xt78sf2m8x25 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt78sf2m8x25/data/mets.xml Kentucky Kentucky Press Association Kentucky Press Service University of Kentucky. School of Journalism 1989 Call Number: PN4700.K37 Issues not published 1935 Aug - 1937 Oct, 1937 Jul - 1937 Aug, 1939 Oct - Dec, 1940 Jan - Mar, 1951 Aug - 1956 Sep. Includes Supplementary Material:  2005/2006, Kentucky High School Journalism Association contest 2004-2005, Advertising excellence in Kentucky newspapers 2003-2005, Excellence in Kentucky newspapers newsletters  English Lexington, KY.: School of Journalism, University of Kentucky Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Kentucky Press Press -- Kentucky -- Periodicals The Kentucky Press, January 1989 Vol.60 No.1 text The Kentucky Press, January 1989 Vol.60 No.1 1989 2019 true xt78sf2m8x25 section xt78sf2m8x25 3 weeklies change hands Rules, informafiBP/wavafi
as 1988 comes to a close d contest; dueLFéeplge195
Page 2 'Wfigfiggom /
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, Z 3 an up
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055)., {91; T ,l‘ .i. 1, y
Q! 'I: ,, “inn.
Official Publication of the Kentucky Press Association - Volume 60, Number 1 - January, 1989
“ 5-H. 4 W
'i . I W a
- I
,__.. -. 7986’
I—'.. ' ,
a" g ,
Pages 6 - 19

 Page 2 '
3 papers change hands consume... use.“
Steve Austin Homer Marcufn
as '88 draws to a close need... Mam Comm
L Henderson Gleaner D‘ tn‘ ”2
Three newspapers changed hands at the end of the CI _ L :11 s: Ham‘aker
year' ' ‘ . President Elect I “1‘50“ Times
The Grant County Express, a free newspaper c1r- Green River Republican ' .
culating over 8,000 copies in the Grant County trade gang; 11in dam
area, was purchased by Landmark Community 31:1; 35:33: Mt. Vernon Signal
Newspapers, Inc., Shelbyville, December 30. Courier Journal & Times
The Express was started in November, 1986 by Ed District 14 _
Ashcraft of Ashcraft Publishing in Owenton. Celia McDonald TD;:1%HI?:;I?:§;:;I
LCN I already owns and operates the weekly {giajzrgmt Herald
Grant County News, purchased by LCNI in April, News Y Dismct 15
1987 from Scripps-Howard Newspapers of Cincin- Mary‘Schurz
nati in a deal that included The Kentucky Standard, Max Heath DanVlHe Advocate Messenger
Bardstown; The Pioneer News, Shepherdsvflle; and giggifggmmunfiy State “large
Standard Publishing, a web offset printing plant in Newspapers
Shepherdsville. 1988 B d f D. ct liE/[airédiiurliihfielgafl N
Ken Stone, manager of the Grant County News, °” ° “9 °" 1 5 0’0 Y 6W5
and Debra Jasper, editor, take responsibility for the District 1 Joel Ramon
operation of The Express effective January 1. Jerry Lyles _ Lexington Herald-Leader .
The Mercury and the Martin Countian, Martin Benton Tribune-Courier F 'th Mm cal
. 3] er e
counties two weekly newspapers, have been sold to District 2 Associates Division Chairman
LaJeune Waggoner, publisher of the Appalachian Jed Dillingham The Wenz Neely Company
News-Express of Pikeville. Beginning the week of Dawson Springs Progress 7
' i will ublish Kentucky Press Association]
Jaguar}, 9' Waggonefr E11131 his. assoc ates p District 3 Kentucky Press Service Staff
a Single newspaper or artin county. my Hager, Jr-
Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer David T. Thompson
The KentUCky Press Executive Director
District 4
Mary Jane Smith Lica McCain'
C h a n g e S f0 rl I I at Logan Leader/ News Democrat Members Services Coordinator
, District 5 Bonnie H (1
With this issue of The Kentucky Press, you 11 no- Celia McDonald Bookkeepz‘rvar
tice a change in our format. LaRue County Herald News
We've switched from tabloid to mini-tab format. Di . 6 Egnchavis _ D'
The change allows us to incorporate many of the D332): Abernathy verbsmg 1’ 9““
special notices of programs -— convention, seminar Oldham Era Cindy Pullen
and contest information - into the mini-tab and Advertising Assistant/
makes it easier for you, our readers and members, to Emmet“: _Ck Kentucky Press Editor
, . . . . e ey arm
keep track of. what 5 gomg on in our industry in the Canaan County News Division Officers
state and nation.
We hope you enjoy this new format. District 8 Advertising Division
Bob Hendrickson Larry Brooks
0 bi t S Maysville Ledger Independent Lexington Herald-Leader
' , District 9 Circulation Division
Henry Duncan Kasey, 87, former press foreman Ken Metz Coleman Love
at The Gleaner, died December 12 at Redbanks nurs- Bath County News Outlook Elizabethtown News EntelPfise
“‘8 home District 10 News Editorial D'vi 'on
Kasey started working at The Gleaner in 19l3 John Del Santa Ed sum 1 5‘ .
earning $3 a week as a newsboy. He later worked 1n Ashland Daily Independent Associated Press, Louisville
the mail room and eventually got a job, in the press—
room, where he helped print the extra edition at the The Kentucky Press (ISSN-OOQ3-0324) is published monthly
end of World War I and second class postage paid at Frankfort, Ky., 40601, and at
K ti (1 f . Th G1 - 1967 He saw additional mailing offices. Subscription price is $4 per year.
asey re . re rom' _e eaner 1“ ‘ Postmaster: Send change of address to The Kentucky Press,
three generations of printing technology used at the 332 Capitol Avenue, Frankfort Ky., 40601, (502)223-8821.
paper before his retirement. Official Publication of the Kentucky Press Association

