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Volume 73, Number 1 - January 2002 68 S ,
. W
Enhanced security leads ,
tea. 4F 5‘ There are few phases of our - -
”its” 4‘ 4c 4‘ at .~ lives and Jobs that haven’t been Leg’S/at’ve coverage '
2 ii fiat, 4‘ it ' affected by Sept 11 and. coverage to be handled by two ‘
' v:;g»;.z;::g:-;:arse}:K  ' I ’ Morgan began his newspaper nated for the award by local Farm ,
Association/Kentucky Press Service, inc. 1 2 ' ' . ., .1 1 . career with a fib: the 11—year-old Bureau offic1als.
Periodical-class postage is paid atFrankfort, District 12 1 ' . . . 2 1' lied about his age in 1947 in order . _
géénogtfgwbsgzmgggcgjgfig34f: David Thornberry.Commanwealfli-Joumatf to become a paperboy. You had to BUI‘ChCll JOlnS IlCWS
Kentucky Press, 101 Consumer Lane, District 13 2 V ' ’ V 2 ' . 1' ‘- be 12 to how the JOb' He worked hls staff at Manchestar
Frankfort, KY‘ 40601' (502) 223'8821' ' Don White Anderson News .‘ V way up through the ranks, from
. '2 _" -_ 2 2 ,4, mallroom clerk, to pressman, to Joe Burchell has been hired as
Officers and DiIECtOI‘S‘ _ V VV'Distri'ci"i4 V ' : fj_ -- If; ;_ apprentice printer, to night compos- the sports/feature editor at The \
Kentucky Press Assomahon John Nelson, Danville Advocate-Messenger ing foreman and then production Manchester Enterprise. Burchell '
President 2 , . ., . , 2 . manager. His tenure at the newspa- served in the same role in the late
Marty Backus, Appalachian News-Express State at Large ' ,; , ' ' 2 ; per saw SIX different owners, five 1980s. .
Keith'Pon‘der, Glasgow Daily Times , 2 - different printing presses and at _
presidentElect , , ’ 2 V least eight publishing systems, Ashland’s Shaffer ,
Dave Eldridge, Jessamine Journal . 2 Mike Scogin,Georget<>w11 News—Graphic ranging from the “hot-metal”
. .V ' ' V V LynoType days to computer-based ClCCth t0 NFPW pOSt
Past Presulent Jack McNeely, Morehead News . systems today . _ .
Teresa Revlett, McLean County News 2 . . ‘ Cathie Shaffer, Today's Livmg
V Sharon Turninski, Winchester Sun ' - ,The HEWSpap?r Staff held a editor for The Daily Independent in
Vice PTeSident ' . 2 » ' ~ . retirement receptlon for Morgan, Ashland was re-elected treasurer
David Greer,The Kentucky Standard, Associates Division . 2 V 2 who was highly regarded by staff, of the National Federation of Press
, Bardsmw“ Armando Ar’rastia f V ,. ..j .. ‘ ' according to editor Ron Jenkins. Women at its fall annual confer-
Treasurer I Kentucky Department of Education . _ Jenkins noted that Morgan differed ences'. Shaffer is a past president of ‘ -
SharonTuminski,WinchesterSun V A , V. . . VV 3' ~ ' » V I from some Pioduwon madagers the organization‘s Ohio affiliate
2 dyertlsxng Dwxsmn. . . 3. 1 whose obsessmn w1th “getting out and of Kentucky Professional
District] 2 '2 ' ' 2 Blame Morgan, QWmeQmifi I on time” left little room for concern Comm - t th K t k
, ~ Messenger-Inquirer _. .' .- , ~ 25 .2 unlca OTS, 8 en uc y
AliceRcuse,MunayLedge1-&Tunes . 2 " ' 2 ‘ _ ‘ :: ' 3130”? the cohtent ofwhat they were affiliate. She is also serving as
‘ I V. Newssditor‘ial’nivision :-V I getfimg 0““ . organizing chairman for '
District; _. , . 1 - Chris Poore/The'KentuckyKernel- . ‘ , N“ 30 Wlth Buddy, th? has NFPW/Tri—State, a new affiliate
Jed Dillmgham, Dawson SprmgsProgress " . . ,V ,, ' . , f .VV 1 1 ‘ always taken great pride in his forming to serve the area where
V . V V . 2 ’ .V Circulation Division V. , 2' V craft and this newspaper. The Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia '
Distrid?! ‘. , » .V 2 2 _» '2; » KrisSJOhnsmiJexin’gtonHerald—Leader2- many awards The Gleaner has won meet. One of five elected officers 2
Ed Riney:Owensborowssenger1mm??? .2 , 2: ,. . _ ’ 2 2 over the years for typography and who make up the NFPW board she .
