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- J
\'ol 1 AUGUST 19218 X0. 1
”"‘"“‘"""`”       tl1r···· uml one hulf yours. 111 Feb. r
‘ »   A     . 1'llill`)', 1€·f1l}, he went to Oklahoma as ,
__ ` , $*`    ·. ‘ i·1>;t·~11sit»11 liorticulturul Specialist. ’
J    "  _ uml \\`Ul‘li•:d there until he returned
  Y_° · ' to lietiturky July lst.
` 1   .\lr. .\r1:1st1·<111g is the etlitor of Ken-
_  tuelty l"l`lllL Notes uml will welcome
 _" - suuuestioiis uml (‘l'lll('lSli)S of l‘l`lll[ and 4
 ij F _,., herrr )iI`<¤\‘·'<·l`S for multing this bulle— _
,,_'   _ I     W.    tin of the ;r<·ut<·st possilile Service. ‘
' *3 ,>[js·.’Z` lturinu the pust few weeks Mr.
· `·; ,. . - .\.l`l!lFll'*1llL[ hus l1··t·n visiting the fruit
      -`·_ ; I :<11·l |»··rry sertioiis of litgiitueky to ?
  ...4ni   1 ' _ stutly the 1>1·<»hlt·111s lH*lv()l`ti setting up
;_.·;i¢,..  ¢ _¢_   1111 »·>;perin1e11tul ])l'()g1`£iI`i1. lie hus
   ’§;’§j;; L_   ° ' l1< utlqtiurters ut tht; \\’(‘Slt;1'I1 I{¢_·n- -
· _"_    1 tuelty l‘;X])Y‘l'lIll€lll Substution ut .
  . l’l‘lllf‘<‘il¤ll. Coniniunicutioiis shoultl he ·
,   illl¢l1`•‘$Si‘tl to him tl1¤»r¢·_ ’
`   y' A, .1. Or.x1;r. Head ‘
1 ‘  .;_   T _ _ —   . _ ]Iurlir·z¢lturr1I Dcprtrtnzrnt. ,
‘~ ir Tw ··i   · :. .· — .
LMA sig _ · in ;1___ e Tzilitiszfy of Iitnfuekj/. g
‘ `ttsffi _n     ..1 _4 A -i
    §:'_ fLY·"’, .` ‘ 'l`lll·j 1{liN'l`l`(`KY }·`I{l`IT NOTES  
li .>  *1     .. .. l%l`Ll.l·]'l`IN 3
"· Q     _· 'l`h1~ ]»11rpose of this bulletin is to  
  - preseiit to the fruit untl l)@l`1`}` grow- ;
\\`. lt. ,-\l:Als'\‘l;t)Xt; ¤·1`¥ 1>1‘¤1·‘li··:1l uutl timely i11iorm;1tio11  
,. _. . . . ,.. ,. ,, .,   uml <»li>e1·r:1tions on vulture. roduu- f
UH' Al"\\ Hwhlll LLM mul tion. llL1I`\`t·>Illl!, niurketing uigl pest 1-
lt is il ])l•‘1lSlll`¤‘ to \\'t‘lt‘st·rv:1ti<»11s of zenerul ;2
l1lllIl`l'ill the lust spetciul session. Nlr. interest. The lntlletiu will he sent  
.\l`lllSll`t\ll}l wus :1 ll\t'llll)l'l' of the llor- free to :1ll ll‘SSt‘l` t'. S. \\'1tllllliill wus uwuy I11 the ul1s1~nt·e of :111 utleqiiute list  
for ¥l’il(lllHlt* stutly. of fruit growers this issue is bein!  
