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    Minutc's of the regular mou'thly meeting of the Excecutive Co m-
Mittee of the Board of Trustees, University of Kentucky, Wednesday,
July 7, 1920.

     The Executive Conmittee of the 3Board of Trustees,' Uniiversity'
o Kentucky,' met in regular monthly bession on Wednesday, July 7,
1920, in the President's office at thie University at 12:00 o'clock,
noon.' The following members were present: Richard C. Stoll,---
Rich rd P. Ernst' Robe't G. Cordon' andI Rainey T. Wells- P"esiden't
Movey was pres-ent at the meeting and in the absence of Mr. Patrick,
Secretary of the Committee, Senator D. H. Peak acted as secretary.

     The minutes of the special meeting of the Committee for June 1.,
1920, were approved.

     (1) Purchase ofC Gordon property.  The President was authorized
to purchase the -Gordon property on Lexingtoni Avenue adjoining M4axwell
Street Presb-terian Church from Mrs. Diary C. East, as of date June 30,
1920, on- the best -terms possible, the deferred payments to be due in
one, {vro- three and four years.  The building is to be used as  
dormitory for girls and such expenditures for repairs as nay be neces-
sary properly to fit it for t.,he purpose stated are hereby authorized.
The President is further authorized to make such expenditures as may
be necessary for the proper furnishing of the building.

      (2) Purchase of Engineering Equipment.   The following resolution
relative to the purchase of engineering equipment was passed:   Whereas
by the acts of the General Assemblye of the State of Xentucky at the
session of 1920 there was appropriated the sum of thirty thnusand
dollars for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1921 and thirty thousand
dollars for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1922, for the uwrpose of
purchasing engineering equipment for the College of Lngir-cr.ng o'f
the University of'IKentucky, and whereas -it will be'grcat:.'..- beneficial
to contract`?or _this engineering equipment at once, therefore be it
resolved that the engineering equipment provided for in said acts of
appropriation be and the same is hereby ordered to be purchased to
be paid for as the money becomes available under the law.


    - (3) S-toD and Rates in Front of !  gm    Station ?arml .  r.
R. P' Pope-, General Maiiiger of the -entacky-Traotion- and. Ierminal
Company and Colonel John E. Allen, attorney for the company, ap
peared before the Gommittce relative to the stop and rates of fare
to be charged to the stop in front of the Experiment Station farm.
Mr. Stoll stated to the Committee, immediately upon their first
appearance before the Committee that he is the general counsel of
the Kentucky Traction and Teroi  nal C mipany and a nwber of the
Boar of Director~s~of the Company; that it would be highly improper
fori hIm _  1 t'Ie a nr- p ---- n - he &isoussion of the mantter and fe
stated that he deolined to take any part in it.   He did not enter
into the disoussion-of the matter, nor did he vote on the matter
or relative to anything connected w9ith it.  'Mr. Stoll riequested
Mr RaIney '. ETells to take the chair7 and MrO Stoll retired from
the       'aair an- tooh no furher nart in the prooeedings.  No action
Was taken on the matter.

:   (4) Plans fo-r Men-s Dormitor.   It was ordered that Thetenta-
tive plans-.-o'r me'ns-doxmntorf submitted by Coolidge and Shattuck
be accepted and ithat the company be authorized to prepate complete
plans for the building-

     (5) ie~morial Build ing.  Report was- made _on the progr;s&s_ of
iork o the -6 omittee on n Meo rial BuilcLing, and the continuance of
the Work toward raising funds was approveO.

     (6)- ?3r 3         The repo rt ofi the Com' tee oiire es-
eapes wasapproved and ordered incorporated in the minutes as fol-

                                         Jume lS 1920

     To the Honorable Board of Trustees

          University of Kentuehy


          Tle herewith submit report of your Committeo on fire
     esoapes for Girls' Dormitories.

          Paltterson Hall.  This buiildinig has one large enftranoe
     :fom tie &ront and onre from- a6h end of the 'ait f1o~or.
     Prom the main floor there are two separate anid distinct
     stairXways leadinji up to all. the upper floors, both being
     accessible from any floor.


          There aire two iron fire escapes:  one 'in each; wing
     of the building at the rear-.  Be consider the neans oC
     eilt in case of fire are excellent and canrnt u-cersband
     why the question of fire escapes Tras ever raised.

