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MIIMJTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, June  lst, 1886 - page 60

    The Executive Committee were likewise instructed to
expend the first surplus available, in providing additional
dormitory accomodations and in perfecting the facilities re-
quired for the experimental station including the purchase
of land.

     The Board then adjourned.

     Board met June 3, in Judge Kinkead's office at 12
M. Present.

                         W. B. Kinkead, Chairman
                         L. J. Bradford, Secy.
                         R. J. Spurr
                         D. C. Buell
                         R. A. Spurr
                         Philip Bird
                         J. D. Clardy
                         W. D. Nicholas
                         Jas. K. Patterson, Asst. Sect-y.

     The unfinished business relating to Professor's Potters
official designation was then entered upon.

     On motion Professor Potter's official designation is
declared to be " Prof. of Theory and Practice Teaching in
the Normal School." The following explanatory papers
was then adopted, viz:

" This appointment is not intended to form a precedent in
the appointment of any successor or Professor Potter when
for any cause his connection with the Normal School shall
cease. It is moreover the sende of this Board that the de-
signation of the Chair which Professor Potter fills is
conceded to him, because of the personal statement made
to him by Professor Kirby Viz: that the chair to which


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Jumie 3, 1886 - page 61

he was appointed should be equal in dignity emoluments to
that of any ordinary Professorship in the College. It is
the sense of this Board further that Professor Potter shall
for all purposes of government administration and instruction
be subordinate to Professor Kirby the recognized head of
the Normal School. Subject to the general powers of the
Faculty and governing authorities."

     On motion ordered that the Presidents address on
commencement day be published in the catalogue.

     Dr. Peter was present and made application to the
Board of Trustees for an assistant to conduct his
instructions in practical chemistry.

     In the discussion which followed the Minutes of the
Ex. Com. January 29, 1886 was referred to. The application
of Dr. Peter was referred to the Ex. Com. which reference
being seconded and the application was refused by the

     On motion ordered that Professor Menke be requested to
instruct the classes in Practical Chemistry, without
additional compensation.

     On motion ordered that the Ex. Com. in the event of the
consent of Prof. Menke to instruct the classes in Practical
chemistry being obtained, invite Professors Peter, Menke
and Scovell to confer with them in regard to the changes
which may be necessary in the official designation of
the chairs of Profs. Peter and Menke.

     Philip Bird offered the following:
     Whereas it becomes necessary by the expiration of his
term of office for us to sever our official connection with
Maj. R. S. Bullock, late Treasurer of this Board since
its organization,


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES ,June 3, 1886 - page 62


     Resolved that we extend to Maj. Bullock our thanks for
his prompt and efficient manner in which he has always
performed his duties and that we commend his fidelity and
gentlemanly bearing as worthy the imitation of all.

     Resolved also that this Board feel called upon to
express its regrets for its loss of the valuable service of
Maj. P. P. Johnston whose term of office expires with the
convening of the Board of Trustees in its present

     Resolved that the secretary be instructed to send copies
of these resolutions to Maj. Johnston and to Maj. Bullock.

     The Board then adjourned.

     James K. Patterson,

       Asst. Secretary

(Signed Feb. 15, 1888)