I 30 run ¤?Al)l·]'l‘.  
  A mighty monument to Time, ~  
  Its glorious mission is divine,  if
  Teaching, the simple laws of life ;  
 II Virtuous peace here reigns supreme,  
  The panacea to redeem,  
  Poor mankind from its selfish strife. ·  
  ‘ -—GamcIa~n,d . A 
IZ? ___________ , 
il; —-.. f
  . I i11vent a bran’—new joke, K, I
  · T1·y·it first on pa; ·  
  See him laugh until he cries, p J}
  Ha! ha! ha! I  
  - Try it next on Uncle Ned;  
  Dislocates his jaw,  
 Iflj Bursts the buttons oil" his vest,  
 ;;_ Haw I haw I haw I  
V Spring it then on sister Nell; - 
  Clasps her hand with glee,  
  Giggles ’till her face is 1·ed, ~  
  I Te! he! he!   I
.:_ Send it to the editor,  
{ That arch villain, who  
  Stamps it "99 B. C.,"  "
  Boo! hoo! hoo! j
  Mary has a g1·eat big Latin p 
  Sheepskin in a frame,  
  · _ And all she understands of it  
  Is Mary’s little name.  
  li . · _ —7IUI('lI· Topics.  
, in  si}