          MaxweljiaHsll.  This is merely a two-story residence
     With one stairway in the front part of the house and one
     Outsie  ooden sta iea' -at the rear. -'This latter is
     not used ordinarily, but would serve as a rear exit from
     the upper floor in case of fire at the front.   This build-
     ing also has a front porch on second floor from whicoh es-_
     cape couladbe made by ladders or ropes.   Wfe see no hazards
     here over that of any residence.

          Th e tack sta irwiay mentioned above vsould need repairs
     after another wviater-

                                        Rainey T. hells
                                        ag E. Grady


     (7) Free tuition for Ex-serviceir.en.  Mro Raney T-. }tells
Was appointed to -ask the IAtto;ne .General-t  give an opinion sonthe
act of* tic General Assembly of 1920 rclativetto free'tuition, eto?.
in the University of Kentuclcy and other schools for ex-service men.

     (8) Secoodaarr Kdu  ition.  The offer of the General Education
Board as contained in -the following letter las accepted.

                     General Education Board
                           61 Broadwary
                           New Yark City

                                        June 23, 1920

     President Prank L. MeVey
          University of Kentuckry
               Lexington, Kentucky

     Myc dear President McVey:

          17e received this iro'rninii the joinit letter of Mi'r-. Col-
     vin and yourself regarding the cooperation of the General
     Edi4.t ion Board in the field of se~ofAar- education i,
     Xentuoky.   Te are h-appy to know that Mir. Rhoads becomes



    professor of se ondary'e-dcat'ion 'inthe Universityr o'f Ken-
    tucky.   The Board' provides 'a' 's'alary of $3-600 with an addi-
    tional allovvncd of $250 for traveling 'xenses,' in order
    to enable 11r. Rhoads to keep in touch 'pith the secondary
    schools within easy reach of the University.   As you wil
    remember, the resolution of the Boara stipulated that its
    appropriation for this vrorkc will terminate at the close of
    a five year period.

         With best wishes and warm regards,

                                        Very sincerely yours,

    AF:ESB                                     Abraham Flexner

    (8) Transfer' of'Moiheyas oin Booths.  The Business, Agent' having
heretof6ri  a  :i porfitoniof the'unpaid purcaseprice' of'"the
property referred: to in the contract appevrd tfich 21, 1917,
'dut of the gcn'6ral' fund instiead  C obut of the fertilizer fund,,
he is nowv ordered to reimburse the general fund for such =us so
So paid.' out of 'the ferthlizer fiuid and to make 'suchadditional
payments on said property as may be due out of the fertilizer fund.

     (9Y) Dr. Patte  on'sResidence.   On acoount of the illness
6  Dr'. JnMes.. PBatt'crso6 ana 'his diiabilit+y to get up and dol  sta irs,
the in'stal3at'i-on ox' a 'batihr-oomr on- 'the lowri 1l66r' of his residence
was ;approved and the necessary funds for that purpose appropriated.

      (l)o Contractwith the ?ederal Board f-r Y6oatlonal Aducation.
The contract iith'the  e'deral Soaxda f or -VocatRonald _Eduiati'on ' for
instruction o'f' disabled' soldiers iias approved'.  The contract of the
previous' 'year' is changed onl y by the inisertionf O a clause relative
to Work in the Department of University Extension.

     (11) Shrta    in' Gov brnxaent Ordnance.  It wtas orcerc) d  ifiat
$148,24 be paid to th'e Director -Of Financie, Tashington,' D. C., on
account of shortage ta government ordniance as shown' 'by the inventory
of Captain Tucker, the arms- officials not' accepting the statements
in the Inventory as sufficient to cancel shortage.

     (iz4. Improvement o Road's on Campus.  The imaproveme-enit of roalds
on the eampus  s -now-in process under-budget appropriation ;as approved.

     (13) Increase in Water and Electricity Rates.   A 'letter from"
ilexington Hydraulic and -lIanufacturing Conpany-showing an ziucrc ase in
rate of one cent per thousand gallons of lwater was filed, and also a
letter forom the Lexington Utilities Comnpahy showing an increase of
10%/ surcharge was filed.



