THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES of the University of Kentucky, re-
      calling his invaluable contributions to this institution, directs that
      copies of this resolution be spread upon the December 1966
      minutes and be transmitted to the fanmily of a steadfast and loyal
      f riend.

      Mr. Sam Ezelle', as a representative of labor in the state who had great
respect for Mr. Blazer, made a motion that the Resolution be adopted and
spread upon the December 1966 Minutes and a copy transmitted to Mr. Blazer's
family. Mr. Smith, as along-time personalfriend of Mr. Blazer. asked that he
be permitted to join Mr. Ezelle in his motion and upon second, duly made, it
was so ordered by the vice chairman.

       Following the adoption of the Resolution, Dr. Angelucci asked if there
were any additions to be made to the President's Report on Activities and upon
learning there were none, he ordered the report received and filed.

       D. Recommendations of the President (PR 2)

       President Oswald indicated that the items contained in PR 2, Recom-
mendations of the President, were routine in nature and that he had no special
comments to make about the report. Mr. Kerley called the attention of the
Board to page 8 of the Financial Report for the period ending November 30, 1966,
which showed Current Estimated Funds Income for the five months' period in the
amount of $70, 582, 302; and to page 11 which showed Current Funds Expenditures
in the amount of $70, 523, 326. 95. The estimated income for the five months'
period is approximately $60, 000 greater than the estimated expenditures.

       On motion duly made, seconded, and carried PR 2, Recommendations of
the President, was approved as a whole and ordered made an official part of the
Minutes of the December 13, 1966 meeting. (See PR 2 at the end of the Minutes.

       E. Supplemental Recommendations of the President (PR 3)

       Dr. Oswald pointed out that the items in PR 3, Supplemental Recommen-
dations, are similar to the items contained in PR 2 but were received too late for
inclusion in PR 2 which is mailed to the Board a week in advance of each meeting.
He asked that the Board note the recommended retirements for the following
members of the University staff, calling attention to the many years of service
each has given to the University.

     Professor Shelby T. McCloy, after over 22 years of service
     Professor Arthur C. McFarlan, after over 43 years of service
     Professor Herbert Sorenson, after almost 20 years of service
     Mrs. Alice M. McDaniel. after almost 37 years of service
     Mrs. Mabel C. Rosel, after almost 17 years of service