 Page 3
A r K ntuck W
JU L 2 s 1989 .
Jimmy D. Garrison has joined the Sentinel—News He melted lead used for a linOtXPe machjne, a hot
advertising department as an ad representative. dirty job. Caudill workefl'hflWfiYiQfi aKgMWY |
Garrison is a graduate of the University of Kentucky devil to publisher and president y Pub-
with a degree in marketing. While a student at UK lishing Company, Inc.
Garrison worked as an advertising representative for
the Kentucky Kernel, UK's independent student ;
‘ newspaper. Donald B. Towles, vice president of the Courier- 2
Journal, is chairman of a month-long celebration to
Lisa Frost has joined the staff of the News-Enterprise recognize volunteers and their contributions to the
November 14 as a copy editor. She is a former staff Commonwealth. Martha Wilkinson is honorary
writer for the Winchester Sun. Frost graduated Sep- chairman. In April Governor and Mrs. Wilkinson
tember 1 from Ohio State University with a master's will unveil the Kentucky Volunteer Roll of Honor, a
degree in journalism. While in school, she was a staff listing of every volunteer in the state. The names, will
writer for the Ohio Cooperative Extension Service. be on display in the Capitol Rotunda from all 120
She earned her bachelor's degree in journalism from counties.
Eastern Kentucky University.
Teresa Hill, of The Whitley Republican and Corbin!
Chad Carlton is The News-Enterprise's newest re- This Week, was recently promoted to editor. Hill, a
porter. Carlton will cover Ft. Knox, Vine Grove and journalism and political science major from More-
health from the Radcliff bureau. He is a graduate of head State University, joined The Whitley Republi-
Westem Kentucky University with a bachelor's de- can in July of 1987 as a reporter and was named
"‘gree in journalism and government. He has a Feature Editor in October of the same year.
master's degree in public affairs reporting from
Sangamon State University in Springfield, Ill.
Carlton worked eight semesters on the award-win- Bill COX, director 0f photography for The Whitley
ning College Heights Herald, serving as editor in the Republican and Corbin! This Week, has been pro-
spring of 1987. moted to Graphics Editor. Cox will be responsible for
the design and lay-out of the papers as well as con-
Bill Bartleman, Paducah Sun political writer, was a tinuing to supervise all photography work. Cox is a
guest panelist on KET's "Comment on Kentucky." graduate of Cumberland College. He joined the staff
The show was telecast live from Kentucky Educa- 0f the newspapers in 1987 and has won national
tional Television headquarters Al Smith hosted the awards for his photography and paper designs.
30 minute program in which reporters discuss events
and people in the headlines. Doug Taylor general manager of the Mt. Sterling
Advocate presented a check for $475 to Dr. Robert
Gene McLean, sports writer for the Lexington Her— Haynes, superintendent of Montgomery County
ald-Leader will succeed Nick Nicholson as executive Schools. The money was raised from a recent sub-
vice president of the Kentucky Thoroughbred Asso- scription drive conducted by the Advocate and will
ciation. Nicholson, who has been with the associa- g0 to the Montgomery County Scholarship Fund.
tion since 1983, is leaving to become the director of The money will be awarded to a graduating senior
The Jockey Club. McLean has worked for the Herald- planning post-secondary education.
Leader for almost 11 years. He was Kentucky Sports
Writer of the year in 1986 and has won six Kentucky Connie M0168 has been named Whitley Republican
‘ Press Association awards for writing. He is a gradu- news editor. Moles will be responsible for the news
ate of Eastern Kentucky UniverSity and was the and editorial decisions for The Whitley Republican.
school's Alumni of the Year in communications in She has been reporting for paper since leaving The
1986, Jonesborough Herald 8: Tribune, Jonesborough,
Tennessee, last January. She is a journalism major
Ronald J. Caudill marked his 25th anniversary with from East Tennessee State University.
The Morehead News December 13. Caudill began
his career in 1963 as a printer's devil, which no longer Frank Newman and Herman J. Adams have been
exists since the business has become computerized. Continued on Page 19