     (14) Caey-1Iead. A~obunt.  The certifications of H. E. Curtis
and. D.'H.' Peak -as-to the bill of 't'he Caroy-Reed Company For $18128l '
for building road. connect5ing 'Gxahan' Avenue a-nd the hUniversitGy campus
were deemed'-sufficient-and. the amount ,aTs ordered paid as follows:
three.-fouirths 'out of the Experiment Statonh Pund and one-fourth
Out Of the"Gen'eral Fund,' the 'road. beingA three-fo'urths on Experiment
Station lots and. one-fourth on the University campus.

     (15) Cafeteria Q0uarters.  It was ordered that, part of -the base-
ment of Science -Building -be reconstructed anid repaired. for use as
cafeteria rooms, the cost to approximate $4,'500.

     (16)- Rooms for the Department ol. Music.  It was ordered thaat
part of the -basermeat -of- -atter ion -Hall -be -r constru'oted and repaired
fr e1se by the" Departme nt of fusc, the cost t6 be appr-ximate1y -
$1;800; and that pianos be purchased for use theredir no'. more than
five in number, to be paid. for out of rental earnings.

     (17x) Rebuilding of EAfri an"Baptist Church or Wihslo'w Sti-eet
It was- ordered. -than -an -investigation -be made -as -to .-he report o-f
rebuilding African Baptist Church on Winslow Street.

     (18})B7.-- _aqernian Claimi.  The Business Agent. was ordcered
to6 investigate -tte  l-3im~of-B2 C. Hagernanftor gymnasium Zoods Wild.
typewr~iter 6ur'_rt'ed to have- been s61d to the University in 1909;
and report at the next meeting of the Committee.

     (WUg)   of Automobiles and Payj~ant Therefor.  The following
recommendations -of -Dear -Cooper -were -approved:-

                     University of Kentucky

                                       July 6; 1920

    President Prank L. McVey

         University of Kentuck-y

    My dear President McVey:

         Referring '-o -my recent memorandium to you, I wtish to
    recommend that permission be given for the payment of th e
    sum of $50 a month to county and hone dehonstration agents
    using personally 6urned automhobiles in'lieu of any o-filer
    expense suoh:as liveryr hire, vehicles, or expenditures on
    their own- automobiles,, with the  roVision'Ehat such 2payments
    may be made to such agents as may within tho discretion of



    the Director of EktenrSsion and. the Dearn of the College
    of -Agriculture, be entitled to such Payment.

         -1n e~xplaination of the above I  til1 say that coetain
    me. and wuomaen Gill evide   Mbt; not be entitlidi t6 the pay-
    menr of such a sum a  they either mike very slight use of
    a personally owned automobile or utilize horse and livery.
    The1 payment named  sall not sufficiently recompense the
    men or women who use their cars for continued trave in
    their wor- and I think this is as fair an arrangement as
    We can afford.

          I trust that this urill receive the approval of your-
     self and the Coittee.

                                         Very truly yours,

                                              Thom.nas Cooper,

                                                   Dean and Director.

     (20) Appointment of Junior Cl1.ib Leaders.  The following com-
municatiobn -from Dean Cooper with the respect- of the a'p'intient of
Junior Club Leaders, was approved and ordered incorporated in the

                      University of Kentucky

                                         July 6, 1920

     President Frank I. MocVey

          University of Kentucky

     My dear President McVey:

          I desir6 to recor'nmnd the appointment of the follov--
     ing pei'so2s as Junior- Cfub Leaders, satne to be efiective
     Diut  , i92'0, at a nominal salary of $1..00 per mont'h.
     These pe'r sons are eipnloyed as Volunt6e' weorker-v who ha-v c
     agreed to- carry on the work which represents thle systexinrio
     development of the Junior Club Project in the rural aistricts.



         PorrnaL   ointets   hrough the  owad of R'egeni~s-are
    oa be given 7thE persons names.  A tentative folm of aD-
    pointment waS -eeently tent you.

                                        Yours very truly,

                                             Thomas Cooper,

                                                  Dean and 'Director.

