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A lumni WINTER 2011
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//////,,,, -.
UK Leading The Way In Innovations
& Economic Development
Corey Callahan - Annual Report

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 Q I I I • Winter 2011 • Volume 82 • Number 4
Featu fQ$ The Uniemilw ¤fKe~¢M¤/ry isiminge UK Alumni Association 2010-11
ON THE COVER pasitive impact an new business growth. ? 1 Annua| Rgpilrt d
I1CI'€3.S1Hg 1'I1€1'I1 €I'S IP, I1€W PI'OgI'3.1'I1S 3,1] 1'I1OI'€
communication vehicles highlight this year’s
The fast track for innovation: ¤¤¤¤¤1f€P¤f¤·
1 6 UK has a hands-on role
The general economy may have its woes, but UK is racking
up impressive statistics while helping to create new spinout 175,141 Water ba||00nS,
COH1P&I1l€S élfld jobs in El”l€ COH1H1OHW€&lKh.     people, 1 World record!
BY Ka€l€ Nllller and Linda PEVVY The magnitude of UK’s recent record-
breaking Guinness World Record is still
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Alu1·nn1 Assoc1g_[1o n Brenda Bains Records Data Entry Operator
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AndrewM. ceci1*ooAs Silliarn P.Perduejr.)6$EN. *68 BE UhIV€l‘SI|Cy of K€h|IUCky
janice Warren Christian *78 ED Taunip A. Phillips *87 EN. *04 BE . .
Mic1iae1A. Christian *76 AS.*80 DE Robert Rriclcardlsv *61 EN Alumhl Nlagallhé
William M. Corum *64 BE Chad D. Polk*94DES Vo1i82 NO2
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james L. jaceianr *78 iso AG Bobby c.W1iira1rer1ss cis Fer daebeate ¤¤a¤b¤ge· Rleaee ee¤d beth marbrrg
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Dennis j. Keenan *90 BE. *93 LAW Crystal M. Williams *97 BE
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 I Pride In Blue
Take a break with Kentucky Alumni magazine!
I _   1-lello Wildcats! 1t’s with great pride that we bring you the winter 2011 issue of Ken-
' _ tuclqr Alumni magazine. This is a wonderful time of year, but it can be more than a little
l hectic with so many things to do. 1 invite you to take a break, relax and read about the ter-
riHc things happening at the University of Kentucky and with its alumni. Yo u’ll be glad
you did!
ln this issue, our cover story showcases how the UK OPfice for Commercialization and
Economic Development helps entrepreneurs and their startup companies. There’s no
doubt that entrepreneurship is one of the most important ingredients in having a thriving
community and a sustainable economy. We showcase club and association scholarship re-
cipients. Learn how Corey Callahan went from hockey to championship harness racing, and
1 think you will really enjoy reading about Bill Munro, a former member of our board of directors who has quite a few stories
to tell. Plus, 1 think you will be particularly interested in the content on page 33. (Hint: Go Big Blue!)
Also in this issue, you will Hnd the UK Alumni Association annual report for the 2010-11 Hscal year. 1t’s chock-full of the in-
formation and details about the achievements and progress we made toward our strategic plan goals to support the association
and our great university There are great things happening here and 1’m proud to be a part of it.
As we enter the wonderful craziness that is the holiday season, remember to take time to appreciate what is real and precious
1 hope you enjoy this issue of Kentucky Alumni magazine. As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.
With Pride in Blue,
Mw see blue.
Kelli Elam fbrevex
· Vote For Your Alumni Representative
To The U K Boa rd Of Trustees
The election of a new alumni representative to the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees will be held in
December. As a graduate of the university your vote is important. Yo ur opinion is valued.
Watch for your ballot, which will be distributed by e-mail only You may go to vvww.ukalumni.net/ Update or call 1-800-
269-2586 to conhrm or update your e-mail address in order to receive a ballot. Graduates who do not have an e-mail address
may call 1-800-269-25 86 to request that a printed ballot be mailed.
This is an opportunity to participate in the university’s governance through  .. ;i ` 1 3 (  
the election of a graduate to serve as an Alumni Trustee on the university’s    iii   gggg     N *   Q
Board of Trustees. Of the 18 seats on the UK Board of Trustees, three are   e g   .     ((
elected by UK graduates. They are currently Sandy Bugie Patterson of Ft.     ri   i ti **1 `   .. 
