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     Minutes of the Pezular Quarterly Meeting of the Board of
Trustees, University of Kentucky, Tuesday, April 7, 1925.

     The Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky met in
r-gular quarterly session in the office of Presidert McVey, Tues-
d;y, April 7, 1925, at noon.   The following members were present:
Judge R. C. Stoll, Senator H. M. Froman, Honorable McHenry Rhoads,
Messrs. Rainey T. Wells, R. G. Gordon, and W. H. Grady.

     Without objection, the minutes of the previous meeting were
adopted as published.

     The repoD't of D. H, Peak, Business Agent of the
which follows was then submitted and approved.

              Statement of Income and Expenditures
                       Month of March 1925

General Fund Income
Federal Appropriation       42,750.00
Vocational Educa. Board      4,999.36
General Educa. Board         2,95C.00
Special Agri. Appro.        16,028.26
State Tax                  479,513.62
  Int. on Liberty Bonds          850.00
  Int. on Endowment Bonds      8,644.50
  Chemistry Bldg. Fund
    (Int. on Bingham Tax)      5,636,67
 Student Fees                83,200.19
 Student Fees - Summer Sch.  18,032.00
 Stu. Fees - Veterans Bureau    420.34
 Stu. Fees - Univ. H. S.      3,775.00
 Stu. Fees - Univ. Exten.     9,207.22
 Miscellaneous                2.042.72
 Rentals                      3,653.00
       Total                 681,702.88




To Date

  C950 .00

2,506.76    8,143.43
  333.70  83,533 89
    30.00    3,805.00
  877.07   10,084.29
  520.59    2,563.31
  ,330.00   3.983.00
41,463,25  723,166.13

  Administration Exp.
  Additions & Betterments



85.901 .18

Excess of Inc. over Expend.2601882.28

(2,31617-33) 2,37,264-95



Patterson Hall Income
Board                      34,289.87
Room Rent - Summer Sch      2,192.85
      Total                 36,482 72

  x ;pense                   27,865.56
  Additions & Betterrcnts     a., 268 * a 0
      Total                 29,133A66

  Excess of Inc. over Exp.    7,349.06

Genera Fund Income          718,185.60
General Furnd Expenditures  449954.26
  Excess of General Fund
    Inc. over Expend.       .268,231,34
  Excess of Expend. over Rec.
    for Gen. Ledger Acots.  _,936.26
  Excess of Reoe over Expend.
    for fiscal year to date -
    General Fund            2T7h,167.60

 Excess of Rec. over Expend. for
    fiscal year to date - Gen. Fund
  Cash in Bank July 1., 1924 - Gen. Fund
  Cash in Bank Feb. 28, 1925  Gen. Fund

   582.88   34,872.75
   582.88   37,065.60

 4,672.05  32,537.61
   103.00    1,370.10
 4,77405   A33907.71

 (4219117)  33157.89

 42,046t13 760,231.73
 69,854.63  519,808.89

(27,608.50) 240,422.84

(24,976.31) (20,040.05)

(5281l) 220,382.79


Trust Fund Income
  Student Loan Fund
  Civilian Rehabil, Fund
       Total Income
  Student Notes Paid
       Total Receipts

.a ,592.50

115,39    3,157.66
_____        135.40
115.39    3,293.06
  895: o    5,487.50
1,010.39    8,780.56

  Student Notes
  Notes Payable

_ 8,153.40

  1,028.00    7,002.00
  1.028.00    9,181.40

Excess of Expend. over Rec.   (383-23)     (17.61)    (400.84)

Excess of Expend. over Rea. for
  fiscal year to date - Trust Fund
Cash in Bank July 1, 1924 - Trust Fund
Cash in Bank March o1, 1925 - Trust Fund




Experiment Station Income
Hatch - Federal Appro.      11,250.00
Milk & Butter - Cash ReG.    8,997.37
Beef Cattle Sales            1,547.05
Dairy Cattle Sales             240.47
  Sheep Sales                  1,055.25
  Swine Sales                  1,372.15
  Poultry Sales                1,900.15
  Farm Produce Sales           3,6029.94
  Horticuiltural Sales         1,343.80
  Seed Test                      120.00
  Rentals                      3,190.33
  M4isce ilaneous                653.60
  Fertilizer - Fees           13,333.50
  Public Service - St. Appro. 9,000.00
     it     n    _- isc.         120.85
  Feeding Stuffs - Fees       33,293.58
  Adams - Fed. Appro.         11,250.00
  Serum - Sales                2,399.19
    it - Virus Sales             123.75
    "  - Supply Sales             55.45
    it - Miscellaneous           105.29
  State Appropriation         42,721,01
  Creamery - License Fees      3,105.50
           - Testers' Lic.     1,223.50
      1"  - Glassware Tested    338.14
  Robinson - St. Appro.       12,520.94
       Total                 164,890.81

