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Stamps To Be liought;
Students To Buv Them






The first program of its kind, a
concert sponsored by members of
Phi Mu Alpha, men's honorary
music fraternity, and Phi Beta,
women's fine arts honorary fraternity, will be presented at the regular Sunday afternoon musicale at
4 p. m. Sunday in Memorial hall.
The students appearing on this
program are members of Phi Beta
and Phi Mu Alpha and have been
selected on a try-obasis to represent the best performing
within the two organizations.
Soprano sings
Trilby McKeehan. Lexington,
senior, who was formerly soloist
with Bill Cross' Blue and White orchestra, will give four soprano selections. She will sing "Invocazione
from "Euridice")
Di Orfeo"
Jacobs Peri; "Lasciateml
(Lamento di Arianna" by Monteverdi; "Depuis le Jour" by Charpen- ticr and "Bio-- , Blow Thou Winter
Wind" by Ilyenfritz.
Garland Young, Overland. Miss,
freshman, who played two piano se
lections at the first convocation of
the winter quarter, will present
"Scherzo in B flat Minor, Opus 31
by Chopin.
Original Composition
One of the highlights of the pro- pram mill be an original composi."
by Helen
Lipscomb. Lexington,
played by Marie Louise McCown.
Versailles, sophomore.
"Prelude and Fugue in C Minor'
by Bach mill be played by Betty
Jean May, Prestonsburg. Junior.
Mabel Cumm, Lexington, junior.
and Ledford Gregory. Lexington.
sophomore, will present violin solos,
Miss Gumm, accompanied by Juan-it- a
Creedle, Sioux City. Iowa, fresh
play "La Folia" by Corelli.
Garland Young will accompany
mill present "Sym- Oreeorv
phonie Espagnole. Opus 21, Allegro
nrst moemem. o
non troppo
I'shers Named
Ushers for the program mill be
n.ith Pi
Hagan Perry Adams, Paul Nolte.
and George LangsUff.
The comDlete Droeram is as fol- -


Editor' Note: This report of the Student Government Association meeting of
Jannarv 12 it being printed in full in response to the statement of the SGA president. Jim Collier, to the elect that "Onl
eleven lines were given to one of the most
important meetings of the SGA this school

Discussion of requirements for
representatives and officers of the
Student Government association
formed the principal business of the
meeting of the legislature Tuesday.
IntroJanuary 12. The subject
duced because the legislature is revising the SGA onstitullon.
Jim Collier. SGA president, read
the tentative constitution that he
had written and explained that he
favored having no requirements
other than a one standing. He also
stated that he would abolish entireare now
ly the examinations
required for candidates to membership in the legislature.
Advocates Chance
"There are many capable students
who do not have high standings.
Standing does not indicate ability.
As an advocate of
democracy' I feel that there should
be no requirements other than a
one standing for members." Collier
Lengthy debate of the matter fol
lowed mith a majority of the repre
sentatives opposing Collier. The primary objection to having only a one
standing as the requirement was
that a person who makes such a
standing is either not capable of
carrying on governmental affairs or
does not have sufficient interest in
student activities.
1.5 Now Required
The present constitution requires
that each representative shall have
a standing of 1.5 and that each of
ficer shall have a standing of 1.8.
Many representatives favored
some kind of qualifying examina
tion. At present examinations are
given candidates to test their
knowledge of the University, knowledge of parliamentary law, and
leadership ability. . .
Exams A Joke
Collier stated that the examinations now given are little more than
a Joke and that they prove nothing
No action was taken on the



id-Win- ter

Set Saturday
Bill Cross and his orchestra
play for the
Hop to be held Saturday, January 30 In the Bluegrasg room
of the Union building. Sponsored by the Union board, the
dance will last from 9 until 12

Mid-Wint- er

p. m.

Dress will be formal for girls
boys. Tickets
will be SI.

and optional for







Wildcats And Notre Dame
To Strujfifle In luisville


Phi Mu Alpha, Phi Beta Clubs REVISIONS OF
Will Present Student Program CONSTITUTION
Al Sunday. Afternoon Mnsicale
Musicians Chosen
On Try-OBasis
For Best Talent



Comptroller Clears Up
Conditions Respecting
SGA "Fraud" Incident
Peterson Explains

orchestra, featuring

Ray Wetzel,
Dave Mahanes,
Jimmy Trevathan. and the glee
club, is now backed by the General Amusement corporation.

