Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the University of
Kentucky, Tuesday, December 13, 1966

      The Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky met in the Board
Room of the Administration Building on the campus of the University at 10:00
a.m. , Eastern Standard Time, in regular meeting as provided in KRS 164. 170,
with the following members present: Governor Edward T. Breathitt, Chairman,
Dr. Ralph Angelucci, Vice Chairman, Dr. H. B. Murray, Secretary, Mr.
William R. Black, Dr. Harry Denham, Mr. Robert Hillenmeyer, Mr. Richard
E. Cooper, Mr. Sam Ezelle, Dr. Harry Sparks, Mr. Clifford E. Smith, and the
two non-voting faculty members, Dr. Stephen Diachun and Professor Paul
Oberst. Absent were: Mr. Wendell PT. Butler, Dr. R. W. Bushart, Mr. Smith
Broadbent, Mr. W. F. Foster, and Mr. Floyd H. Wright. The administration
of the University was represented by President John W. Oswald and Vice
Presidents A. D. Albright, Robert F. Kerley, and Robert L. Johnson. The
various news media had representatives present. Mr. Carson Porter, President
of Student Congress, was present as a representative of the student body.

      A. Meeting Opened

      In the absence of the chairman, who was delayed in his arrival, the vice
chairman asked Dr. Stephen Diachunr to pronounce the invocation. Following the
invocation, the secretary called the roll and reported that a quorum was present.
The chairman declared the meeting officially open for the conduct of business at
10:05 a. m.

       B. Minutes Approved

       On motion by Mr. Hillenmeyer, seconded by Dr. Denham, and without
objection, so ordered by the vice chairman the reading of the Minutes of the
October 21, 1966 meeting of the Executive Committee was dispensed with and
the Minutes were approved as published.

       C. President's Report on Activities

       President Oswald prefaced his report on activities of the University com-
munity since the November meeting of the Executive Committee with the
explanation that the items in the report were merely representative of the many
and varied activities going on at the University at all times and said that copies
of the report would be mailed to faculty members, key alumni, and selected news
media throughout the state.

       Following a brief mention of each item in the report, President Oswald
read the following Resolution on the Death of Paul Garrett Blazer, Sr.