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The University Faculty met in the Assembly Room of Lafferty Hall, Monday,
October 15, at 4:00 p. m. President Donovan presided. Members absent were
R. S. Allen, E. A. Bureau, Louis Clifton, Thomas P. COOper, L. L. Dantzler,
N. R. Elliott, Alvin E. Evnas, E. F. Parquhar, James H. Graham, W. B. Hamilton,
T. L. Rankine, W. M. Insko, Margaret King, L. E. Nollau, Clay Salyer, R. E.
shaver, B. A. Shively, and S. B. Walton.

The minutes of August 22 were read and approved with one amendment.

Dean Wiest, Chairman of the Faculty Committee on Elections, presented
the following report:

”The Committee on Elections met on October 8, 1945, and counted
the ballots cast by the faculty to fill vacancies in the membership of
the Faculty of the University. As a result of this and previous elec-
tions the members and the expiration of their terms are as follows:


E. F. Farguhar and John Kuiper, terms expire in 1946:

Grant C. Knight and E. W. Bannells, terms expire in 1947:

Alexander Cepurso, L. L. Dantzler, and Hobart Ryland were
elected in October, 1945, terms expire in 1948


Charles E. Snow, term expires in 1946;

J. B. Schwendeman was elected in October, 1945, term
expires in the fall of 1947 or when Dr. Sanders re—
turns from his leave of absence, whichever is the
shorter period;

Amry Vandenbosch was elected in October, 1945, term
expires in 1948


O. T. Koppius, term expires in 1946;

A. C. McFarlan, term expires in 1947;

C. B. Crawley and Lyle R. Dawson were elected in
October, 1945, terms expire in 1948


W. Brooks Hamilton, term expires in 1946;

W. R. Allen and W. A. Heinz, terms expire in 1947;

R. S. Allen was elected in October, 1945, term expires
in 1948

Bernie A. Shively, term expires in 1946

Colonel William G. Johnston was elected in October, 1945,
to complete the unexpired term left vacant by Captain

Stivers' departure. The term expires in 194 .









Minutes of the University Faculty October 15, 1945 0 cont.

L. J. Horlacher and H. B. Price, terms expire in 1946 M
H. W. Beers, N. R. Elliot, and W. D. Velleau, terms expire ‘f

in 19473 ‘
L. A. Bradford, W. M. Insko were elected in October, 1945,
terms expire in 1948.

Stetie Erikson, term expires in 1946

Ca 8. Crouse, term expires in 1946;

L. E. Nolleu and R. E. Shaver° terms expire in 1947;
E. A. Bureau and S. B. Walton were elected in October,
1945, terms eXpire in 1948


Frank H. Randall, term expires in 1946.

M. E. Ligon, term expires in 1946
T. L. Hankins, term expires in 1947
L. E. Meece, elected in October, 1945, term expires in 1948


Badman Sullivan, term expires in 1946;

W. E. Beals,wss elected in October, 1945, term expires in
the fall of 1947, or when Dr» Ketchum returns from his
leave of absence, whichever is the shorter period.

A. J. Lawrence was elected in October. 1945, term expires R
in 1948 ‘ ‘

In connection with the certification of the election of members as
stated above, thepolicy of determining the "personnel for election"
adopted by the Committee on Elections, should be explained, You will recallthi
the Report of the Committee of Fifteen provides that ”at the expiration
of any term, a member shall be ineligibel for reelection until one year
has passed." This provision the Committee on Elections interpreted to
apply to "terms" as prescribed in the Reprot of the Committee of Fifteen,
but not to "unexpired terms”, regardless of whether such unexpired terms are
filled by appointment or by election. The Committee felt that to bar persons
from election after having served for short periods would work an injustice
in many cases.

It should probably also be reported that three votes were sent to
the Committee without the signatures of the voters and five were sent a day p
late. These ballots were therefore not counted.
Sincarely yours.

Minutes of the University Faculty October 15, 1945 a cont.

The Committee on Elections

N. R. Elliott B. E. Shaver

A. J. Lawrence D. E. South
M _ Frank Murray Edward Wiest,

W. D. Nicholle Chairman

President Donovan stated that Professor Terrell”s term as an elected member
of the Faculty had expired, but that he Was attending in the capacity of Acting
Dean of the College of Engineering.

Dean Boyd presented the following recommednations from the College of Arts
and Sciences, which were approved by the Faculty:

1. Social Work

1). S. W. 127a,bic. Tutorial Work in Social Work. In preparation for
comprehensive examination. 1 quarter hour per quarter.

‘ 2). That the passing of a comprehensive examination as a requirement
‘ for graduation with a major in social work be resumed, effective
with the June Commencement, 1946.

2. GeOgraphy 110a,b. Independent Work in Geography. 4 Quarter hours per

Assistant Dean Horlacher presented for the College of Agriculture and Home
Economics the following changes in Agronomy:

Changes in Credit:

Agronomy 10, Soils from four to five credits

Agronomy 119, Genesis, Nature, and Classification of Soils,three credits
‘ to

Agronomy 119, Origin, Classification, and Mapping of Soils, four credits

n Changeithe title and description of AgronOmy 113 to read as follows:

Agronomy 1 3, Experimental Methods and Interpretation of Results. (A) W
A study of the essentials of reliable experimentation, including
sources of error; a study of experimental data with emphasis 0n

,tMi interpretation.

