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Minutes of meeting of the Audit Subcommittee of the Finance Committee
Tuesday, January 22,2008
Subcommittee members in attendance:
Board members in attendance:
University staff:
JoEtta Y. Wickliffe, Chair Stephen P. Branscum Dermontti F. Dawson
Mira S. Ball
Lee T. Todd Jr., President
Frank Butler, Executive Vice President for
Finance and Administration Barbara W. Jones, General Counsel Marc Mathews, Treasurer Joseph Reed, Senior Director of
Internal Audit Ronda Beck, Hospital Accounting Penny Cox, Associate Vice President -
Information Technology Jack Supplee, Director, Research
Administration and Fiscal Affairs John Deans, Purchasing
Chair Wickliffe called the meeting to order at 10:30 a.m.
The minutes of the October 16, 2007 meeting were reviewed and approved (see Attachment A).
The Chair then indicated that the committee needed to go into closed session in order to hear a presentation from a finalist who has been recommended by the request for proposal (RFP) review committee to serve as the external auditor for the University.
Chair Wickliffe moved and Mr. Branscum seconded the motion that the audit subcommittee go into closed session pursuant to KRS 61.810(1) (g). (This statutory citation is the exception in the open meetings law that permits a closed session to discuss a specific proposal with a business entity, if, an open discussion would jeopardize the selection of the business entity.)
Following the closed session, Chair Wickliffe announced that the closed meeting had concluded, that no matters other than the announced matter were discussed during the closed session and that no action was taken during the closed session.


´╗┐Chair Wickliffe indicated that the committee was now back in open session.
Mr. Branscum motioned and Mr. Dawson seconded a motion that requested the University's Purchasing Division to enter into contract negotiations with the finalist firm.
Being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 11:20 a.m. The next meeting of the Audit Subcommittee will be held on April 22nd.