llr, .\I`lllSIl`\>ll§ huils froni Yl`t'\&lS. sent to su1·h lists us were fountl uvuil· {
where he §l`il(lllill<‘tl in llUl`ll<'lllllll`t* uhle uml timlouhtetlly 111:1113* growers  
trtun Yl`<‘X2lS .\. illltl Nl. t‘ollt~;1e i11 were llllil\'(Wl(l1ll‘lf. oniittetl. 'l`here will  
lt¤2i•. \\`hil·~ there he eurm-tl il l2\l`§* ulso he some tluplieutioiis tnutle. lt  
|>&tl'l of his expenses working i11 tl1· will tulte u few inouths to {Jet the _
<‘olle:e oreliurtls. niuiling list worked Olll to the point  
l·`rom 1929 to will he wus il §l`2l(lll£ll•‘ where this hulletin is reuehitirs those j`
stmlent ut Nlieliiuuu Stute College. who wunt und use ii.  t
'l`l1e s111n1m·rs were spent i11 fruit work \\`e wish to urge every grower to g
ut the South lluren Sulnstution. liur- ussist ns in setting :1 correct niuiling  
in; the Sllllllllt‘I‘ of lillil he wus stu— list. lf you know of il fruit or berry  
tionetl :1t l"(‘llll\`lllt‘. }llt'lll§l1lll. i11 t·on— grower thut is not reeeiviiiz this hul— g
ueetitm with :1 spruy Sl'l`\`ll'l‘ projet·t. letin. who tlesires to he placed on the  
After leuving l{t‘lllllt'l(}' he wus il list. hure l1in1 fill out the request  
nieniher o1` the liortieultur:1l st:11`t` ut lwlunk on the lust pugez or turn his gi
tl1e (rl(‘(>l'§`l1l l‘lX]\t‘l`llll(‘llI Stutitui for nunie in to the eounty ugent.  
l¤l`l,l1l·Z'l`IN t>l·` ’l‘lII·l l{l·ZN'l`lit`l{\' .\ i_ Y l
’ ‘ THE SPECIAL HORTICULTUIRAL the cotntnercial t`rtilt crop in tlte state  
APPROPRIATION is below that of last year, l am sure i`
. . _ every person who attends the l·`alr ‘
lagghiiiielizsit tsgsaims ssisgégg   niill be expecting to see u good apple   li
ing for the employment of a bortlcul-· S lm" 4
turist iiiidgi- the auspices gf the Tilt: g8llQl`i.ll [ll`C1llll\lll list {Ol' 1935 g N
· Experiment Station for the pin-pose of will be practically identical to that t
` enlarging the investigation or the ofthe past two years. The premium i i
fruit problems in Kentucky, and og lists are not as yet available, but will i i
` providing new services to growers, be within a short time. Your county t i
Those include 3 spray servlet; pro· tlgéllt Ctlll tltlllbtlcss provltle you with ,
" gram, publication of practical infor-. a prctniuin list as soon as they are on i
mation, and holding of meetings and the Pl'<‘S=i- t
- i fruit exhibitions. Any mats. tnotttttttg apples. t
, J peaches, grapes or pears. which mat- l
. ture ahead of State l·`air dates (Sep- l
-. IIORTICULTURAL “`ORK AT \VES'l`· tember 12 to 17), should be shipped 1
ERN KENTUCKY EXPERllll‘}N'I` to the Kentucky State l"air, care of I
_ t SUBSTATION the )lerchants' lcc and t‘oltl Storage f
t ' S· J-   S·tt~·**·*~t·<’¤··t $Q?E$§§"TJ%ii‘ tE;f"L‘.i?L?.l{i`·..£“;III‘ii`i‘.¥2..§Z"2i t
` For several years we have needed the grower and will be tlt·liver··d ln t
the assistance of a resident horticul— the {air grounds by tlte fair tnnnag··~ t
turist at the \\`esteru Kentucky EX- ment on tlte opening day of the fair.
