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Ziegler Suspended Indefinitely
Jenkins, Lock Play Well n Blue-White Scrimmage
It was show-and-tell time for Kentucky's big men last Saturday night at Rupp Arena as they took the court for their first organized scrimmage without felled forward Winston Bennett.
With Bennett out for the year following major knee surgery, it's up to the 'Cats inside quartet of Cedric Jenkins. Rob Lock. Richard Madison and Irv Thomas to step up to the front of the class.
After the conclusion of the first Blue-White public class meeting, UK basketball professor Eddie Sutton passed out a mixed grade card.
"It was alright," Sutton said. "We haven't scrimmaged (before tonight), so that's what people have to understand. 1 think we were enlightened tonight as much as the fans and the media."
Sutton said the big men played well in spots, but were plagued by inconsistency.
"There were some bright spots." Sutton said. "I thought the big guys, at times, played well. I thought Rob and Cedric at times played really well, and that's very encouraging because we will have great backcourt play. But we need some help up front.
"I think the thing our coaching staff is looking for is a little more consistency. But we're playing hard, and that's always a good sign."
Jenkins converted seven of 12 field goal attempts to lead the Blue team in scoring and grabbed six rebounds, but he was just four of nine from the free throw line. *e.
Madison led the Blue squad in rebounding with 10, but passed up several shots and scored only seven points for the game.
Thomas hit five of 11 from the floor and finished with 10 points and six boards, but Sutton said he had been doing better in practice.
Lock, who played all 40 minutes for the White team, connected on nine of 18 shots from the field, and had game honors with 19 points and 20 rebounds. But the stat sheet showed that the 6-foot-ll junior also committed eight fouls.
"I liked Rob's 19 points and 20 rebounds," Sutton said, "but I didn't like his 12 fouls. I liked a lot of the things Rob did tonight. He's improved immensely from last year. He's gotten stronger and he's a lot better basketball player."
After falling behind 6-0, the White team claimed its first lead of the game at 9-8 when freshman Rex Chapman fed Lock for a layup with 15:00 remaining in the first half. And when Lock hit a four-foot turnaround later in the period, again on an assist from Chapman, the White team had enjoyed its biggest advantage of the game at 25-13.
But Jenkins and Paul Andrews scored four points apiece and Madison chipped in with three to cut the lead to 31-28 at the half.
The Blue team went on a 9-0 run to start the second half to take control of the game. James Blackmon hit a 14-foot jumper to stretch the lead to 10 with 11:08 remaining, and they held on to claim the win.
Jenkins had 18 points to lead the Blue team and Blackmon had 16 points, including a two for five performance from beyond the three-point line. Derrick Miller and Andrews finished with eight points each.
Lock led the White team with 19 points and 20 rebounds. Ed Davender and Thomas also had double figures with 16 and 10. point!?, *
respectively. Chapman had eight points.
Neither team shot particularly well from the field. The winning Blue squad hit 24 of 51 attempts for 47.1 percent, and the White team shot 23 of 55 for 41.8. The results from the free throw line were even worsethe Whites shot 46.2 percent from the stripe and the Blues hit just 43.8.
From three-point range, the two teams connected on just three of 16 shots.
"We haven't even talked about the three-point shot yet," Sutton said. "At the end of the game (with the White team trailing), we told them to shoot from there. We've talked to coaches who have used the three-point shot before, and they tell us just to play the game the way you would if you didn't have the shot."
A two-hour practice session early Saturday morning probably had something to do with the poor shooting.
"I thought we got fatigued in the second
Irv Thomas
half," Sutton said. "We probably shouldn't have practiced them two hours except we felt like we needed it."
Junior forward Todd Ziegler has been suspended from the Wildcat basketball squad as a result of shoplifting charges placed against him in Lexington Friday Oct. 30, UK coach Eddie Sutton said.
Ziegler was arrested outside of Sears, Roebuck & Co., for allegedly taking a battery recharger for an electric razor without paying for it.
Sutton said the suspension will be in effect, "until the matter is resolve judicially.
"We are not placing ourselves in a position of judgement," Sutton said. "That's for the court to decide. However, he is a part of our basketball family and I am treating him like I would my own son. He has my support and when the matter is resolved, we will take whatever disiplinary action we feel is appropriate if that is warrented."
