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Prepared by

Division of Community Service Programs
Work Projects Administration

Sponsored by

Colorado Department of State

Denver, Colorado
The Colorado Historical Records Survey
April, 1942




Sargent B. Child, Director
Rush Razee, Jr., State Supervisor


Harvey E. Becknell, Director
Laurence H. Wimberly, State Chief


Florence Kerr, Assistant Commissioner

Mary H. Isham, Chief Regional Supervisor
Dr. Cyril M. Whitlow, Acting State Director


Howard 0. Hunter, Commissioner
R. L. Nicholson, Regional Director
Paul D. Shriver, State Administrator





The Guide to Vita]. Statistic Records in Colorado is one of a number of
guides to source “materials prepared thr.oughout the United States by workers
on Historical .Record.s Survey projects of the Work Projects Administration.
The publication herewith presented, an inventory of public depositories of
vital statistics, is the first volume in a two—volume guide to vital sta-
tistic records in Colorado.


The Historical Records Survey program was undertaken in the winter of
1955-56 for the purpose of providing useful employment to needy unemployed
historians, lawyers, teachers, and research and clerical workers. In
carrying out this objective, the project was organized to compile inventories
of historical materials, particularly governmental documents and records
which are basic in the administration of local government and which provide
invaluable data for stud.ents of political, economic, and social history. Up
to the present time approx imately 1,550 Survey publications have been issued
throughout the country.

The volume herewith presented is designed to meet a pressing demand for
a complete and accurate guide to vital statistic records in public deposi-
tories. It is hoped that, as a reference work, this volume may become indis-
pensable to vital statisticians, insurance people, lawyers, businessmen, and
other citizens who must resort to public records for vital statistic informa-
tion to expedite the proper conduct of their affairs.

The successful conclusion of the work of Historical Records Survey
projects would not be possible without the support of public officials, his—
torical and legal specialists, and many other groups in the community. Their
cooperation is gratefully acknowledged.

The Survey program was organized by Luther H. Evans, who served as
Director until March 1, 1940, when he was succeeded by Sargent B. Child. The
Survey operates as a Nationswide series of locally sponsored projects in the
Division of Community Service Programs, of which Mrs. Florence Kerr, Assis-
tant Commissioner, is in charge.





The Colorado Hi storjeal Records Survey Projec was OJTdWlT*d in the
winter of 1955 om'SC, as a unit 3f the Works Pro caress Administi.ation It oper—
ates as a State-wide project alder the 10: al suonco"s ip of the Coloraio

Denartment of State,

The Survey has, as its primary objective, the preps aration of inventories
f the municipal, county, State and Federal archives in (Ho credo, and the pub—
lication of these inventories as guides to sour;e materi al of historical
interest. The nature of the survey work in archival mater ials, and its demon—
strative adaptability in handling varied research problems as they are assigned
to it, have qualified the S r.vey for the task of preparing a guide to vital
statistics records in Colorado.

The Guide to Vital Statistics Records in Colorado is being issued in two
independent, though complementary, volumes relating to two different sources of
archival material, namely: public records, and church records. The present
volume of public records is arranged to show birth, marriage and death records
in separate series. Persons interested in locating any particular vital sta-
tistic document will find in the entries all the necessary information relative
to location, quantity, inclusive data and kind of record. The essay material
prefacing the series of records gives, briefly, the history of county and State
legislation affecting the recording of birth, marriage and death statistics.
Also included is a complete transcription of all legislation and other perti-
nent information regarding vital statistics.


The data for the volume was gathered in the field, under the Supervision
“Frank W. Howard, William M. Lambert and Edward J. Chol, District Supervisors.
The compiling of the data into entry form and research necessary for the legal
transcription, was done by‘Marguerite D. Clarke...The Guide was prepared under
he supervision of Cyril R. Coates, Editorial Supervisor.

