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Official News-Letter of the State Council of Defense
To Ed·it•rs: The _
¤=-· ln ¢h·· B¤··=¤¤ THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY Entered ., mana
In prepared for the   __ _ __ _ I
NSS and is released   ,.   1,,  I :11      , c ass matter at the
P _ _ ¤;__ A   *.;1»:_!__   post office at Lep
for publncatun on 1, _  _ ve,   ingtcn K
receipt.   W Jef G _1__1,:>   · ’ y'
December 16, 1918 LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY VOL [_ N0_ 23
! `I "l
I The University of Kentucky, in re- (By H. German.) 1 Anthony Dishmun, of Henderson, The ygggut 111-tides 1-G]11Li11g to [hg Raymond SChObc1.1h’ of Versailles,
sponse”to a request ot the Surgeon The blue grass seeds harvested 111 was elected cuptuin ot the Wildcats milk 51101-tagag111—m·jOus ton-nsjnyqan. 11 g1.11d11111€ O1 me College Of Law
General ofthe   S. Army, annovunces Kentucky this your show il high Ebel'- of the l.llll`\'Cl'Sll)` of Kentucky at n [ucky have been iu[n·;·€;{i]]g_ although l·11i1-C1·S119· 1,1 K911111Cky_ and Charles?
a tvvelve weeks course for lxurses El}-{OV·§U1lIlllli1U0ll as compeuozl mth rnoolnng ol the letter men of th1s the yggggng aSSigu€(`[f[)1·{]]g ana;-{nga li m€1·111S_ O9-i11gs1,m€y 11 graduate
beginning January 6. While the nar nxenous crops, and in samples tested years team, saturday, December 4. have not always been col-poop Tnoyo Oy the (wonngn on A1-ts 111111 Science,
was gomg on the Surgeon General in the l>epz11·l111<=11tol Entomology und ])lSlllll2lll is a sophomore in the Law gpg govern] f;_`[(]t()]‘$]'Q$l)[)]]Sib1(§1·[)]‘t_h€ were 1·1»1,O1-{nd killed 111 Fmuce NOV,
called for 50,000 nurses for the army. Botany of the EXD€l'llll€llt Stlltivll L`wll0;§e of the U1ll\'€l`Sl.t)’. small supply 0f milk awuilnble nt 1)1'€S· cmber 3 and 14 respectively, l
There are probably not more than have given ns high Q'\?l`llll1lill`.lOll per- This is ])lSlllll211llS second year on guy Schobeyth was 11 111€mb€.1- Og Com.
80,000 fully trained nurses in the centages as have ever been procured the ’varsity team, having played end Th€1)1•il1Cipa1faCtO1»S me scarcity O1 puny BY 359th ]11{a11t1·y_ After land,
country. The effect of such a draft from seeds harvested by the most ap- both seasons. He was elected by 1911101. and high priccd feed COHDJEJ mg 111 F1·a11C9 he \vaS Sem 1111111€d1atB_
on the profession would be very ser— proved methozls and obtained from Coach A. Gill for the All-Kentucky with a rather IOW price 101. dairy p1.O_ ly to the f1-0111 wh€1»9 he Served with
ious and for this reason the Univer- any source whatsoever. team. ljishman was a star on the ducts The dairy is more dG11€m1€nt distinction, Hg was 1md€1· shell 111.9
sity- has Planned F0 contribute S0m€‘ The relatively small crop of blue mhlmlc l€&lllS of H€ll(l€l'S0¤ high on ]gl_)()1· than any other pn]-; of the 57 consecutive days and went over the
what t°“’a*`d _m€€lmf? lh?_$l`€al need- grass seeds luurvcstcd ouch year iu 5Cll0<>l· 'l`ll0 U¤lV€l`5llY Wlll l0S€ 0¤lY farm, and as the {umn box-S and farm top five times, much of his service be-
' The zessatlon Of noslllltles has llol Missouri sonwtimos shows a better Ulm. lllilll of l9ll€ 1918 .t€iUll bY g1`¤1Hll at the U¤iV€1‘SilZYZ attract the most dgpgudgblg nanny that according to the report.