With Bennett looking on from the bench with the injured knee, and Ziegler suspended from the squad, Sutton was forced to go with two walk-ons during the scrimmage. Stephen Bruce of Versailles and Terry Shigg of Rapid City. S.D., both played for the White leaWbitffaUted.r.0 sC^eV- " iv,' .v.y.v
[Continued From Page 24]
did, or we took 'em for granted in the second half. Their team was playing hard and we couldn't take 'em for granted. When they started moving the ball it really surprised us.
(About UK's effort)
Reese: I feel everybody played hard. We might have made a few mental mistakes. I feel like I made a few myself. Everybody worked hard and that's the key to turning everything around. In the first half we made a lot of mistakes but we kept on fighting and fighting and they really didn't hurt us. But when we made a slight mistake in the second half they captialized off of it. You can't go all day and make mistakes. If you're a good team you're going to captialize off of it sooner or later. That's what they did in the second half.
(About what he was thinking before and after the winning Virginia Tech field goal)
Reese: I didn't think he would make it. When it went through, it was like sticking a knife in your heart. It hurt as bad as anything could ever hurt.
Mark Higgs
(About the new plays in UK's offense)
Higgs: We watched their film (Tech's) against Temple. Temple ran (the shovel pass to a back for) like a 70-yard touchdown on Virginia Tech. So, it worked pretty good for us, too.
(About Kentucky and its running game)
Higgs: We basically are a running team, (at least) we used to be until we get behind and have to pass, I guess.
(About UK being better than its opponent on this day)
Higgs: I think we were, I think we were a lot better because we were dominating the game. Our offensive line was blowing their team off (the ball). The holes were wide open.
Bill Ransdell
(About this loss)
Ransdell: If this (loss) doesn't hurt then people are in the wrong place. Yeah, it's tough. We didn't put the ball in the end zone early and that just ended up being the difference in the game. It wasn't Joe's (Worley) fault or the defense's fault. We just didn't get the ball in the end zone early. There's no excuse for that.
(About some new wrinkles in the offense)
Ransdell: We did a few different things and they worked out. Everybody executed on them pretty well. I just wish we could have scored a couple of more times earlier.
(About being in good physical shape)
Ransdell: I felt fine; I have felt fine all year. There are no excuses. It's just execution, that's the bottom line. If everybody would do their assignment, that's all we have to do. (About the feeling at halftime) Ransdell: There wasn't any doubt on nobody's mind. There wasn't any (doubt) on my mind, I'll tell you that. There's was no doubt that we were in this game all the way till the end. I didn't think he would even make the field goal. I thought he would miss it. \That's-rioti^\rbleep>, W        ;'-','rV.I Hard Times Are Knocking
Never let it be said we don't "tell it like it is."
Fact is, these are not the best of times around the Kentucky football and basketball teams.
Kentucky's last second 17-15 loss to Virginia Tech put a crushing blow to the Wildcats' chances of a winning season during a fall many expected to bring a post season bowl berth.
And in the early going, basketball hasn't fared much better.
First things first.
Jerry Claiborne's most heartbreaking loss of his coaching career at Kentucky had to be the setback in Blacksburg Saturday. The loss ran the UK losing streak to four games and puts the Cats in a position of having to pull off a miracle to finish above .500 for the season.
Kentucky played well, but just well enough to get beat.
Bill Ransdell enjoyed his finest passing afternoon of the season, but still stood on the short end of the score when the final second ticked off the clock.
Mark Higgs showed signs of exhibiting the talent his name has been noted for, but he was still a loser after 60 minutes of action.
Clearly outplayed on the field and in practically all the statistical columns, Virginia Tech still battled back and won the contest.
It's been that kind of a season for both teams. Tech is playing like a team of destiny, enjoying all the breaks in Bill Dooley's last season while being tossed out by the Tech higher-ups. It looks like Dooley will go out on a winning note and a Peach Bowl trip.
Kentucky appears headed in the other direction.
What many predicted would be a 7-4 or better season has developed into a nightmare. A win over Tech and UK could have salvaged anywhere from a 5-5-1 season to perhaps a 6-4-1 or even 7-3-1 if the Cats could have performed a miracle.
With Vanderbilt coming to town Saturday, the Cats ought to win their fourth contest of the season. After that, it'll be tough sledding.
Some believed Florida could be upset in Lexington but that was before the Gators exploded against Auburn last week. Tennessee has been just the opposite of last year's Sugar Bowl club, but the Cats will be underdogs in the season finale at, Knoxville.
The oddsmakers now say UK will finish 4-6-1 on the season which would be one-half game worse off than last season's 5-6. That's bad when you consider that this was a veteran team with a fifth-year quarterback.
