xt78pk06xd1z https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt78pk06xd1z/data/mets.xml University of Kentucky. Libraries Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky Alumni Association 2007 journals  English University of Kentucky Alumni Association Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. Kentucky alumnus Kentucky Alumni, vol. 78, no. 2, Summer 2007 text images Kentucky Alumni, vol. 78, no. 2, Summer 2007 2007 2012 true xt78pk06xd1z section xt78pk06xd1z ` i` -4   #26 ,»··* .-*2 ·   _ .· ~ .
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 For over 30 yedrs Sdlomon 3. Co. hds provided clients with
innovdtive chdritdble estdte solutions. As Idws dnd mdrkets
chdnge, so hdve the opportunities to tdke ddvdntdge of the
tools for Iedving d Iegdcy to the institutions dnd orgdnizdtions
thdt medn the most to your fdmily.
Ivlost recently, we hdve introduced our clients to the Vt/edlth
Repldcement Trust dnd Gift Annuity Pluslm concepts. Edch is
designed to mdximize the opportunities thdt chdritdble giving
presents to the recipient, the donor dnd donor’s heirs.
For d confidentidl, no obligdtion consultdtion to review these,
dnd other pldnning techniques to dssist you dnd your loved
ones credte d Iegdcy thdt exceeds your dredms, pledse cdll us.
‘·   ¢ ~*3.,j=`5.
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=-.;-LQ?}  ` · Dwzyét D. EiyvnHawr·z;{_- .· A
  ¤.j_ "" .. 3-' I` "` 1
S¤Iomon&Co. ·· ' - · -' ‘ '
SALOMON &CO. -. .. . - .·"
800-928-112/859-266 `I · I I'- ,-1-+ . _, *·. . -
IegdcypIdn@sdIomon  .  m' L ! ' H., ‘ _
visit us C1TWWW.SC1IOl'T10l'1**m===*¤¤¤
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x·m.¤ys.··c¤..··c¤»¤..;—5aAG Aneuvnmnxyzwacxs N-VM"' MAGAIINE
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»....m.Mk~5m w........,L s.......»¤AG ......EK,MyAmm¤¤“°.m¤:m,¥?g¤m.
E||¤··F¤¤w¤¤·· D**·'¤"~-sl¤•¤`$B* m¤¤p»¤»¤¤·:¤s»•:¤a.•¤¤;•1»¤ uxmmmlmmar
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 0 P E Ill I Ill G
Relucauun, Gettmg Tugethar and Other Matters
Busu-les Connecuon (ABC Dlrectory) Thus works when you are on meauor-l,1oo And
gas (I wash I had Bel) gasses for you to get a really good look ) And,the das notes

 0ur patients are experiencing
higher surviwzi mites,
fewer complications, safer stays
and izregaing home mriiex
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sf I ’  
:Qfl.}¢l<- •   _
‘r. · ·* '
Being named a 100 Top Hospital
irjmt the icing an the mhz.
H¤g,,.,ihm ,.c¤ W ,,M,mm, S T me M, .,mc ne, M.,M.n,
mu. nammn,¤r.h.m.m·g]¤¤T¤,, T " °$ **-5 im,dmm.md,,m,d.,u...n.M.h
1—8UU—333r8874 ~ ukheaimcare uky edu

i~· Tuday ls a Day T0 Celebrate
} Caprtal Campargn Surpasses $1 Brllran
f wm, h[,E m Endoussucce   umve  
about mx months leh rn 2007, the tally was $1 02 bxlhon UK rs one of26 unwersltres
rn the U S engaged rn a fundrramng carnpangr of $1 brlhon or more
thank You to Vrce Pres1dentTerryMobley andA$o¤ateVroe Presldent for Development Mrke Rrehey
a.lun·lnn.45.000 nonralun-ln1.K.600 corporauons,2,200 organrzauons, and manyparents ofstudents and
been vntally xmportant to us rn support for rntelleetual property,not onoe,but three umes lt‘s helped us
ln doslng,l expres UK‘s heartfelt sympathytoVrrgnraTeeh (VT`) rn the wake ofthe hornflo shootr

 Your objectives:
Rollover 401K, set up personal trust, stay liquid.
