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     Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Executive Committee
of the Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky, Tuesday,
March 22, 1938.

     The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the
University of Kentucky met in President McVey's office at the
University, Tuesday, March 22, 1938, at 10:30 a.m.   Thie members
of the Committee present were Judge R. C. Stoll, Chairman; James
Park and Louis Hillenmeyer, members of the Board of Trustees.
President Frank L. McVey and D. H. Peak, Secretary of the Board,
were present.   These minutes were presented to a member of the
Committee, R. Miller Holland, on March 24, 1938, by President
McVey, and Mr. Holland expressed his approval thereof,

     However, a quorum of the Committee not being present, the
Secretary was directed to present the record of the meeting to
the next meeting of the Board of Trustees or Executive Committee
for approval.

     The Business Agent stated as follows:

          "I called by phone Judge Gordon's secretary and
     she informed me that he expects to go to the hospital
     today for a minor operation and that it is probable
     he will be in the hospital about ten days.

          "I also called the secretary of Mr. J. B. Andrews
     and she informed me that he is getting along fairly
     well and is able to go to his office occasionally.    She
     also informed me that he received from Governor Chandler
     acceptance of his resignation as member of the Board
     of Trustees."

     1. Approval of Minutes.

     The minutes of the meeting of the Executive Committee of
February 24, 1938, were approved as published.

     2, Financial Report

     The financial report for February, 1938, was filed by the
Business Agent.   The report was examined by tUe Committee find
was ordered inserted in the Minutes.



Statement of Income and Expenditures

      Month of February 1938

              Previously    Current
              Reported      Month

General Fund Income
  Fed. Appro.-Morrill-Nelson 22,853.32
  Vocational Ed. Board      16,535.69
  State Appro.-Summer Sch.   8,000.00
  Special Agricultural Appro.14,000.00
  State Appro.-General     393,298.90
  Interest on Peabody End.   1,000.00
  State Appro.-Repairs to
     Buildings                6,933.87
  Federal Appro.-Bankhead-
     Jones                   15,699.96
  Student Fees              133,193.20
  Student Fees - Sum.Sch.    62,424.90
  Student Fees - U.H.S.       5,220.00
  Student Fees - El.Tr.Sch.   4,020.00
  Student Fees - Univ. Exten. 9,729.79
  Miscellaneous Receipts      7,051.29
  Rentals                     1,173.00
  Mien's Dormitories         10,515.32
              Total         711.649.24




  5, 494.10




  Adm.,Exp. & Maintenance
  Additions and Betterments
  Excess of Income over

Patterson Hall Income
  Miscellaneous Receipts
  Room Rent - Summer School

  Additions & Betterments
  Excess of Income over

General Fund Income
General Fund Expenditures
  Excess of General Fund
    Income over Expend.




695,663,89 114062.52    809,726.41

15,985.35  91,517.15   107 502 50




32,74.93   15,46166     48,207.59

20,588.86   5,374.02    25,962.88
        ________20.40        20.40
20,588.86    -39 442  ___,98_%.28
12,157,07 -10,067.2-4_  22,224.31

744,395.17 221,041.33   965,436.50
?16,252,75 11Q9456.94   835,709,69

28,142.42 101,584.39

to Date

129, ?26. el



Excess of Expenditures
over Receipts for Gen-
eral Ledger accounts      (23,153.87)
Accounts Payable           (l9.8o2.19X
Excess of Receipts over
Expend. for the fiscal
year to date - General
Fund                      (14,813.64)
Excess of Receipts over
Expend. for the fiscal
year to date - General
Cash in Bank July 1, 1937
- General Fund
Cash in Bank February 28,
1938 - General Fund

Experiment Station Income
Hatch - Federal Appro.
Milk & Butter - Cash Rec.
Beef Cattle Sales
  Dairy Cattle Sales
  Sheep Sales
  Swine Sales
  Poultry Sales
  Horticultural Sales
  Farm Produce Sales
  Seed Test
  Seed Inspection
  Fertilizer - Fees
  Public Service - St.Appro.
  Public Service - Misc.Rec.
  Feeding Stuffs - Fees
  Adams - Federal Appro.
  Serum - Sales
  Serum - Virus Sales
  Serum - Supply Sales
  Serum - Misc. Sales
  State Appropriation
  Crearntery - License Fees
  Creamery - Testers' Lic.
  Creamery - Glassware Tested
  Robinson - State Appro.
  Robinson - Misc. Receipts
  West Ky.-State Appro.
  West Ky.-Mdsc.Receipts
  Purnell - Federal Appro.
  Nursery Inspectibn - State
  Nursery Inspection - Fees