There have been some injuries, but not the magnitude which could justify the current won-loss record.
Just a couple years ago, everyone (including coaches) were pointing to 1986 as the season that Kentucky would truly be a very fine football team.
Even legendary voice of the Wildcats Cawood Ledford has often said that the true
gauge of a coach comes during a coach's fifth year at a school, a time when a new program has recruited all its players.
This is not to write off this particular team oi this era.
True, the future isn't especially bright considering the recent four-game streak. But with a break or two here or there, things may have been different. Of course, some times it sounds like a broken record. How many times were the Cats just a minute away from victory under Fran Curci.
Vanderbilt comes to town with a 1-7 record, having lost to previously winless Memphis State last Saturday. A loss to Vandy Saturday would just about wipe out any hopes for a solid football future at Kentucky. Jerry Claiborne and his Wildcats won't allow that to happen.
Vanderbilt, it could be argued, is in a worse position. But one must point out that Mack Brown is still in his first year and hasn't had time to decorate his surroundings, much less recruit a complete team.
For Claiborne and his staff to keep their heads above the water and eye a bright future, the Cats must win two of their three final games. A solid win over Vandy and an upset victory over either Florida or Tennessee would give the Cats the upbeat to move on to bigger and better times. Anything less and you would have to wonder the more times change, the more things stay the same.
Can you believe Kentucky and Vanderbilt on national television this Saturday?
Yep, WTBS-TV in Atlanta will televise the game over the SuperStation beginning at 12 noon. The game will actually kick-off around 12:30 p.m. The game was originally scheduled for 1:30 p.m.
According to reports, WTBS was limited in which teams it could show. Alabama and LSU are set for ESPN at 7:45 p.m. while ABC-TV has picked Auburn and Cincinnati for a regional game at 3:30 p.m.
The Georgia-Florida game can not be televised because Florida is still under a television ban. That left WTBS with only the Kentucky-Vanderbilt game and the Tennessee-Memphis State show.
According to one reliable source, WTBS officials felt obligated to put Kentucky on because the Wildcats haven't been on this fall yet.
WTBS is contractually committed to put each SEC team on television at least once a season. However, WTBS' committment to UK was fulfilled when WTBS offered to televise both the UK-LSU game and the UK-Georgia contest. UK refused to move either game from night to day because of Keeneland racing.
You can bet WTBS get a lot of complaints over this one.
Col. Harvey Schiller, the newly appointed commissioner of the Southeastern Con ference, will make his first official visit to
UK this weekend and will attend the Kentucky-Vanderbilt football game.
Col. Schiller was named to the post after the retirement of Dr. Boyd McWhorter earlier this year.
He's wasted little time in making his presence known around the nation's col-legeiate circles. Already, he has been a key figure in negotiations for a new SEC football television package which could bring the SEC more than $40 million in revenue over a four-year period.
Schiller came to the SEC from the Air Force Academy where he was chairman of athletics at the time. He played a major role in the successful 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.
He is known as one of the most highly respected people in college athletics today. In fact, there are some who believe his stint with the SEC is only a stepping stone to the top job with the NCAA in Shawnee Mission, Kan.
While the Kentucky basketball team was reeling from the loss of AI1-SEC candidate Wintson Bennett for the season due to a knee injury, Eddie Sutton's program took another tough blow with the news that junior reserve Todd Ziegler had been charged with shoplifting from a Lexington retail store.
The case is expected to go to court sometime this week in Lexington.
A UK sports program which has suffered in recent years has been baseball, but coach Keith Madison hopes to change his program's direction in the near future by going to night baseball.
In fact, UK athletics director Cliff Hagan has announced a fund drive to install lights at Shively Field. The $175,000 project will be funded by private donations which will be matched by the UK Athletics Association.
"Collegiate baseball is growing rapidly in popularity throughout the country and here in the Southeastern Conference," said Madison. "Until recently, only two conference schools had no plans to install lights before 1987Vanderbilt and Kentucky. I am happy that Kentucky is no longer a part of that statistic.
"Without lights, we have had to schedule afternoon games, which conflict with the class schedules of our players and student fans, as well as being an inconvenient time for our faps who work in Lexington and the surrounding area. We have had to compete in night games on the road with the tremendous disadvantage of not being able to prac tice at home under the lights."
Hagan says the project has been in the plan ning stages for several years and he believes "the ability to play night games will allow us to generate bigger crowds and to host television games, which are both important for the continued growth of our baseball program here at UK."
