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Title talk

UK's seven
NCAA titles


The "Fabulous Five" and
coach Adolph Rupp
won UK's first NCAA
defeating Baylor
58-42. Cliff Barker.
Ralph Beard, Alex
Groza, Wallace “Wah
Wah" Jones and
Kenneth Rollins also
won a gold medal
playing on the 1948
US. Olympic team
coached by Rupp.


The "Fab Five repeated
with a 46-36 win
against Oklahoma
A&M (now Oklahoma


UK won its third NCAA
championship in four
years in a 68-58 win
against Kansas State.
Seven-footer Bill
Spivey. an All-
American, and Cliff
Hagan led the Cats
wichZ and 10 points.
Frank Ramsey also
starred for the Cats.


Coach Rupp vowed to
get back at the NCAA
for placing the Cats
on probation and
eliminating the UK
basketball team in
1953 and again
punishing UK by
keeping UK grad
students from playing
the following year
when the Cats were
25-0. It took a while,
but the “Fiddlin'
Five” won him his
fourth and final NCAA
title in a 84-72 upset
over a Seattle team
starring Elgin Baylor.


After 20 years of ups-
and-downs and
coming close to
winning the school's
fifth championship,
Joe 8. Hall won his
first. Jack ”Goose"
Givens scored an
NCAA title game
record 42 points as
the Cats defeated
Duke 94-88.


UK suffered another title
drought - this one
lasted 18 years - but
Rick Pitino finally got
the Cats back to the
pinnacle of college
basketball. UK beat
Syracuse 76-67 and
Tony Delk was named
Final Four MVP.


UK played in its third
consecutive NCAA
title game and
brought the
championship back to

‘ Lexington after a
heartbreaking loss to
Arizona a year
earlier. Tubby Smith
won his first
championship in his
first year as UK
coach after the
"Comeback Cats"
came from 10 points
behind at halftime to
beat Utah 78-69. Jeff
Sheppard scored 16
and was named MVP.


WM Staff


November l, 2001


Issues: Talented team
must replace Parker
and develop chemistry

llll Nesser

There was a point last season
—~ somewhere after UK's disas-
trous 36 start and before the Cats
dominating run to the SEC Tour-
nament title when UK fans
were complacent.

Folks realized the Cats
weren‘t as bad as their 3-5 record
forecast. but that UK was not a
national title contender.

During this time Cat Nation
turned its eyes to lone Saul Smith
and underclassmen Keith Bogans
and Tayshaun Prince and focused
its thoughts on the prospect of an
eighth UK title next season.

That was when the expecta-
tions began mounting for this sea-
son. On June 20. the day Prince. a
junior and Bogans. a sophomore
announced they were withdraw-
ing from the 2001 NBA draft. the
expectations rolled through the
Bluegrass like a tidal wave.

The wave has yet to crest. and
instead Top-5 preseason rankings
by Athlon Sports. ESPN.com and
The Sporting News have only fit
eled it.

During the first news confer-
ence of the season on Oct. 16.
coach Tubby Smith and his team
addressed the expectations.

“We know what the fans
want. we know what everybody in
Kentucky wants and we know
what we want.“ Prince said. “But
at the same time. for us to be a
great basketball team we‘ve got to
be together through ups and
downs. Its just a matter of what
we're going to do as far as staying
together. staying disciplined and
going out there and giving it 110
percent every time we step on the
basketball court. every time we

The hard work and diligence
Prince spoke of is necessary if the
Cats hope to meet their expecta-
tions and those of the fans. But.
they must also address three is-
sues Smith highlighted at the
news conference.

Smith said UK‘s talented and
deep 15~member team must find
chemistry. overcome the loss of
sophomore center Jason Parker
and replace Saul Smith at point

Smith hinted that the need
for team chemistry was the most
important of these issues.

“Talent really doesn’t mean a
thing if you don't come together
as a team and your chemistry‘s
not right." he said. “More talent
doesn't necessarily mean more
wins or anything else."

Talent may not equal a 30—win
season. but Smith's team will face
criticism if it fails to better its two
previous 24-win finishes.

This year's team has depth
and talent at every position and
two proven scorers in Bogans.
who averaged 17 points per game.
and Prince. who averaged 16.9.