` perimentt Snbstation, but on account of Notify M. Yi Niimii Siiimisl iti_"_  
""d“°"d ‘“°°'?‘** “'€ "i“"’ Elm ""°“ “b‘° mt·to·. t»spt—t—ttttty mnt-t·i·na.t,; ui.- 1tu·;.»t— t
= tO afford mls help' “€ ful" mmh entries you plan to make, so that ade- `
giggggdqigi  li;   tittatte space can be 1`(‘S(‘l'\'t·(l for tht-
‘ , ' .· f , _ ` exhibit. 'l`he 40-tray and 40-platt-
t tnckyrand to the \iestetn kentucky miiiiit, (iiSiiiuyS_ mgiiiiim. with iii.,
Experiment Substation at Princeton. .,i,_ii.iit, Hiiiiiiig (iiiai, Wim, t.t_i.t. iiiii.ii(._
’ llis excellent training and experience iiw iii_i7`(_g _iq"iiit_i, iiiiw in [iw msi
V T will enable him to render a most val- miwsc iii'i.,]t_;_`__\iiiiiiig imimiiii iii__ iiiuiio
  nable servicei to ll1f3’fI`Illl flllil lJ€l`l`Z*' (.i—t$· oi {lip exhibitor, while tlte lll1\l*‘ _
'_ grg;:_?1;l_?;Sg;§:;u$hii have his head- and singlei tray 'classes ln·i·oine  
— . , _ ptopeit; ot the applt show managi-
o ; quarters here so we shall be able to mam
f E secure a great deal of valuable help ‘ _ _ 4
·‘ ’ *   from him in carrying on our hoi·tiotii_ Mr, \\ .'ll. Armstrong. horttculturtst
l _ tural experiments as well as have the at tlte \\cstcrn Kentucky substation
t it pleasure ot cooperating with him in at Prinoeton. will be assistant manager
_ 3 iQ tlte COI1duCt of any and all new invgsti- illlfl Will gladly help any amateur
—, g   gations w•hich may be matigm-atod at growers in arranging their exhibit.
  tg this Substatioiip iii git; Armstrong Any exhibits sent in will be arranged
*- `· l E ,·"° the farmers and fruit growers have tt by the lllftnililertlcllt, should it be iin-
‘ lil borticulturist who is thoroughly qnnli. possible for the_exlnbttor to be on
i V· i   tioti to servo tiiom ami oaa with `\·hOm hand at the opening dates of tlte fair.
or or ij.; they wiii {md it oasy and pleasant to Earlybentrigs a(i·cdp1·t¤fei·i·7oil biit [rmi
—,__ fl   wm.k_ ilnltigswle en ere nr ng t out ay ant
  at L. t y morning of the Fan.
    KENTUCKY STATE FAIR IFRUIT tlV€ ariehcfilllltlllil Oil [Ol‘lllt*l‘ eiitilt-  
_-It- l_ t. EXHiBir[· i ors ant ope many new ones wt w
  5   . added to tlte list. in helping tnalte the
ji   i 5 lil. Y. NUNN, Sttpmwvttmirlrnl Stale was Smit, Fnii. Fiiiii Siimi. iivitii ini
    Fair H°"m`"H"""l H”"'H’H ter than it has been in the past.
  StmglS’ Kenmcm Professor C. S. Walttnau of the llor.
    During tlte past years the fruit tieulture Department. llnirersity of
$Q’§,j$_· lijj exhibit has been one of the ontstand- Kentucky, will again be the judge. lle
§_§;$~   ing features at the Kentucky State suggests that every care shoultl bt-
jji; tif Fair. Naturally people expect, to see exercised to prevent tlte bruising of
,{tg};i?-i g tlte fittest products of tlte state on dis· fruits both at picking time and itt
;Z{zf`?7:'$ play and tell their friends about it packing for truttspotlatiott. Steins
  when they go back home. Exhibits should be in the fruits. and catch ex-
  rl such as we have had in the past can hibit, should be as uniform in size.
{iff '`'' L     only be made possible by cooperation shape and color antl as free ot` bletn-
grg;=·J of our leading fruit growers. Even if ishes as possible.
l 2
I ,' t ’
*‘ »W2'>@%
 ·~·.es>. ...., -. . . .

 »? 7/i :» .
