John Milton FOSTER, B.M.E. Richmond, Ky.
Alpha Tau  )mega.
(I.)   Captain Class Football Team.
(II.)   Band.  S. U. A. A.
(III.)   S.U. A. A.
(IV.)   Mandolin Club. Tau Beta Kake
"Nob Nob
uly's business, nobody's business,
hIv'.s business bui his own."
"Jabus Stuby" is one of the 1010 stragglers. His short stature and sunny disposition make him a general favorite of the  'lass. He is a charter-member of the Tape Worm Organization and frequently joins in with them on a serenade:
lull since he was accidentally (?) scalded one night al "Pal Hall." he lias made liis visits far and wide between, lie has a mania for red lanterns, and lias quite a large collection of them,   ".lolinv" ought to make il successful engineer, as lie
has spent several years iii preparation.
I'm i. Francis, B.E.M. J el i co, Tcnn.
(I.)   Class Baseball.  S. U. A. A.  K. S. U. Orchestra. Band. (II.)   Baud.   S.U. A. A.
(III.)   GleeClub. German Club. Hand. K.M.S. (IV.)      Manager Varsity Track Team. Glee Club.  Band. S. I . A. A.
"Blow, winds. Mow, set the bluff words flying."
Paul Francis, whose most familiar appellation is that of father, upon arriving at the Inivcrsity was first seized by Professor Walter K.. and as a result was put into the prep, hut on account of throwing shot was let out after the required number of years. His favorite pastime for the last three years has been that of heart-smashing, in which he is very pro-ficient, having succeeded in completely demolishing one. tic is (plitea cornelist and singer, and enjoys telling "Mac" Cleveland his stunts performed before the Virtuoso Club of Boston, when Mac is working out an intricate formula in steam engine.
Walter Harn. B.C.E. Lexington, Ky.
(I.)   B. C. E. S.
(IV.)   Editor-in-Chief Transit.
" Bluff, bluff, nothing but bluff."
Waller blew into the prep some six or seven years ago from some unknown source, and at once succeeded in gelling his bluff in on "She Pat." Don't believe in studying or going to class more than once a week. Has the bluff on every professor in the t'nivcrsity. but he had to make a special
trip fr.....     Canada to get out of Physics. He delights in talking
of himself and can tell many interesting stories of the exploits of Mr. Harn. Has a very serious effeminate weakness and has been engaged so many times he can't recall them all. 'I'o sum up. he is a pretty good fellow with the proper mixture of bluff and ability to make good. His favorite stunt is { wear a new ring each day. " Every little jewel has a meaning all its own: Every new engagement by a new ring can lie shown."
txs M*t