· » ;·  _
V_ s  It even appears that this was the Rugby game played with the oval ball or  i V
?, A perhaps the American game modified from the Rugby; though the method of  { {was
.` counting the score was peculiar. .  fi Succct
LP Mr. Miles M. Dawson, of New York, a student at Kentucky University from ’  With
. 1878 to 1880, and Mr. C. C. Calhoun, of Wzisliiiigtoii, a student at the old A. &  r` Hm011;
~ M.——when a little later than this the A. & M. were separated——both remember  —_ Slisllt
, these intercollegiate games.  I Hiatt
3 Prof. ]. NV. Porter, of Lexington, also remembers these games well and has  A blt flf
lt supplied me with incidents connected with them. An account of the nrst game of   llfllmi
intercollegiate Rugby football in Kentucky, and also possibly west of the Alle-   High
‘ ghenies, appears in both the Lexington Press and the Lexington Transcript of   dates
,` date April 10, 1880; and a review of this account, accompanying an interview  i mimi
with Dean Patterson, ofthe University of Louisville, appears in the Lexington   SCHOC
" Leader of date, Sunday, December 3, 1916.  y
A The leading spirits in the introduction of this sport at Kentucky University   A
_ ~ I were the students, C. L. Thurgood from Australia, who had learned the game   H4 M
  V there, and Miles M. Dawson, of Minnesota.   bv th,
i The previous fall they obtained from Princeton a ball and a book of rules,   i T
l, · and taking up the matter with Centre College, succeeded in arranging a game  Q H_ E
‘   for Friday, April 9, ISSO, which resulted in a victory for K. U. of 13%, to 0.  I Dom,
l 1 Upon what system of counting they arrived at the fractional part of the score V; yp IQ
l ` I am unable to figure out.   Q_ C
i` A Professor ]ohn L. Patterson, State College ’82, now Dean of the University  _` T
  _ of Louisville-—then a student at the combined Kentucky University and the     pas=se<
l . ’ & M College—was captain of the K. U. team, and Mr. Dick Ernst, a student   brancl
  ._ at Centre from Covington, was captain of the Centre team. The contesting  j` a;hiet
    i teams were composed as follows:  X the pr
  - i Kentucky University—Fox, (afterwards to earn fame as the Kentucky  1 te llc
: F ·. novelist); Allen, (Buckner Allen), a brother of john Allen, present Comntotr   Bflilffl
.r v_ V wealth's Attorney of Payette County; Logan, Shelby, King, Craig, Overstreet, ?  T
l· ij Graves, Patterson, floopman, Garvey, ]ohnson, Lindeman, Langsford zuitl   filfklf
[_   _ Thurgood.  = lll m0
    Centre College·—Fulton, Dunlap, Vaughn, Clark, McCartney, Cowan, Moore.   (Qomn
'L t Cowles, Barbour, Ernst, Taylor, january, Skinner, \\febster, Read, Barret antl  ’ (mm