Page 4 h
The Central Kentucky News Journal recently scription rates to match dramatic increases in the cost
completed a project to provide books and magazines 0f newsprint and production. _ .
to elementary and junior high students in the 5010— Newsprint COStS are skyrocketing. During the
men Islands. past 21 months, newsprint has increased in price 17
‘ Jane Marlow Willis, a former newspaper owner percent. For 1989 the paper suppliers have an-
i in Brandenburg joined the Peace Corps and is sta- nounced another 5 percent hike.
tioned in the Solomon Islands. Ina letter the newspa- The Commonwealth-I 01117131 has 110* had a rate ‘
per received fromMs. Willisin September of 1987 she increase Since July 22/ 1985, however, the new rate
said, "My main project is to start a resource library for increase went into EffeCt January 8: 1989-
> the primary schools in New Georgia. And I need help
from my friends and neighbors at home. ,
The News-Journal took her request to heart and Gannett, the parent company Of The. Courier—
with the help of the Campbellsville/Taylor County Journal s announced that PreSIdent and Chlef Execu-
Rescue Squad initiated a book and magazine collec— tlve Officer John I. Curley, 1'19, Will also become chalr-
tion project in the community that ended in 685 man Mafih 11' mhenhChaii'lmenéfllenMH. N‘egtal’r‘th
- - - - re ires. en ar , w o m on arc , as
pounds 0f reading material being shipped out. been an executive of Gannett for 25 years, the last 18
as president, CEO and / or chairman.
According to figures recent] released b the . '. .
Audit Bureau of Circulations, anyorganizatiog] that h' hThe EaIIyNNewggveielEdZazy 4:;Cl‘fiitilci1nigeaacziefoaf
audits the circulation sales of most of the magazines 8% rgiaire mo :Ifhe fi fire attaihed in Novgember
and daily newspapers in the United States, the circu- 1987C p 5 v g
lation Of The News-Enterprise grew faster than that The increase re resents an annual rate increase
of any other Kentucly daily newspaper during the six of si htl more than) 4 ercent
months of April through September. g 31, . 1 t' p t th b .1 N ta
The News-Enterprise's Monday through Friday un ay arm a ion a e . a} z e“: grew ah.
circulation rose by 4.3 percent, compared with the slower rate, bUt showefd a ga1n O 374 1 ungg, :1 15
same months in 1987. Their Sunday circulation was same112.mont_fiper10d, rOHEIZ‘l’gzggg 25’ .98' hunda};
up 5.9 percent over last year. c1rclu ationlsti runs more t an , copies a ea 0
During the second quarter The News-Enterprise dal y c1rcu ation.
converted to morning publication and reorganized
the a er to include adail " lin " ' . . . . .
Ne£s§£nterprise also addegiliinsfihficggserrgg The Dally News has increased Its Sll‘gle copy rate
.hours a day, seven days a week for its television to 50 cents. The rate increase was effective January 3'
section. ’ Publlsher Earl Burchfield said that raismg the
The second fastest growing newspaper in Ken- single copy rate was an alternative to increasing the
tucky was The Lexington Herald-Leader, which home dill 1very .prlfie' The home delivery and mail
grew by 2.1 percent on week days and 4.6 percent on rates WI remain t e same.
Sundays. The Courier-Journal's circulation rose by
22:21:30? §::§;.Cent on weekdays and fell by 1'3 For the fourth year The .Kentucky New Era has
Most of the other newspapers in the state experi- received first place recognition for Its promotion Of
enced modest drops in circulation. International Newspaper Carrier Day.
Thls year the award was for the best use of color
in a full-page advertisement promoting carriers.
For the third year the award was sponsored by
The Kenton County Recorder has recently re- The Hickey—Mitchell Co., an insurance carrier. An-
ceived a new look. The design has been changed to a other Sponsoring company honored the New Era
tabloid so it will be easier to handle and easier to read. previously.
The theme of this year's promotion was "Dedica-
' tion to Service, a Carrier's Pride." The newspaper re-
The commonwealth Journal, along With a 10f 0f ceived a plaque and certificate for its first-place pro-
other newspapers across the state, is adjusting sub— motion.