Michigan Women's Dean
To Tell Next Graduates

Matter Referred
To By Jim Collier

Comptroller Frank D. Peterson
spoke yesterday in a special Kernel
interview designed to clarify the
"fraud" Incident referred to by
James Collier. SGA president, in
n the last
his editorial printed
"It is my personal belief that the
SGA was in error in seeking to investigate the methods of the Uni29, 30
Promotions of first year advanced
versity business office before checkmilitary students mere announced
ing their facts." Mr. Peterson
Future "mhite collar" girls, the
late Wednesday by Col. B. E. Brewer
In referring to the incident. Collier
women graduates of March and
and Lt. Col. John E. Brannan, milihad been authorized by the legishave a chance to see
tary science and tactics department. June,
lature at its November 3 meeting
To be master sergeants are C. exactly what opportunities will be
to consult mith the comptroller conEdwin Barnes and Harry Miller; open to them in the war effort and
cerning the amount of student fees
technical sergeants. J. K. ThomP' other fields when Miss Alice Lloyd.
which the association had rfceivd.
dean of omen at ti,e University of
son, Keith Vice. John C. Meyers,
Followed Diaramion
Michigan, comes to this campus to
-nd rteniel M Van Sant: first ser- This authorization had followed a
geants. Ben L. Kessinger. Richard S. hold personal interviews January
5 lengthy discussion in the SGA meet
Webb, A. L. Davis, John H. .err. 29 and 30.
ing regarding the budget for the
William Caywood. Coleman Cle-- 1
year. The association had been
T. chairman of the conference.
ment. Kenneth S. Bruce. Ben
given S730 from student fees. Sine
ol her committee are Mary
and Richard T. Stofer.
the SGA allottment is 33S cents per
Staff sergeants, Bart N. Peak. Jr.. ratterson jvem. vvanaa Austin.
student, and the total enrollment
Edward L.
John T. Jackson, Lois Ogden. and Sarah Anne Hall.
Miss Adele Gensemer. head resident
for the quarter was 2.755. the legisand William T. Prather; color ser- of
Patterson hall. Miss Jane Hasel-delature questioned whether or not
geants, Monroe Mink and John H.
assistant dean of women, and
this amount was correct. AccordSeay.
Dr. Margaret Ratliff. of the psying to their figures, with this enReceived at press time yesterday
chology department, are faculty
rollment, they should have received
were the announcements of promo
$918 64 or approximately S168 more.
tions and assignment!! for students membersLloydthe committee.
is also a member of
Collier was apin the second year advanced ROTC
the subdivision of the President's
iliai fi'' f in range-- l pointed to look into the matter.
tin nrviu'Br Cnmmi uciiiri gnii ic n.
Cadet Colonel Ben H. Lowery. Jr. acquainted
;;. , I'lm e- Keriael Checks Facts
mith the need of the na- - riirrti.y fri 111
. . . will appear as one of the soloists on the Sunday uflernoon
mill be regimental commander.
e to be held here
ment i onferem
Before printing an account of any
tion for women workers.
Members of the regimental staff
musuale being sponsored bx t"lii Beta and Phi Mil Alpha.
of these proceedings. The Kernel
Miss Lloyd will be January 2' and
are Cadet Lt. Col. Lee P. Witt, exattempted to verify the allegations
ecutive; Cadet Major Robert H. held in the Music Room of the
of the SGA with reference to the
Hillenmeyer. adjutant; Cadet Major Union building every half hour Fri- amount of money they should have
Cadet Cap- day afternoon. January 29 and at
Leonard B. Allen,
received. In an interview mith Mr.
Cadet half hour intervals all day Satur- and
tain Brooks Coons.
Peterson. The Kernel learned that
day. January 30. The interviews
First Lt. Robert H. Humphreys.
the basis of the SGA's discussion
will be held In small groups of four
First Battalion
was inaccurate. The comptroller
or five women with the same interBy THOMAS ROSE
Officers of the first battalion are ests. Students are requested to
explained that the SGA had relust something about a great public because he was the
Col. W,Miam A. Wilson, bring
Cadet Lt.
ceived only S75ft due to tho fact
written reports of tho courses
nic wholesome murder in any of
Commanding; Cadet Major Samuel
that a large number of the 2.7o
they have taken in college
first of their kind. He got his news
ttg gory variations that gets you
"Continued on Page Three
students enrolled were on scholarto the interview.
space and ultimate fame because
vou and all the other 129.999.999
ships or deferred payment lists.
Senior women are being ques- CarI A Lampert. nead
cogs in the great American public. he put a violent end to little broth
turned by memberc of the committee of the music dep.rtnlellt.
er Abel. And what do most school
u hold The SGA receives no ahottment
There's something repulsively at- paid by such stu- to find the various fields in which ithe first
rter from the fees
class of the
tractive about a fellow brine who kids know about the mighty