This Guide and the various other publications of the Survey are distributed
without charge to Government offices, libraries, and historical societies in
Colorado and to major universities, libraries, and depositories throughout the
Nation. A.list of other publications of the Colorado Historical Records Horvéy
Project appears at the end of this volume. Requests for information consc ring
any unit of the Survey should be addressed to the State Supervisor, 5th Floor,
City and County Building, Denver, Colorado.

Rush Razee, Jr.
State Supervisor
Colorado State Historical Records Survey

March 17, 1942



History and Legal Summary
of Records
Obtaining Vital Statistic Information from Governmental Records .

Legal Summary Regarding Vital Statistics in Colorado , . . . . . .
Births, Deaths. Marriages. Divorces.

Abbreviations, Symbols and Explanatory Netes . . . . . . . . . . .
Checklist of State and County
Vital Statistics Records

Birth Records State . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Birth. Records - County I a I o o c o s o c c a o n I I a o o o a

St ate 0 l U Q I O I I I O I I O O I I I O I I I I
County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Death Records
Death Records

Marriage Records " State a u o c o I C c o a I o a a I o I a o .
Marriage Records - County . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . .

Divorce Records . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Transcript of Legislation

Registration of Births and Deaths - Colorado State (Territorial)
Boards of Health . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Registration of Births and Deaths - County and Municipalities . .
Legislation Requiring or Affecting Marriage Records . . . . . . .

Divorce Records . . . . . . . . ; . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Index 3 t o I o o o a I I u e n O I I u o l O a O O o o I o o o I

State Records. County Records.


Manual of Uniform Procedure for the Delayed Registration of Births
Purpose of Manual. Procedure for Registration. Evidence
for Proving American Birth. Nationality at Birth.



List of Publications of the Colorado Historical Records Survey . .












Vital statistic records are of growing importance in connection with re-
cent welfare acts, the formulation of social legislation, and to aid persons
engaged in or seeking employment in National Defense activities to establish
proof of citizenship.

Birth records are probably the most important of the Vital Statistic re-
cords because of their being prerequisite for emplcYment in defense occupa-
tions and entrance into the armed forces. 'The fare alSo essential in determin—
ing questions of parentage, property rights, and to aid.in establishing claims
to old age assistance and pensions. *‘ ' ' " ”

Death records are required as proof of death in the probate of wills,
settlement of estates, and the establishment of claims for insurance and
pensions. .

Marriage and divorce records are used to decide questions of parentage,
property rights, inheritance, and citizenship.


The records and indexes kept by county clerks should be consulted to
establish facts of births, deaths or marriages in Colerado prior to 1907. For
information regarding vital'statistics since 1907,.the-Department of Bublic
Health, Bureau of Vital StatiStics, should be.00nsulted.i Copies of birth and.
death certificates may be obtained upon the payment Of $l.00‘t0'the'State D89
partment of Public Health, or any county'Clerk or local registrar. :"’

Since the law makes no provision that separate divorce records be kept,
to obtain information.regarding such records, it is necesSary to consult the
records of the court in which the decree was granted;~ ' v ' " ' "

Information regarding the delayed registration of births, evidence for
proving American birth,.and nationality at birth Will be found in'the’
Appendix, page 159' ,n == , -: "- '3" »= ' .r~ ~

The first attempt to procure the registratiOn of vital statistics in
Colorado was made in 1868.
Births, Deaths it.

The board of trustees of eVery incorporated tOWn.was empowered Ute reguire
a registration of deaths and births" Within the limits of the toanl- '


l. §.§_.,»»18_68, p.‘7606,-s-ec.~’l‘,.sub—sec. 12. "





In 1876 the first legislation for the recording of vital statistics was
enacted_at which time a Territorial Board of Health was established;1 Local
boards of health were.a1ready in eXistence2 and it was the duty of all physi-
cians and clerks of local boards 0f_health of each town, village, and city,
and the physician of each public institution to report annually their pro;
ceedings to the Territorial Board of Healthfi ' -