pupgsd S; tll;*`?p8·l1€(l will b€_ grgzilly vested anywhere that gave a better Dlslllllflll (€*11l>t¤l11·€l€0f), H€b€l` was 1of;_ Laborers prefer to go into Blevin was in aviation service and
$*68 Q k 0 dl? Flvlllllfélgnd ¤¤ ¢=111¤S aver-nge than me blue grass seeds test- , Murphree, Bastm, Baugh, other nnaa of industry that anan bat. was killed in a trial night in cmenes-
igr iii and inllgf S0 IHS HOW lf€‘·‘ ed here, beginning with last August. Kelley, Downing, Moore, Riddle, tgp pay and Shorter non;·S_ ter, England, November 14. No par-
g _e ume 0 ls c"{u¤lrY· RuSSl9·» The average of all samples received Shanklin, Bartlett, Bland, Duncan , · . ticulars haye been received as to his
Belgium and Serbia w¤l1¤e<->¤ all the from different Kentucly localities is (n1·1n·1 ·¤’·) Feed has been mmslmuy high fm d ·th At tl ' ‘
mine help me med sees can 79 an-     nn; nl these   ‘ ‘g“‘ %; ty¤3geg·‘s·10C¤¤‘g ¤1;¤“9§¤g¤l;e¤‘ly1g¤*§ 1Q€";;]Q£ in Y lil UZ1”"§S‘Ya§‘ialLiir$
· . . . . · , u a e Y so a ‘ ···· ‘
girglésas soon as reconstruction work 191% g€1.11111199l€d S0 11a1~Ca119)Or mgnal-_ SHOE D AT A CALLED FOR 27020 $2,,0% Haayogould be bgught for work and was- one of the most pop-
St d t h · I About a iou1t1 geinunatcd 0 ner cent IN VARIOUS COUNTIES $15 to $20 il ton u few years ago, but Ulm. men Of hls CUSS
11 611 S W 0 complete satisfactor- or higher. One sample piocuied Sep- W? HOW Sells at $30 to $40 xvhilg Gv€l_y_ ...;...1
gy the twelve weeks’ course at the tember 5, germinated 98 per cent, the County (tonnons of Defense are ap. thing that the dah_ym_{u employs hols WILDCAT MIDGET STAR
UlV€I`SitY will be I‘€COmm€1‘ldGd f01‘ best g€1‘l11l112ll;iOl1 pl‘OClll`€d hBl‘€ f1‘Ol"ll pooled to to Cooperate promptly and . _. . L . ,1 _ (         ·
”*’°“**m‘*¤* *0 the Army S¤¤¤<>1 of e deem Sample Ol me   Seede   I·11 my Wh the We Ieduemes SZ`$Zl'Z°;$?aZL2°$’ZII11¥ TZ?l·E§“€é°°}E$$ nnnny n.na;gT;nnnn Amer-
gllgfsirrfaoigio any c1v11 hospital which yyhgu it is 1-€m€111b191·€g ma; L1 germ. Board in carrying out the progrand re- per Cent- Everything that the dairy man Seaman, fO1_;nel_1y midget Stal, of
Y Y asm? *0 61*-tel- The Sui`- ination of 75 per cent is considered Gently sent out regarding shoe pmces. . · . - · · . · _
. farmer has had to sell has doubled IH the xvndqnts ol the University of Ken
gum General States that he is C0¤fl· satisfactor for blue grass seeds, the To Und out the number of retailers ,· -. . C, _ _ ,
dent; that pupils so prepared will find y ,-1h· _h   _ · . Dime €X0€Dl gut0 dursglg. College training strate, among other `things, that Iden- Knumcky fall bghjud those of 0111191- €d_N&tum11ythG dairyman haS,1h€1.B_ States NZWB1 Riga Range in mmOiS_
_ gra ua .0n ·\V1]l be credited tucky can Dl‘0dl1G€ HISK lalé bl¤€ 812155 states in furnishing this information fore, turned to more prontable and HG has been stationed OH {no island
m a°°°"d"·n°€ with Its Character imfl S9€‘lS_m a g°0€l Séason ll he? gl"0lV‘ to the War Industries Board. Hence 1eSs arduous types of farming. Dozens yabay V;-non in the English Channel,
8m0l1I1lZ._ All other accepted candr- ers Wlll 011lY GXGYCISG D1`0D€1‘ CMG 111 they are requested to fill out the for- gf dairies in Central Kentucky have working around the planes at Hum€l"
g;·I§€$h;Vl§i1:§;§E;; tzllréé H10HUJ1S’ credit curing tlw €l‘0D· warded 1lll111€Ogl`&Dll€d form without been dispersed and the farms devel- ons nn- stations, helping to hunt thi?