Thomas (through june 30, 2012), jo 1-lern Curris of Lexington (through june  5     ll A »   C l
30, 2014), and Terry Mobley (through june 30, 2016).  {hi   ll 1 T T   ( ( r
Please vote in the Alumni Trustee election when you receive your online bal- r ~??jy._- .   gg   i ( j. - 5 E} _ ( ‘ ~
lot. The names of three graduates receiving the highest number of votes will be f Ԥ, gr, l((               (ig. ml   l
submitted to the governor of Kentucky, who will appoint one of the three to   A ”_        
Hll the six-year term to begin july 1, 2012. ’   ;   _'
4 Winter 201 1

 ‘33 I
' P"
I.» ‘ Q
I I k \ ‘ ‘Ih S- .
Q4 ‘ V \ «p "
‘ — *~ ~ , ‘ ’3
Q; ' , . .
fl '1 _ 7 , . ‘ ,,
s “ ’ § 1 ft ,
’ ‘ s' ,. '«3
' ‘3 5 c n , t r ’ ~ 7’ .x
‘ "-x I " .‘ U' \ ’ I .
‘~ '4" ' f-"n -
1-? T\ a .72 ‘ ‘ - ..
’55,»? C ‘2 \ ‘ ‘5 ' "5” ‘- ‘ "' ‘ ’
7K -5" a 5“- a 7’ {VI , - ‘ . \m A -
.r‘ €~Z15j . r . '~ , . . '
I / I ,~, “V V w a . y . . n ,
é :\ ' . :1» ’ __ ._ ~ (I?) ’ ‘ l r;
i A ‘,l '§\\ {3“ 7 ‘ f A k “\ L," C r.
I ', eei- a. — w... ~ -. ‘~ . 7.
fix II ,.._..,f «a \ i a
, ' \IL} - ‘.\ \M ff} . .. ‘ V ‘%’_\ _ ' .
‘I , v. ' ' " 24% In" '.-u L“
We are U K.
Serving the UK community for over 70 years.
5%. www.ukfcu.org 859.264.4200 E5]:

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C ,
Hilliard Lyons is an independently—owned, full—service wealth management group offering
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more than a century and a half Hilliard Lyons is here for you, because our clients are our
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: ·‘a..?a. -1. ` ` .. t 1, _ . g _ ‘ Mh' ` Q _j_, Hpif. ;;;¤.'
A g ., I; ,V__ _, _`r   TQ V;     A _ .2 ..._   _ " _ .. _   dg;  
_ ,,,,, .. . ;- — .·=—~.i Fééek is =¢¤»é·g—;-»1ia?er s _._.T.—— - ·` - ‘ 4*
  ,7 _A ( ?` _ , " liézjlli /.75 ` ‘& ____i_ ,... ' — l ‘\.
" i it • ‘ · ` , ° i Ai i ·-·· ,_:»‘·»J~s- ,
_ ,_ ; " · _ * . , ,..1 T
W V _ `• M ]
• ` · `_ ·¢5• _ ‘ 4
‘ ` • _ .
— @2011 Securities oifned by_],].E Hilliard, W.L. Lynn; LLC. MernberNYSE, FINRA and SIPC. ‘ V i ¢ ~ Q -
. 5 -.

 I Presidential Conversation
The Family Table
·_   .
As families throughout Big Blue Nation gather at their There are a number of _,     _
supper tables, so must we, too, gather as a family to discuss steps we must take, the te ‘   Te '
what we’ve been able to accomplish, what more can be done most critical ofwhich is    
and how we make our brightest hopes our society’s most re- your continued involve-
warding realities. ment in this process. Our .__
Over the past several months, I’ve been deeply engaged in alumni and friends are es- T,
collecting and synthesizing our rich data resources; I’ve met sential to ensuring the
with faculty, staff and students in UK’s academic and profes- University of Kentucky is ,
sional schools; and traveled from Pikeville to Paducah meet- innovative in its approach
ing with alumni and friends, community and business leaders to education, transforma- 2
and state lawmakers. tive research, and service 2  
At every stop, and in every meeting, people have shared to our community; and
their love for the university and expounded on profound ex- sustains a climate where the entrepreneurial spirit of our fac-
periences and benefits that UK provides its many communi- ulty, staff and students will thrive.
ties. We also have exchanged thoughtful dialogue on how we I encourage you to read the Review Committee’s full re-
can improve the work we do and the support we provide. port by visiting my website, vvww.uky.edu/ President/ re-
Complementing my campus and community conversa- view_report.pdf Their insight and reflection has been, and
tions, early in my term, I appointed a University Review will continue to be, of incredible value to the university.
