook. heart warms. women enrolled ln student Bible
{ Down where the birds are calling classes. One normal class for coach- I
, I   Soft good-nlght notes from out their STATEMENT OF FINANCES AND ing leaders.    
A nests; Ac-HVINES OF ____ Chapel Convocationa-Now under
1 xv And where so gently stealing Y M C A auspices Christian Associations. Av-
0 The ¢v¤¤i¤¤ ¤*¤s¤r¤ ¤¤¤¤¢·‘ ¤‘¤¤¤¤ For me past year the rxlmsnan As- erm ¤*°€¤d¤¤¢*> ***0- *’*¤8*¤m *0
  To chant their songs apeallng. socmmms have carried on an unmmib Christmas includes following; Prot,
un cam ai u for Farquhar, Col. Geo. Bain, President
‘   R S H¤·¤¤¤¤¤ ¤·=¤>¤· me ¤kv using, Emil, smlhiogzgf  :9;.2 Berk"- ¤*· M¤K¤¤¤*¤· Dm F<>*¤y¤¤·
.       Pglis starry host is leading, students of this Unlv€rsity· (Nebraska), Mr. Yoshida (Japan), a  
e Diana comes in view The following report shows what Pres. Frost, (Berea), Mr. P. W. Grin-
-1, ' And t° Nightys can gh" Medi"!} success they have met with so far. A °t°°‘d* (cmcmnutm DI" W" S‘ Ham
•q Save moggynbylsrdenng The fragrance ot the llowering llelds your ago we bowed Om. heads In shame (Chicago). Judge Chalkley. Prof. Noe.
_ ..._ T° us in wphyr b°“'°mg· over the fact that these organizations Alvin R°p°r (Pi°‘m°t)‘
Mi   B   Ass s lm taint num or dylnz dw lo store University had no report to ”°"" ”"°*"‘°'_5 ’“°°““”· ·“°"‘  
_ C   ro   The western sky ls wearing. Otel. the world This fsu, however, age attendance 28. 24 decisions for
this re 0 _ the Christian life.
41:/·E;sBTA:;::;LL If Fw; could only wander, dear, mg reieixgsaixg ‘;:;.;t€Lv;;)¢::u§:th:;_ Women’• Meetlnge-7 weekly meet-
K_S_U_R•’"“nmI“· aye midst Sh°d°“’s falling- corded any college ln Kentucky. We mgs‘ Av°r°8° °“°°d°‘°°° 60*
4 And dwell in peace by the quiet brook ne proud to my that not only the Unk Campus Service. I
[ Fa" {mm the W°"ld th“t’” wmug versity itself is aroused to the value of N"' 8""d°"' w°'k"200 ]°tt°" sem
g LEX|NGTON Ot envy and hate and bitter strife, the work and tho urgent necessity of freshmen. 1,500 handbooks distributed.    
l     Of sorrow and sln heart-rendlng, its extension. but the editor of a ¤a_ Hundreds shown desirable lodgings.
u Taka less shortening Missa: “:’“ld ben tgia S°“g °t my tional student magazine this month $h°°k ;3°u: fi"` baggsm °tih°°dq°°;`
· • __““•b,_— app ness unen ng. M described the put ye"` dev6‘op_ {ers. { r;. ns me dopen ng gvee .
Lexington Roller   C0., _ · C· ment as the "most refreshing and en- n °l-mat °n ureau at °p°ts °'° reg`
Incorporated "_;;"'“"_ couraging news of Christian student i°mm°°‘
  Prof. §Veaver—"Students, do you accomplishment heard in 8, college Employment Bureau—31 men, 2
U \’°w° favor Monday as a weekly holiday ?" generation, on a new which eighteen W0m€¤ 8€0\1l'€d €¤1Ill0Ym€¤t. 9¤·!‘¤l¤S     U  
l   Students—·Yes, for we would take mouths ago was pronounced muon approximately $734.%.