' \

The first session-of the General Assembly of the State of Colorado on
March 22, 1877, approved legislatiOn adopting parts of the laws of the Legis~
lative Assemblies of the Territory of Colorado,.which were to remain in force,

'enacted new laws and compiled both in a volume to be known as the General

Laws of the State of-Cblorado,_ The Territorial Board of Health was superseded
by the State Board of Health. ., , “ ,

'In 1877 the statutes provided that the board of commissioners of each
county should act as a board of health for their respective counties, the
county clerk to act as the clerk.of said-board;4 :In 1893 the mayor and coun—
cil, or trustees of each incorporated town or City were authorized to exercise
all the powers and perform all the duties of a board of health within the

limits of the incorporated.tQWns or cities.

The statutes of 1877 required phySicians and midwives to submit quarterly
reports to the clerks of the boards of health,5:and all boards of health were_
required to make an annual report to the State Board of Health, of all births
and deaths occurring in their respective districts.7 The law of 1905 required
monthly instead of annual reports to be made-to the State Board of Health.8u-

In 1907 the State Board of Health Was giwen supervision of the State
system of registration of births and death819‘1By the same statutes a central
bureau of vital statistics was authbrized to be established by the-State Board
of Health. 'The secretary of the_State Board of Health is the State Registrar
of Vital Statistical-O ., ' . . .

Registration districts were established for the registration of birthS’h
and deaths, one for each city, incorporated town, and county, exclusive of.»
such cities or incorporated towns located within the boundaries of the county.11


T.L. 1876, p. 55, sec. 1'; piggy, see”. ~17a;«._q.__s_-.,, sec.. 2608; repealed
and reenacted by L. 18913, p. 597, sec. 1; g._s_._4., ch. 78,’ sec. 1.
2. B,§, 1868, p. 606, sec. 1, sub—sec. 12. ' '
T L. 1876, p. 35, sec. 6; gig., sec. 85; §h§., sec. 2613; repealed
and reenacted by-L.,1893, p. 599, sec. 6; gfl§2§., ch; 78, sec, 6.
pg; see. 2082; §k§nfiv: ch; 78,”secgiz6;' ””

4:. Go 1 , =: ,
5. L. 893, p. 376, sec. 2;'_g._s_._;gl.', ch.’ 78;:sesc.1:27.-I{IT . ' f - "
6;“§1§;,usec._2129; GA§., see, 2670; reenacted by L. 1895, p; 589, sec; 47;

amended L. 1605,"pt“298;wsect.2..MM_”H
g. sec. 2l21; reenacted by L. 1893, p. 380; Secr“49;m4. W.,,
1905, p. 298, sec° 3; amending'La 1895, p. 589, sec. 49;,
9.232% ch.“ 78, sec. 74,, ' " ‘ v- ,
9. L. 1907, p, 2553, sec. 1; cash, ch, 78, sec. 104. '
10. L. 1907, p. 238, sec. 2; A_, ch, 78, sec. 105.


C u
1].. ‘L: 1907, Pa 258, seen 5; CJJSLAJ.’ Chg '78, 580. 106.




 ’— U1







The State Board of Health appoints a local registrar of vital statistics
for each reg istration district in the State and each local registrar is re-
quired to appoint a deputy. l

Stillborn children are registered as both births and deaths and a certi-
ficate for both filed with the local registrar.v The attending physician
signs the medical certificate stating the cause bf death; midwives are not
empowered to sign them. In case of stillbirths occurring Without the atten-
dance of either midwife or physician, they shall be treated as deaths without
medical attendance.2- The.certificate of death shall contain such information
as is required by law.5"The undertaker is held responsible for filing the

_certificate of death With the local registrar.‘

All births shall be registered immediately in the registration district
in which they occur5 and the attending physician, or midwife, shall file the
certificate of birtli with the local registrar within ten days from date of
birth.6 If there is no attending physician or midwife, then it shall be the
duty of the father or mother cf the child, the owner of the premises, or the
superintendent of the public or private ii‘istitution in which the birth
occurred to notify the local'registrar Within ten days from date of the birth.