°“""‘ ¤'¢'¤>’- They me MSO urged to ¢¤ll ed to raising other D1‘0;1;3 th? _gOV?l€1m€n§ doubt, be willing to communicate the balanced 1-,111011, and besides has an no say; Nine hundred of those at the
an to 34 hmlted Extent to prepare for Smeg ·€ en me G SGIVICQ IB uma deslmd infO1`“mu°n· V excellent form of ash material that air station were designated to 1‘e’tu1‘n
elementary duties which Win na ra. to Lexington Thursday, December 5, ..i__.. bums up bong It MSO DOSSBSSGS two home as were pmcticmly 9111119 army
quired In hospltal `vards' Eutgldtlxlvlliielliiierl upczlgnr hl?. duties agzjuu       COI1Stit`l1€l1tS °t,l1Z·lt`, Bl`9 possessed by &l1` fO1`C€S   EiglHHd, and 1`11&l1y·0f
The COu1‘Se follows; gh   t Qgltllac {Y épmlmgn Smtmn BE APPOINTED AT ONCE very few f00ds—namely, vitamines them sailed on the Siboney, Wh1<§l1
Anatomy and E) its _0B G y€?' _ _ _ _T‘ that insure proper growth in the young landed last Sunday. The sailors are
Ph S1 1 ~ OC Ol mmém  I . vent mst tf) I¤r¤1·f -----·--·----.-.-. 12 hrs. per week Camp Kendrick to prepare for over- Sawnaa fron] this Cgunty, as wel] as the Chim Wm develop MSO mm; is 11 -—-——-———
¤¤rg¤¤1¤ 12 hrs- Sees duties- HIS “'0l`l< WHS Willi @5% war activities of civiliansyit is high- Splendid 1001] 101. adults and 99 9u1._ ARMISTICE NOT TO AFFECT ‘
per  Eek for 4 {md was d““g€l`O“S· The Alllwlcilll ly important that each county prompt- mnt 1,1.19% is 9 1.1191191. {11991, 10011 If WORK OF THE COUNCILS
WG9 S- chemists will receive service stripes, ly Sglcct 11 H1s1O1·11111 and motif the . _ ._ - , `· _ T-?
Organic 12 hrs. the same as chemists who went oven $11919 111a1O1.i9u of deh . ty t We lmblfc “l’l”"°"‘_“"d ‘{“ll* _“t Its The kentucky Council 0f_D€f<·>¤}S€
per Week for 4 sms receive * ~ r S EQPPOIP men- true wo1th and paid for it in com- has Just rgcewgd the fOJl0w111g wwe
weeks. L ...._' ...7 Stllieggizi ,11;:2113 cmmgwts dl;. Elle Darlsou with other f¤<>1;l °Om£‘°°lltl€$· from Hon. Franklin K. Lane, Secre-
· · L * "· ' = ` ll Y HDDOH1 € 15 01* then there would not e suc a tron- 1 . f I 9 ·· ·, vb · Chairman of
Pl1YS10l0giC9.l 12 FINAL CHAPTER PERIOD inns, and forms ani suggestions have ` h t 1 in th milk su >l my Q H glu? “ 0 ls ‘ » `
hrs pm, wk f0_ 4 bleseme S Of age G D1 Y the Flon} D1v1s1011 of the Council of
Weéks ' 1   A & B     6 b€€11 Séllt to thélll, S0 that lZ]1€ll‘ W’01‘k at the prgsgnt ]]']O]]]€Ht_ Natiollal Defense.
. ' _ —"" is now getting well unde· wa . When — na lk l -t H . . — .
Higgs; and Sam' 9 h u1Th€ HTP eil Cimlmlly A $9;*1011 Bi the history of Kentucky; pa1?t iu the tnilnlnililnntqtsllebtixiilteggi Satesiasgd ii; 191119;;;-1;:§§?;S];;gtg§;1i;;io22 4;;-
·······-—-—---- · ----·—·- 1`S·D€1` week ` G Vocll mlm mllllllg SGC iw Ol war is written if the part which — ‘ d " 111 ‘ ‘
1- - _ V   _   9 _ _ _ . 1 govelnment is en eavoung to ep .66 1 999011119 of the Doss].