    The form of appointment recommended vras as follows:

    This is to &ertify that the Board& of Trustees of the University
of ten~tucy,~ reposing especial confidence in the ability of
properly to organize and condatcc Juni6r Club work in  __      ;
County, has, upon recommendation o4 the Extension Divisi'on of the
College of Agriculture, and upon the approval of the Dean of tile
College of Agriculture and the President of the Univer-sity, appointed
sa id       -       of                               a Community
Leadei-of : J3nior -GCl'b work -under lthe direction of the College of
Agriculture.   By this action saidi                   becomes entitled
to all the rights and privileges and -is charged -with the revponsi-
bilities pertaining to the position to which he is hereby appointed.-

Prasident1 -Universi-ty-of -entucI-Y

.. - Dean. College -of .Agrioulture - -

    The following list of
presented and approved;


I. D. Sandlin'
Robert Taylor
L. V. Morris
Miss Susie UTatson
Bri-an S-asser
Miss E:Cff ie ."Epp er'son
Miss Martha RIeams
Le'sl ie' Yaden-
Miss -6Mary Blodsoe
Barden Gilbert
Alex Byble_
David Vaughn

appointees as Junior Club le.ders .ras


Bond  -
B ro6k
L'da fl-
Dortha t

C ountv

C ly,
JT%; ron
Jac rson
ICI-I 6:
Laur l
iur cl




J. M. Combs
M1iss Dora Arnbld
Miss Bertha lHill
Mr s . Willie G~r'if-fin
William Uieron,7us
Professor IT. D. Lucas
Benton .  ieidAer
D- I. Carter
Miss Miartha Jones
Reverend H. T. Young
Green Brock
Mi ss Lucy Ha--es
W. C. Johnson
A. M. Riatt
C. L. Smith
Dudley Caudill
Leonard Knox
John Centers
Fraiik Marginson
Mrs. Lena Drake'
Mrs. George Bush
Mrs. Beatrice Blount
Ao  . Smlthh
Mrs. Einma E. Mc6ollvum
M iss Nannie Dvans
Miss Hattie P at riok
S. S. Sullivan
mrs. 3. J. Diseker
Green Campbell
H. J. Johnson
L. T. Manning
A' 1 Dowthitt
Mo O;. 1rrather
L' C. Cherry
Giuy Montgomery
C. Harrin
Ulmer Rendall
Ng Vl 'ilsonl
Mrs. C. it. Webb
Mrs; G. IT. Cooper
Mrs. Lee Threlkold
Mrs. Alva Lasher
Miss Ora Trimble
Mrs. C. C. Duley
miss Wil'lie Underwood.
Mrs. Frank Parris


London R. I.

East Bernstadt
St. Trelens
Mt. Vernon
Crab Oohard R. 3-
Big H{ll
Cla-y C ity
Clay City
R o s lyn
Vaughn Mill
Clay City
Cow Creek
Travelers Rest
Sp rucebarg
B rurmuett
.66oo bine
Lynn Crove
r7ew Concord

Madi son
Madi son
Madi son
P owell
Whit ley
Wli itley'
Living ston
  Livin'l ton


N amc

Mrs. Edith Hampton
Mrs. Roland 31appolee
Mrs. J. Aisobrook
MrS. L. V. Matlock
Mrs. John Quartermous
Mrs. Daphne Driskill
G C E. fDrushal
Mc. T. Moore
Oscar Horn~sby
G. M. Elkins
R. L. Davis
Y. R' Smiith
IT: C. L'Iliott
Sohn Reams
E. L. Roberts
C. VW. Leforce
..IMrs. Pearl Davis
,J e 7S. S-i- Ier
M.rs. Tony Horn
Mis s slizabeth Green
Max B. Hurt
Miss Jessie Haines
Mr s . Vt ilbur Akin
G.. R. Ruby
Mrs. J. D. Swinforl
L C. Curry
Eugene Butler
Mrs. Morris 3. Hardwick
Miss Louise L' Dorsey
George E. Prey
Mis. J. VT Steele
Mrs. S. Vt. Cobb
A. B. Strong-
Miss Uargaret Roberts
Mrs. VT. Y. MoMakin
Mars. Graham
Mrs. S. A. VlYlitesido
R. T. VWhittinghill


Bo'st. Creek
Baurel Creek
Clover Bottom
Lyin g
Canyon ?alls
Pleasant View
Wi'I-X iif f e
Eagle Station
Livia, R. R. 1.
Cyn'thiana. R. R. 6
Horse Cave
Ancho rage
Mul likin
Olmst ead
Harrodsburg, R. R. 5.
Miorgan ileld


Livi ngs ton
C lay
C lay
B alardl
R ender son
SiL,,so n

     (21) Appointments and Kesignations.   The following liist of
appointments, resignations -.nd transfers, recommendled by t0he . resi-
dent,' was approved:




     Appointment of Miss Flora Le Stourgcon as Assistant Professor
of Mathematics at a' alary of $2000-a year for a period. of three
ears.   She-is 'a-graduate-0f Georgetown College and received her
Doctor' s Degree in Mathenatlics fron the University of Chicago in
1917. . For -the -past two years she has been teaching in Carleton
College; MIinnesola.