use.” ' 2 i 5. l amuse-advise ' 4 -- other areas are testimony “is is serving a two—year term. ’ '
ChariiePorhnann,Frank1iVnFav0riteV:TVJ' BuckRyaan RV ._.. dedication to quality,”sa1dJenk1ns. Pauline Young, director of
. . ' 2 “’1: :‘E‘EV' 132:1 mversnyo enmc Y media relations for Morehead State '
”Sui“? f 2 . B00116 CO. Recorder University, was named coordinator
Teresa RiceLebanonEnterpnse 41., 2:3. 1:2 3 fixingfghgfdlgsredidKimGreen-eVVjV . of NFPW's youth contest at the
DiVthVlVV'cht'6 Dmsmorererhohl _re“_ce_1v__es _a.W_._ "a__r__dl_-_______________annual conference _. __
many AbemathyOldhamErafz. 5:29.. if}: 2. 1f 42:53: g; if"; 35.31;??? l f 2 V
- .. i - Kentuck ,PresszSSbCiatiOhfi
Diana? . ._.... .- 1 , . Ktkiaservstaff : Deaths
KefleyWarmskgGallafiaCountyNews.53, QéyidTJThqxnpshn,ExetfifiVe Director." _________________________
l Bbhflié HOWa'rdsznfrdflér-‘f 2 . .
DienigtS,_;f; 5.194;; ; g:;::‘;;,1;,;g .lgfiljgtfj LisaCamahan Massageseghceepiiecm 3; Joseph Robinson Goodman publlsher 0f the famlly-ovrned news-
KenMetz BathCountyNeWbOUfiOOk .1. RigaSWVsRWINCXI/Qfiarkmggmdmm Joseph Robinson Goodman, a paper when 1t was sold in 1974 to :riazfité‘é‘éa‘mw West?“ former co-owner of.the Hardin what ‘S W “W“ as Landmark;
JerryPemungthWandDaflyh‘derdmtSueCammackAdmmstranveAssmtant 0911th Enterprise died Dec- 7 at 0““th NeWSPaRerS IM- .
1;: BuffySams,Bookl235:55:5-?-3535155231355???
We were in the early stages of work on a ever before. But we can't blame the software for set 0f font families and they understand that -
redesign for his newspaper and it was impor— bad design, just like we can't blame a set of funky fonts rarely add anything meaningful or
tant for him to spell out what he wanted to socket wrenches for an engine that's misfiring. helpful to a design.
achieve with the new look. It was a delight to In both cases, the fault lies with the person 'Control use Of typography tightly. AVOid
hear him make his point so concisely, so clearly, behind the tool. Poor judgment and sloppy work shadowed or outlined tYPe- Stay away from the
so...simply. lead to poor performance and sloppy pages. underlines. Use proper tracking, kerning\, line
Simplicity is at the heart of all great design. And, yes, publishers share part of the length and interlinear spacing. Typographic
Even on the pages where there are many responsibility for poor page design. Until pub— clutter is obvious. Design clutter often is h0t as
elements to handle, those newspapers that lishers require and offer proper training for easy to see. '
design well do it by handling those multiple ele— page designers, they must look in the mirror 'Get rid 0f the tint blocks. Almost always,
ments in a way that makes sense. These pages when they point fingers. tint blocks occur because something else didn't:
often are crafted by designers who first spend All of us — from publisher to page designer we didn't get a photo 01‘ a graphic 01‘: worse, we
their time examining the elements and their — must focus on keeping our pages simple, didn't think 0f one. Unless a tiht'bIOCk element
relationship to each other. In many ways, their clear, refined. is an integral part Of your design (e'g', over an
initial work on a page is similar to a writer look- Here are some suggestions: infobox), it adds nothing biit clutter to your
ing at the material that's important to a story 'Throw away that CD of funky fonts. page. .