_)_/_.2‘ ;
I" l’ltl·1\'l<1N'l`lN(i SUN SCALIJ \\'l’i`ll 'l`his makes an excellent formula for
li`; \\'lll'l`l·]WASH whitewash regardless of where it is
le Flt\Nl( ’l‘. S'l;ltl·Zl·2'l', Henderson, Kentucky   uII§I)]§3lLi(I¥S 2$n§;"L;iS£;’y  
'l`he heavy pruning which the fruit the trees have developed sufficient ·
iis growers often do throughout the win- shade.
at ter and spring months, due to the l·‘or painting the wounds made by
ni short crops of fruit ln prospect, leave the saw cuts the old formula of raw
ill many large cuts exposed to fungus in- linseed oil and powdered blue stone,
IY tection ami many limbs exposed to on the basis of sixteen pounds of cop· _
tb sun seald. .\s a result mueh interest per sulphate to each gallon of raw Vj
iff has been shown by the growers in linseetl oil, is still one of the best `
materials whieh would protect them known formulae. This paint needs to
.S_ from loss of valuable wood siibjeet to he stirred each day for approximately
II,. these dain;ers. Sonic benefits from three weeks and is much better paint V
.I,, the use of whitewash have been expe- if made up several months in advance.
,,I rit~nt·•·tl. it is impornun to wltitewasit lteeeut iut'ormati0u indicates that the
.,I· the branehes and paint the ents as use of ready made dry Bordeaux vqorks ‘
H,. soon alter pi‘tinin;.: as possible, Iillltté HS well, Ol` better than ]>t>\\'t ‘ I mumlty of }`°m"'}`H  
II°_"_ eonsisteneyl of a rntlier thick paint. Six varieties of strawberries were T
II" \\lien applied. this has a beautiful frnited this season as follows: Pre- is
IHF whitttf color and is ver5Ilresistant Ito mier, DoI*sett,Fai1·fz';`>;, Catskill,lBIake-  
‘ _ wea iering. r s sour mi t eau not te more ant Beaver, 19 origins p am- V
I_h`_V used. it is important that the paint be ing distances for the varieties were  
lt" made up fresh as used. \§`heu using varied as follows: One row each of  
MII this on apples, the addition of 2 Premier, Dorsett. Fairfax and Cats- Q;
mtv ounees of raw linse··tl oil to t·a·t·h kill were set at 12, 1S and 24 inches 5
mw ~ quart ot sknnIinilk gives the paint respectively. Blakemore was set at  
mw even more resistance to weathering. 220, Htl, and 42 inches because of its  
  t‘tiNll’.\RATl\'i·i YIICLDS IN 24-Ql`.I\llT CRATES PER ACRE FOR THE  
III?] 1>ll·`i·`Elti·ZN'i‘ \'.\ltll£'l`Il£S ANI) l·`O1{ THE Dll·`FERliNT SPACINGS  
¥t‘I` I ltipening I I I  
I‘I_II` Variety ° Dates I ll" 1S" ' E4" ` BO" I BG" I 42"  
ut. rV · VVKV   moor V   ‘**"{—·——TV4—ViXV‘ m hg
¥"‘I I nay it I 1     I ji
‘“‘V i·.».·mt.—i— to xii.? sms I sts.: I I I 5;
M(i°I_` ` June 4   I I   I _
II"' I nity it I I I I I I  .
"“" t»..i—s.·n to I znett ams I 247,1 I I I VV
I June 1 I ` I I  
hilt- V V r V #···’   eV V **77.*   V VV‘ I ·V** VI"; VV  
I he I May lti I ` I I I I W
tue 1·‘an-tax i to I 3•;•;.u I :iTII.T I Ctot.6 I Q I  
liel- I June ti I I I | I  
. V VV~—~V sl V I V· " WV r` Y Y Vl V‘Vr· I`-
IIUI. I ' | May ls   _ I I I ` I I  
I UI. t‘;.tsI,I1I I I to »t!e•,.»   -t~t0,s   42:1.0 I I I I,
HP   . une ti   I I I I I  
. . I "
Lift I II"' I== . . I I   I   I . .  