-It then becomes the duty of the local registrar to secure the necessary infor-

mation and signature to'make a_propen-certificate of birth.'7 The certificate
of birth shall contain such information as is required by law.8 '

_ Every practicing physician, midwife, and undertaker is required to

_register With the local registrar of the district in which they maintain a

residence and the local registrar shall make a report of those regiStered to
the State Registrar bf Vital Statistics Within thirty days following the
Close of each calendar year. . _ i

. The State Registrar of Vital Statistics is required by law to preserve
all certificates of births and deaths, and- -to maintain a card index of all

9 births and deaths registered With- such ini'ormation as is required by law. 10

. Local registrars are required to examine each certificate of birth or

_death when they are presented for record. ' If the certificate is incomplete

in its information, such information must be obtained before submitting report
to the State Registrar.ll . ~

Certified copies of record cf birth -or death may be obtained from the

State Registrar of Vital Statistics upon payment of a fee of one dollar.12



L."1907,*='p. 259; sec. ch. 78,.‘sec.’107..

l 4; .QzSJA':

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In 1955 provisions were made for certificates of identification for
adopted children whereby at the time of adoption, or at any‘time.thereafter,
the adopting parent or parents of any child under the age of 16 years, may
have a certi-ficate of ident1.fication 1ssued and signed by the judge of the
court decreeing the adopt1on, and the certificate shall. be accepted by all:
school districts and school authorities in the State in lien 01' -a birth
certificate and_ without furt her eVidence of a bi_rt h certificate

The 1955 statutes also provided that, upon the written request of the ,
superintendent or other official Of the Colorado State Home for Dependent and.v
Neglected Children, the State Board of Health Shall furnish, without cost,
certified copies of birth certificates oi all illegitimate children who have
been legally commi_tted to the said home. 2 ' , -

In 1959 legislation was enacted that required phySici-ans and:  others re—;-
quired to make reports regar_ding births and still_ -births to state on the
birth certificate VJhether or not a. blood test for syphilis had been made upon
a specimen of blood taken from the woman who bore the Child for Which a birth:‘
or stilJb-irth certif-icate is filed, and_ the approximate date when. the speci+.~
men was 5taken. _The statutes prohibit the results of the blood test being
stated.B .

The State Board of Health is _empowered to approve the standard serologi-
cal test for syphilis.g The_ State provides for this test tQ be made without.
charge if the person submitting to _such test cannot pay for- same. Such free
test shall be made at the Colorado. State Board of Health laboratory 4

In 1941 legislation was enacted permitting any citizen of-- the State
wishing. to file the record of any birth or death, not previously recorded, or m
make any changes in a certificate DreViously registered that are necessary to
provide a correct registration of the bi‘rth_ or death tQ submit to the County-
court in the county where the birth or death occurred -a record of that birthfi
or death written on the ac_cepted forms of birth and death certificates accom—
panied by a c-ourt fee _of one and one-half dollars ($I 50) to covar the cost_
of handling. The certificate must be substantiated b-y -the- affidavit. Of the _
medical attendant present at the time of the birth, or- in_ the c_ase of death V
the affidavit of the physician last in attendance upon the deceaSed, or the ,-a
undertaker who buried. the body. If the affidavit of the medical attendant
or under taker cannot be secured, the certificate muSt be verified by the
affidavit of some person who was acquainted With the facts relative to the
birth or death, at +he time the birth or death occurred, with a second affi-
davit of some person Who is also acquainted wi-th the facts sur_rounding the
birth or death and who is not related to the individual by blood or marriage.
The county court is empowered_  to require such -ether information or evidence
as it deems necessary to establish the CitizehShip of the individual filing
the certificate, and the truthfulness of the statements'made in the record.


. ., ch. 78, sec. I18.