  Expense                    179,383.10
  Additions & Betterments     10,233.91
       Total                 189.617.031

1,035.68   10 033.05
   25.00      265.47
   14. 6    1, 386.78
   260.50    2,160.65
   158.21    3,788.15
   6.41    1,350.21
   12.00      132.00
   173.67    3,364.00
   13.93      667.53
6,440 62   19,774.12
   21.32      142.17
3,129.30   36,422.88
  430.40    2,829.59
  14.65      138.40
    21.75       77.20
    1.29      106.58
            42,721 .01
    45.00    3,150.50
    64.00    1,287.50
    5.11      343.25
            12 e520.94
11,873.47 176 764.28


11 ,249.44
215 .865 ?47?

Excess of Expend. over Inc.(24,726.20) (14,374.99) (39,101.19)
General Ledger Account                      800.00      800.00
Excess of Expend. over Reo.(24,726.20) (15,174.99) k39,901.19)
Excess of Expend. over Inc. for
  fiscal year to date - Experiment Sta.             (39,901.19)
Cash in Bank July 1, 1924 - Exp. Sta.                31.3190.86
Cash in Bank March 31, 1925 - Exp. Sta.                  )8 710

Extension Division Income
  Federal Smith-Lever
  Federal Supplementary
  County.. did:Obther-Funds
  State Smnith-Lever
Expenditure a

272 877. 02

100.00    3,022.83
100.00 272.977.0$.;

Expense                    218,957.20    28,137.61  247,094.81-,-
Excess of Inc. over Expend. 53 919.82   (28.037.61)  25,882.21



Excess of Inc. over Expend. for
  fiscal year to date - Exten. Div.
Cash in Bank July 1, 1924 - Exten. Div.
Cash in Bank March 31, 1925 - Exten. Div.

- 27,234.82

General Fund Income
Trust Fund Income
Experiment Station Inc.
Extension Div. Inc.

 Gener-.J Fund Expend.
 Trust Fund Expend.
 Experiment Sta. Expend.
 Extension Div. Expend.



Excess of Inc. over Expend.300,423.23
Excess of Expend. over Rec.
  for Gen. Ledger Acots.     1,554.76
Petty Cash Fund
Excess of Rec. over Expend. for
  fiscal year to date -
  Combined Fund            301,977.99

Excess of Rec. over Expend. for

42,046.1Z 760,231.73
   115.39    3,293.06
11,873.47 176,764.28
   100.00  272,977.02
54,134.99 1.213,266.09

69,854.63 519,808.89
 26,248.46  215,865.47
 28,137.61  247,094.81
124;l240.70 982,948.57

(70,105.71) 230,317.52

(25,909.31) (24,354.55)
    800..00     800.00

9gj,215.02) 206,762.97

  -ifiscal year to date - Combined Fund              206,762.97
  Cash in Bank and on hand July 1, 1924 - Com. Fund  (70,643.51)
  Cash in Bank and on hand March 31, 1925-Com. Fund  136,119.46

     Abstract of Item shown on Statement of Income and Expendi-
tures as "Excess of Expenditures over Receipts for General Ledger
Accounts $24,354.55."


Accounts Receivable
Insurance Paid in Advance
Notes Payable
Sundry Accounts
Student Notes

1,514 . 50
32,297. 70
234,X354 *55

President MoVey made the following quarterly report:






     "In presenting the Quarterly Report of the President of
the University I have thought it worth while to review the
accomplishments wrought by the Board of Trustees in the last
seven or eight years.   It is a notable period in the history
of the University that has brought real progress and one for
%which the Board can congratulate itself with the assurance
that it has done well.

