Peachtree and Intrenchmeut Creeks; both days at Jonesboro', and in the mounted engagemeuts. He was wounded at Pallas and at Intrenchment Creek.

HIGDON, Barren County, Ky., was discharged on accouut of disability by disease, November, 1862/

WILLIAM H. HAZELWOOD, Greene County, Ky, was generally employed as teamster, but fought at Chickamauga and in all the mounted ena;a  ;einents.

II S. JONES, Barren County, Ky, was appointed corporal iu Feb-1. ruary, 1863. Fought at Shiloh, Vicksburg, Batou Rouge, Murfreesboro', Jackson, Chickamauga, Rocky Face Ridge, Resaca, and Dallas; was mortally wouuded at Dallas, May 28, 1864, and died next day.

DAVID JONES, Barren County, Ky, died at Burnsville, Mississippi, of disease, April 1, 1862.


F. JACKSON, Barren Couuty, Ky, served throughout as teamster.

AARON KINSLOW, Barren County, Ky, died of disease at Bowling Green, 1861.

ELIJAH KINCHLOE, Barren County, Ky, was wounded in battle at Shiloh: fought at Vicksburg, Baton Rouge, Murfreesboro', Jackson, Chickamauga, Rocky Face Ridge, Resaca, and Dallas ; from Dallas to Atlanta; at Peachtree and Intrenchment Creeks; was wounded at the latter place, and disabled for further service duriug the war.

HENRY LAYMAN, Edmonson County, Ky, was mortally wounded in battle at Shiloh, and captured.   Died in prison at St. Louis, Missouri, 1862.

JN. McKENDREE, Glasgow, Ky, fought at Shiloh, Vicksburg, . Baton Rouge, Murfreesboro', Rocky Face Gap, Resaca, and Dallas; was wounded at the latter place, and after his recovery ho served during the remainder of the war with the medical purveyor of department.

ZACII. T. MAYFIELD, Munfordville, Ky, was appointed sergeant, May 10, 1862. Fought at Baton Rouge, Murfreesboro', and Jackson. He was wounded at Murfreesboro'. Died of disease near Demopolis, Alabama, October, 1863.

TSAAC McOOLLOUGH, Hart County, Ky, fought at Shiloh, Vicks-X   burg, and Baton Rouge.