Madison's program must raise $87,500 in private funds to be matched by a similar amount by the UKAA. Anyone interested in making a donation to the baseball program can do so by sending a check payable to UK athletics. Baseball Fund-Raising Drive, UK Athletics Association. Memorial Coliseum, Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0019.
FIRST AND TENS ... You can bet the
Kentucky Wildcats won't be welcomed in Knoxville when the Cats do battle with the Tennessee Vols two weeks from today. Knox->ille News-Sentinel sports columnist Jimmy Hyams, in a column after the Kentucky-LSU battle a few weeks ago, stirred up the coals by saying that LSU players were seething after the Tigers' win over UK. Said Hyams, "that's because eight Tigers were helped off the field by trainers in the first half." Hyams quoted LSU noseguard Henry Thomas as saying, "Kentucky is a bunch of sorry, cheap-shot SOBs. Where did they lean to play? The wrestling ring? The coach who coaches their cheap shots ought to have his license revoked. He should be shot." Hyams went on to say that LSU Coach Bill Arnsparger told his players, "point a finger at the scoreboard and walk away." Hyams said LSU wasn't alone in pointing fingers, quoting UK's Vic Adams as saying, "They (LSU) tried to intimidate us right away. At the bottom of piles there was a lot of scratching and biting and trying to poke your eyes. It happens every game, but nothing like that." . . . Reports out of New York last week quoted ABC-TV officials as being very impressed with former UK coach Joe B. Hall in his taped audition a few months ago. One SEC official said he was told that Hall surprised even his most ardent critics with his announcing style. An ABC spokesman said his network is very happy with landing Hall now because it feels he has a bright future in the business . -.- . Last week, Louisville coach Denny Crum was quoted in The Sporting News about midnight practices such as the highly successful UK Cats' Night Out. Said Crum, "I don't believe in all that hoopla. I want my kids to be fresh and able to go to class at 8 o'clock. I'm not trying to be critical. I just don't think it's in the students' best interest." Humm. Perhaps the key phrase is "all that hoopla". If 12,000 Cardinal fans would show up for a midnight UL practice, I bet Denny would have a change of heart. . . Guess what, we've found a subject that Denny and Eddie Sutton agree on. From that same issue of TSN, we go to the issue of coaches income. First Sutton says, "A coach's first responsibility is to his family. There has never been a time when coaches have had as much pressure on them as now. Whatever we're paid isn't enough." Now, let's turn to Denny. Crum said, "that (proposed NCAA legislation to control coaches' income) is not fair. This country is founded on the free-enterprise system. All colleges have professors who serve as consultants. If they take money from coaches, they should also take money from professors. I don't think that's going to happen." 4
J&oerri/ye/*- c?, /pc?fr
Bennett's Injury May Influence Future Recruiting
|'Cats Now Have One Less Scholarship To Give
Winston Bennett's knee injury certainly has changed Kentucky's plans for the 1986-87 basketball season.
But the injury that will sideline Bennett this campaign will also have an impact on the 1987-88 season because Kentucky now has one less scholarship to offer.
"We wanted to do whatever was best for Winston," said James Dickey, UK assistant basketball coach. "It does mean we will have one less scholarship to offer because Winston will be redshirted and return next year.
"We won't have to withdraw any scholarship offers, though. We've only offered one scholarship to LeRon (Ellis) and have not committed to any other player."
Kentucky could face an interesting problem during the early signing period
	*		Larry Vaught Cats' Pause Columnist	
Nov. 12-18. Coach Eddie Sutton and staff could have more players wanting to wear the blue and white than they have scholarships to offer.
Counting Bennett, UK will have nine players returning for the 1987-88 season. That leaves six scholarships, more than most schools could fill in one season. ...     ^............ _____....
But Ellis, the 6-10 prep star from California, has already announced he'll accept UK's scholarship. And Kentucky is holding a spot for Reggie Hanson of Pulaski County, who signed last year but failed to meet the NCAA minimum requirement on his college test scores. He's currently enrolled at UK and if his grades are okay will join the team next season.
Throw in 6-10 Mike Scott as another signee. He left Wake Forest last December and is attending a junior college in Lexington. He will sign with UK as soon as he completed his required academic work.
That leaves only three scholarships for Sutton. And look at the potential candidates:
 Sean Sutton  The UK coach's son is rated among the nation's top point guards.
 John Pittman  The 7-0 Texas high school star could be the nation's best pure prep center.