Page 5 q
1989 T w x i itors i
rade S ho E h b
300th #1 Booth # 16 Booth #28 §
Ky. Bankers Association US. Bureau of Census Powell, Walton, Milward ’
1 Riverfront Plaza, Suite 500 222 S. Church St, Suite 505 PO. Box 2030 3
Louisville. Kentucky 40202 Charlotte, NC 28202-3220 Lexington, Kentucky 40594 3
502/582-2453 704/371-6144 606/254-8023 j
Frances Aicklen Ken Wright Charlie Hamilton
Booth #9 Booth #17 Booth #29
Web Press Corporation Meisner Roller Company Transylvania University
Bennett Business Park 3103 Millers Lane 300 North Broadway ‘
22023 68th Avenue South Louisville, Kentucky 40216 Lexington, Kentucky 40508 ,‘
Kent. Washington 98032 502/774-5549 606/233-8120
Jo Bunger Maurice Meisncr Barbara Jane Ownby
Booth #10 Booth # 20 Booth #30
W. D. Gatchel & Sons U. S. Postal Service Copy Corporation
720 E. Market Street 1088 Nandino Blvd. 11401 Bluegrass Parkway j
Louisville, Kentucky 40202 Lexington, Kentucky 40511—9998 Louisville, Kentucky 40224 ;
502/582-2631 606/231-6732 502/267-0000 ‘
Rudy Fritsch Phillip Lykins Dennis Thompson '
Booth #11 Booth #21 -22 Booth #31
MycroTek Lexington Computer Store Ohio Addressing Machine t
9229 E. 37th Street North 2909 Richmond Road 3040 Prospect Avenue
Wichita, Kansas 67226 Lexington, Kentucky 40509 Cleveland, Ohio 44115
316/636—5000 1-800/432-7329 216/391-3000
Leslie Smith Jerry Gibson Mike Leciejewski
Booth #12 Booth #25 Booth #32
' Gross Magee Dynamic Graphics Varityper
PO. Box 8 6000 N. Forest Park Drive 7843 Palace Drive
Wickliffe, Kentucky 42087 Peoria, Illinois 61614 Cincinnati, Ohio 45249
502/335—3 194 309/688-8800 ext. 255 1-800/543-1975
Gross Magee Bob Behrcnds Carol Dunaway
Booth #13 Booth #26 Booth #33
Boone National Guard Encyclopaedia Britannica USA ReproSystems
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601 310 S. Michigan Avenue PO. Box 1480
502/564—8478 Chicago, Illinois 60604 Owensboro, Kentucky 42302
Chuck Tohler 312/347-7346 502/926-0123
Oreatha Blake Kelly Mirt
Booth #14
Associated Press Booth #27 Booth #34
525 W. Broadway Metro Creative Graphics Federal Express
Louisville. Kentucky 40202 33 w. 34th Street Po. Box 727
502/583-7718 New York, New York 10001 Memphis, Tennessee 38194—1862
Ed Staats 1-800/223-1600 901/395-3507
Linda Castaldi Doug Williams
Booth #15
600 Cooper Drive
Lexington, Kentucky 40502
Ed Mastrcan