Ll, 250. 00
44, 402.65

Bb5_865. 19

   6'22.79 (022,531.08)

'02,207.18  87,393.54


q,788. 13


1,027.66   7,221.70
  167.28      666.83
  149.95    1,230.44
    1.00    1,042.02
  516.97    2,690.68
  188.11    1,017.66
5,307.59   16,7?32.52
  169.67    3,007.36
  17.25      236.97
4,553.75   30,246.25
1,843.20   14,18..66
4,628.75   40,003.43
  251.93    2,1 23.66
  10.20      173.22
    4.15      117.05
3,731.00   3,?2,156.12
   58.50    9,605.,48
   64.00    2,294.89
   29,92      483.61
1,013.92    8,80,5.30
1,304. 52  10,068.93
2,860.35   10,300.64

-   8, 2 7 t,, , 167  

   1, 4 10,. 00
i__1   5 K ). 00
  t?1  L 213i




Expense              224,584.35
Add. & Betterments     8,935.36
          Total        233,519.71
 Excess of Income over
   Expenditures         52,345.48
   Excess of Expenditures
   over Receipts for Gen-
   eral Ledger accounts 4,158.16
   Accounts Payable     (11,535.25)
   Excess of Receipts over
   Expenditures         44,968.39
   Excess of Receipts over
   Expenditures for
   fiscal year to date -
   Experiment Station
   Cash in Bank July 1, 1937 -
   Experiment Station
   Cash in Bank February 28, 1938 -
   Experiment Station












Extension Division Income
  Federal Bankhead-Jones ]
  Federal Smith-Lever
  Federal Supplementary
  Federal Capper-Ketcham
  State Smith-Lever
  County and Other
            Total        I



74,153* 94

26,545. 52
13, 513.61

369,390.06   301,039.43    670,429.49

400,708.04    60,388.65    461,096.69

Excess of Income over Ex-
penditures            (31,317. 98)



Excess of Income over Ex-
penditures for the fiscal
year to date - Extension
Divi sion
Cash in Bank July 1, 1937 -
Extension Division
Cash in Bank February 28, 1938 -
Extension Divislon

Trust Fund Income
Student Loan Fund       1,765.80
  Student Notes Paid      1,685,10
          Total Receipts 3,450.90


  2, 672.00


345. 59




Expense                    18.00
Student Notes             275.00
  General Ledger accounts 5,000.00
        Total Expenditures5,293.00

Excess of Expenditures
  over Receipts

182. lo)


Excess of Expenditures over
Receipts for the fiscal
  year to date - Trust Fund
Cash in Bank July 1, 1937 -
  Trust Fund
6ash in Bank February 28, 1938 -
  Trust Fund


(1,269. 33)



  G-eneral Fund Income  744,395.17
  Experiment Station In.285,865.19
  Extension Div. Income 369,390.06
  Trust Fund Income       1.765.80


General Fund Expend.
Experiment Sta.Exp.
Extension Div.Exp.
Trust Fund Expend.



1,401,416.22    550,662.56  1,952.073.78

716,252.75    119,456.94    835,709.69
  233,519.71     29,519.03    263,038.74
  400,708.04     60,388.65    461,096.69
       18.00     _      _18.00
1,350,498.50    209,364.62  1 559,863.1'

Excess of Income over

Accounts Payable






Excess of Expenditures
over Receipts for
Gen. Ledger accounts (23,995.71)



Student Loan Fund Notes 1, 410.}0

Excess of Receipts over
  Exoenditures for the fis-
  cal year to date - Combined
  Fund                   ( 3,005, 33)
Excess of Reapnts over Ex-
penditures for the fiscal
year to date - Combined Fund
Cash i n Bank and on hand July
1, 1937 - Combined Fund
Cash in Bank and on hand February
28, 1938 - Combined Fund





45?3 767,25
- -   



5 .OC.00

265. 59

1, 675. 69



               Abstract of item shown on Statement
               of Income and Expenditures as "Excess
               of Expenditures over Receipts for Gen-
               eral Ledger Accounts 829,186.77"

                                    Debit      Credit

      Accounts Receivable        35,330.61

      Sundry accounts                          6,143.84

     3. Requisition Committee Report.

     The Requisition Committee filed written renort of its action
each week from February 17, 1938 to March 9, 1938.    The report
showed orders made by the Business Office on the authority of the
Requisition Committee in the manner prescribed by the Board of
Trustees and State laws, running from No. 5610 to No. 6170.    The
report was examined, and on motion and second the orders named
therein were ratified and approved and payments on said orders were
authorized and approved.