Committee made up of faculty and key administrators. I We are at a critical juncture in the history of our institu-
charged them with the responsibility to distill information tion and we need your help — and your counsel. We need
supplied by our research group and prepare a set of recom- you to bring to us the ideas that you are uniquely passionate
mendations and planning actions that would help identify about that will improve the work we do and the way in
our institution’s path forward. which we do it. We stand on the precipice of great achieve-
Their report helped frame the Board of Trustees retreat in ment; we face considerable and significant challenges as we
early October. For two days we engaged in long discussions push toward the summit. But, with strategic action that har-
about where we are as a university. As importantly, we talked nesses our intellectual capacity and empowers the dynamic
with focus, resolve and a sense of urgency about where we characteristics of our university, we will move ahead.
need to go in the future. I`m confident you would have been It is an exciting time for the Big Blue Nation, and I con-
gratified by the depth of their discussions, their commitment tinue to grow more optimistic about our future. I’m grateful
to this institution`s future and their understanding of our and energized by your continued commitment to the Uni-
central and profound importance to the Commonwealth. versity of Kentucky. I wish you the best during the upcoming
Their message at the end of two days was clear: It is time to act. holiday season and a cheerful beginning to the year ahead.
We must act by enhancing and expanding the undergradu- Until next time; continue seeing blue, Wildcats!
ate experience in terms of student quality and academic pro-
gramming and opportunities for more Kentuckians and L
students from other states. To provide the education stu- EQ  
dents expect from a flagship, land-grant research institution,
we must renew and rebuild the academic core of our cam- Eli (japiloum
pus. We can no longer afford to accept the reality that our President
2Ist century faculty are working and teaching in 19th cen-
tury facilities.
S G G U G.
b I it
m everyt/yzng we da.
www.uka|umni.net 7

 - U K N ews
Incoming class most academically ”Khe'Psm"'ta*VV°-te*a"5
, , , as students
acco m pl IS h ed In U K h lsto ry UK has been awarded the designation
of “Military Friendly School” by G.I.
This fall’s first-year class at UK is the tween 26 and 30 and nearly 450 Jobs, a magazine for military personnel
most academically prepared and ac- have composites ofbetween 31 and transitioning into civilian life. This is the
complished in the institution’s nearly 36. Nearly 400 Governor Scholars’ third consecutive year the university has
150-year history. Among enrollment students are in the class and more received the recognition.
comprising 4,140 students, there are than 30 are national merit finalists. “It is truly a testament to the univer-
five individuals who scored perfect on o It is an increasingly diverse class sity’s policies and procedures concerning
either their ACT or SAT exam, includ- with 422 African-American stu- veterans,” says Anthony Dotson, coordi-
ing three Kentuckians. Other impor- dents, up from 418 last year and nator ofthe UK Veterans Resource Cen-
tant statistics include: 294 in 2006. Similarly, UK has 115 ter. “While this recognition is
o The average ACT score among Hispanic students enrolled and 55 noteworthy, we still hold the opinions of
freshmen is a record-high 25.5, up students ofinternational origins, our student veterans in much higher re-
from 25.2 last year and up nearly 2 both up from last year's numbers. gard. It is their opinion after all that re-
points since 2006. The state aver- Hispanic enrollment has doubled ally matters.”
age is 19.6 and the national average since 2006 and UK’s international G.I. Jobs provides prospective military
is 21.1. student enrollment among first- students with insight into the student
a The average GPA is a 3.63 out of year students has more than veteran experience at a particular institu-
4.0, up from 3.6 last year and 3.48 tripled. tion based on peer reviews from current
in 2006. A quarter ofthe class had a A record number ofapplications students. Important factors can be schol-
a 4.0 or higher GPA in high school. were received: 15,153, up about arships and discounts, veterans clubs,
0 Nearly 1,500 students have 1,500 from last year and more than full-time stafi, military credit and other
SAT/ACT composite scores ofbe- 5,000 since 2006. I services to those who served. I
. UK-Haifa partnership
Robinson Scholars Program revamps approach
David Faraggi, the rector (provost)
A new selection process that promises our region, regardless ofwhere they at- from the University ofHaifa, signed a
to benefit more eastern Kentucky stu- tend college. We will still select 29 memorandum ofunderstanding with
dents throughout their high school ca- Robinson Scholars to come to UK each President Eli Capilouto, as UK contin-
reers has begun at the Robinson Scholars year, but students not selected will also ues on its international course. “With
Program (RSP). benefit from a high-powered college the phenomenal advances in technology
Previously RSP, which first started in preparatory experience.” and industry, strategic collaborations be-
1997, has selected 29 scholarship recipi- In May 2011, 91 Robinson Leaders were tween postsecondary institutions play an
ents at the beginning of their high school inducted into the program. In addition to important role in a growing global econ-
careers and worked intensely with those participation in programs sponsored by omy,” says Capilouto.