I in Illaketnore to I I I I .l.I;».EII ...»·l.tI .»—l—l.:i  
I..,..t I MIIY III I I I , I I it
v ·_ V 7 I 7   ¤ pv nl MW I nr I -rAn>A77v‘_` W  
ISI;} I May ll I I _ I I I I  
Ibm, lleaver I to I , tll.3 I I I I g
I June Z! I I I I I  
., I.

  — ` ' i
I habit of forming plants abundantly. crates was deducted hy the associa-   {8
The Beaver was secured from a nurs- t.ioi1, Mr. Lowory received slightly   sq
ery in Minnesota and the plants were over $100.00 return for his halt acre   51
set at 1S inches. No thinning or of strawberries. _ ¤ m
spacing of runners was done during liy way of prizes, Mr. Lowery won at I te
· the summer of 1937 and the condi- quantity of fertilizer donated by the 2 th
tions were such that all varieties made Berry Association, together with a . ea
— excellent growth. Straw mulch was useful fountain pen and pencil st-i E 1).
applied in December of 1937. The donated by Jos. Denunzio Fruit (foin· ~ ’l‘t
rainfall and temperature conditions 118.llY of Louisville, who were the mar- » gi
were nearly ideal this season which keting agents for the Urittendt-ii gr
resulted in large yields. The season (Bounty Association. Needless to say.
was unusually early and the berries Mr. Lowery is very proud of his win- iu
_ ripened from 10 days to two weeks nings and is making plans to put out iu
~ in advance of a normal season. a new acreage of berries each year.
Catskill——A comparatively new va- and by the time ho ilnishes lligh fr
riety, is showing high yields. Two School hopes to derive enough mon:-y |·‘i
year tests indicate that it is a berry from the sale of strawberries to allow in
of good quality with good shipping him to enter college. ' ca
I qualities. The organizations sponsoring this
The Aroma variety is not adapted enterprise needless to say are quin-
to the Lexington Section and was not proud of the success of this pi·ojt·ct
included in this test. und hope to continue it imlellnitt-ly, iii
srimwnnnnirzs AS A rnoiizcr Sl‘Mi§iE§iUgr¤:F'i`iNG WESTERN  
Fon 4-H AND F. F. A. ennns *   { ' ¢ PYLE ANH ii.
Pl\111!i•JS and from thi- giaiog ° n.
ngioomont was that tno ohio nionibois oi lleiiiicssec, lllinois. Missouri and O;
would return ono ornto ot U_ S_ No_ 1 Indiana attended this meeting. “-
; berries to the association for each Oiniiiiii, ·i—oi.ii
> .   aglilugrisfuigggegbpiiglligtii fil.? ii,§§;fi‘g,i ‘{QQ,ii.‘i'i’i"$".°""i_ "}S“°"$ _“"  
. plants under these terms. According iii_Cii,irii ` wiriin ii `lpgiiii ‘}l}d })"‘“'!‘ til
i . to the agreement each boy or girl was turn; inn i_ii_r i_ l_°_i ‘ wad wlisui 'l`
  to plant, fertilize and cultivate the iirnriinr ·c_"i‘(ii·;=·_°‘ _i""v_ _°iL_til<{ l*<‘·lt‘h tt
` { 5 berries according to instructions ité(iiiii_5" inn__il_°""_iiii‘m°ti;°T,l`“°h_ ‘” vt
;»§ given by their high school teacher or Boiir ni` Gn0lix,i_a' (2 ii)? Su} _ H‘:‘m}· tl
. by the county farm agent. Some min 'J ii H‘?i`l’ '(?_((‘u_ Tull (.1m* in
2 l small prizes to the winners in the _i i, i` _ij   °_.m.'"_gl?““· “l‘°“ ni
i i T County were ninn arranged. istetmxi nit ilaiieties 'were planted ri
  Q The largest individual group in the Eli, aD“ni;f;g1i_n?ii?iiifn°if ti Tina D‘_`_“{`h‘_'“· di
·   county was directed by Professor tirniy imicd l`0Hl`i¤lll €01lU¤ll1'*il- W- U· ¤‘·l`lll· the Yopp-Micltael·1{ost-ttfield contnter-