 Page 6
Third Place: The Pineville Sun & Cumberland Courier,
Weekly Class I mean.“
BEST EDITORIAL Honorable Mention: The Kenton County Recorder.
David Opon and Mark Cohen
First Place: Carlisle County Courier, Mary Ellen Tho-
mason BEST COLUMN (Variety of Subjects)
Most appropriate Independence Day edition editorial.
An attention—getter. First Place: Cumberland County News. J. 0. Brown
Second Place: The Herald-News. Pamela Steams Easy to read. filled the requirements concerning variety
l Nicely detailed expression of the whole idea of being a very well. Good writing.
community newspaper. Second Place: The Times—Argus. Larry Stone
Third Place: The Carlisle Mercury, Hank Bond Although some of the stories are in the "oldies but
goodies" category, this column was quite entertaining.
BEST SPOT NEWS STORY Third Place: The Kenton County Recorder, Luann
. McLane
: First Place: The Pineville Sun 8: Cumberland Courier. Repetition of subjects kept these well-written pieces
Tim L. Comett from scoring higher.
l Headline caught my interest and the story quickly de- Honorable Mention: The Pineville Sun & Cumberland
1; tailed background of what led to arrest. Courier, Tim Comett
Second Place: The Gallatin County News, Kelley War-
1 Story brought out some background of business that ‘
i burned. Not much about future plans, further investi— Honorable Mention: The Pineville Sun & Cumberland
gation or leads. Courier, Duane Stewart
1 Third Place: The Times-Argus. Richard L. Deavers
Good job of relating an almost tragedy. BEST SPORTS STORY
1 BEST GENERAL NEWS STORY First Place: The Russell County News. Charles Pearl
Made coverage of a track meet quite interesting. some-
, First Place: Carlisle County Courier. Mary Ellen Tho- thing that is hard to do. Nice local approach to coverage.
mason Second Place: The Kenton County Recorder, David
i Headline caught my attention and I felt writer/editor/ Opon
i publisher did a pretty good job of presenting balanced Highlighted well--did not barrage the reader with need—
} story—-even though she was in it. less statistical rhetoric. Nice quotes.
; Second Place: The Gallatin County News. Kelley War- Third Place: The Times—Argus. Richard L. Deavers ‘
. nick Honorable Mention: The Bath County News-Outlook,
Important story. Could have included more specific in— Russ Metz
2 formation about what prompted attack. Good work on
naming board members and their votes. BEST SPORTS FEATURE
Third Place: The Herald-News. Patricia Stilts '
Nicely detailed story on an important economic develop— First Place: The Kenton County Recorder. Stephen Vest
ment story. Nice approach to the old adage "local boy makes good."
Commendable that newspaper traveled across two
BEST FEATURE STORY states to do story. ‘
Second Place: The Russell County News, Charles Pearl
1 First Place: The Bath County News-Outlook, Ken Metz Provided insight into an athletic event that virtually ‘
f I was caught up in the white water adventure. and the everyone had wondered about but knew nothing about.
photograph was excellent. Good behind the scenes approach to Wallenda's ‘
\ Second Place: The Trimble Banner-Democrat. Becky thoughts. ‘
‘ Jackson Third Place: The Pineville Sun & Cumberland Courier.
Good story combining information about training race Duane Stewart I
.. horses, but with the never failing "animal saved from Good research. '
death" angle. -
Flo's character was caught by the writer and I could
easily imagine her head stuck deep inside a trash First Place: The Tdmble Banner-Democrat. Becky .
container. ‘ Jackson
. , ‘ By far most outstanding entry. Lots of homework and I
BEST COLUMN (One Subject) . ‘ then good interpretation. Side bars were appropriate as ‘
‘ well as editor's column. Good job. i
First Place: The Gallatin County News. Kelley Wamick Second Place: Cumberland County News, J .0. Brown :
Most entertaining colurrmist . . . could liven up the front Third Place: Carlisle County Courier. Mary Ellen Tho- 1
page of any newspaper. mason ' 2
Second Place: The Herald-News. Pamela Steams ,