the women are interested. Inter-- 1 a,
m next
. JanuitrT 29
meets a speedv demise with the aid Caesar? Can they tell you why he
views will be scheduled according ,n room ,9
for regulating atThe
of ,ne music cenf
of a bullet, a knife or any of the j 'as ,he mifhty Caesar? No. but
to the interests of the women so
"II is wrong." Mr. Peterson stated,
more refined instruments me run tney remember reading that Brut- - tendance at the meetings of the
In connection with the course
that Miss Llovd can cover as many
us, the brute, stabbed and very legislature, introduced at the No"to Insinuate without first checking
into in the better circles.
Veronica Mimosa.
os nnssihle A
nf rh titIed "Survey of Music Literature." facts upon which to base your
put an end to vember 3. 1942 session, mas passed.
A murder is NEWS. It crowds
child prodigy, will present a piano interview, will be published In the
claims. Cheeky our facts first, then
Rommel Roosevelt, and even ra- - any further Latin lessons on the According to the law any member recital Sunday, February 21. in Me.
if they're accurate, shout your actiomng off the front page if it 8 subject. And the murder of Lin- mill be automatically expelled if he morial hall, under the sponsorship Kernel at a later date. Junior wo- -! Melodist, and how the world
juanila Crcedlr. Accoinpauist
cusations from the housetops."
big and bloodv enough. You love coln, coming Just when it did earnhas three unexcused absences dur- of Chi Omega social sorority. Uni- men and August graduates inter- Kards hu music todav' Suitable
in learning the openings avail- it: your pore over the details. You ed for him an aura of respect and ing a quarter. Excuses must be versity students and townspeople
After learning these facts. The
are Invited to sit in on the in- - cordlngs of Schubert music will be Kernel printed only the following.
Morire (Lamento di
demand pictures of the grotesquely awe that he had not so universally given to the president of the asso- are invited to attend, according to
played to nt in witn me lecture.
Monteverdi sprawled corpus
legislature authorized Jim Coldelecti. the guy enjoyed in life. We love murders; ciation before the next meeting, Martha Adams, Chi Omega
Trilby McKeehan. Soprano
Professor Lampert s original plans "The
A dinner open to all University
with the gun. his baby pictures, and me make martyrs out of the mur- and the president mill decide if the
lier, president, to discuss distribu
Juanita Creedle. Accompanist
women, women faculty members. were to present a discussion on tion of student fees with Frank D.
hie' nnnr ntioolif iriorhw I'tifua lit- - dered.
-excuses are valid.
The young artist, hailed as one of ...u .1.. w
Prelude and Fugue in C Minor
-- You demand it in your fiction,
..tuiij ...emuers. nt nafVi Kut th ruiiunf.iiav ru--.rut tar. ppferson. comptroller
tie Johnny mas such a good boy
Beltv Jean May. Pianist
Expellee May Appeal
the most talented and artistic
K. ...H.tv.
oe ueiu ior miss ijuyn, rTiaay. jan- IV
eager-to-p- k
use authors oblige
till he got to reading them yaller-back- s. and
Lex"I feel that The Kernel acted
An expelled member, according to ists of our time, appeared in
riiilMnie E&pagnole. Opua 21
uary 29. Jane Hayes is- - in charge of him to change the topic of the open
and "Dr. Jekyll
Allcgio non troppo First movement
commendably in the way they hanington last year under the auspices arrangements and reservations are class.
the law, may appeal to the legislaLedford Gregory. Violinist
It's not just a disease of the year, and Mr. Hyde" and "All This and ture if he feels
that his expulsion of the McDowell club.
Garland Younf. Accompanist
to be made at the office of the Three other open classes have dled the situation." Mr. Peterson
this generation, or even this cen- Heaven Too." not to mention "The Is unjust. He must appear at
Now a pupil of Harold Bauer, the dean of women.
been announced for this quarter.
Helen Lipscomb
Murders" and other more
tury; the human race has always
meeting following his expul young pianist was first instructed
Marie Louise McCown. Pianist
Prof. Edward Newberry, of the psy-- I
raced for the latest details on the obvious treatments of the same old first
ion to present his appeal in per in music by her mother. She is a
In his editorial printed in the
chology department, mill speak on
le jour
.ciiarpentier latest violent departure and there s
Some accommodating
bio- -. Bl1hM"AKl;nwd)ranrrll'rlu always been some villain to take young whiz even saw to it that the son. A majority vote or members graduate of the Manhattan School
and Intelligence in last edition of The Kernel. Collier
of Music and the New York Con- Twins." Dr. W. S. Webb, head of the stated that the Kernel SO A re- the leading role and keep the ball appetites of our younger sadists present at the appeal will rule.
Juanita Creedle. Accompanist
