Masters’ degrees will be charged a fee of $20.00, and for the doctorate $25.00.
vho This is in addition to the deposit of $50.00 referred to on p. 160. These fees
mal will cover the items listed above, with the exception of The Kentuckian, and in
des addition the candidate will be presented with the hood. Graduation fees are
thc payable not later than the fourth day preceding the commencement.
1 is Late Registrations. Students entering the University after the regular regis-
{,00 tration periods will be charged an additional fee of $3.00 for the Hrst day, $4.00
ade for the second day, and $5.00 for any day thereafter. No exceptions to this
charge will be granted.
Special examination. A fee of $2.00 will be charged for a special examina-
tion in a single course.
1 3 Special Fees
ig; Special fees for certain courses and activities will be charged, as follows:
Applied Music:
$25.00 per semester for one course for 1 credit (or non-credit)
50.00 per semester for one course for 2 credits (or non-credit)
= 50.00 for 2 or more courses (credit or non—credit)
5.25 per semester for each half-hour lesson per week for each student
_ in Applied Music who is not regularly enrolled in the University.
. This is in addition to the usual charge for individual lessons.
A breakage deposit of $8.00 is charged students enrolling in any course in
Engineering Activities:
° $1.50 per semester and $1.00 per summer session, charged all students
enrolling in the College of Engineering.
Engineering Co-operative Fee:
$5.00 per semester registration fee, applicable to students working oif cam-
.15 per week for books obtained from English rental library for English
101 (la), 102 (lb), 105 and 106 (lbr)
= $2.50 voice recording fee for students in English 181 (6) or English
288 (38)
.. Geology:
$50.00 per course for summer field work in Geology 120, 121 (23a,b),
/ and 524, 525 (118a,b)’°
5.00 per course for field work in Geology 220 (10a), 112, 113 (14a,b),
and 520-523 (108a-d)
2.50 for Held work in Geology 221 (10b)
.75 per course for Held work in Geology 104, 105 (50a,b), 100 (3),
and 200 (12a)
Physical Education:
$ 2.00 per semester for locker fee for Activity Course
28.00 per semester for horseback riding
4.00 per semester for locker fee for swimming
' 85.00 per inter-session for P.E. 281 (81)°°
n ° Camp expenses not included.
°° Includes room and board at Camp Robinson.