reports and related statements which have been received and those that are to
follow be received and filed as a part of the public records of this meeting. His
motion was seconded by Dr. Denham, and without dissent, it was so ordered.
(See FCR 2 at the end of the Minutes.

       L. ETV Site Approved

       Mr. Hillenmeyer, Chairman of the Real Estate Committee, reminded the
members of the Board that the Executive Committee at the July 15, 1966 meeting
had made available to the Kentucky Authority for ETV approximately 2 1/2 acres
of University property opposite the football practice field on Cooper Drive. This
action was taken with the stipulation that the exact location and description of the
said property would be established jointly by the Authority and the University and
submitted to the Board for final approval. The specific description has now been
determined and, after pointing the site out on a map provided for that purpose,
Mr. Hillenmeyer made the following motion: that (1) the Board authorize the
President to execute the necessary documents to convey to the Kentucky Authority
for Educational Television a tract of land in Fayette County, Kentucky, presently
owned by the University and more particularly described as follows:

              Beginning at a point 185 feet N 580 06-1/2' W of a point
              in the east boundary of the property of the University of
              Kentucky, said point being located 494 feet S 310
              53-1/2' W of the intersection of said property line
              extended, and the center line of Cooper Drive; thence
              365 feet N 580 06-1/2' W; thence 335 feet N 310 53 1/2' E;
              thence 365 feet S 580 06-1/2' E; and thence 335 feet
              S 310 53-1/2' W to the point of beginning and containing
              2. 8066 acres more or less

and (2) the President is authorized to provide, to the Kentucky Authority for Educa-
tional Television, an easement or easements reasonably necessary for ingress
and egress to the site hereinbefore authorized to be conveyed.

       Mr. Hillenmeyer's motion was seconded by Dr. Denham. In the dis-
cussion that followed, Mr. Smith pointed out that Kentucky is one of the first, if
not the first state to receive a federal grant to assist in the development of an
ETV program.

       Governor Breathitt commented that the last Legislature had authorized
the construction of an ETV network throughout Kentucky and that the program
was being implemented as rapidly as possible. The federal grant referred to by
Mr. Smith will be most helpful since it provides money to finance the program
in forty-four counties of Eastern Kentucky, thereby releasing state money for
use in other parts of the state. The Governor added that the impact this program
would have on the state would be tremendous.