rjlIIIS artillery has been so often referred to, in the course of the work, that it is scarcely necessary to notice it at length as a separate organization.

We have faithfully endeavored, however, to procure the names of the men who composed the company, that they might each be accounted for, but have been unable to do so.

Captain Robert Cobb, of Lyon County, Kentucky, commanded it till after the battle of Chickamauga, when he was promoted to be major and chief of artillery on the staff of General Breckinridge, and served on the division staff during the remainder of the war. He was engaged with his battalion of artillery almost daily from Dalton to Jonesboro', during the campaign of 1864, and acquitted himself with his usual gallantry, and with all the promptness and excellent judgment which had characterized him previous to his promotion.

The lieutenants were, originally, Francis P. Gracey, appointed first lieutenant, October 1, 1861,; Robert B. Matthews, appointed first lieutenant, March 1, 1862; Barclay A. James, appointed second lieutenant, July 16, 1861; and Alexander B. Davis, appointed second lieutenant, October 1, 1861.

Of the precise fate of all these officers we are not wholly informed, but their standing in the army was wholly unimpeachable, and they are justly ranked among those who achieved honorable distinction in the Kentucky Brigade.

We have gathered up, here and there, the following names of non-commissioned officers and privates   entered without regard