1. L. 1935, p. 286, sec. 1;,gns g

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4. L. 1959, p. 415, secg 2. ., ,‘{:}",j =""”'“ :" ., "'

5. L. 1941, p. 4.58, sec,,-._i.} ' ' ‘ _





ion -

or m






' W W



Since the laws of the Territory of Colorado _stipulated it as such,
marriage has been a civil contract to Which the consent of both parties is
essent1al.l A1] ma1r1agcs contracted outside the, Territory) State have
been valid in al1-courim of the (Territory) State. BooLs of marriages and
entries .conta1ned in same are conSidered evidence in all courts of the (Ter-
ritory) 8t ate. - The county clerk has been required to receid returns: of
marriages within one month from date of their receipt.4 The (Territoryy
State reCUsnizes‘marriages performed before March 10,1864 by any justice of
the peace, any clernyman 'or president or judge Of any mining district. 5
In11883 the law v.'as amended to permit first cousins to marry.6 Marriages
between negroes or mulat t-oes and white people have always been Void.7 From
1864 to 1951 there was a 18W in effect which prohibited any person authori—
zed to perform the marriage ceremOny from marrying a couple_ if the man was
under 21 years of age and the Woman under 18, Without the consent of the
parents or guardian. If no parents or ,guardian of the party under age was
in existence, then the partyr authoriZed to gerform the marriage ceremony
was_permitted to exercise :his own judgment; there was also a law requiring-
every party having authority to pericrm :narriagw to keep a record 01 same
and within thlee months to transmit marriage certificates to the county
clerk. Both these statutes were 1epealed in 1931.

In 1881- the fOIIOWing legislation was enacted, but repealed in 1951.
The county clerk, when he had. personal LnoWledge of the competency of the
parties to marry,oould is sue a license, and if he did not have such know-
ledge, he could aCCept the affidavits of the two contracting parties, or
of such persons whose testimony was offered;10 and he was to keep on file
every marriage license returned to him and record every marriage certificate.11

In 1881 legislation Was enacted which is still in effect at this time.
The county clerk and recorder is authorized to administer all oaths required
by law r.egarding marriages.

- The statutes of 1874 empowered the county clerk of any county in the
Territory of Colorado to is ssue n3rriage licem1 es to any coupie applying for
same and who were entitled 1o contract matrimony under the territorial JEIS.
In 1876, 'when the Teiritory of Colclado_ became a State, this Vlaw, was repealed,
but in 18 81 the St to laws again provided for marries 8 licenses to be issued '
by the county clerk. l5


1864, p. 108, sec.

1. . . ;_g , ch. 107, sec. 1. .
.2' ° - 185$: p. 1881,8808- r,9 6,-Ch. 1071 see. 4. -:~ "”*


,,, ch, 107, sec. 20.
. , oh. 107, sec.'19.
S A., ch. 107, sec. 25.


1864, p. 109, soc.
1864, p. 109,'sec. ..,
1864 p. 108, Sec. 2; mended by L 11885, p. 243, sec. 1;
C S.A. ch ~lO7, sec .2, '



1864, p. 109, sec. 9»



t+t‘r2 - ‘Assembly
bsmt. ';_.‘L ; basement : » . - = ‘no.(s)x .1. . numberis)'
c.' . . .f. . court'v ‘ ' ‘ .'~-numer. s, . . numerically'
cert. . ,'. . Certificate '* ' '<- -‘ off.~.. .,. . office