.4 . .; ` V`;
y _ \ ..  . . +__A
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. _ j `»..  · _- .  ~Qg\“  .»Y°’l‘_j*  C hi       `
 ·  JA.   l fe l   .  l ·' -.  f·a».’¤ E-»-..  ·‘ '“”··` .‘
”  ` _,.. ·` *""" . · - . ’ ·-··‘ R.- ‘· »l     -. `Q" F  " "   
  e Jélr ·' , , .*1* V ’ {in-Q l- 4* *' ·-‘. ` ··'_r.y·' _   A ,¢·,,·.-*7} Q '.\
Pr}- •· rl .· [ J °' y·"    —x·¤_· *_;t`,5·4'.  U' ‘_ f} ig-! 
V _ *,5 N4 .· , * * . y  . .· . (      · .e. A. '•·. : *‘·.‘=;
,   .  ,` §l•·.»..,..g,. -—.·•..
- l Yi ~. **5 . .- ·  ¤ . ;.···» -.     »; 4 at s   ··»v ·=,· —· .— •·— .  
'_`;g• . y ‘   ____  .·‘ig ;__{   , Ll<··—.»~_v _-xr ‘.~   _ n _  
‘ . _ ·  . ·l» gg .   _.~ -4-· ~ v? ~2 y   *
‘ ” * ·,·, Fu  v' `  . 'Y Y · r Q1 ."L
  qv ' if - . .» ' '»¤· l i Y} li `
€"V.." '·i ‘·~·· »-'  ·‘ A <>   .
  . J'- · '= .·=¢v···¢»s»‘·•c.. - ·· ~· · K
   .'   e V , <
  y O -'A. . .- _ .;,*,?;_·. i · _ ·
 TZ. .· `° 'Qr "e·r-{5 `.`C· e - ' I " » l `
·   `-;%··.   sig; ‘ ·£":°’   · ‘ . ‘   » . ~
_ :_ , t" .e   l yl,-_ __"__· · T:   .` V ` 4*
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qi F" l "     U T;. _ ix   l   :?"-`ZV '· · r` _ _, "
` ’*i‘¢`*"» l"Z#·~. .*.~¥· - -   Fl.*·?·’5l}· ' . `“‘A T .
·‘ I lu- . ` ` ` .
*··· ‘r"‘¥1»  .. ·
Our Objectives: You've worked hard for your money l\/laybe you should consider
Ong and the Sam€_ putting a team of independent thinkers to work managing it for
you. Our financial advice is based on your needs and goals, not our
own. That's because we aren't required to push specific products
on our clients like many other brokers. We can give you unbiased
advice with the kind of attention to detail that goes way above
and beyond. That's the kind of independent thinking you can
expect from a Hilliard Lyons financial consultant. Because our
objectives are your objectives.
©Zllll7.l..l.B.HiI|iani,W.l.lynns,|nn. Member NnwVnrk Stuck Exchange and SIPC. NDTFDIDINSLIRED. May Insnvalun. Nu hankguarantnn.