Prince and Bogans are proba
ble first round draft picks in the
2002 NBA draft. and junior center
Jules Camara. junior forward
Man'in Stone and the sidelined
Parker all have the size and po-
tential to play in the NBA.

Yet of this group Smith said
only Prince and Bogans are defi-
nite starters. Either Camara or
Stone will start at center, Both
could start if Smith decides to
play Prince at small forward. .lu-
nior forward Marquis Estill and
sophomore Erik Daniels will also
see time while freshman forward
Chuck Hayes provides quickness
in the frontcourt.

Despite UK's depth inside.
Smith said Parker will be missed
this season.

“His physical presence his
size. bulk. his rebounding and his
intimidation inside you have to
have that." he said. “I think that's
where we‘re going to have to find
someone else; maybe Marquis.
maybe Marvin. they're both very
capable of doing it."

Smith said the 6-foot-lo. 2.3?-
pound Stone and the 6-foot»9. 240-
pound Estill were the most physi-

cal of his big men. but he also
praised (‘ 1111 m 1's multiple skills,

’ Th 1' s \Kl it he does best."
Smit‘ 1 said or the o-foot 11. 223
pound Si. cgal name. “-‘He s got a
11111 111111 i-I‘ltlt may and ilittle
lump hook that he‘s perfected in-
sidi- .‘tnri no tum step off the lane
and take :1 bill guy and go around
him or shoot over him "

l'itlikw l‘irker's physical (lt'-
l‘eiisiw approach. (Vimai'a relies
on speed and agility against
sii‘tiiigo'l‘ tililmlit'nis

"I probably won‘t try to mus-
r‘li' with their. I try to use my
quit kiiess With those guys." he

If Smith decides to use a big—
ger lineup and start Prince at
small forward and Bogans at
shooting guard. that could bench
sophomore guard and starter Ger~
ald Fitch. who averaged 6.8 points
and «1.1 rebounds per game and
shot 40.8 percent on 3-point field
goals last season

Heralded recruit Rashaad t‘ar-
ruth tould also push for minutes
at the Z-guard if his defensive
grime and offensive skills inside
the 3-point line rival his shooting
skills from behind the arc.

The point guard situation is
the biggest question facing the
hackcourt. Smith said either se-

nior J.P. Blevins or sophomore
Cliff Hawkins will start. adding
that Blevins was the early fa-

However. he downplayed the
importance of either player
emerging as the team's sole floor
leader and ball handler.

“Our point guard situation is-
n't going to be as critical as it has
been because now our perimeter
players are better ballhandlers."
he said.

Smith said Prince. Bogans
and Fitch were capable of bring
mg the ball up the court and that
the nature of UK s motion ofl’ense
will often force them to,


—http: //www. kykernel com

UK senior
Tayshaun Prince
and junior Keith
Bogans passed
on the NBA to
assist coach
Tubby Smith's
attempt at
another national

| 3

Read up on each
player, from
Prince to Chiles
and Daniels to

I 4, 5

Point guards J.P.
Blevins and Cliff
Hawkins battle
for a starting
position | 6

High school
guard Rashaad
Carruth headlines
a deep and
talented crop of
newcomers l 7

The UK women's
team and coach
Mattox try to
improve on last
year‘s 6-win
season I 7

Regardless of who emerges as
['K's go-to-guy in the paint and
who will handle the ball for UK.
the waves of expectations will
continuously pound the Cats.

Team chemistry is vital if the
(‘ats are to meet these expecta‘
tions and. if their expressed goal
is a:- .\ m (11(1111011. a winning
alchemx mu (1 ilitady be brew

"Right now we feel like this is
our year right here. he been here
two ~tears and we havent come
close to it Bogans said ”HO-De
lllll\ this war well go all the
way‘ '

Right now we feel like this is our year right here. I’ve been here two years

and we haven t come close to it. Hopefully, this year we’ll go all the way.”



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Road t0 f * «11mm.
At l a nta

2001-2002 ' _  : I, Instruments!

as lowas




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Forqoinq for the Final Four

Iv llll lessor

UK coach Tubby Smith will
have multiple talents at his dis-
posal this season. but UK will
continue to depend on the play
of its two stars.