students to prepare them for college. At RSP, Robinson Leaders are expected to Some ofthe areas ofpotential collabo-
the conclusion of the high school pro- pursue enrichment on their own, demon- ration include Haifa’s master’s program
gram, those students came to the univer- strating workin three core areas of devel- in Peace and Conflict Management
sity on a full scholarship. opment, including community service, Studies; an Honors Program in Peace
The new approach will delay selection of participation in extra-curricular activities, and Conflict Studies; hospital intern-
scholarship recipients until the end of the and dedication to academic excellence. ships; shadow-a-doctor programs for un-
junior year of high school. The program RSP provides programming to partici- dergraduate students; semester-long
will select as many as 110 students in the pants at no cost to students, such as col— internships for international students in
29-county service region to compete for lege visits, weekend retreats and summer social services, health services or educa-
scholarships as part of the Robinson Lead- camps focusing especially on competence tion; doctoral student exchanges; rota-
ership Pool. in science, technology, engineering and tions in the district health department in
“At the high school level, we will math (STEM). I Nazareth for field placement; practicums
serve about three times as many stu- for a Graduate Certificate in Global
dents each year,” says RSP director Jeff Compiled from UK WEbSiies, UK Public Health; and biennial Social Welfare and
Spradling. “The intent is to prepare Relations new: reports, and Kentucky Alumni Health Sciences conferences in alternat-
even more first generation students in magazine Staff reporting. ing locations. I
8 Winter 201 1

 - Just Sayl ng
”We’re everybody’s Super Bowl”
— UK Men’s Basketball CoachJOhn Calipari during Media Day 2011
”lfyou’re a freshman student you can definitely plan on building your UK wardrobe in
you r fi rst weekf’
— Cameron Hamilton, UK biology senior from Elizabethtown and a K Crew coordinator,
regarding the thousands of free T-shirts given out to new and returning students during
K Week
”We have incredible stories, but I believe our best days are aheadTWe must do more as
the University of Kentucky to recruit, educate and graduate more successful alumni —
to open opportunities and access to a degree”
— UK President Eli Capilouto, during his State of the University Address, which highlighted
the achievements ofstudents, faculty, staEand alumni
”One ofthe most important things I hope students gain from studying abroad is the
ability to market and articulate their experience in a way so they can use it for future
job prospects”
— Abby Hollander, UK Study Abroad coordinator, in a Sept. 22 interview with the Kentucky
Kernel on the transformative benefits UK students can obtain from acclimating to a
foreign culture and returning home with new-found knowledge
”People have a monolithic stereotype oprpalachia that is more ofa caricature. They
think of Boss Hogg or’The Beverly Hillbillies,’ when, in fact, there are vibrant black
cultures in the likes of Birmingham and Pittsburgh (which are both technically in
Appalachia), and great figures like Carter G, Woodson, creator of Black History Month,
and playwright August Wilson, Somehow this is left out of the definition”
— Frank X Walker, UK English professor and co-founding member of the Afrilachian Poets,
in an interview with Oxford American: The Southern Magazine of Good Writing, upon
being named to its list ofthe Most Creative Teachers in the South
”A major misconception ofthis field is that we are morbid or ghoulish people isolated
in a basement laboratory all day, On the contrary, the majority in this profession are
people-oriented, loving and full of humorf’
— Dr. Greg Davis, professor of pathology and laboratory medicine at the UK College of Medicine,
on silencing the stereotypes on TV and in the movies surrounding the profession of medical
”We are excited about the high school students being on campus and the opportunities
to collaborate by providing an additional avenue for our education students to observe
multiple methods such as Montessori in their field experiences, It certainly is an exciting
time for us at UK to be working with this new school”
— Mary]ohn O’Hair, dean ofthe College ofEducation, on the opening ofthe
Montessori High School ofKentucky, located in the basement ofSt. Augustine’s
Chapel on Rose Street
”The Big Blue Nation and the whole UK community inspired my recovery”
— Dylan Smith, UK cheerleader, in a Sept. 2 interview with the Kentucky Kernel on his
improvement after a serious tumbling accident last summer in Rhode Island
www.ukalumni.net 9

 St I" St I“ .