 Campmgu Exceeds $1 B1.I.l10u
to exceed nts $1 bllllon campangr goal Currently
surpasstng$1,020,000,000,the campangr wnll contmue
UNIVEKSITY OF KENTUCKY trrrorer tree ertr orettr, eee eereereror ereere ror
Dream Challenge Succeed ereertreet or oreteroeherrt error ohrer oreteroeheht
omcer remarks,"Reachlng and surpasmg the
. $1 bllllon goal several months m advance ofthe
Wmter College 2007 eoheorrrreor error orthe oerheerer re etrrerrtetotrre
Ceveee Range ef Tevlee rrr .€t€ rrerteoeeere rt er S0.S rtorrerrrr erreeror
uraewrrrter eorreee retrrrrreor rrr eeerrrary to the ¤¤ the eeeelleme ef the ·¤e¤t··t·¤¤
Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club. featurlng an
rerrtrrrtee were ertrrrereeoe reort trre eeeetrrh Develepmeut Uuveds
oftoprcs covered rn the semrons, as well as the New Intel-active Web site
mer-rds Regardrnghrs expenence at UKW1nter "` t W L ·` · *5   V e ·
College 2007,attendee Alan Bloomfleld sand,“l can‘t UK *· x   _ t , ' ;`*'Zf%‘*‘l"i'*" ,
tell you when l have had anaore enjoyable day"   _ ' * " _. _ »· $$*;*:25
After an rnrtral welcome semron, attendees were e — V " e * "· ·‘"`
exeoutrve noe preerdent for heerth arrerre, dreerreerrrg  r wq—·ee d I-   $$ 1:
"UK HmlzhCa.re De;€m»1gzhzMedrmlCenzer of r__ *— tl     ; 
me Future" and an enllgatenrngpresentatron by ,.*;. _ ,  
Donald Mullrneaux, DuPont Endowed Charrrn e — ·**· » . _ _
eehrerrrg and nrrehaer sernoee and lrreetor ofthe ._ n    ··~  !   r
sohoo1o:Managernent,entrued "Mtmagragyow ; -—— ~— WT- ge: —- · ‘i·~,
dlummtlnz 1>¤eSe¤t¤t¤<>¤ eelled "Tdlke Uhm}? the Bequestevwould you ernrply mee to know nrore about
Hrgh Value ofDrplomaz»c D»aloguz"M1tch Bamhart. optrons {orgvrngto UK7 Whether you would lrke to
dlreeter ef UK Athletleer addressed attendees Wlth ereate a ehantable annurty or donate onlrne,the new
Thed/fwhe Md Tlltthe df €`¤ller@eAthlel·¤ cme of Development Web srte can help Wrth an
·’ pe ° €‘ encourage vrsrtorsto lean-r more about therr oppore
I Q j J r students who are maklng a drfference at UK "
" ,’ " b } t Y lf you have questlons about the development Web
e e Q ee ~ erteeortro Keetherreerereeerreoeherrrreretrr
' Y` -, or R59e257e1.3BA
{ `
· det aw

Background Buzz Many of the things we cherish most at first appear unrelated to health, education, or
_ _ _ _ economic development — clean air and water; fertile soil; views of secluded valleys
This series hlghhghts 23 and furrowed, timber-covered mountains; sights of rolling hills, board fences, and gal-
p1'0jeC1s aimed at s0lving loping Thoroughbreds, strong families and communities; our Kentucky heritage, and
the "Kentucky Uglies” access to culture. Ultimately, all connect, and UK researchers are committed to raising
by improving Kentncky’g Kentucky’s quality of life in all areas.
schools, business climate, UK historians are creating an extended, documented history of Kentucky, teaching ma-
· h I h terials and a book to raise the level of historical literacy from middle school social studies
envIr0nment, ea t _ _ _
care and lifeStyleS_ classes to the educated public. The documentary and related materials will demonstrate
. that Kentucky’s past is central to, and sheds light upon, the American experience.
Thesepr0_]ectsare A h H f K k . . I b . . 1 h lb
the “C0mm0nweahh ccess to t e ne arts or entuc y is important. t eg1ns in e ementary sc oo y
C ll b , ” exposing young children to the arts and encouraging them to make the arts part of
t 0 atl;)rtaUv;S’ a th their lives.
erm a p0 rays e
partnership binding .
UK’s researchers, K-12 Kentucky H mer y _ _ _ _
d t · d d t “Kentucky —An Amertcan St0ry," was written by Daniel Blake Smith in the UK Col-
Eegaz (glu] rggilzrgn lege of Arts and Sciences Department of History. He also is the executive-producer and
t P . d t’ . director of the project, as it unfolds into three one-hour programs aimed at increasing
en mpmneum In us ri€S’ Kentuckians’ historical literacy. The series will be broadcast on Kentucky Educational
l l t ffi l - - - - - -
Oca ggvemmsn 0 cla S Television and be supported by teacher-training workshops designed to help stimulate
ah;} Pnvijns cmsens whs:} student interest in history in general and Kentucky’s past in particular. The programs
Wl Participate lh — ah will be accompanied by a book published by the University Press of Kentucky, lavishly-
benefit fr0m — these illustrated with photos and stills from the film series as well as many other surprising
p1'0jeC1s. images from Kentucky’s rich past.