 Page 7

BEST STORY SERIES Editing (i.e., cropping) made this effective photo even

better. .
First Place: The Todd County Standard, Rebecca Third Place: The Gallatin County News, Kelley .
Bamhart ' Warnick ‘
Told me a lot about different aspects of EMT. Seemed Good composition and lighting of an appealing 1
well planned. writer had a goal and completed it. subject. 1
Second Place: Carlisle County Courier. Mary Ellen Tho— Honorable Mention: The Times-Argus, Doreen Dennis l
mason :
Third Place: The Pineville Sun 8: Cumberland Courier, l,
BEST BUSINESS OR AGRIBUSWESS STORY First Place: The Gallatin County News, Kelley 1

Warnick l
First Place: The Trimble Banner-Democrat, Becky Good variety, layout. subject selection and reproduc- 1
Jackson tion. Top notch job. 1
Reasonably good job of explaining business to public. Wamick's entries in a class by themselves.
Ph°t° might have to“ more. Second Place: The Gallatin County News. Kelley
Second Place: The Kenton County Recorder. Cindy Ste- Wamick ll
venson Difficult photo to take--done expertly. !
Obviously an important story to area. Third Place: Cumberland County News. Bruce 3;
Third Place: The ’h'imble Banner-Democrat. Becky Henson 1
Jackson Different angle for face shot. J

Honorable Mention: Cumberland County News. i
First Place: The Gallatin County News. Kelley Warnick {
While lacking in the best composition. a difierent angle BEST SPORTS PICTURE I
would have avoided the flag coming out of Adams' head, t
this photo captures his pleasure very well and includes First Place: The Gallatin County News. Kelley f
the most important item--the key. ‘ Warnick ;
Second Place: Cumberland County News, J. 0. Brown This is a superb shot. Basketball shots tend to 1
Photo captures the earnest expression on Wilkinson's become routine. This one is not. ‘
face, good use of soit focus surrounding subject; would Second Place' Cumberland County News Bruce
have cropped closer. Henson ' ' 1
Third Place: The Russell County News. Charles Pearl Had this shot been any smaller its effectiveness
GOOd framing by bare-branched tree. tombstones. would have been greatly diminished. Excellent ‘
BEST SPOT NEWS PICTURE pmllgotography. facial expressions make this outstand- ,
Note: Photos that won captured events as they were Eggnog The Bath County News‘Outlook. 80b
happening, rather than the scene ofan accident afterall Clarity of detail as action is frozen made this one a 1
people were gone. winner ‘
Mt Place: The Times—Argus, Doreen Dennis Honorable Mention: The Kenton County Recorder, .
Good photo with menacing motorcycle in foreground, Tim Smith .
circle of rescuers surrounding victim. Also very good >
use of photo in the paper. ;
Second Place: The Gallatin County News, Kelley War- BEST SPORTS PICTURE ESSAY 5!
nick 1
Billowing smoke, running firemen made this shot awin- First Place' The G all atin County News Kelley ‘
ner. ~ ' '

Warnick :
Efkiolzace' The Trimble Banner-Democrat, Becky Superb photography. Entry fllled qualifications for 1
Activity captured in the photo shows the drama of the gtifgpgcfiagcn‘flgfigzhggfinw News Bruce ;
scene. Henson ' ' ‘
BEST FEATURE PICTURE 51120512131126. Reproduction in print hardly did
First Place: Carlisle County Courier. Mary Ellen $335M“: The TOdd County Standard. Mark
gzgisizgre — lighting especially good. Photo made great 213103141) 113me Th B th C N 0 t1 k ‘
routine dedication of memorial memorable. Rona; t: en on' e a ounty ews- u 00 ’
Second Place: The Bath County News-Outlook. Ken uss e r