     .Appointmcnt of Bart 11. Peali as 5,ccretarry of th.e Unircersity
Y. M. C.'A. for tiie yrear 1920-21, at a salar-, o $2,200: -ork to
begin September 1; 1920.

     Appoiintraent of Dr. P. hC. Holme s zas Head. of ^the De ,artment of
Hygiene and Public Health at a salary of $4,000 a year, cffectlive
September, 1920.   Doctor Holmes has oeen Head of the Denartrnent
of Rygienc and Physical Education, Chio Vtesleyar. University" Dela-
ware, Ohio.   He has the aegrees of A. .i. and M. D.

     Appointment of Miss I'fargaret -Horsefield. of O;fora- North Caro-
lina as Instructoir in Romance Languages -For the year 1920-21, at a
salary of $1,-500.  She is a graduate of the University of North
Carolina and has practically completed her work for Masters Degree
at Columbia, University.   She was Head of the Department of Modcern
Languages in Salem College for six years.   She studied ih, France
during the sum-mer of 1913 and. has a speaking knovledge of both
French and Spanish.

     Appointnent of IMiss Violette Shanklind as clerk in the Homne
Deritonstration Department of the-Extension Division, effective June
21, 1920; at a salary of $70 a month.

     Transfer of Miss FNanc.y Bentley frorm the State Departm.en.t 6f
Mines to the College of _n9gineeri-hig at a salary of $90 a Month,
$30 to be paid. from th;e general fund. and charged to the Engineering
College budget.

     Akppointiment of IA. A  1    -alt, Z-ssist4nt County Agent, _enton,
Marshall Coufity- Zentucky, at a. salary of $200 a month, for a period
of one month, effective Juna 7, 19e20.

     Appointment bfL'Miss'Margarct :ird, County Home Demons-ation
Agent, Grarves County; entucky-, at a salary of $125 a month;, for
a period of twelve months; effective July 1, 1920.

     Appointnent of Donald 76. 111artin, Assiistant County ZAgcrt; .iO-
Craclcen County, Centucky, at a saiai'y o  $125 a month for a period
of twelve months, effective June 15, 1920.



     Appointmentn of M. L. Rall; Fielad lgeint in Club Work, at a
salary of $150 a month,- e.ffeotive June 17, 1920.

     Appointmienit of Iltiss Beriialette IClwer, AssistaSnt'Hone fmon'-
stration Agent, Union County I'entuclcy, at a' salary-of $125 a month,
for a perioa of lvrelve months, effective June 2i, 1920.

     Appoinmenof oJ. 1E. Ta~ylor, Assistant County Agentl Christian
Counzity Kentucky; at a salary of $100 a month, ior a period of four
months, effective June 10; 1920.

     AppOintment of Ieiis-s lilared O'Haver, County Rome Demibnstration
Agent, Logan Countyt Kentucr.ky at a salary of $125 a month, for a
period of twelve months, effective June 15,' 1920.

     Appointment of C. '.. Ricliards, Field Agent in" Club Work, 1fi.hlbn-
burg CounEy- l entuclcy, at a salary of $100 a month, for a period of.
four months, effective June 14; 1920.

     Appointment of Harold Link,; Assistant County Agent, at a salary
of $1,300 a year, effective June 22, 1920.

     Appointment of Charles A. Mosgrove,- Field Agent in Club Ifork at
a salary of $1,500 a year; effective June 21; 1920.

     Appointment of Mrs. Anna B. Goddard, Itom& Demonstration Agent,
Mercer County, K:entucky, at a salary of $1,800,- effective June 23,

     Appointment of lliss Pearl"Norgan, Assistant HEme Demonstration
Agent;l Sitpson County, Xentulcy, at a salary of $1,020,- effective
July l, 1920.

     Aopointment of Henri, . Laine, Assistant County A~ent (dolored)
Madisoni County, !entuckl, at a salary of $;17200 a year, effective
July 1; 1920.

     Appointm,&nt of H.' . HIarcs, Agent in Club WTork, at a salary of
$1,600 a yeAr, effective July 1,' 1920.