     The following additional budget appropriations noted on the
report were approved and allowed: Buildings and Grounds, W.P.A.
Project, 1302.50.

     4. Organizations Fund.

     The Business Agent reported:

       a. Statement

                                         March 22, 1933

     President Frank L. McVey
     University of Kentucky

     Dear President McVley:

          I em submitting for approval plan ao accounting
     for Organization Funds.    This plan was started March
     1, 1938, in compliance with University Senate re7olu-
     tion that the accounts of student organizations be
     kept in the Business Office.    I deem it advisable
     to carry in the Organizations Fund all accounts not
     part of University operation.    Therefore, I am asking
     to be allowed to transfer from Sundry Ledg,er to Organ-
     izations Ledger the accounts on list filed herewith.


6 .

          For the remainder of the year in the absence
     of Mrs. Mabel Hankes, I am asking that Coleman Smith
     be employed in the Business Office for nart time,
     part of salary allocated to the Business Office being
     W35.00 per month.   This will require no additional
     allotment.   He will be known as Secretary of Orgzin-
     izations Fund and as such will have charge of the books
     of that Fund.

                                (Signed) D. H. Peak
                                         Business Agent

     b. Method of Accounting.

                      METHOD OF ACCOUNTING

                      Organizations Fund

     In order to comply with the regulation of the University Sen-
ate, and the plan of the University Council adopted February 25,
1938, relative to the finances of student organizations, the Bus-
iness Office announced that it was ready for transaction Df busi-
ness under the regulation as of March 1, 1938.   The plan of ac-
counting follows:

                  Name -- Organizations Fund

     The combination of all funds will be known as Organizations
Fund, University of Kentucky.   Under that title a bankin- account
will be carried in the First National Bank and Trust Comnrany,
Lexington, Kentucky.   The primary object of setting up of this
fund is to care for the funds of student organizations (known in
the system as Student Funds) that are within the scone of the sen-
ate regulation.   The secondary object is to care for funds that
are put in the Business Agentts hands by faculty members, faculty
organizations or others (known in the system as Other Funds), the
accounting of which should be kept separate from University ancourt.
ing.   The Business  Agent will designate some employee in the
Business Office as secretary of the Organizations Fund.    The Bus-
iness Agent, with approval of the President, may determine what
funds other than from student organizations may be carried in the
Organizations Fund.

               Charges for Handling the Accounts

     In order to set up a fund with which to pay for equinment and
supplies, other expense, and the salary in part of the secretary,
charges will be made R.s follows:

     a. The fees, to be charged by the Business Office far
        hundling student funds shall be: up to $35 no charu-e;
        *:35 to i99 inclusive -- $1; $100 and over 1% of de'posits.



    b. The Business Agent with the approval of the Presi-
        dent, shall determine, in each instance, what
        charge, if any, shall be made against each account
        of Other Funds when that account is opened or at any
        time thereafter.

      , The fiscal year of the fund shall be from July 1,
        to June 30.  A charge shall be made against each
        account subject thereto of the amount due at the end
        of each six months of the fiscal year.   The charge
        shall be credited to a funds expense account carried
        on the ledger, and from this account payments of ex-
        pense shall be made by the secretary and Business

                  Deposits in Business Office

     Deposits in Business Office shall be made by organizations by
remittance set out in detail on a remittance sheet furnished by
the Business Office.   Each item on the remittance sheet shall be
noted as to date received by organization, the character of the
item and the person from whom it was received.   The entry of' ool-
lections such as small sales, tag receipts, etc., may be regulated
by the Business Agent.   The remittance sheet shall be in duplicate,
signed by the financial officer designated by the organization.
One copy will be filed in the Business Office and one copy will
be receipted by the Business Office and given to the office of the
organization.   All collections must be remitted to the Business
Office.   Remittances shall be made at least once each week and
twice each week if checks are included.   Remittance shall be made
between the hours of nine o'clock a.m. and 4 o'clock p.m.   Ar-
rangements may be made with the Business Office to care for heavy
cash receipts collected after four o'clock p.m.   A report of ac-
counts receivable shall be made to the Business Office at the end
of each six months of the fiscal year.