' Metz

 Page 8
“7 Second Place: McLean County NeWS, Beth Jordon c
eekly Class II Good first person writing on topics with which readers E
can identify. v
BEST EDITORIAI Third Place: The Cadiz Record, Janet Freeman T
First Place: The Springfield Sun, George Gabehart BEST COLUMN (Variety of Subjects) I-J
Good editorial on an interesting local subject. I liked the 1:
Way h was displayed, the art, and the way it was clearly First Place: Troublesome Creek Times, Ron Daley
ldehhhed as A Shh Editorial. Second Place: Greensburg Record-Herald, Walt Gorin E
l Second Place: Troublesome CreekTimes. Frank Curtis Third Place: The LaRue County Herald-News. Celia
Awell written and hard hitting editorial on an important McDonald F
subject to local readers. Use of quotes was especially Ii
Third Place: Hardin County Independent. Gerald R. S
Lush First Place: The LaRue County Herald-News. Robin E
Well balanced. on what has to be a very controversial Milby ti
local issue. Subject matter out of the routine and an entertaining, ’I
. Honorable Mention: Citizen Voice &Times, H. B. Elkins readable style make this a winner. F
3 Second Place: The Crittenden Press, Chris Evans C
l BEST SPOT NEWS STORY Light touch must be appreciated by readers. Well writ-
“ ten.
1 First Place: The LaRue County Herald-News, Bob Third Place: Citizen Voice & Times, Mike Lay E
I McDonald Strong opinion, vigorously expressed makes interesting
Thorough reporting. great on details. Depositors reading. F
3 should know where they stand after reading this. Honorable Mention: The Springfield Sun, Tom Bystrek F
Second Place: The Grant County News, Debra Jasper 5
Capsulizes tragic event very well. BEST SPORTS STORY 5
Third Place: The LaRue County Herald-News, Celia _ T
1 McDonald, Debbie Polly First Place: The Pioneer, LOIS Rodgers Y
1 Good roundup story on storm. Good lead, well organized. Told me what happened. s
‘ Second Place: The LaRue County Herald-News. John D.
i Third Place: The Springfield Sun. Tom Bystrek E
j First place: The Cadiz Record, Janet Freeman Honorable Mention: Citizen Voice & Times, Mike Lay
‘ Well done story supplemented by understandable F
Second Place: The LaRue County Herald-News, Debbie V
Polly First Place: The Cadiz Record, David Blackburn 5
Thoroughly explores all angles of problem. Good story about an important part of getting started in '1
. Third Place: The Georgetown Graphic. Byron Brewer sports. T
Honorable Mention: The Georgetown Graphic. Byron Second Place: The Campbell County Recorder, Ken C
Brewer Robinson
Good subject. interesting story, lead might have been E
BEST FEATURE STORY rewritten at least one time.
Third Place: The Grant County News, Debra Jasper 1:
i girl? Place: The LaRue County Herald-News, Debbie BEST INVESTIGATIVE OR ANALYTICAL STORY :
. o y
Nicely developed story about a person’s life work. Good First place: The Pioneer. philnp Powers 5
9, quotes and PICtUTCS"EOOd J°b- Thorough analysis of a multi—faceted story. C
‘ Second Place: The Springfield Sun, George Gabehart Second Place: The LaRue County Herald—News. Debbie V
Sensitive telling of a father's grief over murder of son pony '1
and what he learned about so“ during one suspect's Good followup on story of great community interest.
tnal. Son and father bOth victims. Third Place: Citizen Voice & Times. H. B. Elkins
Third Place: The Georgetown Graphic, Jim Rector Story shows evidence of much digging into records. E
1”de the lead, use Of Shakespeare. Honorable Mention: The Georgetown Graphic. Byron
Honorable Mention: Greensburg Record-Herald. Lisa Brewer F
Richerson (
Worthwhile story about a fine community effort. BEST STORY SERIES :
BEST COLUMN (One Subject) First Place: The Pioneer, Lois Rodgers 1:
This reporter stayed right with a story of great interest 1
First Place: The Crittenden Press. John Lucas to the area. Good job. E
Good style. t