'ch. . .1. . . chapter ' i‘ Hv.':. i p.;;np. a . . pageis)
chron. . . . chronological(ly) rcdr. . . . . rcdr.
-'Qfl£.1 It . ..-£gmmile§$;§fls_g§‘ 4M” H" reg.v.s. . . registrar of vital
‘- EggégggigL 1921 "“W"“'“' ' '”"statistiCS‘ ’ ‘
clk. . . . . . clerk ‘ -F f i’»7 ,4; i.re$. t-._,.l residence
CO. . . . . . county*' n- ~ : ”m "' w.rmlc'lqzw,,~. room H ‘
com. . . . . commissioners, . i.. at} ~'._. 4 . street _
_gqgt_. . . . 1935 ggigg§g9_§§§; :w 2‘.Strg,i ,,,:,; storage _
$fl§e§_§nng§ated5" . a insupt; ,7.,;h; superintendent
d. . . . . . drawer TQI.”'; . . . Session Laws of the
dept. . . . . department Colorado Territorial
dist. . . . . district Assembly
f.b. . . . . file box trees. . . . treasurer
f.d. . . . . file drawer vlt. . . . . vault
gen'l . . . . general vol.(s) . . volume(s)
& and — between dates or numbers
—— indicates record is indicates inclusive dates
current or numbers

Explanatory Notes

£1223»: Page;

The sixty—three counties of the State are arranged in alphabetical
ordcrc The records of each county are segregated by County Board of Health
Records and State Registrar of Vital Statistics Records, the former arranged
chronclivfcaliy. the latter arranged alphabetically by name of municipality


ccmgrising the vital statistic district and thereunder chronologically. In-
formation concerning the record is given in the following sequence: Type of
recordE title if any; quantity, arrancement of information Within the record
series, indexing information, location of record.














7 bdlsz, L strg. b, Include: card deaths, “bran, by
date cf report 2 bdls , |Q>b ',L, 14‘37u39
5 bolsL, 1939 », rm, 41 ; 8 “er
1' Eb? a lesal s mm ary of the history of hi_1*“1reco:ds in Colura;b if:
R5313uf'LCP.Vfi of BLan:, p.2 , ::oc transcripts of :17 1e 3: Llutiin
pertaining to the 1w1ng of birth re'o; is see, 19. 1.]? 3'3'.




Certificates (originals) in "Births“ Lsuh~titled_by name of county),

552 vols., 5 f,dfl, 1_hd15 Numer. by certi“nO/“and thereunder alph.

by surname of infant, 5512 Vsz , ? fu , 18F3—~ alph by suLnaMe
of infant,Jl bd1LL=189231QO£L Separate. .index in "Index to Birth
Record," 16 vols,, 186541928,_alph by_ surname of infant; sepe u‘atc
card index in "Index to Birth Record," 45 f d., 1929—-, alph. by
surname of infant; “Off. vltL rm. 418',State,0ffice Bldg., Denver,


Affidavits, parents' or attendant's s, l f d.,,4 letter fi 1es. Alph.
by name -of affiant. Rmi 418,_ State OffiCe Bldg., Denver.

Reports, monthly,~by cour nty boards of health 5 vols. No obvious
arr. Separate index in "Inde -x to Birth Record, 'alphL by surname
of iniant. Off. vlt. rm. 418, State Office Bldg., Denver.

Reports in "Monthly Report of Births and Deaths," 44 bdls. Includes
monthly death reports. Alph. by name of county and t.hereunder

u chronL by date of report. 13 bdls., vlt; 5; 31 bdls., rm. 418;
State Office Bldg., Denver.

Quarterly reports, birth certificate fees, 2 vols. Includes quart-
erly reports of death certificate fees. Alph. by name of-county
and thereunder by naLe of county seat or town. Rm. 418, State
OLfice Bldg., Denver.

Fee receipts, duplicates, for birth certificates, 55 vols. Includes
fee receipts for burial permits and death certificates. Numer. by
receipt no. 48 voles, 1921-25,1927--39 ”vlt 5: 5 volsLy-l939——,
off, vlt, rmi 418; State Office B1dg., Banter.

Card record, certified copies of birth certificates, 3 f.d. Alph.

by name of infant‘ Rm» 418, State Office Bldg“, Denver,

Stubs of cert ifj ates 1,,
stubs of cer’if ed d- a‘n (zertif‘icates. No obvious arra 1 bd17,

-V1t, 53:1;fad , rm: 4% ; State Offioe_i.“ Denver,