     "May I begin with the growth in the student body?   In
1918 there were 719 students registered in the University
as candidates for degrees.   There were, in addition, 672 in
various other coursES and the summer session -- a total of
1,272.   Today there are 2,100 students registered as candi-
dates for degrees, and 1,500 more in other courses and the
summer session -- a total of 3,600.   Of this number, 75 are
graduate students,   During the same period the instruction-
al staff has grown from 109 to 168.   One college has been
added, that of Education, and departments of Art, Economics,
Psychology, Music, Hygiene, Bacteriology, created in the
College of Arts and Sciences, and the Department of Univer-
sity Extension.   The library has grown from 2,200 volumes
to 62,000.

     "In the period from 1917 to 1925 the legislature made
one appropriation of $150,000 for the erection of a dormi-
tory for men.   Nevertheless, ou,6 of the income of tLe Uni-
versity, and with the help of Alumni and friends in the case
of the M-en's Gymnasium, five more buildings have been erect-
ed.   These are the President's house, stock-judging pavilion,
engineering shop, the new chemistry building, and +he new
gymnasium.   Through the help of the Greater Kentucky Fund
a new stadium was built on the athletic field at a cost of
$120,000.   The buildings in 1917 were in bad repair, since
pipes and wiring needed complete restoration.   Since then,
Neville and White Halls have been overhauled and rearranged,
new boilers have been placed in four buildings and the heat-
ing systems repaired.   Much remains to be done, but real
foundations have been laid, and under a plan now well on to
completion, a sixth building will be erected by private oap-t
ital and leased to the University for a women's dormitory.
In 1921 Smith Hall was purchased and remodeled for a women's
ciormitory.  With the new building the University will have
accommodations for 290 women.

     "New land has been acquired now and then as opportuni-
ty offered.   Lcts on Winslow Street have been purchased,
and 131 acres were added to the Experiment Station farm.
Professor M,1iller's gift of 2,000 square feet opposite the
campus on South Limestone is a valuable addition to the Uni-
versity's property.   Two sub experiment stations have been



  authorized by the legislature.   One of these, the aift of
  E. 0. Robinson, gives great scope for the Univers.Lty. not
  only in crops of all kinds, but particularly in forestry on
  the 15,000 acr-e tract.  The other dtation at Princeton is
  well started on a farm of 400 acres, the gift of citizens in
  and around Princeton, Kentucky.

       "The acquilements of gifts might be put down as follows:

              Robinson Tract, 15,000 acres .... $150,000
              Princeton Tract, 400 acres ..       20,000
              M ill.er lots  ...................  12,000
              Memorial Fund         .     .       85,000
              Greater Kentucky Funds paid
                and available to the University   80.000
                  Total of Gifts .............   347,000

       "The Greater Kentucky Fund is not complete and it has
  been necessary to advance funds to finish the gymnasium and
  the stadium. to the amount of $122,500.  These sums will un-
  doubtedly be paid.   It is hoped that the Memorial Building
  may be erected in the next year or two from the proceeds of
  the Memorial Fund.

       "It should be noted that while the income of the Univer-
  sity for genera2 purposes has increased 82 per cent, the num-
  ber of students has increased 193 per cent.   The use of
  general funds for construction can no lonrer be continued in
  view of the needs of instruction, yet building space is more
  in demand than ever.

  -   "In this report I have not dealt with accomplishments
  of an educational nature, but rather with propert, and organ-
  ization.   The former I'.shall leave to the June report.

       "The business organization of the University has been
  largely built up since 1917.   Provisions have been made for
  the orderly transaction of business, the auditing of accounts
  and monthly detailed reports of income and expenditures.

        "meantime the general fund income has grown since 1917
  from $465,000 to $850,000.   The Experiment Station income
  has not increased materially for the work it has to do.    The
  Agricultural Extension has developed considerably from
  0156,657 to $372,000 ih 1925.   All of these matters indicate
  a material growth that should carry satisfaction to the minds
  of the Board-and the friends of the University."

     Concerning the matter of the construction of a new dormitory
for women, President MoVey reported progress with reference to plans


( .

and preliminary steps, but as the matter wvas not in condition for
final action at this time, thle Board of Trustees adopted unani-
nrously the following resolutions:

     That the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the
`- iversity of Kentucky be authorized and the same is hereby author-
ized to enter into a lease with the Security Trust Company, of
Lexington, which proposes to erect a cert-ain dormitory for women,
and. that arrangements of all terms of said lease or contract be
left to the discretion of the Executive Committee of this Board.