Th H , , The series, hosted and narrated by film star and Kentucky native Ashley Judd, will
E ve ma"} categones dramatize how Kentucky’s past, far from being an odd ‘stepchild’ of the American ex-
of c0l_lab0l'*mv€s are perience, in fact symbolizes much of the nation’s journey.
° €hVh'0hm€ht From its frontier origins to its global present, Kentucky offers a revealing window into
• health care a wide range of distinctly American issues. Offering a treasure-trove of unforgettable
• ec0n0mic deVel0pment people and transforming events, each episode will tell vivid Kentucky stories that are
• education indelibly linked with the nation at large.
• quality Of life The series is expected to be finished in time to air in the spring or fall of 2008.
Cultural Enhancement
The UK Opera Theatre/Lexington Opera Society Opera Outreach Program takes op-
era to K - 6 schools and communities across Kentucky, particularly Eastern Kentucky,
that may not otherwise have opportunities to experience it. Led by Everett McCorvey
of the UK College of Fine Arts, the program’s ultimate goal is to increase the impact of
the fine arts and art in general within the Commonwealth, providing improvements to
the quality of life across the state.
This opera education outreach program introduces children to operatic story-telling
by using beloved and popular children’s stories as a backdrop, making the audience
comfortable and at ease with this new learning experience. After weeks of rehearsal at
UK, the one-act opera performances with full costumes and sets tour school auditori-
ums and gyms throughout the state.
{ Weh)(tra
Fur details, visit wwmuky.

 New Supercomputer Study To Investigate Smoking Cessation Aid
Thrusts   If you are a daily smoker between the ages of IIS and A5 and in generally
good health, you might qualify to be part of a clinical tr1al that investigates
Into TOP Ranks the use of Modaflnil to help individuals stop smoking.
UK has a new IBM supereemputer Most cigarette smokers trying to quit often fail because of nicotine I
that places the university’s research cravings, increased appetite and weight gain, and problems with 1nattent1on.
capability among the top echelon for Previously, in a laboratory setting, smokers underwent multiple measures of
puhlie and private university research performance on tasks and feelings after not smoking for 24 hours. All smok-
eemputing_The state.ef.the.art IBM ers received Modaflnil and a placebo on different laboratory days.
System Cluster l35O can handle up te Researchers discovered that smokers
16.3 trillion calculations per second. had decreased cravings, huhg€T, and .
UK acquired the new nigaehine under a i1lppr0ve1gi;tIteg¤tj{>n1span on daygwhen ~ . ’- `
two-year lease totaling 2.6 million. t ey too 0 a m as compare to _ _
Research areas that will benefit laboratory days when they received [ ‘
from the new supercomputer include Ohly a placebo. This study suggests that . _ r.  
biochemistry, pharmacy, medicine, Modaflnil may help smokers quit. '_, ‘
meehanieal engineering, physics and A new study at UK will further inves- * __
astrenemy, and ethers_ Ag part gf a net. tigate Modaflnil. For more information,  
werl; gf research supereemputers, UK please call 859-257-9341 or 859-230-3220.
also will allow researchers from other
universities to use the new su ercom-
Pm in that Work P UK, MIT To Study Increased Use of
Aluminum in Cars and Fuel Efficiency
Toyota Gives Researchers at UK and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
S1   for Tech are joining together to study how the increased use of aluminum in automo-
biles could increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.
¤¤v¤*¤¤m¤¤¤ *¤5=·=¤=¤ ..?Q“$h2a;;$r£;2iii52;;i;2l€$$;‘§i.§3si;2rii?H;d$;12t5;2i;il*;§;P;;;;.
Toyota MQHH Englnwlng and it faces increasing challenges. It is of particular importance to Kentucky, a
kr/j_?§1\LjIiCtEr1Hg_N°rt1iA1??i?r1Ca Ing state that ranks fourth in the nation in automobile manufacturing.