and creating an outline before beginning Experienced designers agree that many of these 'AVOid ,Odd rules. Keep rules and boxes
to write. fonts serve no purpose whatsoever in a newspa— clean and iight and Simple. Heavy, multiple-
And like good writers, good designers also per. They've learned to work within a controlled See SIMPLICITY, page 12
With Your neWSPapei‘ employees, as ( ,,,do:lH‘l‘Eg‘Wi‘l'Igmgggg
Employees well as help you defend your posi- ; l:°°:’::k “r’WJ’M’W ‘m'mr i ‘“"""i W.
tion should a complaint be taken to I £15fl‘y‘ttm m "““m“:3:m.1i:::r“"*°“
- court. Of course, this is mere com- Wm'tiiittiit'”*°“ twwmmssseuvwe WWWWW‘
, °°'“'““°“ "°'“ Page 3 mentery, and not official legal 'WW
‘ tions with em 10 ees adv1ce. '
\ .treafingpemyployees with coup (Dr. Randy Hines, APR) teaches Gomg to the smaller web and need rulers
tesy and civility at the University ofNorth Carolina showmg the PASS column QUIdES?
. o 'vin timel f dback at Pembroke. His mailing address is . - ’
. decisiiln Quicomesy 99 about PO Box 1510’ School of Business an d Staying wuth SAU but need rulers?
» Oproviding employees with rea— MOSS Communications: Pembroke Contact Sue Cammack at KPA. (800) 264-572]
‘ sonable justification for an Outcome NC 28372-1510, He can be reached Quality white vinyl rulers available from K‘PAiKPS.
_ decision. at randyhinesapr@yahoo.com or 910 75 cents per ruler, includes immediate shipping.
Following these suggestions 521-6853 for comments or workshop -
_ could help you avoid legal problems information.) order some for your Staff and adve rtISEI‘S

 . The Kentucky Press, January 2002 - Page 5
W hat does the future hold Next telemarketing scam: :
for recruitment advertismg‘? effOI-tt - ,
- 0 reduce exemptions ,
, ”,1 the jobs extant or being created by
InteraCtl-ve employers. . .. 0501(c)(3) 01‘ 501(C)(6) organi- '
I'lsider g °Do"n t belleve Internet fore- on second .‘ zations. These are tax-exempt '
f 1% “h casters who tell you how many ’2‘ groups like our own Kentucky
—_ %’ jobs will be posted online in four or Thought ” J ourndlism Foundation. How V
By Peter M. it five years. Jupiter and Forrester, ”3‘“ many calls have you had from a ,
Zollman the two major Iglttelrlnlelt reseag‘clcit By David Tumompson imw charitable organization? I admit ,
organlza ions, 0 have pe e KPA Executwe Director Ive had one, in 1998, from the ,
Because recruitment is such a track records when It comes to h} American Heart Association Scott ,
lucrative field — $34.5 billion in the forecasting growth: They’ve never V County Chapter. ’
US. alone in 1999 — and because been right yet! SO take their pro- The next great telemarketing Since I had my heart attack
it’s changing so dramatically, it jections, and similar ones, With a scam in Kentucky won’t come in 1997, they thought I was a
would be valuable to look at what grain ofsalt. , from a telemarketer but from prime candidate to make a dona-
the world of recruitment will look Wlth those Oht 0f the way, lets anyone who believes legislation tion in 1998. I
like in a few years. 100k at the changing market forces: will actually will reduce the 'A school or person on behalf »
It will be vastly different from Where once newspapers were number of calls made to individ- of a school. Never have had one "
the situation 10 or 15 years ago, the primary recruiting tool — and ual households. myself.