 Sean Higgins  The 6-8 Los Angeles standout has UK among his final choices.
 Eric Manuel  The 6-6 Macon, Ga., guard is considered the nation's best prep backcourt player and he's interested in UK.
 Jerome Harmon  A talented 6-4 star from Gary, Ind., he also has UK among his final choices.
 John Pelphrey  The 6-7 Paintsville star likes Kentucky and is a smooth performer.
 Deron Feldhaus  The 6-6 Feldhaus is a rugged inside player at Mason County.
Maybe Coach Sutton could help the situation by having his son walk on at Kentucky. It would be a great public relations move, would ease the pressure of having his son play at UK and would give Kentucky a quality player without having to use a scholarship.
Kentucky's problem, however, is one most schools would love to have.
"It's a nice problem if you have more players wanting to sign than what you have scholarships to take," said Dickey. "What we have to do is just keep recruiting hard and then cross that bridge if and when we come to it.
"Any program in the country goes after more top players than just the number of scholarships it has available. That's the only way you can be sure of filling your quota with quality players.
"You have to make some tough recruiting decisions every year no matter how many scholarships you have. But I'd rather be in the position we are this year than having to scramble around to find players."
Dickey knows some rival recruiters might use Bennett's injury to try and discourage a high school forward from signing with Kentucky. "I'm sure some people will point out Winston's injury and return," said Dickey. "We just try to sell our program. We try to present a positive package and then let the young man make up his mind."
And Dickey wouldn't be surprised if UK fills all its available scholarships during the early signing period.
"We always like to do our recruiting in the fall," said Dickey. "That way you can concentrate on your team and start watching the top junior high
school players.
"We were hopeful all summer that we would close out our recruiting in the fall and we still feel the same way."
'Cats Still Pretenders, Not Contenders, In SEC Race
THREE STRAIGHT losses to Southeastern Conference foes proved once again that Kentucky is not ready to challenge for the top spot in the conference. But the Wildcats still believe they can compete in the SEC despite this year's losses to Mississippi, LSU and Georgia.
"There are no doubts in my mind that we are good enough to compete with SEC teams," said defensive back Tony Mayes. "We just haven't played very damn good football this year against SEC teams.
"I felt our game against Georgia was a must game. It was an opportunity for us to beat a good team and have a chance to go to a nice bowl.
"It just seems like every year we go into LSU and Georgia with a good record. Then we play LSU tough and lose and come back and lose to Georgia. We just can't make enough big plays to enable us to win those two damn games."
Has 'Dollar Bill' Been Devaluated?
IS SOMETHING wrong with UK senior quarterback Bill Ransdell? He just doesn't seem to have the same zip on his passes and the confidence he had in 1984 and 1985 seems to have disappeared.
Coach Jerry Claiborne insists nothing is physically wrong with Ransdell. Instead, he feels his star quarterback has thrown some bad passes but also notes that Ransdell's protection has not been terrific all season.
UK's Struggling Quarterback, Bill Ransdell
Still, Ransdell is not the same quarterback who opened the the 1985 campaign with three straight 300-yard passing games.
"I think the pressure of all the passing records and being team captain has hurt Bill," said one Wildcat. "He's doing okay but he's not doing the things he did last year.
"Maybe it's not all his fault. Maybe his receivers aren't getting open or maybe he doesn't have time to throw."
But wide receiver Eric Pitts isn't ready to abandon his quarterback, though. He said, "I still have 100 percent confidence in Bill Ransdell. I know his capability. He's a winner and he's our leader. He'll come back and play top-notch football."
Claiborne won't give up on Ransdell, either. Expect him to stick with his senior leader no matter what happens. Ransdell has made some big plays, played in pain and did his best to make UK a winner. Claiborne won't turn his back on that now that Ransdell is struggling. Three Years Ago
*Playing what has been their poorest game to date, the Kentucky Wildcat football team scrambled to tie the Cincinnati Bearcats 13-13 at Commonwealth Stadium.
Kentucky could not get its offense going the entire game. After two interceptions early in the game, coach Jerry Claiborne inserted backup quarterback Bill Ransdell, who did a good job. But his passing stats of 10 for 23 were deceiving, when you consider that time after time Wildcat receivers dropped cat-chable tosses.
The 'Cats got off to a bad start. On their first possession from their own one-yard line, tailback Lawrence "Choo Choo" Lee was pinned in the end zone for a safety. After a field goal, the Bearcats led 5-0 at the end of the first quarter.