%JK COll;g;z%1E°i1;?1€;EH;O;t§u;;Ort The grant was awarded to UK’s Sloan Center for a Sustainable Aluminum
_ Industry and MIT’s Materials System Laboratory. Also participating in the
B mw Insmutc Of Research for TCCh` research is the International Motor Vehicle Program at MIT, the Wharton
nology Dévcbpménf (HMTD) m the School at the University of Pennsylvania, the Aluminum Association in Ar-
Couégg The glft quallfms for matchmg lington,Va., and Secat Inc., a for-profit company located at the Coldstream
fundsrfron; gie gate s Research Chal- Rgsgamh Campus.
enge rus un .
The IR4TD will operate labs both
<>¤ Campus wd i¤ the fmmer Lew Arousal System Disturbances May
Building at the Coldstream Research P d- B · 0 f b d E ·
Campus. The labs will focus on laser ra ISPOSE ra"] to ut'0 ' 0 V xparlgncas
diagnostics, paint inspection, wet spray Having an out-of-body experience may seem far-fetched to some, but for
paint, computational fluid dynam- those with arousal system disturbances in their brains, it may not be so
ics simulation, conceptual design and far-fetched that they could sense they were outside their own body watching
nanomaterial synthesis. The facility themselves.
will include a prototype testing unit for Dr. Kevin Nelson and a research team at UK have studied the link between
automobile surface coating and other out-of-body experiences, the sleep-wake transition and near death experienc-
applications. es, and published their findings in the March 6 issue of the journal Neurology
The results show that some people’s brains already may be predisposed
rjnmpned frgm news repnns to these sorts of experiences. They found that an out-of-body experience is
about research at UK. statistically as likely to occur during a near death experience as it is to occur
I I during the transition between wakefulness and sleep. Nelson suggests that
F¤r mlm? |¤t}?Vmat|0¤ ab0Ut phenomena in the bra1n’s arousal system, which regulates different states of
Ifsfiamh lak'"9 Place at UK» consciousness including REM sleep and wakefulness, may be the cause for
WSH WWW·r€S€amh·UkV·€dU these types of out-of-body displays.

 HK B e at
Patrons Taste Food East Meets West at UK Llbrarles
From Aruund the world The Unlverslty of Kentucky Llbranes welcomed a delegatlon from
Wm dum Rvws of me? EM Engg of ln aweelc omamlng and lnrolmatlon excnange on tne uk campus cone
O W Mg I ch h ld m G d selvatlon tleavments lol llulaly collecuons, collectlon conclluon surveys,
Bxlfmsrz égmfstjggit gsggx [Emi? pleselvatlon managementnnclucllng cllsastel plannlng and recovery, and
pf QS ;f“;‘“ U SL { S;“d t“’" d Kazulco Haolu, a conselvatlon llulanan at UK, olganlzecl one lntele
Silly "m“’ “i“dY· if “ dm? S an nauonal excnange wun one llulanans Tne excnange program selves as
‘ B ¥’“ ‘° Sam? B Z"' "“"° B ‘°“°"°S aleamlngtool lol one Japanese llulaly on Amencan lesealcn llulanes
tne wcllclplepalecl nom leclpes uy ulcs P P
executlve chef Scott Kohn
so ccuntnes lnAnlca,Asla ancl l.aun l· " ‘ ",
Amerlcatotmngnandmadeltemstothe _ ( · 1 ‘  
lol a uettel quallty orllre l _ f
n \ I E
SBDC Granted Natlonal y l * _— §
Accredltatlon m ‘ J §
opment Center (KSBDC),headquare I · ,. S