when employers who needed to they Stlll are i employers have It just ain’t gonna happen. More annoying are the parade }_
hire people had very few choices: many more options DOW- There’s It is annoying to sit down to of people at the front door selling 7
They could hang a "help-wanted" Monster.com, HotJobs.com and supper, put the first helping on cookies, candy, flowers, maga- f
. sign on their door; they could CareerBuilder.com (the latter the fork and be interrupted before zines, Christmas cards. :.
’ recruit through current employees, owned by Tribune 00- and nght it makes it to the mouth. The 'A real estate broker or ,,
or they could run an ad in a news- Ridder, two companies With major phone’s ringing. agent. I get the postcards myself
paper_ If they were looking for a neWSPaper holdings). _ Don’t people know 6 p.m. is from real estate friends but never j
top executive, they might hire an There are radio- and TV'OU' typical supper time in Kentucky? has one called the house in a tele- .
executive search firm, but that was ented local online employment SBY— You can identify a telemar- marketing way. ,
a much smaller and more exclusive vices, like MediaCareerLink and keting call within a second of 'An insurance agent. See real '
field than it is today. RegionalHelpWanted.com. On-air picking up the receiver. You say estate agent above. ;
Nowadays, employers have SPOtS are used to generate employ- “Hello?” and there’s no response. 'An employment agency.
more choices. er interest. There are stand-alone, You say “Helloooo?” and finally How many employment agencies
But the underlying concepts in multi-city recruitment publications there’s a voice asking for the Mr. do telemarketing calls in the first
employee recruitment and reten- like The Employment Guide, or the Mrs. That silent second place?
tion are changing, and they will offered by Trader PUbllShlng 00- 111 shows the caller is using auto- 0A person soliciting the sale
\. continue to change for the next few conjunction With CareerWeb.com. mated equipment that identifies of a subscription to a newspaper,
f years, at least. There are direct-mail compa- the difference between a real magazine...0kay, I’ve had two in
First, acouple ofcaveats: nies specializing in employment voice and an answering machine 2001. Neither at home. Both at 1'
ODespite the current global advertising. There are more trade clicking on. the office. Both on my private /'
economic downturn, demographic publications than ever before, Exemptions in Kentucky’s line. I think I startled both by ,
- studies show that for the long term offering bOth print and online SP9" laws might be numerous, 21 01‘ 22 saying, “We get four copies 0f
the U.S. and most other major cialized employment ads. depending on who’s doing the your newspaper already.” I’m not
developed countries will have sig- There are stand—alone Web counting, but consider who has being smart, I’m being honest. It’s
nlficantly fewer people available sites like AuntMinnie.com, a site the exemptions: part of the dues structure for ,
than the number needed to fill the for radiologic medicine, and 'Colleges and universities. KPA. I can just hear the caller 4
open jobs. Barring an economic col- PizzaMarketplace.com, which offer Even with two daughters, never thinking, “Why in the *#&*(*#$ }
lapse, the number of employment- employment advertising. once did my phone ring trying to does this guy get four copies of
age individuals will be lower than See RECRUITMENT, page 11 £615 111: 1:8 send either or both to my newspaper?” .-
__—_—_____—_____________ 0 “n - See SCAM, page 11
' the Readership 1
Convention Institute, John ° :
. 00 mg or an
. Lavine holds l '
Continued from page 1 appointments as w J
look at future computers. Viers has a professor 0f ?
visited with computer designers media manage- e I I I 0 Ce '
around the world to see what they ment and strate- LAV'NE ° ,
have for computers in the immedi- gy m the Kellogg .