In the second period, Randy Jenkins threw his second interception of the ballgame, which was returned 53 yards, giving Cincin-
nati a 13-0 advantage.
Enter Ransdell. The Elizabethtown native promptly marched UK 63 yards for its first score, cutting the margin to 13-7 at the half.
In the second half. Kentucky started a long offensive drive late in the third quarter. The drive was capped off in the final stanza with a three-yard TD plunge by George Adams. Unfortunately, kicker Chris Caudell missed the extra point attempt, and the scoring was over.
Adams led UK with 93 yards rushing, but had two fumbles on the day. Ransdell threw for 125 yards.
The 'Cats face Vanderbilt next week in Nashville.
Seven Years Ago
*In a wild and sloppy game, UK defeated Bowling Green 20-14 at Commonwealth Stadium for the 'Cats' third win against five losses. This game was definitely not one for
Wildcat Quiz
1. Yes or No? Does UK own a series advantage over Vanderbilt in football?
2. True or False? UK coach Jerry Claiborne
has a winning percentage of .500 against Vandy since his arrival at his alma mater in 1982?
3. When was the last time UK lost to Vandy in Commonwealth Stadium?
a) 1885
b) 1983
c) 1982
d) 1980
4. Fill in the blank. Vandy coach Watson
Brown is in his_ season as the head
coach of the Commodores.
a) first
b) second
c) third
d) fourth
5. True or False? Vandy has never won an SEC championship.
6. What former UK defensive player holds the school record for the most interception return yardage for a career?
a) Jerry Claiborne
b) Paul Calhoun
c) Darryl Bishop
d) Andy Molls
7. What former UK running back holds the Wildcat record for the most kickoff returns in one game?
8. What ex-Wildcat set the school mark for the longest punt in a game?
a) Ralph Kercheval
b) Dave Hardt
c) Randy Jenkins
d) Paul Calhoun
9. What Wildcat defensive player has made the most tackles in a single game?
a) Chris Chenault
b) Larry Smith
c) Jerry Reece
d) Jeff Kremer
10. Who was the first Wildcat to be named All-American in the decade of the 1960s?
a) Ray Correll .
b) Rodger Bird
c) Irv Goode
d) Rick Norton
a) Lawrence "Choo Choo"
b) Chris Jones
c) Marc Logan
d) George Adams
(1961) spooo aji oi
y sultry -si '61) 'tii'i'S '6 (861    spuDfi 08) unomvQ jnoj ? (P86I ".' 9) suivpy 3Sjoq z (spjvK g) doifsig i^uvrj g
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Z861 T w-U Z (I-6ZSZ) m T
the highlight film, as the two teams fumbled the ball 12 times and were whistled for 11 penalties. UK played a miserable first half, and trailed 7-6 at the break. On the second play of the second half, freshman tailback Pete Venable took a pitchout and raced 83 yards for the score. UK failed on the two-point conversion, but built on its lead minutes later when Larry Carter rambled 60 yards with a punt return to score. Chris Jones added the two-point conversion and UK led 20-7. Jones gained a career-high 134 yards on 21 carries, while quarterback Juan Portella was voted the Homecoming game MVP.
*Kyle Macy scored 20 points to lead the Blue team to an 85-67 win over the White squad in an intrasquad scrimmage before 12,300 fans at Freedom Hall on the eve before Halloween. Charles Hurt added 16 points for the Blue while LaVon Williams and Dirk Minniefield chipped in with 15 apiece. Fred Cowan scored 11.
Sam Bowie and Dwight Anderson led the White team with 15 each. Chuck Verderber and Derrick Hord were also in double digits with 12 and 10, respectively. Bowie pulled
down a game-high 14 rebounds.
Thirty-One Years Ago
*17th-ranked Kentucky was stunned Saturday by Vanderbilt, which pleased its Homecoming fans with a 34-0 whipping of the 'Cats. It was UK's worst defeat since a wartime 60-19 shellacking at Alabama almost 10 years ago. About the only bright spot for Kentucky was backup quarterback Kenny Robinson, who came in and hit four of seven passes. Starting quarterback Bob Hardy was injured while playing defense.
*Hard-running Bobby Walker, a junior fullback from Middlesboro and UK's second leading rusher, will miss the final two games of the season with severe knee injury. The injury list for this week's Florida game has reached 15.
*Kentucky quarterback Bob Hardy has passed Dick Young of Georgia as the S