lmd al lhé UK Gallon Collwzé of Elm, lell lu num, Evlku Amanu, vulnngtcn aclulls age so ancl cvel, ancl ctnees ln selected ccmmunle
dams mhuemed bymélmlm Baldndge tles acros Kentud eeeenwe oolnnnntee eoeenme 01Al-neneeeyexnple The Peet Lethehte Seleetwh Cehhe
oonneneed oeeonoole of ednoenon, eeeeeeon nentnnone, end eeoeeenonel hh¤ttee ttmhheted evthe Kehthekv
eeeoeenone lnet nete en enteeeet en eedeeel ednoenon eeeeeeon eonoy Atte Cehhel hee eeleeted tehe Gehtw
eeowneeneennno eeoene onen onne Leelnene endeeednng en ndne Vehte UK emfeeem ef Eheheh ee
oenon seeeel xnteeeet stone xt enooneegee end eeondee e eonnn foe the hew Peet letheete fm Kehthekv
eeeeeeon, evelnenon, end eonolenenee en ednoenonel leedeeenne eneee Vehte hee me theh tt vehee ef teh
Xenon end develoennent, end dee nneee oeeneeeenon on leedenenne ieee tehehhe eeeeehehte She elee ·e
Pmmm the authorofHPorLnz»zofzheArz¤za:
lz Whlze Plg, A YM ln Kentucky A
Cooperatnve Extensnon Program 1*®‘· the Mts Su11,1oy Bele Boone, ReonemTey1o¤,

 ...,-..·.~‘.. .!=?~ :1 l   l L_   '_1‘-:1-. _;» "  
1 l __ ___ . ,__; ;::{“2.;,:-_;;r_L_·   I   . ‘ I - -_ H- it I- I Et __ f >  
, .._.- ‘ r   ''`` 5- ,- --·.   `·‘·1`.§ `  J ig - -   ¤ _.·.¢     ·-
 —·=   _·¤_iij .     ,r:. ’ '.'  L.-.j--.2*3-_ ‘    Z _··- ..   ._ _ ‘ ’_.`       ·     .   _
_,  p- . -.· ~¢,»·_-·.·;.,.=.:._.   n; -   ,-,~ .  I ·¤,.·-  ~ ,, ·   ·;._   ~.f·_ _! .
z-**'~·     ··  é·’*·7»·>>" ‘  F I -..· -   .%···L. · ·   ·}' `    .··°-·?· -_,~     ..-. F   ‘‘‘’ T. ‘    
;. -`-·    `` ` § i¥*$=  ~ _ > ° ··   ‘·j-Ii? ·.+·t-'·!x.%E‘¤;  " £:€·*§"?`?¢?5i$’  r· . .   ;. *£`?1i·   "  
 .k;§_¥j’:§`f;’·1.,;____i_}  @1, ,    ;- · ·b_H.  r _   ‘  Q _ ,a E‘§;fj{f$§3L”""· - ·         gg - .>.;
    __ _ . ._ !-   In E  —;- _; _;:_  W ».|- i&';}}~ ·_%I._Ai’ ;I·1ir—`. T  _ _ _ H'; ·-_..·_-I!;_;g!;,_-_;;; _
 J.-f‘;;iF_¥fsi=&$9x;g· ~ · i*"'\¤:x;·:;·$~¤`-H.  g, —1*'.§  . `s¤;% ¤*"l;-  ’ · ·* `
       *.  - ' -. —. --2:   ‘T§?:‘·q·""¥3.»· ;· -M . .  <·. *;_;a-·‘·.+
.    -%;:5;  Jig?     l I I  {L   2:.     5;   __;  Ia`.: I
;L.;L;,_;.°    3:éE-gi"?   ·=`1`£·?»e_F‘;§·.¤·-"     jg . "
;“?i·'-  ,··.i·¥· ]2·3‘ ¥.'_. '·€· -12  ‘ -*4 · "T` .
,2-   il}- Elm -_,-_ . : gg; . -‘·I_ . ·, .
@25;    , .... V,. _  ~· .
. 2 —f '
5-. [ ·¢' .‘ ·-e-`
I   ` If .'.y . l
_ ‘$ \ ' . ‘H "
. V ( "‘   ‘ F
. · __ » bg - _
i > A a.-1_I ·— »~
. ` J6 ‘
E .
»   . · _
, , ··; W:] I ' -— ‘.·1"·’·"`5`» '. - § · .Y `
— ' I r  ·· ri'; ·'   1 7 `· ’ 'el '..· ' · J
·_ -  .¤ ’ ·   *·:.'£`·  :1}- Egfé. I   `»'·5·*- ·'_
X  » ri, " ·=>> »=r -  ·.    =’.,·?'>-·¤· ··‘· · Mgr? gm ‘-¤‘*·‘~' 
  ·==??·'"   ` ,   .·.';::!;4 `‘.·  sq · *7;*  
  _._·.. ' • i .‘ . |,#h_•;.,_   rg yfqg. ·¢
 5%*+: .. .     ·
{fz, ‘ '

l iz Cornish is part of a very rare subset of people who variety ef different eppreeehes te
learning" because she was “able to
tt ' ” take classes in a variety of subject
could compete equally well on The Apprentice or was and be Exposed to B Wide
" The Amazing Race ” should the notion of joining a reality {mite Of th°“$ht’ whafs the mm
asting educational experience of
TV Show ever arise Cornish’s UK career came outside
· the classroom when she encountered
adventure travel.