_ strong, llorticulturist, l’rinceton Sub- eial pt»a<·ltort·1tard near Paducah. Tltis
` Slilliwll- WHS 1>l`- lllil _"UlY _].ii.; }{t·i;r_ Cotmftt .43/Nl?. 1
._ eonttol method known to date ts to \I(_Cl__u_kOu Céumv ij
*· dig out the diseased tree. A young ‘ ‘ ` ‘ LQ
  tree may he re-set where the old tree A few years ago the insect known 5}
,"` was removed witltottt fear of it be- as crown borer gave promise of cans-  
'"I eonting ai'fe<·ted. It was stated tltat ing an attttttal loss to tlte strawberry 1
"li tlte greatest infestation occurs itt industry itt southwestertt 1{entucky itt  
sontlt eentral Georgia attd that 1{en- excess of S1tl0.0tl0 per year. Although "' 
H; tucky is itt the region of very light tlte general life history attd habits of _;
`“‘ ittfestation. Ottly two or three dis- this insect were reasonably well  
lh eased trees were fottttd itt tlte state known. the dantage front this little  
1* itt 1$•ZlT attd none ltas been fottttd to "bug" was increasing year after year. Qi
`Y" date itt 19218. Naturally the growers rettttested a ¥ 
VM l·`rank T. Street, of Hetttlersott. special held and laboratory study to E,
·m Kenttteky. discussed tlte delay of peaelt be ntade by the Entomology Depart- gg
`HS ripening by the suntnter applicatiott tnent of tlte Kentucky Experintent  
I" of nitrogen fertilizer, attd stated that Station. Dr. Patil O. Riteher of tltis tg
etl he was (¥O1l\`l1l(‘\‘(l tho Lfl`O\\'t‘1` (`O\ll(l tlt*}l1l1`l1llt‘1ll was assigned to tlo the  
ntanipttlate tlte ripening date of ltis work.  
ll lruit a few days by tltis ntetltod. One of the first field activities that  
tee; \\'. W. Alagill. of the Ketttttclty Agri- I took part itt after cotning to Ale- is
ily rultural 1·1xperintent. Station, Lexing- t‘rac·kett County itt tlte spring of ltl2lT.  
li ;

 was to accompany Dr. Ritcher and INSECT ENEMIES FIGHT MAN'S °
Mr. W. W. Magill on an inspection BATTLES IN KEN'l‘UCKY ·
trip in the county, to start a detailed ORCHARDS (\‘
study of the crown b0l‘€l- p_ ()_ Rwenmgl Entomology D€pur‘!· Ml
We called upon Mr. C. M. Seaton, ,,lc,ll_ U,l;,l,6,·S;;y of Kcmllckll
wl1o was reported to have suffered lu
. heavy borer injury. On visiting Mr. We usually sive u lot of crcdlt lo xi
` Seg_tch’g heyyy patch we found that {110 W€Il[h6l' fllld to SDI`8.y pl`OgI'llllIS LE
I this insect had destroyed more than f()I' COIl[l`Olllllg lllSBC[ p88[B of p€D.Ch€B,
half Of his pg_[ch_ In lcgg than {hre HDDIBB, illld [>ll\HlS. OHBII, \lllllO[lC€(1 “·
minutes Dr. Rltcher had picked up by Ulé Sl‘0\\‘€l‘, llllwcl 0ll•3ml€¤ of Ul€9•¢ 19
three of the adult crown borers around ll<‘SlS MG d0lll¤ ll lwlld Sllllw of UW
one berry plant. In a few minutes DUB! ll€$¥l‘ll€ll0ll· l _
`  ‘ Buch of US had l€l1l`¤€d how Y0 mld 'l‘his past year, at the Exull orchard, l`;
lll€llttl€lll9€€t· located at Paducalt, a small para- lll
A field on Mr. Seaton's fa1·m, sev— site killed 10 per cent of the over-
e1·al hundred yards away from any wintering codling moth worms. The _
. old plants, was selected for a new worms killed over the winter by all (il
. berry field. A few days later, in other causes amounted to about 17 ¤\·
' » advance of the egg laying period, per cent. l·"
which is soon after the first of March. lll ll colleclloll of llllllll culullllll