     Disbursements shall be made by check signed by the secretary
of the Organizations Fund and the Business Agent.     Checlcs shall
be made on itemized bills, receipts or contracts, approved by the
officer of the organization authorized by the organization to make
such approval.   The Business Agent may set dates (at least two
each week) for payment of bills.   As all collections must be
reported to the Business Office the problem of petty expense is
left to solution of Business Agent.   Bills questioned by the
Business Agent shall be referred to the faculty adviser of the
organization for approval.




     It shall be a duty of the secretary of the Organizations Fund
to investigate the method of collection and accounting of each stu-
dent organization, and to give instruct'-on to the financial offi-
cer of the organization in proper methods of accountinig. The secre-
tary shall inspect the accounts of each student organization once
each year,   but more frequent inspection may be made if deemed

     The Student Accounts in the Organizations Fund shall be audited
by the Auditing Committee, named by the President under rules of the
Senate.   An audit of the account of each organization heretofore
audited by that committee shall be made for that part of the fis-
cal year ending February 28, 1938.   An annual report of Student
Organizations Funds made by the Auditing ComMittee shall be pub-

     The account of any organization shall always be open to in-
spection of the members of the organization.   Reports to organiza-
tions by the Business Office may be made on request or at stated

     C. Sundry Ledger Accounts Transferred.

     Accounts to be Transferred from Sundry Ledger to Organ-
                     zations Fund Ledger

          Association of Women Students
          Auto Parking Permits
          Band Uniforms
          Carnegie Library
          All class accounts
          Commerce Employment Association
          Geology Truck Fund
          Grants in Aid
          International Relations
          Interscholastic League
          Intramural Sports
          Kentuckian Accounts
          Kentucky Cooperative Testing
          Kentucky Kernel
          Men's Student Council
          Musical Organization
          National Research
          Public Service Institute
          Swimming Team
          University Club
          Wiest Book Sales
          W. A. A.



          Y. M. C. A.
          Y. W. C. A.

     Balances March 31, 1938, in Diploma Fees Account and in Caps
and Gowns Account to be transferred to Student Union Building Fund
in Organizations Fund Ledger.

     The members of the Committee being advised on motion and
second, the method of accounting for Organizations Funds was ap-
proved and authorized.   The Business Agent was authorized to trans-
fer from the Sundry Ledger to the Organizations Fund Ledger the
accounts listed in Sub-section C above.

     5, Alumni AEsociation Note.

     Renewal of note of the Alumni Association to the First Nation-
al Bank and Trust Company, due March 14, 1938, for 87925.00 having
been asked for by that Bank, the Business Agent was authorized to
make endorsement thereon as heretofore ordered by resolution in
Minutes of the meeting of March 7, 1924.    (See further minutes of
December 14, 1938).   Payment of interest due of 8237.75 was au-

     6, Business Machines.

     President McVey reported that further investigation of Busi-
ness and Accounting Machines is being made, that report by Inter-
national Business Machines shows that installation in the Universi-
ty may be made at a rental of $301.20 per month, and that such in-
stallation may result in a saving of salaries to some extent.   The
Business Agent stated that a study of this and other accounting
machines is being made by his office both as to economy and ef-

     It was suggested that the study be continued and that written
report be made to the Executive Committee at a later date,

     7. Statement of Union Building Budget - Student Fees Increased.

     President McVey presented a suggested budget for operation of
the Student Union Building for examination of the members of the
Committee,   He stated further that he expects to revise it for
presentation with the Budget at the April meeting of the Board of

     An item of income was set up in this budget, to be derived
from a Union Building fee of $1.00 per semester from each regular
student enrolled in the University, this being intended as an off-
set to the amortization charge set up in the budget.