It was through a then newly-
_ _ formed UK outdoor group called
Cornish, half savvy businesswoman, half outdoor adventure Sage, Whtoh onoroo outdoor, oxtooo.
_ _ _ _ _ _ ed educational opportunities, that
€I1ll1l1S13Sl, 1S HS at l1OII1€ f3.C1l1l3l1I1g CO1'pO1'3.l€ l€3.Cl€I'Sl11p Cornish discovered her “real love."
“I took whitewater canoeing and
training seminars for Fortune 500 executives as she is B COUPE <>f<>thet PY°z‘§mmS that ¤b·
solutely changed my l1fe," she says.
· · · · “Once I ot introduced to outdoor
canoelng alone H1 the Arcuc CH'cl€' adventuri travel, that was it. I found
my passion."
After college, Cornish worked
for a short while as a professional
skier at Cyprus Gardens in Florida
(where her doubles stunts from her
one year on the UK cheerleading
Since earning her general studies McGraw-Hill. In it, Cornish offers squad came in handy, she says) and
degree from UK in 1975, the former success strategies from interviews then for several years as an instruc-
honors program student and UK with over 200 women executives tor with Outward Bound and other
cheerleader has literally trotted the who’ve managed to find ways to chip adventure companies.
globe hiking, kayaking, canoeing, through the glass ceiling on their By that time Cornish was already
rock climbing, and even dogsledding way to high-power leadership roles. an experienced canoer and kayaker,
her way through some of the Earth’s With a life like hers, who needs and companies were willing to train
most extreme environments. As reality TV? her in other adventure sports, like
CEO of her own consulting firm and rock climbing and caving, she says, in
a divorced mother of two children, G0illg f0l‘ EXtl‘€meS order to meet their growing demand
Carolyn, 15, and Kenneth, 12, she’s Before enrolling at UK in the for female instructors.
also honed her skills at navigating 1970s, Liz Cornish lived what she Since then, Cornish has tried it all:
the often tricky seas of being a work- describes as a “pretty traditional rafting the Mekong River in China
ing mom in the corporate world. life” in her native Lexington. Since and Omo River in Ethiopia, climb-
These days, Cornish also finds her- graduating, though, her life’s been ing Mt. Kilimanjaro, kayaking the
self crisscrossing the country sharing anything but traditional — and she Colorado River, mountain biking
the message of her leadership book, wouldn’t have it any other way. in Idaho, diving in Barbados and
“Hit the Gr0und Running:A Worn- While Cornish enjoyed the fact Belize, and even solo canoeing the
ans Guide I0 Success for the First that her general studies program at Artic Circle. And that just scratches
100 Days 0n the 10b, " published by UK allowed her to “see about a the surface.
N A weeklong dogsledding odyssey
E was one of her most difficult jour-
2 Top Three Things Every Good Leader Knows: neys, says Cornish, who took that
  i. They  do it   tee rjtth jeregf Ot term adven-
ii 2. 'I`hey`ve got to be able to make quick decisions on insufficient data. uga X;/@’€m%§LS€§O and WC WCW
3 3. They have to be able to listen for tl1e whole message. Sjccpjng in tarps and Cookjng OVCT
§ — Liz Cornish fires and things like that. That was

 ~ V T`?  ` “'.-;£-’ Zz%f£”  
, Je 2, .~ °'- ‘1·’-   tix? » _ :/’  
difficult," laughs Cornish. “It was . ' ·   V A ,. ~ -’ PQ;}      
hard to stay warm. My mom couldn’t ’   "’Z_   ‘ Q Q ,· ri I "  ¥"v , _  
believe it, because I always get cold _· ·   ~:.  * _‘· ll ` ry" 'Vin   .,_..