     Ajpoi~ntment of-A. J.- 7alhler, Field Agent in Club Worwk, Laurel"'
county; Kientuck;k+k  ata^ salary' of $125 a raonth, for a period of 3 14/30
months, effective May 18; 1920.

     Continuiation7 of ein loynient bf 1r's. Roxie''C. Perkins, County
Home Demonstration'AgentV Whitley County, Kentucky, at a salary of
$110 a month, for a peziod of four months, effective July 1, 1920.



     Appointment of Russell L. Sunderlan-6  Assistant County Agent,
Daviess County, ICentucky, at a salary of $1,-800 a year, effective
June 22;- 1920.

     Appointment oi Mr. J. Homer Barasedy as Field Agent in Poultry,
extension division; effective July 1, 1920, at a salary of $2,-000
a .yea r.

     Appoibitment of Mr. Cliftof U. Jett as Field Agent iD farm
management, extension division, at a salary of s1,o.800 a year, ef-
lective June 10; 1920.

     Appointment of Mr. Ralp-hbenney-as Extension Specialist in
Agriculture at a salary- of $3,;000 a year,; effective October 1, l920O

     Appointment of Dana G. Card as-Field. Agent in Marketing, cx-
tension division, at a salary of $1,;800 a year,' offective August 1,

     Appoiintment of Miss Alberta Wilson as Follow in Zoology for
the year 1920-21.

     Appoint-ment of Miss Molly Rse a~r  as instructor of History
in Model High School, at a salary of $1,-200.

     Appointment ok Prof cso rE. R. Tlood as Principal, Model High
School; at a salary of $2,200.

     Appointranont of Miss Vcla CarricI; instructor of English in
Model Eigh School, at a salmary of $1;200.

     Appointment of Miss Clara E. Schieber, instructor of Histoly
in Model High School; at a sala-ry of $1,300.

     Appointment of Miss -Mabel IT. PollItt as assistant nrolessor
of Ailciei't Languages at a salary of $l,-00 a year for a period of
one year.

     Appointment of Mr. J. S. Yankey, Jr. as inspector in the De-
partment of Entomology at a salary of $75.00 per month.

     Appointmaent of Mr. 3. R. Smyth as- Field Agent in Poultry, ex-
tension division, at a salary of $1,800 a year,- effective July 1,

      Appointment of Mr. Herman Cat-man as inspectot of creameries
 in the Crearaery'License Section, at a salary of $125 a month, ef-
 fective June 16; 19a0.


     Appointment of Mr. PRicl-,ard C. Mifller as Field Agent in
Animal Husbandry; extension division, at a salary oI $14800 a
year, effective June 15,7 1920.

     Appointment of L. 0. Siler,7 Club Agentl Whitlpy Cobunty,
Kentucky at a salary of $1,200 a year, effective July 1, 1920.

     Appointment of jo'ihn R. Spencer, AssiStant County Agent,
Hart Couinty, Kcntucky; at a salary of $1,500 a Ye-ar, effective
June 25; 1920.

     Appointment of Miss Angie Rill, Assistant Home De'monstration
Agent, at a salary of $1,-020 a year,- effective July 1, 1920.


     Resignation of Dr. Guy 'V. Smith as Instructor in Mathematics
to accept an assistant professorship in the University of Kansas.

     Mr.A. L. Darnell, recently appointed Extensi6nSpecialist in
Dairying, has not"ifed the University that owing to illness in the
0arilyy he is unable to a;cep' the position offered lhim and requested
td be relieved -6 his ob'ligaJ ion to the University.  His resigna-
tion is accepted as of the present date.

     Resignat-ion of Miss Mary Zharpe, cleric in the-Hoie Demonstra-
tion Department, Zxtension Division, effective July li 1920.

     (   P2} ?inancial epor;.  Thle fi'iancial report o. the Business
.A.gent for the month o  .May wts received and filed.

     (23) On motion, the Business Agent and the Chairman of the En-
ecutive Corrtmittee were auithorized :to borrow from-time to time such
funds as may be necessary durin~g the fiscal y ear 1920-1921, soiong
as the aihount- borroired at any one time does not exceed $90,000.
(The o30;000 authorized for loan by the lE:ecutive Conmittee on
MIay 26, 1920 , was not bozrovred.-

                                         Respectfully subui -ed,

                                              'D. E. Peak,

Acting Secretary.


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