     On motion and second which carried, it was ordered that there
be added to the charge for fees to each regular student enrolling



in the University of Kentucky, the sum of $1.00 for each se.mester.
This is to become operative the first semester of the year 1938-39.
The addition is made a part of the Student Activities fees end col-
lpctions from this charge are to be set aside to the "Interest and
B*Miemption Fund" for retirement of bonds executed for construction
of Student Union Building and other buildings.

      S. Budget of Department of Athletics.

      President McVey presented the budget requested by the Depart-
 ment of Athletics for year 1938-39.    The proposed budget, after
 being discussed, was referred to the April meeting of the Board
 of Trustees.

       9. Judge Samuel M. Wilson Prize.

       In a letter to President McVey, Judge Wilson says in part:

            "I want to continue to donate the prizes for the
        best Student Libraries.    I have pleasure in enclosing
        herewith my check to your order for $50.00, to provide
        the prizes for the current scholastic session of 1937-38."

        The gift was accepted, and the President was authorized to
 express to Judge Wilson appreciation of the members of the Board.

      10, Loan for Girlst Dormitory.

      The Security Trust Company, by Mr. Springate, offered a pro-
 posal to refund the Ments Dormitories indebtedness and to make an
 additional loan of approximately 150,000, for purpose of erecting
 additional dormitory for girls.    The proposal was received and
 action thereon was deferred to a later meeting, pending further
 investigation of questions of building construction and loans for
 that purpose.

       In this connection a letter from Dean Graham to President MIic-
 Vey was presented, setting forth the possibilities for building
 construction and loans therefor, based on payment of approximate-
 ly 82400 per month.   It was suggested that Dean Graham make in-
 vestigation along the lines set out in his letter and to make re-
 port thereon at as early date as possible.



     11. Acquiring Property on Graham Avenue.

     President McVey expressed opinion that it is to the best in-
terests of the University to acquire property on Graham Avenue and
Washington Avenue, when such property is for sale and funds are
available for purchase.   It now appears that the house and lend
of about one acre in this location belonging to Professor J. D.
Turner may be acquired,   No offer of sale or suggestion of price
has been made by Professor Turner.    Further investigation was au-

     12. Status of University - Inquiry.

     Correspondence offered by President:

     a. Letter from New York lawyers.


                       Counsellors at Law

                         40 Wall Street
                            New York

                                       March 9, 1938

     University of Kentucky
     Lexington, Kentucky


          We are interested in ascertaining the status of
     the University of Kentucky, first, as to whether it
     is a corporation duly incorporated under the laws of
     the State of Kentucky; also the purposes for which It
     is incorporated, and whether it is incorporated for
     profit, or whether any one makes a profit or may make
     a profit out of the prosecution of its activities; and
     also whether under the laws of Kentucky It has the ca-
     pacity and is lawfully entitled to take gifts by will
     or deed, or the income of funds left in trust for its
     benefit.   If you have a copy of your certificate of
     incorporation we shall be pleased to receive same if
     you are willing to forward it to us.

           Thanking you for an early reply, we remain

                       (Signed)  LAUGHLIN, GERARD, BOWERS &



b. President McVeyts answer.

                               March 15, 1938

Laughlin, Gerard, Bowers & Halpin
40 Wall Street
New York City


     I am in receipt of your letter of March 9, in
which inquiry is made regarding the corporate status
of the University of Kentucky.   I am very glad to
answer the questions which you have raised,

     The University of Kentucky has had a history of
seventy-three years.   During that time it has been oo-
erated as an institution of learning, and no profit can
be made under the organization and laws which created
it.   All receipts for boarding, roogt Store and farming
activities go into the general fund of the University and
are used by it for the advancement of the institution.

     Specific mention is made in Section 184 of the
State Constitution of the University, at that time called
the Agricultural and Mechanical College.   Again the
organization of the University appears in Article IX,
Chapter 113 of the Carroll Kentucky Statutes of 1936,
and also in Chapter 120 B of the same volume.    In
Section 4527-11 there is full recognition of the estab-
lishment of the University; also in Section 4527-18 the
powers and duties of the Board of Trustees are set forth.
I am enclosing a copy of this section, which indicates
that the University by legislative acts is a corporate
body, with all the powers of such a body, and giving to
the Board of Trustees the power to receive, hold and ad-
minister endowments, allotments, appropriations and
grants by whomsoever made subject to the conditions at-
taching thereto.

