G 1866 January. Legislature votes to restore county courthouses burned or
vf destroyed during the war.
January. Ashland, home of Henry Clay at Lexington, bought by Uni-
_S versity of Kentucky.
,_ February. Legislature passes acts relating to Negro welfare and educa-
,_ tion. Requests removal of Freeclmen’s Bureau from Kentucky.
May. National Tobacco Fair at Louisville.
,_ 1867 Legislature rejects (January) Fourteenth Amendment; passes (Feb.)
Amnesty bill. Theodore O’Hara, Kentucky poet, dies (June 10) in
i_ Alabama.
1868 March 20. Jesse James and gang rob Russellville bank.
,1. 1869 March. Legislature rejects Fifteenth Amendment.
,, 1870 Population 1,321,011.
y February 18. Railroad bridge across Ohio River at Louisville is dedi-
1871 January. Ku Klux Klan raids.
November. Enlarged Louisville & Portland Canal opened.
1- 1872 April 27. Public Library opened at Louisville with 20,000 books and
m 100,000 museum specimens.
as September. National Industrial Exposition opens at Louisville.
1873 October 7. First Negro high school in State opened in Louisville.
October 13. Barney Macauley’s new $200,000 theater in Louisville com-
le 1875 Louisville largest whisky market _in world.
1- April. Plan to utilize water power at Ohio Falls.
May 17. First Kentucky Derby won by Aristides.
October 8. Jefferson Davis speaks to 5,000 at Christian County Fair;
n. visits his old home at Fairview (October 10).
or November 27. Mary Anderson makes debut at Macauley Theater in
,3,, 1876 May 15. Vagrant wins second Kentucky Derby. Dom Pedro, Emperor
of Brazil, watches Derby.
1879 First telephone exchange in Louisville.
gd 1880 Population 1,648,690. U.S. Government gains control of Louisville &
0;- Portland Canal, abolishing tolls.
1882 McCoy-Hatfield feud flares with renewed vigor.
HS 1883 August. Southem Exposition opens at Louisville. —
ict ·1884 May. Filson Club founded at Louisville. V
1885 Local option reforms win in many counties.
S; 1890 Population 1,858,635. Tornado (March 27) kills 120, destroys $2,500,-
000 of property in Louisville. Constitutional convention meets (Sept.)
at Frankfort.