"I think we have two of the
best players in the country re-
turning in Keith Bogans and
'I‘ayshaun Prince." Smith said

Smith isn‘t the only person
mentioning Prince. 21 senior for
ward and the Southeastern
(‘onference Player of the Year.
in the same sentence with Bo-
gans. a junior guard and l7K's
leading scorer last season.

Many fans have linked the
two to UK's success since Bo-
gans' arrival at UK in 1999.

That year. Bogans averaged
12.5 points and was UK's third-
leading scorer and Prince led
the team with 13.3 points.

Last season the pair contin-
tied to improve and combined
to score at 9 points per game.

Their play led the (‘ats to
the NCAA Sweet Sixteen and a
chance to jump to the NBA.

Both players considered en-
tering the draft. but .Iune 21)
they announced they would re-
turn to UK.

Prince said the decisions
were independent. but he al-
ways intended to return to UK.

“Once I put my name out
there my whole mindset was to
come back." he said. “It was
just a matter of hearing what‘s
out there."

Both turned down green
cash for Bluegrass and a shot at
a national title. But with title
hopes come expectations and

Last year the duo account-
ed for 12.5 percent of UK‘s oti
fense and Bogans said he and
Prince will be two of the tia-
tion‘s best scorers.

"I feel like we're the best 1-2
punch in the country and l
think we‘re going to show it as
soon as the season starts." he

Bogans ability to score has
never been questioned. bitt
some critics argue that he‘s too
concerned with improving his
NBA stock and receiving indi
vidual accolades than leading
UK to its eighth national title.

However. Bogans down-
played the hype that he might
be jealous of Prince. who was
nominated for multiple Player
of the Year awards.

.itti'tit.t.t. 'm- itt~t git t-‘it .ijiti
plm lt.l\l‘.“lllilii. he- 'z'l "l‘itut
‘lllsl l‘!ill\t‘~ itI‘ rlill'i‘. ~ v‘ \\rrt.',tl
be nice to lit“ (l H "-1 H! flit-
\'t~,n t'rintlttlnlv liitt Int inst
here to Wilt lu'tsketlm‘il :tntes "

I‘loth [il.t‘.“i‘\ mllll the\ en
1m .i \\lllltllii]l l‘t‘lmiiiil‘milll)
and Pi nne noted In» slriiit‘. to
create sltrttrs ltvt‘ HHLIIEI‘r




The Diamond Gallery

Iri'ii/Qrwi't l’rrmn't 7t r/r: ' / . l

l.lll\tlu'~iit. \lM‘H
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I think me pinyin; the
tint; \j‘illllllll'll\ll;)1lllllltl sillil
tut hint. especialh it I post up I
U' T-zw ~5lltl “It In. geltntulott
up teamed I can kick it my."

Which player iti'lii‘lih the

tnmt from the other I\ unnn
portant to I'K's title hopes

It the this he to sheet-mi
both pirixeis ninst t'tzll\l\ii'liil\
plzn nell



Senior Tayshaun Prince (left) and
junior Keith Boqans skipped a
chance at playing in the NBA this
season and returned to UK more
focused and determined to lead the
Cats to a national championship.


l’oi‘ example. in last year \
,\'l}\;\ loss to Southern (Val in
gain st med «1 team high 3.".
points while I’t‘int‘e scored \l‘x

“'I‘h it last game hurt We
know what it takes now." Bo-
gans said, “We can't take one
day oil. one practice off. one
\Itl‘tillfl oil We have to come out
(lllil l)lii_\ with liiii'lhliV al‘. the




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itciiruciiv snug: floodplain | TNORSOAY.NOVE1ABCR1, 'zo'oi'


u | runnsoiv, NOVEMBER 1, 2001 i ukrucirv «caucus HOOPS myiew




Coach: lobby Sniirh 111033. 4 years; 23495 overall. 10 years)
Last Year‘s Record: 2410 (SEC East: 121/1151)

Postseason: NCAA Last region seinifinal (Southern Cal 80, UK 76)
Returning Starters: 3 (Sr forward layshaun Prince. Jr. guard Keith