 Page 9
Second Place: The Springfield Sun. George Gabehart BEST SPORTS PICTURE j
EiTective display and graphics helped make this one a 1
Winner. First Place: The Georgetown Graphic, Jim Rector
Third Place: The Georgetown Graphic, Jim Rector Good pixdeserve good display and this one gets it. Good
Series of great interest to many readers was well done. cropping. '
lI-cha>lr;orable Mention: Troublesome Creek Times. Ron Second Place: Henry County Local, Tom W. Smith [
y Shows player's concentration. could be cropped to two j
BEST BUSINESS OR AGRIBUSINESS STORY columns and be JUSt as efiecuve- j
Third Place: Citizen Voice & Times. James Morris 3
First Place: The Pioneer. Phillip Powers ‘
In-depth look at experimental project Without becoming BEST SPORTS PICTURE ESSAY t
boring. Readers can understand what's at stake. . 2
Second Place: The Pioneer, Phillip Powers First Place: The LaRue County Herald-News, Robin l
Explains well the potential impacts on many facets of Milby. Gary Spratt I
the community. Good selection of pictures that show action. feeling. 3
Third Place: The LaRue County Herald—News, John D. Second Place: The LaRue County Herald-News. John D- f
Fox Fox f
Good study in contrasts. Good job throughout three pages of photos. E
Third Place: Greensburg Record-Herald. Tammy i
Blaydes %
BEST GENERAL NEWS PICTURE Three good pictures; crowd shot shows little. Good use '
of color adds to layout. .
First Place: The Clay City Times, Jerlene Rose Honorable Mention: The LaRue County Herald-News.
Focus centers attention on the real subject. W. L. McCoy
Second Place: The Clay City Times, Kenny Faulkner 3
Shows true mixed emotions. ‘
Third Place: Troublesome Creek Times. Ron Daley weekly III ‘
You can almost hear the sentence being read by expres-
sion on the convict's face. BEST EDITORIAL
First Place: The McCreary County Record, Ken
Good explanation of why newspaper is accused of
First Place: The Georgetown Graphic. Jim Rector printing only negative stories. #341;
More than your usual accident photo. Shows the Second Place: The Oldham Era. Kit Millay ‘
victim‘s true situation. Clearly outlines the unanswered questions that ‘
Second Place: The Pioneer, Phillip Powers should be answered. ,
The glow of the fire can be felt in this photo. Good job. Third Place: The Casey County News. Maleena ‘
Third Place: The Clay City Times. James Mulcahy Streeval
Good emphasis on point of impact. Great on details. Could emphasize infringement of
public's right to know more. V
First Place: The Georgetown Graphic, Jim Rector BEST SPOT NEWS STORY , ,
Picture sets mood for this special section. Quality re- 1
production enhanced by color picture says "peaceful." First Place: The Anderson News, Janie Buntain '
Second Place: The Pioneer. Mark Bandurske Great recount of tense happenings. You would think
Cute subject could be better if cropped closer. That the reporter had been inside the poolroom. .
would eliminate "staged" feeling, Second Place: The Anderson News. Janie Buntain
Third Place: The Georgetown Graphic, Marphy Crump This reporter knows how to write understandably so .
the reader feels he is at the scene.
Third Place: The Lebanon Enterprise, Ninie
Honorable Mention: The Anderson News. Don White
First Place: The Clay City Times. James Mulcahy
Good capturing of many expressions. BEST GENERAL NEWS STORY
Second Place: The News-Democrat. David Hill
Yes. that gum is really a mess now! Would be better if Fil’Std) lace: The McCreary County Record, Ken
best pictures were larger and others omitted. Shmidheiser
Third Place: Troublesome Creek Times. Ron Daley Good lead. balanced because it presents all sides of a
Best photos are at bottom of page. layout could accen— potentially controversial proposal to reduce the
tuate best better. county's financial troubles.

 Page 10
Second Place: The Anderson News, Don White BEST SPORTS STORY 5
Good story with good headline. This is bickering and ,1
the reader feels he's on the scene hearing it. First Place: Mt. Sterling Advocate. Kenn Johnson I
Third Place: The Lebanon Enterprise, John Bramel Far and away the best in this category. Johnson takes 1
Honorable Mention: The Meade County Messenger. you to the games and SCtS 37011 on the bench.
Michael s_ Benham Second Place: The Times-Journal. Charles Pearl
Interesting way to summarize trial testimony. Awell-written story that lets us know exactly what hap I
pened. how it happened. and how everyone really felt I
, about it. (
‘ BEST FEATURE STORY Third Place: The Anderson News. John Hemdon I
‘ First Place: The Lebanon Enterprise. Ninie Glasscock BEST SPORTS FEATURE , 1
This was hard to judge. all 60 entries were good. In (
my opinion. this was the winner, primarily on the First Place: The New Voice. Tom Stephens .
basis of the excellent quality of writing. An in-depth look at a local swim