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Of Kentuok y
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Offers to the public the lollowinz Courses, viz; ‘•W
A rieultural Mechanical, En ineerinrr, Civil En ineerin , Classical, I
i g r g is gi gl
Normal Scl1ool and three Seientihc Courses, each of which covers four
years in tl1e College proper and leads to a degree.
Its faculty contains twenty-nine professors. Its gronds, buildings
and equipments represeut$45o,ooo in value. Itslaboratories, Chemical,
, Physical. Biolog`cal, Botanical, Geological, Physiological, Mecl1anieal,
i and Electrical are the largest and best in Kentucky.
i Each Legislative District is entitled by law a free tuition, room
rent, fuel and lights for four properly prepared students in the college
PTOPEY, 211lCl to HI] Gqlllll llll1llllC1' lll lllC ;\TOl'IIl&Il I)€PH1'tlll€llt, Alllnllll of
other colleges in Kentucky are entered in post—§;raduate courses. For
  catalouge and other information apply to _lAM1¤ts K. PA’1‘T1·;RSoN, Ph. .
D., L. L. D., President of the College., Lexington, Ky.
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  C OO O 0llOgl'3p Y. ·
121 East Main Street,
and her Department of Phonography in connection with tl1e State Col-
lege of Kentucky. Most thorough, reliable and highly·recon1·
mended school of Shorthand i11 Lexington.
  Taught by a practical court reporter.
Devoted exclusively to the training of
; EXp€l‘1Z S1l€l`lOg°I‘élph€l‘S.
. ngjpocial rates to mntriculates of the State College.
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