Presenting matters of JUNE 1981 Published monthly by the
interest to the gay community Lexington Gay Services
of Lexington and Fayette V l 1 N 1 Organization, Inc.
County, Kentucky; distributed 0 ° ’ 0' Post Office Box 11471
free of charge by the 650 Lexingtoni Kentucky 40511
Editorial lens


Why is it that I almost never see Recreation events sponsored by 650
an article about a caring, hard- have been very successful thanks to the
working gay in the Herald-Leader? lf organizing efforts of a few intensely
l relied solely on the basis of the news interested members.
as presented by the Herald-Leader, l Held on the 2nd and lith Friday of
would certainly believe the large ma— each month at 7:00 p.m. at Jacobson
jority of the gay community in Lexing- Park, Shelter 5, the eventsrhave=be—
ton to be homosexual prostitutes, killers, come self-sufficient. The charge for
and the like. the event is $2.00 per person. Monies

Somehow I imagine that the editors collected go toward the purchase of
of the Herald-Leader have a list of recreation equipment for the event.
"newsworthy homosexual subject matter." The activity which up until now
This list would include the arrest, con— has attracted the largest number of
viction, torture, beating, killing, or players has been the volleyball game.
complete nervous breakdown of a Therefore, the Board of Directors of 650
member of our community. has appropriated funds to purchase

The Herald-Leader does not rec— their own volleyball equipment.
ognize the exsistence of successful gay Everyone is welcome to participate
people in Lexington. Obviously all in 650 Recreation this month and
"homosexual" persons in Lexington are always, of course.
scared, closeted, unsuccessful dregs of
society, doing what they how how to do W
best--fai l . lleiis

Indicative of the type of intellect '
entrusted with providing us with 'our CANDIDATES FOR DISTRICT JUDGE

. , . .
daily news isnthe per5ist'ent use of the TALK TO 650
outdated term homosexual' in reference
to the sexual preference of gay persons At our monthly business meeting in
by the Herald—Leader. I am never -

. . May, 650 sponsored a forum for candi—

, quite sure to whom they are referring . . .

. . . dates for the offices of District Judge

smce all my friends and acquaintances .
,, ,, and Mayor of Lexmgton. .
seem to be gay, and l have yet to . . .
,, ,, Three candidates for District Judge
meet a true homosexual. Gay people . .
. . attended the forum: Rick Rose, Bill
consider their sexual preference a life—
. Shelton, and Rebecca Overstreet. The
style which they cannot deny (at least
purpose of the forum was not for the
not to themselves). .
. . group to form an endorsement of any
Thought is a function of language; .
. . one candidate, but to provide the gay
we use language to form opinions and . . .
. . community With an opportunity to talk
ideas, derived by way of thought. If . . .
. . With the candidates about issues that
you take Just a moment to think about
. concern them as a group and as voters.
the ideas expressed by the Herald- . .
. . . All three candidates in attendance
Leader, you Will notice that their , . .
. . were extremely cooperative in frankly
language is helping to form your . -

. answering questions from the member—
opinions about yourself and other ship _
members of your gay community. Continued Page 2' Colo-ii 2 ‘

. . m- bx - ‘ {W