Eugene Goosen, conductor of the
This law became effective at the
physics department, will speak on porter "had written a story on which
satiated to some degree by
.. Cbopiu rolling. Cain the first man born
be Iter so in B flat Minor. Opus
beginning of the
A certificate and pin will be pre"Parallel Currents." Prof. R. H. the headlines would in effect have
n earth
isn t important to the
'Continued on Page Three.
Garland Youu.
Cincinnati Symphony orchestra, sented by the Lexington Office of Weaver, of the bacteriology depart- read 'SGA Charges Comptroller of
The Student Board of Publica
recall greater Civilian
Defense to women students ment, will speak on "The Pasteuri- Fraud.'" Collier added. "Mr. Plum-mtions reported on the selection of states that he "cannot
immediately stopped this story
new staff members for The Kernel talent and artistry" than she has.
have spent at least fifty hours zation of Milk."
in mar effort activities on the camand for the Kentucklan. The re
until it could be verified, which it
pus, according to Mrs. Sarah B.
accepted unanimously.
could not be." In Collier's opinion.
Holmes, dean of women.
The Kernel reporter "had let her
The Student Loan Committee re
desire for sensationalism get away
Mortar Board, senior women's
ported that it had made two loans
honorary, will send questionnaires
with her and had therefore taken
since the beginning of the quarter.
an innocent legislature discussion
to all women students, tabulate the
and had attempted to make juur- results, and keep a record of each
naiistic history" thus almost plac- -'
one's work.
Ing the SOA in an embarrassing
Lt. Col. B. H. Lowry. mho is now Times" will be the subject of the
The activities in which women
stationed in Oakland, Calif., is also first talk by Mrs. Grace Sloan Overmay participate to earn hours torFENCING . . .
a University graduate.
. ... mill be offered
every WednesTook No AelMMi
ton, specialist in marriage and famn ard the awards include classes in
Mrs. Lomry's son, Ben Lowry. is a ily relations, at 11 a. m. January 27.
An attempt to decrease the per- day afternoon from 4 to 5 p. m. in home nursing, first aid, sewing for
p,.. Plummer. director of
of failures in the chem- - t I0ns dld not stop tne story jTwo letters of interest to mathe the Women's gymnasium for those the Red Cross, student war forums,
Mrs. Ben H. Lowry. University senior in the engineering college. At 10:15 January 28. she will speak
Mrs. Lowry expressed the feeling on "Family
majors women who have had fencing for dances for servicemen, and open istry department through altered Kernel operating within the rules
and the ma tics and engineering
graduate in home economics and
teaching and grading methods is of professional and ethical journal- have been received
the last credit, or for those who are inter- houses for servicemen.
has a very that it mas a "wonderful privilege Permanent Peace."
wife of Lt. Col.
being made, according to Dr. L. Ll tem does not nave to
Roy Hendrickson, director of the week by Mrs. Sarah B. Holmes, ested in advanced work.
tale of air raids and evac- to live in Lexington for the duradiamatic
Truell. department head. During and te
nm, The Kernel execu- Food Distribution
administration. dean of women.
uation to tell at the thirty-fir- st
Another highlight of the conventhe past no student was passed in tiVM checked the facts, found the
Washington. D. C, will discuss the
The first, from the National Ad CLASSES . . .
annual Farm and Home conven- tion program
mhich will be of spec- world food situation in his speech visory Committee for Aeronautics . . .
a chemistry course unless he met auctions incorrect, and acted to
be held every Wednesday
tion which mill meet In Memorial
ial interest to students is the ap- entitled "America, the Pantry of at Langley Field. Hampton, Va., evening from 7:30 to 9 p. m. in the
tuny me set requirements oi tne
colUer and the SGA consid- hall January
pearance of Sergeant Alvin York, Democracy" at 1:15 January 27.
ballroom of the Union building for
asks for men and women graduerable embarrassment.
At the time of the outbreak of the
speak at 11 a. m. January
Although teaching methods mere
ates trained for computing. Men beginners as well as students mho
mar, Mrs. Lowry mas
her hus- who
The incident lit being fully exSpeakers Listed
28 in Memorial
hall on "The
changed this summer when Dr. plained at this time mith the ap
must be draft exempt. Also men- mere enrolled last quarter.
in Fort Shatter In Honolulu,
1. University women must come
Is America."
speakers are: tioned are positions In typing,
Quill became head of the depart- - proval of Mr. Peterson in order to
which is the headquarters of the Strength That
Ol'TING CLl'B . . .
to the dances unescorted and
W. W. Shoemaker,
appren- . . . will hold a Bee line hike
ment. 67 per cent of the freshman brulg , tnf stlKlent attention all