Mr. Seaton, assisted by Dr. Ritcher, llll.l,lll, llllllle lll Jlllle Ol lllls yclll. lll tn
dug new plants from the crown borer lllll (_llll.l.Qll 0l.clllll.ll lll “·lllllllUl.ll ui
infested v¤¤=l¤· Thess l¤¤=¤l¤¤v pew County, 28 per cent of the cnrculios ld
plants were thoroughly washed and ll.l,l.€ lllllell lly ll wllsll pul.llSlll,_
the old growth and husks carefully _ _, _ _ _, _ lll
V ._ l.€m0v€d_ They were than alleelell lll·· Often. Ouental fiuit moth is lnauili F,
on borer free soil until land could be uddeked DY pdmsded _Thle e“m'“e'· “'
¤*‘·*¤m for ¤1¤¤¤¤g· it ll‘§.,,li§?;.,¥:· .?l"§2,.‘i’§Il“L‘$" ,%%**,*5;*
` AS evleeeee that these Simple mee? ond brood Oriental worms were killed
. ures, properly carried out, will ehnn- lly lllsecl lllllulqlles
, nate crown borer, we are glad to re- ` ` '
I port that this acre of Aroma berries _ _ _ _   l v_ _
. Oll Ml._ Seamnls mlm yleldell lll excess (,11ack on Oatmrm. }*|lIlII Moi n
, of 200 crates per acre this spring of P*"‘*‘S“`“$
l 1938. This, so far as I know, was Tins year, as part er a joint project
  One of U}9 highest lll M€Cl`il€k€ll between the Federal Government and
~ j I (`0llllfY thls YBB-1'. the Experiment Station, 38 collections
1 . ’ For experimental purposes, Dr, of twigs wilted by Oriental fruit moth
_ Q Ritcher obtained plants from the same were made in 20 western Kentucky
~ lf source on Mr. Seaton’s farm, after peach orchards. This material, com-
`   {   the egg laying period in the spring of prising about 5,000 infested twigs, was
_ p gé 1937, and removed these plants to shipped to the Federal parasite labora—
, l ' g f the Western Kentucky Substation tory at Moorestown, New Jersey, where
; l g farm at Princeton, Ky. Practically the parasites will be reared.
. “   Y every pldppef the experimental pldpp The purpose of this work is to check
2 §·$ mg at Prmcemd developed c*`°“"p on the establishment of foreign para—
    borers and were “"·m"a·uY d mud sites recently released in Kentucky
_. -   loss. orchards in an attempt to C0llll`0l lllv
_, __;__‘¢_ z ·‘ Mr. Seaton, like dozens of other Oriental fruit moth by using its Insect
_;_{¤ ;·l growers in the area, felt that he had enemies,
  g; been fighting a losing battle with
    ; crown borers prior to 1937, but now
      ie eels that the crown borer can be ·· , . , p
  whipped by following the simple IREE RIPDNDD IRUIT
  recommendations for eliminating the Home-grown tree ripencd pt-aclies
  crown borer. These are; Dig plants are now available at many places in
.'Zj`é~§f fg Q from November 1st to March lst, wasn the state for home canning, pickling
  ll at once, removing all dirt and dead and making of peach butter. The
  ;¥_ 5 l and spotted leaves, Plant at once, white flesh varieties, such as Belle of
··;,··fl..;,il or "heel in", in clean soil. The new Georgia and Champion are always in
  ._r. l   patch should be at least 100 yards demand, once they have been given a
gli,  _l l l from old plantings or wild hosts. Wild trial. If you do not grow peaches for
;j ‘l·._   ;`; hosts are the wild strawberry, Indian home use, drive to a nearby orchard
-_ ,. V. ‘ · strawberry and the common wild Cin- and buy a bushel of treo i·ipem·il
  quefoil, or live finger. peaches.
l.;‘.   ..  
  &l% SE
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