, The DoUcLAs Homnsrmn (L), 71.3 m., on the crest of the hill, is a ‘
spacious country house built before the War between the States. It is '
a two-story structure of brick painted gray and is surrounded by large
trees and shrubbery. The estate, once a stock and race horse breeding
place, is now a dairy farm. V
At 75.2 vn. is the junction with State 22 (see Tour 13).
ST. MATTHEWS, 77 m. (550 alt., 2,551 pop.), is a community
village that is a shipping point for large quantities of Irish potatoes. ~
Right from St. Matthews on the Westport Rd. to RIDGEWAY, 0.5 m., a good
example of the Classical Revival style of architecture. With a well-designed cen- A
tral section Hanked by outlying wings, it bears a striking resemblance to Maryland
plantation houses. The portal, protected by a portico with four delicate columns, I
gives entrance to a wide arched haH that leads into a cross corridor; this in turn
gives access to the wings. The woodwork, including mantels in each room, is hand- -
carved with lightness and delicacy, characteristic of the style. The house was built
in 1804 for Major Henry Massey and his bride, Helen Bullitt Massey.
78.8 m., housed in attractive Georgian Colonial style buildings, erected _
in 1926.
LOUISVILLE, 83.2 m. (525 alt., 307,745 pop.) (see Louisville).
Points of Interest: Speed Museum, Memorial Auditorium, Presbyterian Theo-
logical Seminary, Churchill Downs, Cave Hill Cemetery, Cherokee Park, and others.
Louisville is at the junction with US 31W (see Tour 7), US 42 (see
Tour 12), US 31E (see- Tour 6).
Section c. LOUISVILLE t0 MISSOURI LINE, 291.8 m. ·
US 60, southwest of Louisville, passes through the Knobs country -
of jefferson County, especially beautiful in the spring when the redbud
and dogwood trees are in bloom. For much of the distance it follows
the sweeping curves of the Ohio, with its verdant meadows, forest- ~
covered hills, and old river towns. I
Between LOUISVILLE, 0 m., and Tip Top US 60 and US 31W are
one route (see Tour 7  .
In ST. HELEN’S, 5.8 m., is the Lomsvrun AND ]EF1=ERsoN Cotmry
HoME (L) for the aged and infirm.
WAVERLY H1LLs TUBERCULOSIS SANA:ro121U1vr (L), 12 m., on the . ·
heights overlooking the Ohio and the blue hills beyond the river, is a
municipally owned institution under the administration of a board of
10 directors, appointed jointly by the fiscal court of jefferson County ‘
and the director of health of Louisville. It has accommodations for H
515 patients. Since its incorporation in 1907, $1,500,000 has been _
expended on improvements.
KOSMOSDALE, 18.5 m. (67 pop.), is a company town of the
Kosmos Portland Cement Company. (