Buttons 50 iluaitl Gerald FltCh) , ‘ J YEAR "6: “PG: APO: “I". P0: STEALS: .loc“5: . IP02 A”: “I“. '6: STEALS: ‘ YEAR PPS: RPS: A": “I". '62 STEAl52 ULWASI
3:.izzirr:‘::£i:i:"3:i::°.“.:":.it°"§....um... -: . - 99-00 12-5 3.. m m 47 i 3-2 °~" "'2 ‘f if ‘ °°‘°' °~° °-’ 6‘ 7-2 ° 2
- l i ‘1 Y Q Yv . 004" ‘10 4.6 235 30.9 34 i 0.6 0.90 20.4 14 _ 701.1! 0.9 0.3 0.0 3.2 0 2

shooting rang») ind sophomores Erik Daniels and fitch have continued to a“ M 1011
int (011 . Oriistlr airy Prince and 80 ans will be the backbone of the team. Career “-7 43 2.04 29-4 3‘ 9 ‘ r 1
D ' 9 fonts 5.7 3.9 0.61 15.4 32 f?





Matt Heisseiibirttel gives UK iii—man depth. sorriething no other
team in the nation can claim.

The stiphriliilil‘t' guard frorii Lexington played sparingly as a
walk on freshman Brit. coach Tubby Smith has not shown a reluc
fame to play walk oris. For example. former walkori Steve Masiel-
lo started two games during his career at UK.

Heissenbrittel was able to walkori much because of his faini
ly's friendship with UK coach Tubby Smith's family Heissenbuttel
and his brother. Jack. played at Lexington (‘atholic with Smith‘s
youngest son. Brian

(‘oach Smith said Heissenbuttel played air unrecognized role
in UK's success last season.

“He played exclusively on the scout team last year and he chal
leiiged our guys in practice everyday and he made us better." he


it's easy to forget who led the (Tats in scoring last year.
“0313A . Bogans 'l‘ayshaun Prince was the Southeastern Conference regular Oman
season and tournament MVP and he made all the clutch shots for
Coach: Billy Doom/511110256, Syears: 137-76 overall,7years) 6'5 205 t'K in crucial situations . ‘ .
$11,352:: 231,23;lififiéhfifo/Jiiljtdempie 75 Honda 54) Jul . l' 1But f’l‘lllt‘t‘i\\'ill.\ St‘(‘()11(illtl syriring to Keith Bogans. who aver-
- ’ . ‘ mo agei 17 ppg am a so coiitri )lttt‘t ».6 rpg.
“firymoflagaifi’rni ‘J'. Wm 8"" "9‘50" J" """M "'3" mm" S" Guard “The scoring mentality Keith has is unbelievable." Prince said. Junior
Player to watch: Freshman forward James White litigt’lttS t‘tiltSltlt‘l‘t‘d entering lht‘ NBA draft like Pl‘lllt‘t‘. but h‘lSt) Forward . ‘ . . _ . _ '
Alexandria, Va, chose to wait on the Wealth of the NBA and return to an amateur SCh‘MFShlp- ( amara 5 suspension (‘llll-‘t’d (‘l'lthlsm 0f the PUIICY

Outlook: Nelson and Haslem are the top perimeter-post combination in the
' ‘ ‘ ' - I ' ,, . . 1 V ,
life in search of an N( AA championship. Dakar, WI . .pnd it was it p1 alcd.

iyague ilorrda is i: top Steam and final Four contender despite teddy . . _ ,
may 5 o sirissai tom the team and Kwame Browns leap to the NBA. Deflatha “I think M, will come back with a renewed vision and purpose Oak “1" H" _Nlow. (. amarlal rmkurilsllut) therlineup an aged Junior. both in
. 1 9 s essoiis am )as et )a utorlng.

Catholic High to prove that he can play at the next level.“ coach Tubby Smith said. , .
Academy , He Will ease the loss of sophomore Jason Parker. who Will


Jules (‘amara stuck it out. and by no conscientious effort be
changed things for UK athletes.

The ri-foot-ll forward from Senegal is frequently considered to
64], 233 be.th‘s best raw talent. but a DUI conviction last fall benched
him for a season.

Unlike many past UK athletes. (Tamara chose to stay at UK
even though the former studentathlete alcohol policy stripped his

miss the season with a knee injury. said.



