nt The Air Science Department offers two programs leading to a Bachelor of
lt' Arts or Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Air Science. In addition to
38 general admission requirements, candidates must possess to a high degree the
` intellectual, physical and moral attributes desired in an officer of the armed
Z- services.
gh Uniform Equipment. Government uniforms and equipment are furnished
;s- the University for issue to students in the basic course without cost to the
;y_ individual. Each student is required to make a deposit of $10.00 with the Busi-
ness Oflice of the University to cover. the cost of any lost or damaged articles.
If nothing is lost or damaged, the entire sum is refunded to the student when
he completes the course or leaves school.
Students formally enrolled in AS III, The Advanced Course, will receive
in an Air Force uniform, under the commutation of uniform allowances system.
€_ This uniform is tailored to individual measurements. Students successfully
llt completing the advanced course, Air Force ROTC, upon commissioning, will
be permitted to retain these uniforms as personal property.
Subsistence. Advanced course, AFROTC enrollees receive an allowance
of 90 cents a day for subsistence in lieu of rations.
Basic Course. The Department of Air Science offers a two year basic
course. The basic course is required of all male freshmen and sophomores
lc who are citizens of the United States, over 14 years of age, and who con-
ns form to the physical requirements as prescribed by the Department of Air
Force for units of the Air Force Reserve OHicers’ Training Corps. (The basic
_ course may also be taken in Military Science.)
E; Advanced Course. The elective and competitive advanced course of two
Irs years, including attendance at one Summer Training Unit for all students and
js the Flight Training Program for qualified personnel is offered to students who
_H have been recommended by the President of the University and the Professor
' of Air Science for further training. Recommendations for this course will be
limited to those students who have manifested special interest and demonstrated
Ht ability during the bisic course, and who desire to pursue the course to
al completion, with a view to qualifying for a commission in the Air Force Reserve.
in Reserve oHicers on active duty in the Air Force may compete for com-
missions in the Regular Air Force. Those who desire pilot or other technical
28 training are permitted to train in grade as officers rather than as cadets.
The courses offered by the Department are prepared with the purpose of
er, making them of educational value and at the same time, providing a prelimi-
or nary training in the theoretical aspects for those students who plan to study
>d for advanced degrees in Anatomy, Physiology, or related subjects.
Ii- Premedical students who intend to obtain their degrees from the College
of Arts and Sciences before entering a medical school and who choose Anatomy
le and Physiology as their major will have met all the requirements and recom-
to mended courses of study for all medical schools.
cir Students of Anthropology, Art, Agriculture (Animal Husbandry, Animal
d. Pathology, Genetics, Home Economics), Education, and Sociology will find
ic advanced courses that will be of practical value to them.