Agronomy 115, Soil Management, four credits.


New Courses


as - Agronomy 12, Soil Conservation (3) F
The problems of soil depletion and their solution through
conservation farming, with special emphasis on Kenncky
conditions. Lectures and recitations. 3 hours. PrereQuisite:

A Agronomy 10.











.1: :z- EE?il‘?‘—33!?!Zi§!

Minutes of the University Faculty October 15, 1945 — cont.
Agronomy 114, Advanced Soils (3) W

An advanced study of the physical and chemical properties
and processes of soils with applications to soil management. '1Y
Lectures and recitations, 3 hours. Prereguisite: Agronomy 10.

The University Faculty approved the recommendations of the College of Agriculhue
and Home Economics.

Acting Dean Terrell presented for the College of Engineering a reguest to
reinstate Engineering Drawing 1c, which Was approved by the University Faculty.

In the absence of Dean Evans, the Secretary read the following recommenda-
tions from the College of Law, which were approved by the University Faculty:

1. The course in Trial Procedure (Law 120) is authorized as 6 Quarter hows
We shoud like to offer it during the year l945~46 as Trial Procedure I

(Law 120a), and Trial Procedure II (Law l20b). 3 Quarter hours. This chums
will not affect the cantent of the course.

2. The course in Taxation (Law 153) is authorized as 5 quarter hours. We
should like to offer it during the year 1945046 as Taxation I (Lem 153a),
2 quarter hours. and Taxation II (Law 153b), 3 quarter hours. This Chang
will not affect thecontent of the course.

3. The course in Private Corporations is authorized as Private Corporattmfl
(Law 0160a}, 4 quarter hours and Private Corporations II (Law 153a), 2
quarter hours. During the year 1945546 we should like to offer this courm
as Private Corporations (Law C160), 5 quarter hours. This change will not
affect the content of the course, except to shorten it slightly.

President Donovan announced that there was a vacancy tn the Advisory
Athletic Council, due to the expiration of the term of Professor Horlacher.
He asked for nominations from each of the colleges frOm which list he could
select the member of the Council. Persons nominated were H. H. Downing,
C. S. Grouse, and L. A. Bradford. (In view of the subsequent change in the 9".
organizatiou of athletics, the appointment to the coandttee was never made.)' '

President Donovan extended a welcome to thenew members of the Faculty. He
stated that this was the beginning of the third year of the University Faculty
under the present orgainization and that in his opinion the plan of the organ?
ration was successful; that it was democratic; that the election of a few new
members each year provided continuity; and that in time it was possible for
every member of the professorial staff to become a member of the Faculty. Prur
dent Donovan mentioned that it might be desirable to have Open meetings of the
Faculty and have someone from outside the University attend the meetings for t“
purpose of discussing current porblems. He stated further that it had been st?
gested that members of the Faculty study the Harvard Report and the Yale Repofi'
He also mentioned again a suggestion made last year that one or two prominent
educators be invited to speak before an open meeting of the Faculty.

Dean Chamberlain asked fro an expression-of opinion from the Faculty re- 9‘.
garding the late admission of veterans who had just been released from servicm
After seme discussion, the Faculty approved a motion to extend the time for the
registration of veterans one week beyond the regular time for closing regise






Minutes of the University Faculty October 15, 1945 - cont.

Dean Taylor announced the twentyosecond annual Educational Conference, and
the meeting of the Kentucky Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, Octo -
bar 25 and 26, and expressed the hope that the members of the Faculty would
support the program by their attendance.

President Donovan commented on the increased enrollment this Quarter and
stated that he was optomistic about the future of the University. He expressed
some concern, however, over the possibility that the state income tax would be
repealed, thus decreasing the amount of money that would be available to the
University. He announced that the Federal Housing Administration had approved
the University's application for 200 pre-fabricated houses and that there was
a possibility that another hundred might be obtained. These houses are to be
used for married veterans and their families.




The University Faculty met in the Assembly Room of Laffcrty Hall Monday,
Novembr 12, at 4:00 p. m. President Donovan presided. The following members
of the Faculty Were absent: Thomas P. Cooper, C. S. Grouse, L. L. Dantzler,

E. F. Farguhar, James H. Graham, T. L. Haukins, W. A. Heinz, Sarah B. Holmes.
William G. Johnstou, L. E. Meece, L. E. Nollau, F. D. Peterson, E. W. Rannells,
Clay Salyer, R. A. Shaver, B. A. Shively, William S. Taylor, D. V. Terrell,

W. D. Valleau, and Amry Vandenbosch.

The minutes of October 15 were read and approved.

The Secretary submitted a profihed calendar for 1946-47 for the consideration
of the Faculty. The discussion of this calendar centered around three points:
(1) The desirability of opening school in the fall one week earlier than was the
case in 1945, thus providing a longer Christmas vacation; (2) The length of the
proposed Freshman Orientation period, and:: (3) The desirability of extending
the Independence Day holiday through two days since July 4 falls on Friday in
1947. The University calendar was approved in the form following:


‘Fall Quarter


September 26e28 Thursday, 8: 00 a. m. to Saturday 5 p. m.°-C1assification tests,
physical examinations, and advisory conferences for all
new students.

September 30 Monday ForenooneaFreshman registration and classification.