Coach: Dave Odom (First year, 278174 overall, 15 years)

Last Year's Record: 15-15 (SEC East: 6‘10/5rd)

Postseason: N11 first round (Connecticut 72, South Carolina 65)

Returning Starters: 4 (Sr guard Jamel Bradley, Sr, guard Aaron Lucas, Jr,

(enter tony Krtrhrngs, Jr center Marius Petraviuus)

Player to watch: Sophomore forward Rolando Howell

Outlook: Howell was a high school All-American that began to make contri-
hutions toward the end of last season. and is due for a breakout year. the

Garnerotks welcome back Churk Eidson, who missed most of last year with
.i knee iniiiry, and top rumors Kitchings and Lucas.


. ~ ‘1 - 95-99 5.3 3,3 1.2 20.2 25 21 ’ x 99-00 4.6 3.8 0.4 13.8 11 22
TENNESSEE ' -., . 99'00 13. 3 6.0 1.8 34.0 27 41 .1 E “'01 6.0 4.6 0.6 10.2 7 29
Coach: Brit: Peterson (First year: 105-50 overall, 5 years) I“ ’ 00-01 16.9 6.5 2.9 32.9 24 37 I] y _. 701.15 5.3 4-2 0.5 16.0 18 51

last Year's Record: 22 11 (sec East aye/41m ; Totals 11.3 5.4 1.9 28.7 75 99
Postseason: NCAA Midwest region first round (Charlotte 86, Tennessee 73) = -. -\


Mr. Basketball: Bowling Green product
earned Kentucky's highest hoops honor





UK fans: are still waiting for former Mc[,)onald's All-American

Returning Starters: 2 (Sr. forward Vincent Yarbrough. Jr, guard Jon

Player to watch: Junior guard Jon Higgins

Outlook: The Vols hope to erase their reputation as underachievers Most
of the talent from last year is gone as are the underachievers. Yarbrough

Southeastern (‘oiiference MVPs typically earn millions of dol-
lars ill the NBA.

Remember Jamal Mashtiurn. 'l‘oiiy Delk and Ron Mercer?
Those are just former UK players who won the award and succeed-

Marvin Stone's breakthrough season.

In last season's first eight games. it looked as if Stone was on
the brink. He scored in double figures five times and averaged 5.9
rebounds per game.


6'5. 196

Josh (‘ai'rier iriay be overshadowed by fellow freshman rAguard
Rashaad (‘arruth. but the Bowling (lreen. Ky. native should see
playing time this season

Kentucky's reigning Mr, Basketball is a great jump shooter. but

he must improve his speed. quickness and defense if he hopes to
see significant minutes,

“My role right now is coming off the bench. being a spark arid
shooting the it." he said. "I'll lust have to play my hardest and see
how it goes "

He averaged 3 :. points per game his senior year at Bowling
(il't‘t'll High. where he rewrote the record books.

l‘arr'ier is Bowling (ireeii's all time leading scorer with 1.9.371
points and he holds the record for single game scoring wrth 712'.


has All American potential and Higgins IS a 3*pornt threat 7 (‘11 ill tht‘ NBA,

Jumor Don't add 'l‘ayslraun Prince to that list too soon. He has one
Forward MVP award but is seeking his second SEC Player of the Year Stone ended speculation that’he would transfer this summer Guard

GEORGIA ' Com ton .‘tWHl'li (11M liltght tom Ilelk and Mercer in the National Champion and figures to i‘ccciye more playing time because of sephomore Bowling Green,

p. ' category center Jason Parker s knee injury V-
.- (ioach Tubby Smith would like Stone to be more assertive.
“What l want him to be is more aggressive and more physical
.and have more of a presence inside dominate the paint on both
ends of the floor. which he's very capable of doing." he said.


In the season's final 22 games he scored in double figures three Freshman
times and his rebounds per game dropped to 46.

Coach: Jim Harrlck (2635. 2 years; 429-2170verallizl vearSl CE! I ' Princi- said he still has aspects of‘ his game to work on. He '
L3“ V93” “9“": ””5 ‘55 [W- °‘7/3rdl Domm uez wants to bulk up and perfect his shooting touch. but leading the

Postseason: NCAA East region first rourrd(Missouri 70. Georgia 68) . . . .. . , .. . .. . . . . . . ' ‘
Returning sung“: 2 (50. guard [2,6 Wham, So guard Rashad wflqmy qu ( ais to .1 fr iiial tour appearance and .1 possible National Title takes
priority over any eventual NBA rewards.

