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MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, Nov. 26, 1889 - page 91-92

     The Board of Trustees of the A. & M. College of Kentucky
met as per adjournment June 6th, in the Presidents room in
the College Nov. 26, 1889.

Present   His excellency S. B. Buckner, Governor of Ky.
                                        Ex Officio Chairman
                         W. B. Kinkead
                         Hart Gibson
                         W. D. Nicholas
                         R. A. Spurr
                         R. J. Spurr
                         L. J. Bradford
                         Philemon Bird

     The Minutes of the last meeting called August l9yh
and convened Sept. 3rd, were read, approved and ordered to
be signed.

     The Minutes of the Executive Committee since Sept. 3rd
were read and approved.

     The President was asked to give an account of his visit
to the Universities of Ohio, Wisconsin and Missouri and the
Agricultural Colleges of Michigan and Kansas, whereupon a
verbal report was made from copious statistics relating
to the organizations endowment courses of studies, Buildings
laboratories, and salaries of officers of these institutions
followed by certain recommendations suggested thereby. He
was then directed by the Board to embody the substance of
the verbal report aforesaid in a written report to the Board
of Trustees, Dr. R. J. Spurr, Hart Gibson and P. P. Johnston
being appointed a Committee to represent the Board in receiv-
ing the Report, which Committee was instructed to transmit
a copy thereof with such modifications as they might think
proper to His Excellency the Governor for such use as he
may desire to make thereof.

     The Board then heard statements respecting the
Matriculation of the term, the condition of the various Depart-
ments and after attending the lecture of Prof. Kastle, one
of the series of lectures on Agriculture and Horticulture,
adjourned  sine die.

    P. P. Johnston        S. B. Buckner
       Seetty.              Chairman