Anne Sweeney of the WAAC, CoHawaiian military department. In
al 2:30
must leave unescorted.
chemistry class made D's and E's tn(- - facts
her talk on "Living Through an Air lumbus. Ohio, has been promoted of Armour and company, Chicago, ticeship, duplicating machine op- p. m. Sunday. All persons Interested
2. You are urged to arrive at
for the fall quarter.
Raid and Traveling in a Convoy" from Third Officer to Second Offi- mho mill speak on "The Interde- eration, and telephone work for in attending should sign at the
the dance early as the girls
women. Application
blanks and Union information desk before noon
first put on the
be given at 1:45 p. m. cer since she
Consideration will be given to el- pendence of industry and Agricuare always hostesses and it
January 28. she mill relate exper program for the convention. Her lture"; Frank J. Zink. of the Farm copies of the booklet "A Career In Saturday.
fort and ability this quarter. Dr.
is the courteous thing to do.
Quill explained, while in the oast
during and after the Japanese talk on "What It Means to be a Equipment institute. Chicago, who Aeronautical Research" were also
3. Always present some Uniactual accomplishment has deter- air raid on Honolulu and mill give WAAC" is scheduled for 1:45 p. m. will speak on "The Farm Equipment enclosed.
versity of Kentucky student
The Gi'umann Aircraft Engineermined all grades.
details of how an air raid affects January 27.
Pershing Ritles, military honorary.
Carnegie Musicale, Music room.
Robert A. Hicks. ODT.
identification at the door.
corporation of Bethpage, Long 8 p.
unprepared families.
Miss Hilda Beal. mho mill speak
It is the belief of the chemistry will make its selection of new mern- m.
speak on "Traasportation ing
4. Students must remain in the
Island, N. Y.. is interested in eminstructors, according to Dr. Quill, bers next week out of a group now
Mrs. Lowry mas evacuated in Jan- on "Wartime Britain" at 1:45 p. m. Difficulties of Farm People."
Phi Beta, room 205. 5 p. m.
building during the entire
ploying college women trained in
uary, 1942 and spent nine days in a January 26, mas formerly a school
that the average student could narrowed to 52 men. Earlier in the
banThe annual
make a respectable grade if he selection.
convoy to make the trip mhich us- mistress of geography in England quet mill be held at 6:30 p. m., Jan- engineering and planning departOpen house for service men. 3 to
20 military studet.U
ments. Applicants mho have ma- 6 p.
5. The dances
for servicemen
mould spend only one hour daily competed
ually takes four days. With her she and was an exchange teacher in the uary 28, in the Union building.
in mathematics, physics,
mas the founder
are usually
outside his class room work.
brought her mother. Mrs. Jeannie United States. She
pians are ,IUW
chemistry, architecture, or business Monday
Special meetings of the rural comPlease do not hesitate to play
Moore, mho mas so ill that she was of the Business and Professional
Paiihellenic, room 204. 4 p.
Engineering students had a lower dance for the pledges who will outsIn
munity and the rural church, agri- administration are preferred.
your part as a hostess.
04. 1
on a stretcher, and her Women's club in York. England,
and Blade, room
tanding than students from other ber about 42. Al this event, to be
engineering section, poul- - addition, students m ho have not ma6. Dress according to the wishes
p. m.
daughter. Betsy, mho is now at- and did a treat deal of work in con - cultural
colleges. Professors of enguieenng held in the near future, the
school. nection with the Women's Volun- try section, dairying, animal hus jored in these specific fields, but
sponsors each time
of the
tending Henry Clay high
this as beuig caused by the spective members will be officially
have fully completed the col GllGNOL . . .
according teer service, particularly in the can- - bandry, and marketing section, dairy
No slacks, sweaters, or ankFamilies were evacuaU-amount of work engineers are re- - pledged by Captain Lee Porter Witt,
house manager. J. R Coffey. Jr..
service. She is now with the section, animal nusoaiuuy section lege course and maintained a high .
lets will be permitted on The
to need so it was possible for Mrs. iwn
quired to carry
Engineers must The initiation will take place at a
agronomy section, horticulture sec- -, scholastic average are also desired. is calling for male ushers. Any men
floor at any time.
Lowry to get her mother home Rritish Information service in New
carry 20 quarter hours while most camp, under the direcnou of Cadet
beekeeping section m ill be Interested students should! see Mrs. Interested
should report to the
tion. and
.she has recovered from her York citv.
other students carry onlv about 17 Lt. Joe Bohnak
Holmes for more complete details. Guignol alter 4 p m today.
Living 111 Abnormal held on January 28 and 29