Player to watch: Sophomore forward Jarvis Hayes

Outlook: Haves l5 :1 transfer from Western Carolina along wrth his brother.
Jarvis. the Bulldogs Will need both to contribute after losmg top scorer

D A iayne and their top three post players from a year ago. Harrick has a

tough get) ahead. but Wllllde and Wright are a solid backcourt. J P


Coach: kevin stallings (34-26, 2 years;157-89 overall, 8 years)

last Year's Record: 1515 (SEC East: 4-12/6th)

Postseason: None ,. .

Returning Starters: 4 (Sr guard Chuck Moore. 50 forward Matt Freiie. So. " ': YEAR ppc; RPG: APG: MIN. PG; STEALS; BLOCKS; . YEAR PPG: RPG: APG: MIN. PG: STEALS: BLOCKS:
guard Russell litkev. So guard Billy Richmond) : . 98-99 03 0.5 01 4.9 1 0 . 00.01 3.0 1.1 1.6 11,0 34 1

Player to watch: Senior guard Sam Howard
Outlook: The ‘linres must find alternatives to freiie and Moore on offense , ,. 99.00 4'2 "2 1'3 16.5 15 70h“ 3'0 1.1 16 "'0 34 ‘

From had a standout freshman year and is key to the team's future. Senior - t ' 00‘01 2.8 0-9 0-6 I3-4 7 0
their 1 Kim Howard must rediscover his outside shooting touch f ". 3 Totals 3.1 1.0 0.8 13.3 23 O


Oak Hill pipeline: UK's third Oak Hill recruit
will provide UK with depth and 3-point range




_ Rashaad (‘arriith knows he can shoot the ball.

“mm. f'arriith made a name for himself at Oak Hill Academy the
same school that produced former Cats Ron Mercer. Jules Camara
and (lift Hawkins by findin ' a home outside of the .‘l-point line.

His outside shooting ability garnered him the reputation as
the nation's top high school shooter.

(‘arr'uth has a reputation of not attacking the basket. but he
drove the lane more frequently during the McDonald's High School
All American gami-

"l'm a shooter. but l have been working on moving the ball
more toward thr- baski-r and getting to the freethrow line." he said.
came Park, Ga. "('oach Smith has been working with me in indiyidual workouts,"

(‘arriiih will give 1 K a deadly weapon off the bench at the
shooting guard position


(‘liff Hawkins is a spark of energy. but had trouble sustaining ‘_
‘ " , ‘ both his energy and consistency during his freshman campaign. A
8'9""5 JP. Blevins isn‘t flashy. he does riot score points in bunches ’ "wk? ' ' Hawkins playerl sparingly early last year because of asthma
and he will not top any preseason AllAmerica lists. But the senior a us before he became conditioned for Tubby Smith‘s system, but his 59
SEC WEST 6-2' 18] from lrldiiionloii. Ky. is Just what a talentloaded team like the Cats turnovers troubled Smith more than his windiness.
. need in a point guard. ()ne trip down the floor Hawkins Would make a dazzling pass
Junior . l'lv’ coach Tubby Smith has indicated that Blevins is the early 6 Ir '85 to an open teammate only to turn ball over the next. At times he
Guard favorite iosiicceed Saul Smith as UK s starting point guard ‘ Sophomore caught teammates off guard. > 6'3 195
IMBI‘RU‘ Ed t K lliicvilUSi) of his i-xpiiyitince and knowledge of UK s offense. He Will He blames many of the turnovers on a lack of Chemistry and ,
c h M H. N o 5. 42 3 123 66 H 6 m0" 0“: yo compete for the position wrth sophomore (‘liff Hawkins. Guard fanyjharjfy mm "inmmmps‘ a pmhrpm many freshman point Freshman
'iiote’J». s- .. - ~ ‘ ‘
12:: VENT; “9‘“:th (Sic wveififéfimm 0"“ ' year” Metcafle All yoiicaii ever ask for is to be iii charge of a team that has a Dumfries V8 guards face.
Postseason: v: final (lulsa 79, Alabama 60) - (‘llillll‘l‘ 10W“) ll 11”- ml‘VHlS “”11 ' ' His defen