xt78w950hg5h https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt78w950hg5h/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19770225 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, February 25, 1977, no. 167 text The Green Bean, February 25, 1977, no. 167 1977 2014 true xt78w950hg5h section xt78w950hg5h C . C ,
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2/25/77 NO. 167
University Archives (
Margaret I. King Library - Noni
University of Keniucky
Lexington, Kentucky 405%
23 February — Music in the Gallery series: The LeMay String
Quartet — Noon, Gallery. Open to the public
Administrative Council Meeting — 8:30-9:3OAM
Staff Organization Meeting — 3PM 3rd floor staff
lounge (see note)
28 February ~ Bluegrass Libraries Meeting ~ 7:30, Gallery
Speaker: Cathi O'Hara (Henry Clay High School
Librarian) en “The School Media Center" (a slide
tape presentation). Open to the public.
4 March ~ Library Faculty Meeting — 8:30AM, Gallery
Music in the Gallery series: David Uhl at the
Baroque harpsichord — Noon, Gallery. Open to public
2l March — Library Science Colloquium — 7-9PM. Student
Center President's Room. (see note).
Cgrrent_E§hibits: Gallery/Special Collections — "Four Centuries
cf Chiidren's Book Illustration" (through February)
Cgptribgtprs to this number: Cynthia Amann, David Farrell (Editor)
Faith Harders, Ed O'Hara, Jeanne Stevens, Bob Turner.

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Staff_Qrganization Meeting:
Meet the people in the libraries. Friday, February 25, 1977.
3PM for refreshments, 3:15PM the program begins—department
heads will briefly describe functions of each department.
Meeting will be held on 3rd floor staff lounge.
Library Science Colloquium:
The College of Library Science presents Mr. Robert W. Burns,
Jr., in its colloguium series on Monday, 21 March 1977, from
7 to 9 PM in the Student Center President's Room. Mr. Burns
will speak on "Assessing User Satisfaction: Problems of
Mew_Law Librarian cataloger:
p Cynthia Bott, a recent UK Library Science Graduate, will be
replacing Ellen Mawhinney as the Law Library cataloger on
a temporary basis.
Office Tegminology Defined:
The following glossary of modern office terminology recently
emenated from the Geology Library:
Expite ~ to confound confusion with commotion: To implement
a program ~ hire more people, and expand the office: Under
consideration · Never heard of it: Under active consideration —
We're looking in the files for it: A meeting — A mass mulling
by the masterminds: Re-orientation — Getting used to working
again: Reliable source — The guy you just met: Informed
source W The guy who told the guy you just met: Note and ini-
tial - Let’s spread the responsibility for this a little:
Let’s get together on this: I'm assuming you're as confused
on this as I am: See me, or Let's discuss — Come down to my
office—I'm lonesome.
Murder in the stacks? Blackmail on the Bridge?:
Instructional Services has developed a new self—instructional
unit to accompany the Dinosaur Units for the Freshman English
program. Instead of a tour, the students are give a copy of
the unit with search questions written in from various ref-
erence sources and indexes; they must then go to the actual
source to find the answer. It is hoped that by requiring the
students to look through the works, they will learn more
than they do when a guide simply describes the source to them.

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Murder cont.
Just to make it more amusing for the students (as well as for
the authors), the units were written as a series 0f Sherlock
holmes "adventures" where, among other appealing goings—on,
a blackmail scheme is uncovered in the Newspaper/Microtext
Room in "The Adventure of Lord Toodle's Remarkable Ransom" and
a hapless librarian becomes the major clue when a volume of the
Encyclopaedia Britiannica drops on his head in "The Adventure
of the Deadly Tome."
The Sherlock units were tried on a trial basis this semester and
will be fully implemented next semester. Anyone wishing to
receive a copy can stop into Instructional Services (wearing a
deer~stalker cap and carrying a regulation magnifying glass, of
course) or contact Cynthia Anann at 7-1025. We won't insist
that you shout "Quick, the game‘s afooti" but it helps!
The State Assisted Academic Library Council of Kentucky (SAALCK)
met February ll at Elizabethtown to discuss problems affecting
academic libraries at the eight state universities. Representing
UK in the SAALCK sub—committees were Gaile Kennedy (Circulation),
Eveljn ~,,,i Evans (Serials), Trudi Bellardo (Automation), Mildred
Moore (Reporting), Ed O‘Hara (Acquisitions), and Vivian MacQuown
(Interlibrary Loan).
Among the many subjects discussed were elimination of unnesssary
serial subscriptions, uniformity in statistical reports, auto-
mated circulation systems, and computer output microfishe catalogs.
Eff ·ts at greater cooperation among the Kentucky's academic
liorn ies will also encompass the sharing of information on
important book and microform purchases.
Conference on the Copyright Law. April l4—l5, 1977 at
Indiana University; registration: $6G.OQ. For further informa-
A __ . ( _ 1, ` 4
tion. see Faith narders.
xy" ?_`*n"{':'l
Clerk Typist Ol4 Law Library
lf interested, see Faith Harders.
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E.*lu@,.rll§.,¤?‘1ALl.;llF‘l,Q_YllEll[lflP9‘3B..¤ lilllilluli
Director, Lexington Public Library, Contact: Dr. Jess L. Gardner,
Board gf Trustees, Lexington Public. Salary~$20,000+
Director, Maysville Community College Library. Available March l5
Head oi General Reference Departmentr Emory University, Atlanta,
Georgia. Available: September 7, l977. Deadline: April 15, 1977.
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_l.D DC il r.

 n U ` X
l Educaticn Biblicgrapher, Syracuse University Libraries. Avail-
able—March 14, l977. Deadline: March l5, 1977. Salary—$ll,265+
Serials Catalcger, Indiana University Libraries. Available-
immediately. Deadline: March Bl, l977. Salary-cpen.