     The University has received in the past gifts both
by will and deed.   It has also received income from
funds which were left in trust for its benefit.    The
total of these is not large as compared with the re-
ceipts of some institutions, but it approaches a re-
spectable sum.

     If there are further questions which you care to
ask, I shall be glad to answer them.

                     (Signed)     Frank L. McVey
                                  President of the University



     After discussion as to the object of inquiry, the letter of
President McVey was approved.

     13. Professor O'Bannon's Letter and Request.

     President McVey presented a letter from Professor O'Bannon
regarding his status in the University, and requesting transfer
to former position in the College of Engineering.   With it other
letters and data were presented.   It appears that the transfer
was originally made at Professor O'Bannon's request, that his
transfer to the College of Agriculture was a change of duties in
the University from one College to another, that such transfer
was not a demotion nor did it carry with it a change in his stand-
ing in the University, and that his services were desired for the
College of Agriculture.   Further, the services rendered were
necessary and valuable, and as the continuation of the service of
Professor O'Bannon in the College of Agriculture is necessary and
desirable, President McVey was requested to write him to that ef-

     14, Accident - Experiment Station Truck.

     Dean Cooper's letter:

                                           March 18, 1938

     President Frank L. McVey
     University of Kentucky

     Dear President McVey:

          A collision occurred between the farm truck of the
     Kentuchy Experiment Station and a truck of the Lexington
     Water Cornpany.  The Lexington 'Water Company claims dam-
     ages from the Experiment Station to cover the cost of
     repairs to the truck, which is approximately 8120.

          Attached is a statement froma Professor Ely as
     representing the Experiment Station.   He claims that we
     should have no r Responsibility beyond payment of damage
     to the Experiment Station truck,   I also attach a letter
     from Mr. Jacobson in which he makes a claim for the
     Water Comp'any.  I have discussed the matter with Pro-
     fessor Ely and Mr. Jacobson. It does not seem possible
     to bring about an agreement or viewpoint. I find it
     difficult to determine thie liability or responsibility
     for the accident,   I do not wish to admit liability
     for the Experiment Station, but in order to settle the
     matter, I would suggest that we pay the Water Company
     850 covering in full any possible loss or responsibility,

          I am not sure of our procedure in this matter, but
     understand that it should be presented to you, and poG-
     sibly for action of the Board of Trustees as they may



     deem advisable.

                             (Signed) Thomas Cooper
                                      Dean and Director

     The members of theBoard present stated that the University is
not liable for damages in such accidents, arid cited decisions of
the Court of Appeals relative thereto.   However, the Secretary
of the Board was directed to submit the facts of the accident to
the Attorney General, and to ask his opinion on liability of Uni-

     15. Bills Allowed - Injury to Grounds Employee.

     Re. J. J. Fitch, Section 19, Minutes of F'ebruary 24, 1938.

     Report of Superintendent Crutcher.

                                       March 19, 1938

     Memo to
     President McVey
     Administration Building
                                Re: J. J. Fitch

     I am enclosing hospital and surgeon bills as rendered
     to Mr. Fitch.

     In this connection Dean Cooper and I have had one dis-
     cussion on the matter of insurance recommendations and hope
     to present something definite before long.

     (Signed) M. J. Crutcher

     The following bills were allowed:

          St. Joseph's Hospital           857.71

          Dr. W. D. Reddish, Operation     75.00

          The Business Agent was directed to certify the bills to
     State Finance Board for payment.



     16. Appointments and Other Staf f Changes.

     President McVey presented staff appointments and other
changes requested by deans and heads of departments, and, on his
recommendation, by motion and second, the following were approved
and record ordered made in the Minutes:


     Miss Patti Bolin, student assistant in Home Economics Voca-
tional Education, salary 850.00 a month for five months, effective
at the beginning of the second semester.

     Dr. Alfred F. Nolan, assistant pathologist, Department of
Animal Pathology, Experiment Station, effective July 1, 1938;
salary $2100 a year, payable in part from Experiment Station funds
and in part from trust funds for study of diseases of the horse.
He holds the degree of Doctor of Veterinary ItMedicine from Cornell

    Dr. Leonard G. Goss, assistant pathologist, Department of An-
imal Pathology, Experiment Station, effective July 1, 1938; sal-
ary 12400 a year, payable in pfrt from Experiment Station Funds
and in part from trust funds for stud