reall easil , and there I was in minus -··. , ·‘·‘; I', ` •   ‘ , ," , » V, ' A ·   "' {ji: 'J
20 dg/gree weather, hiking through ng`.; - 7- ll ° `   '  __1;,  
five feet of snow trying to find wood   LT`.-__· ` ·    
so we could have a fire .... It was g_zé£;`* if .. i ·.,QQj;f’:“{-.£1§@,Q
only a week, but it was a long week.”   Q '#—·— -; -,  
Her most extreme trips? That   1 B F 4 =-Qi f_Tf?"’;_i·¤;-
award oes to canoein 90 miles "`·""%?_??K A '_ ·.. I T  
above tghe Arctic Circleg and her  ;;.     , ' A };;,;.j;;]-kQ__??- _
30-day voyage on the Omo River,       `  ‘:` Q  
where she says she met isolated eth- ;¢-   be ` s -   I`, I
nic tribes and had to cautiously navi-   w Hifi ;_ xs _. ST , .  
gate through waters that were home     I     _ QL.};   _  -i " `Y?  1  
to very territorial hippos.   _   j   ‘ ·      §
,?;§$ér~`_  :~;_.;.i=>Y5 ‘·” _ _ . . ` ` §£%    `:"*"°  E
Business Challenges       5,     i _· ?`?:?`£?j*:-7*5 E
Professionally, Cornish has not   i-"Q , .- "` ··;.       j    V  * ‘ :__ _ §
shied away from challenges, either.   -      i if .‘       E
During her time as an instructor and 5*;* %]’.~__ ;,$$§   . A n ‘·,._ " _ . T      3 ` f   * t;
manager with Outward Bound,when  -.  __   ‘   ·`§   _ V " ;_‘ — _‘--   in ` `t"%_‘.·   E E
;1ilii§)€L;1;1n1§:§§iggggggcgggqg On atrlp to Lapland ln 2005, _Llz Cornlsh, center, ls flanked by her trlends and former
f . th th d d adventure _guldes Betsy Qalgllesh, lelt, and tludy Futoh, at the Tjaktja Pass 0n the Kung-
mm mmpamcs B B mcrgc .°r sleden Trall about 200 mules above the Arotlo Clrole ln northern Sweden.
undergone other leadership transi-
tions — on weeklong adventure trips Working with the children was the risks can be the single biggest road-
as a bonding tool, Cornish realized most rewarding part,” Cornish says block to a burgeoning career.
something that surprised her: she of her time in Kenya. “We got the In researching the book, “One
liked business. vaccination rate from way less than of the things I noticed about the
“I realized thatI had had miscon- 50 percent to over 90 percent, which women who were very successful
ceptions about what business is . . . is better than this country. It was versus the ones who plateaued more
I really enjoyed many of the bright, very rewarding." prematurely was that the women
committed and caring professionals For some, skirting volatile hippos, who were wildly successful always
who attended our programs," she says. kayaking the Arctic, and surviving made the braver decision,” she says.
That realization led her to seek subzero weather on a dogsled may “Women usually have an internal de-
an MBA, which she earned from sound risky, but not to Cornish. bate team saying, ‘Well, should I do
the University of North Carolina “I don’t think of it as risky, because this, should I not?’ ‘Should I ask for
at Chapel Hill in 1985. Since 1986, once you know the rules, and once the promotion, take the raise, take
Cornish has lived and based her you understand how to do things, the risky assignment?’ Those women
work out of California, except for then you just play by those rules,” who were the most successful always
the two and a half years that she and she says. “In the natural world,I chose the braver decision."
her ex-husband, a physician, ran a think risk is often what you perceive After years of working as a leader-
rural health clinic in a small village it to be." ship and organizational consultant
in Kenya, itself an adventure. At the It’s a message that she shares for and seminar facilitator, Cornish
time, malaria was claiming the lives women in the business world as well. — who has worked for clients such
of many infants there. as Birkenstock, Apple, the U.S. Navy
“It’s exciting. It’s depressing. It’s Sharing Secrets 0fTlleir SllCCeSS and PricewaterhouseCoopers — got
rewarding. It’s frustrating. Working If there’s one thi