Bloody Wholesome Murders
Are Repulsively Attractive


Of Job Opportunities



Miss Alice Lloyd
Will Confer Here






by-la- w











S-- 3;



LVllll Lit

S-- 2;


S-- 4.

Schubert Subject
Of Discussion Set
















Local OCD To Give
Awards To Women





On Islanding Speakers Here
F r Fa rm - Home Con ven lion



Dean Holmes Gets
Letters Offering
Students Jobs

Mrs. Hen Lowry
To Tell Story

Of Air Raids


New Chemistry
System Is Begun






Rules Are Listed
For UK Women
Attending Dances

26-2- 9.



Pershing Kifles
" Sa.le't Member




"girl-break- ."









* The Kernel Editorial Page





KlD-IPm- it


Entered at th Pout Offlc
rci.nd claw matter under th








at Lextnftem, Kentucky.
Art of March I, U7.

Jav Wilson

Kentucky Intercollegiate Pruw Association
Lexington Board of Com mere
Kentucky pr
National Editorial Aftftociatton



Kn.i rm


Managing Editor



subscription rates
hki One Bcmcwcr




All atoned
rflel and rolntmu ore to be considered the
nnmfoat of th writer rhewiaelrea, and do not nfcftiartlm
th, oomioa o me eniei.


Sports Editor




hapcncd to

Ih' in the I'nion
iv miii anv dav eluiiiij; i lie week


would prohahlv miliar a woman stiidcm stationed opjKisiie the Inloi mat ion desk. II m
ever M(iHl ii wonder whv she was there, ami
i hen wem over to ask her. vou would receive a
icplv thai would fro something like this:
"I am selling defense stamps to i lie siudenis
of the University. Mortar Hoard, senior women's
honorary, is sponsoring the sales, ami Rcverlv
f.iilliili is taking charge."
lun she might add ihai the ImmhIi is k ii
Trom II a.m. until 2 p.m. elailv. except Saiurdav.
and that one ran buv both 10 ecni and ''. cent
stamps for his loks.
It is assumed lhal ou are in I lie haltil of
billing stamps from vour post office or your
hank, hut how about paironmug the local sales,
which are ninth more convenient. Iieing in the
I'liion building. Add the fact lhal it will help
the girls working to feel lhal ihev are really
aitotnpiishing something, and it is a good argument in favor of huving at the Moriar Board
II is hard to ask students to sjiend anv inonev,
or to contribute to funds, but in the case of
war siamps. it is an investment.
doesn't take long lo buv enough stamps to make
a bond, and a Ixmd brings vou S2. for SI 8.7.")
in war stani)s.


