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              THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES of the University of Kentucky notes with
              sorrow the death of

                           MR. PAUL GARRETT BLAZER, SR.

              on December 9, 1966. Native of Illinois. friend and benefactor of
              the University of Kentucky, Mr. Blazer gave generously of his
              time, talent, and leadership to this institution.

              WHILE STILL A YOUNG MAN, Mr. Blazer gave evidence of the
              leadership that was to be his as he moved through the echelons which
              ultimately led to a position of persuasive influence for good in the
              world of business and industry, in the broadening spheres of
              education and public service.

              HE WAS AN ALUMNUS of William and Vashti College of Aledo,
              Illinois, and of the University of Chicago. When he established his
              home in Kentucky, he soon became involved in the cause of edu-
              cation at all levels and gave wise counsel to his associates in that
              area of public service.

              EIGHTEEN YEARS AGO the University of Kentucky gave its first of
              many public recognitions to him when, in 1948, he received the
              Sullivan Medallion. Four years later, another University award
              was bestowed, an honorary degree.

              MR. BLAZER'S interest in the University of Kentucky continued
              throughout his life and he and his family not only made possible
              buildings and programs on the campus and elsewhere, but through
              his generosity young scholars were afforded an education. His
              interest in the University was never aloof, but always warm and

              IN 1960 the University of Kentucky Press published a book entitled,
              BLAZER AND ASHLAND OIL, and in 1965 tribute was paid to him
              again by the University when he and his family received a special
              Centennial Medallion.

              OTHER INSTITUTIONS of higher learning also gave him deserved
              honors, among them Centre College and Pikeville College of
              Kentucky, and Marshall University of Huntington, West Virginia.

              MANY A YEAR will pass before another dedicated leader comes
              forward to carve the same enduring mark which Paul Garrett Blazer
              Senior has left upon this earth and in the hearts and minds of his
              fellow Kentuckians.