     The Budget of thie UM-iversity for the session 1925-26 was then
submitted for consideration.   After due discussion the said budget
was, upon motion of Senator Froman, seconded by Mr. Gordon, unani-
mously adopted as the basis of expenditures for 19-5-25, and of
provisions for income and expenditlure for that period.   (This
budget appears elsevchere as part of the minutes of this meeting.)

     President MfoVey then presented a printing problem as affect-
ing the University which he said involved two questicns, narmely,
whether the State should furnish paper for University printing,
and secondly, whether tags used by the Experiment Station should
be paid for out of the Fertilizer Fund of the institution.    After
discussion of the matter, the Board without objection, authorized
Preside-nt MoVey to take up the matter with the Attorney General of
the State for a final ruling on thece points.

     President MroVey reported that the University of Louisville
had presented formal requests to the University of Kentucky to join
it in a proposal to the Legislature for $50,000 appropriation to
establish a scholarship for the medical school at Louisville to be
adrninistered in conjunction with the University of Kentucky.   This
matter was fully discussed but no action was taken.

     The President reported that inasmuch as classroom space was
greatly in demand upon the University campus, he deemed it exped-
ient that a building be erected on certain property owned by the.
University on Winslow Street to house the Art Department of the
College of Arts and Sciences.   He stated that this building could
be erected at a cost of approximately $6,000, and that he had, in
preparing the budget, indicated a cost for the same of $6,000.
He said that this would relieve congestion for classrooms and lib-
arate for other class usage, rooms in the upper stories of White
Hall; that this building could be constructed of frame and be made
ample for many years to-meet the demands of the Art Department.
After discussion, the President's recommendation, upon motion duly
seconded, was adopted.

     Xote.   Provision for this building is noted specifically
                in the budget for 1925-26.



     President IMoVey reported that For several years the University
had had under advisement the propriety of establishing a School of
Commerce, and that this Board had previously discussed it favor-
ably.  He said he believed it advisable to establish such a school
and thus coordinate, extend, and bring together into a combact
v-.)king organization, instruction that is now being handled in the
Departmient of Economics under the direction of Pro. ssor Edward
Shiest; that this step contemplated an enlargement of the depart-
ment in several important phases, and possibly the addition of other
teachers to the stalf.

     It was moved by Serator Fromnan, and seconded by Mr. Grady,
that th-. President be authorized to establish the School of Com-
merce.   This motion was adopted.

     The President reported that the Sigma Nu fraternity had made
an offer to lease certain ground in the rear of their house on
V;inslow Street fEor extension of their fraternity premises.  This
matter was discussed and autuhority given to permit use of the land
without lease subject to use by the University upon ten days notice.

     A communication from Professor E. L. Gillis, Secretary of the
University Senate, reported. that the University Senate on April 6
had voted to recommend to the Board of Trustees that the Honorary
Degree of Doctor of Law be conferred upon the following persons:
Hiss Sophonisba Preston Brackinridge, Percy Hampton Johnson, Louis

     Upon miotion, duly seconaed, this recommendation of the Senate
was adopted.

     The following recommendations affecting continuation of serv-
ices were unanimously approved:

     Continuation of employment of Carl Curtis Malone, County Agent,
Thnry County, from March 7, 1925 to March 6, 1926, at a salary of
.P150 a month.
     Continuation of employment of H. F. McKenney, County Agent,
Grant County, from February 1, 1925 to January 31, 1926, at a
salary of $191 2/3 a month.
     Continuation of employment of Willis T. Abner, County Agent,
Pike County, from March 9, 19d5 to Starch 8, 1926, at a salary of
4150 a month.
     Continuation of employment of Albert'G. Middleton, Coumnty
Agent, Christian County, from March 1, 1925 to February 23, 1926,
at a salary of $216 2/3 a nonth.
     Appointment of C. C. Shade, assistant county agent Fayette
County, froin"April }:1 te-oJunie 3, 1925, at a salary of $100 a month.
     Appointzment of iliss Lula Hale as Fitldld Worker for the Robin-
son Sub Experiment Station, effective in Ilay when -hie reports for
duty, at a salary of $125 a month.

     Whereupon the meeting adjourned.

                                             Enoch Grehan
                                             Secretary of the Board


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