Talk about going Irom (he ridiculous lo the
suliliiiu. thai is what the Wildtat basketball
learn did Monday and Tuesday of this week.
When ihev romp over the Bulldogs to the tune
ol ! I!S and then battle the Ramblin'" Wrecks
to a W M ic torv. il is a contrast worth hearing.
Wouldn't we have given our right e'ves to
have seen that game down at Tech? The fate
ol a game sometimes rests on a single jxiint,
just as it did a few veais ago when we
up a good light against Notre Dame.
The sioielxiard showed that the count was tied,
so lxi'h teams I rive the ball and wailed for the
Imagine the jov of Noire Dame and the chagrin of the 'dais when il was discovered that
the scoieboard was wrong, and the oflieial stoic
was None Dame bv one single count.
All of which makes us think of I lie coming
struggle Saiurdav night with the Irishmen in
Louisville. That citv might lie considered a
"home" court lor our plavers, but as far as their

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Advertising Manager
Associate Editor
Circulation Manager
Assistant News Editor
Assistant Society Editor

opMineiiis are concerned, il doesn't make anv
difference. Can't ever remember when Notre
Dame didn't lical us. cither ai Ixiuisville or at
Souih Bend.
But never sav die. is our motto, and this vear
we are going to cross our fingers, say a magic
word or i wo. wish I lie team good luc k, and liojie
for i lie best.

could not profess to lie a
can profess to have made a thorough
siudv of niv subject, and have compiled below
the best (mints of a large number of wide ami
varied opinions. Clip out the following rules
and pin them alxive vour desk lo note when



Study in a epiiel room ai a regular time.
Reserve a desk in a corner for the puiosc
of siudv ing onlv. and irv lo work at the same
hours. Vou will find that immediately vou sit
clown ai this "study desk" the surroundings suggest "studying" to your mind, and after a while
vou will find' it easier to concentrate.
3. Never delav vour start.
4. Begin promptly, and with a definite plan,
first review last lesson. The main ixiints should
Ix' out
the margin. 'Then skim ihe new les- son as a. whole. Dig out main points first, then
siudv pans.
.1. Study lo exeell in each lesson. Review the
leson just before class to discover and siudv
whatever vou have failed to remember.
fi. When- - vou studv, siudv hard. Don't have
little things on your desk or around you that
call h vour attention. If vour mind wanders.
si xrcl up and crowd out thought o other things.
. Don t sixnd a lot of tune on uninixiriaiu
lessons, or unimportant asixrts of the subjec t.
8. terms, dates, formulas, and outlines com- mil lo memory when understood.
Write out


When vou stop smdving. have a cue as
to where to Ix'gin next lime.
10. At examination time, sleep regularly and
,.,..lv LI., nm wnm- 4
Ivraeitiiw ..
will do will occur during trie hrst nail hour a
ter siudv.
II. Vmr onlv. Ipair of eves should be protect- eel
With vour eves doing so muc h close-uwork, it helps to concentrate on some distant
jxiini on the horizon for at least two minutes
evirv dav. (iatewav.



origins, ethics, and aims became a ing brand of democracy are also
two decade international hobby, the convinced of its essential worthless-nesdecadence,
majority of peace planners today
and over - all
are convinced that the isolationism anemia.
Is it too much of a strain on your
and Americanism of the "free enter pri.se" variety ithat is to say, delicate constitutions, dear readers,
free of labor unions. New Dealers, for us to throw caution to the
winds, abandon ourselves to th"
and other radical and
elements, fo as to make pos- judgment of posterity, and make
sible the greatest exploitation with the reckless observation that this
the least expenditure of energy) is assumption is, to understate our rase
by now decomposing in the ideolog- by mountains of manuscript, highly
unwarranted? For the sake of our
ical graveyard of outworn metaphysics and are proceeding full reputation in a possible Utopian
steam ahead on the assumption post war world, we sincerely hope
that the proponents of this charm- - not.
We do not suggest ,of course, that
all of these liberals are in ignorance of the indigenous native
in holy alliance, as always,
with the traditional inertia of the
masses of citizens, arrayed against
them. Some few, of whom
Henry A. Wallace is perhaps the standard bearer, have
spoken in ope