Nlgrlgtlon and C°°k 9 h S“{°l°l{l§ ANDY ;I`l*“H*‘}g C°ll{S» lu the any county takes does not appear ont in the emergency by making wheat 511119, 3,11; 911 early aymistioa Even
····----· · --·---- · -----.- . .... FS. per ivggk Ul11V€lS1tY of Ix€lltl1ClxY, ’\\fG1B_C£LH€d in that hist , · .· , _ · ·_ _ _ __ _ _
Psychmcgy 9 h t th _ Th _ I ft _ 0lY 1l3 Will be 3 lllilllfel b1an available to the dauy fE11I11€1 so 11 an 9u.m1St1c8 Should be CO11.
·······--—·-·-·-- - YS- DGP week bogicr il ` thmslf  al €l€lO‘°“:.P€;€l;“‘ of regret to the negligent county. as to help solve his feed problem. It Cludgd this does 11011 mean that
Total 5';hrS p I fsllexhcl; .u`;lL%¤;t€ié3P0?1ltPGUO B' Records made now will be invaluable has been almost impossible for the the yvay is Oven and in any case
```````````'''`'` ' ''‘` ‘ Br WG9; ` l l ' `ill P1 YQW Y€H1`S· dairyman to procure a regular and 11 ele ·
. · l . . .· ,_ _ ·genc will not be over
Th _ P1€S1¤¤gt¤¤· S0 me      ~
, O1' r v y · . . . ` _ _
of an eee and maturity andoabigii and pnvneges was nnpneesea upon ALL S- A- T- C- OUT OF vger lg“V‘?Hl;‘S pé°*’€" amd]; "f%*“ Sup` The Kentucky G¤¤¤¤¤1 adds its ¤W¤
Such as 90 justify the. the men b the resident SERVICE BY DECEMBER 21 P Y P lm fm Cream- u le °‘m‘ earnest request to that of Secretary
Special st d Ir Gnrqumgnt as · y pl - U · "`““` Summg pubhc must recognize the fact Lane that there shall be no relaxation
u gum To be Bllgl·bl9, after Capmm Roydgn Spoke Of the 1m' The Stn(1ontS’A;·1n Trninin Corps that dairymen are confronted with C - · · ·
tl1€ Completion of the 12 wggkS’ C . portance of the insurance the men are · - . - y . g ’ · · Of efforts m any d“`°°u°H· Peace IS
to appointment to th A 0ulS€» Carr in and adv,S€l tl , _ _d University ot kentucky, will be mus— higher priced labor, feed and cows not yet here and in any event the
Nursm G rmy S<>h¤¤1<>f y   _ I ( mm m mgm tered out of service December 21. The than they have faced in fifty years, da S of 1.€C011St1.uCt1On wm resent
g» Candldates must be between te collmlllmg payments r€gu1m`1y· It prggrgml will bg hold in chapel or on and that UIGY IHUSTZ acccrdillgly l`€‘ y ' · p
the ages Of   and   y€H.1°S and fnust \va’S pointed Out that there \vi]‘]‘ nat` th€ CQ]')]1`)uS (IQ ondin QH   8 G1»),thBI‘ celve   her prices than ll€1‘€t0f0l`G Droble/DIS IHOYG difficult thalll those
D1‘6Se¤t evidence of oxcanaut 11]1yS1_ urally be some difficulty arising for and 19111 cémsiit cfg apprgpgatg ad; g J J HUOPER ` the war Itself has pl`°S€ut€d‘
cal health- AS zz rule all w01{1a11 ad_ men whose future occupations are not dmségs music and mimar exercises C H '   A _, It ’_ **1*;;
milled to the course Shguld 1, new arranged but me 1n-annnnaa qpg * . , "_ · 0 Egg 0 gllcu me JESSE MILLER CROWDER’S AIDE.
least 20 years Old 4 e at SO rmsomblgithe Speaker urged tint The work of giving physical exam- University of Kentucky. 1...
The term begins January 9 1919 one insurance annnln be kept up at ;"‘““‘{"b1*‘“g..“;“‘}“g out papers ‘°"   Jesse Miner, graduate of the Col-
ml continues nn twelve waakaf ’ all nmrae. ,Q°“O“? 6 als? “g°.°f the mn has f“"°“$h€d bmk t° “"’“` h°‘“€S as lége Of Lew, U¤i"€*‘S“>’ 0* K°¤'>¤°k>’·
The fees Charged 'yvill be   plus DQEI1 In ·PlOgl€$S SlllC€ the H1St of ]_’)_QC@SS]ty d?]]]andGd_ is D0", Captain Mil1€11, personal aide
5 laboratory deposit O1 $2 50 for G 11   Gcembeb but hwg been relerded Tlm l10SD1t¤l ¤Yl`¤¤E€>