g § Saturday anyhow." impossible}. Soclala-Joint fall reception to Unl-
l   ____,__ . Reulptt versity. Attendance 350. Stag soclals
~®  m University .................. :1105.02 ¤¤ *¤¤*¤¤¤¤¤¤ ¤*¤*·*¤= ¤¤€¤¤¤¤¤€· 13*
~.  ... Faculty ...................... 503.50 ¤¤¤¤· 72 wom-    
T . . · 1 wm, Oh muse, with thy most Students ..................... 281.32 ”°““"‘° ”°°"""“’“‘“‘““ ·""°"‘
Ambition ,;,.,.,0.,, h,,,,,_ Alumni ...................... 100.50 =*··¤¤ ¤¤¤¤**¤¤ w¤¤*¤>’· me w**¤¤¤
• E ' ggcgginényrsmrt ls regdered easier Indite a poem to the mighty gods P¤·¤’¢¤t¤ of ¤¢¤d¢¤l-B ·-···-·-··- 236-50 paper furnished in both Agsycumou
t A- G. Spsdige l§?::Pgem’0umtut· to That chglngd the Lygign lion'; whglpg CIHIODB ot Lélllllioll .. . . . . . . . 166.40 r00ms` ' I
champions, wgoae implements must be And mnes me giant Greeks with University W<>m¤¤’¤ Club .-... 11-35 U""’°""’ °“"°°'"'P“b"°“°°“ °' Y F  
invariably right. Quality counts, mods. ‘ Advenmnsin Handbook IIIIII 20250 tri-weekly bulletin containing import-   8  
  Hospital Club   .·___ $0.50 ant information for entlre University.
A_ G_ SPALD|NG& BROS. Though I om but o humblg mon Miscellaneous ................ 59.48 ·—··*·;*‘
331 i, logo"., gh Lou|gy||_Lg' gy_ To whom the laws of poetry are not -—-—— HOME ECONOMICS LECTURE8
  well known, $2697.97 ---—-——
l I will dlp my pen ln glorious song Expenditures. The Home Economics Department           up'
E D E N T I S T And on the screen 3, picture will be Salary of GODOFII SOCl’8t8!'Y .31,450.00 has been dolng qulte 8. good deal of
E nn. J. T.   thrown, Clerical Work ................ 97.25 extension work this fall. the main ob-
Janltor Work ................ 32.15 ject being to impress upon the mlnds
127 Ch¢I|)Iid¢ Across the sky there nies the blrd or Religious Meetings Committee 27.60 ot our Kentucky people the advantage
O • Hom., 8 A_ “_ to 8 P_ [ pgolqg g“,x tlme. Bible Study Committee ....... 8.70 ot scientttlc knowledge ln house·keep-    
L, ,,_,, __ ,_ Its wings are brlght and shine like Soclals Committee ........... 30.40 lng. The cooking and serving lessons ,
I the sun; Mlsslon Study Committee ..... 1.80 have aroused a deep and enthusiastic
4   And down ln the volley or the Rhlne Membership Committee ...... 9.00 interest everywhere the teachers have    
The lnrnhs gud the children o’er the Music Committee ............ 1.40 gone and we hope that before many
; monntnln run, Olllce Sundries ............... 9.45 years pass household science and INCORPORATED
• I Postage ...................... 77.79 household arts will be qulte as import-
zf"2-5 Three years ago I watched Niagara Reading Tablets .............. 21.20 ant in a chlld's education as "reading, ttcouege Fcuowvs Shopv
fgllg. New Equipment .............. 113.56 rltlng and rlthmetlc." g
` A   K A ,   Glimmer and gllnt as down they fell, Plynlont on Plano ............ 40.00 ——-—~ -————-——-—  
i And I wondered as I saw them leap Decorating and Repairs ....... 90.00 FARMER8’ WEEK. the week beginning January ti, 1914.
7   If they shook the very roof of Hell. Telephone .....