“if“ 0 L o o L 0 fig
t “M gwwmcmw l '
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, J . - l ;. .
(i , ., ., WVW. . ' _‘ Y ‘L ‘3“.
’1 “g- in... . $7 a .
I -, ' ., ' , p F .. ‘ , O
y, \\ .'--" ~. R‘“\ V l .
,7 + f a» ~
> \: 3 i ‘ ,; ' .9; '
_ ., . . «‘f/ ., .. g , .. .., é
, p " "I ‘ "w 2‘ g:
‘ < ‘33, l. l l 3
~ : 7" I —I ‘ , a; ’l, _\ '34
i. ’ .‘... ‘ ”-1-: T i7
“r , 3x ’: i ' " A ' 74-"... ,‘ ‘W
a x V' ‘ //i ’T’...,~~.. /? i:
. ~ 1 ’ ‘ .. ,n "-1
> 9 ‘7. /. 7X, 7.,/ .fl'fjif-v‘ic:
‘l A. *
Kenny ”Sky” Walker knows the importance of giving back. No matter if it’sjust signing an autograph
or posing for a picture, Sky Walker loves the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Stolo lnc. also knows the
. importance of giving back and has decided to donate lO% of this year’s profits to the Fayette Co.
UK Alumni Club Scholarship Endowment. Join SKYWALKER and the rest of the BlG BLUE NATlON
by going to WWWSTOLOINCCOM and purchasing our luxurious, made in America, limited edition,
”SKYWALKER” black & blue Stolo The Official State Polo.
Photography by Andrew Kung

 - Blue Horizons
. O
U K College of DeSIgn helps create energy-effluent,
low-Income homes
UK College of Design and its partners . ~: {sf}. g, :7er .‘ ‘21,,- ‘57 , ‘ Firema»
reached amilestone by setting the proto— - 9, j. _ ' ., 3:15;}; ,. ‘5 " 7 fig"?!
type for the Houseboat to Energy Effi— " T51?“ 5‘ _. ”5555‘- j .. . ($33 ‘-‘:4
cient Residences (HBEER) project into -9 ' 5‘ “gym wages 5 w :5 I.
its new location. The prototype, built at “3?: _ ’ afifirffe:» "5% M " , K “file
Stardust Cruisers, consisted of two mod— \r;§w .9152"! mm...- "mm? , ‘Nrap§§%' N, \ ‘51:“ .5
. . . ** Phi»: ‘Wi‘r ‘ .— mm— 2W » . 5m 2" 5% . \ .1 -
ules that were horsted mto place With a \fl, § ‘ “5%! Mg: . Em. ‘5‘ ‘Q ‘ -.
.Th f ture residence found anew \ ‘ 1”“; 5‘5 5 @135 5 ‘ 5‘55 5“! ~. 5% .
crane C u *- » : E . m 2‘ -. r. “s ‘5-
home on the corner of Rankin and w , i; T, ‘ 5.53;; ‘1 27;; ‘ 7 5? - :15.“ 5le
Ridgewood in Monticello. 4.4125. .. M. ,1 J "a ’ . . . 5 T i garé: ..
The HBEER project is helping to de— ‘5 Ta... 3‘ ‘ F ,‘fT—T'f. 3 féfé“ '.
sign and build energy efficient, low—in— 545i ._~ 7“. ‘ 7 7 T m '1‘
come residences. Partnering with the __ T . ,,. “We:
Center for Applied Energy Research at .« ’ ‘4‘ ‘ “31.. ‘ : ., 351;;
UK, and sponsored, in part, by the Ken— 5 5 ‘ ‘ — . . ' '27:” f
tuclq Highlands Investment Corpora— houseboat manufacturing industry in the terials. The project is also benefitting the
tion and the Kentuclq Housing Commonwealth. state by using Kentucky products, where
Corporation, the project directly re— This is just the first 2,000—square—foot possible, and giving workers in the state’s
sponds to the impact the recent eco— manufactured housing unit redesigned houseboat industry an opportunity to
nomic downturn has had on the and refitted from former houseboat ma— diversify their skills. I
Markey Cancer Center shows higher ranked N04
ca ncer 5“ erval rates The UK Clinical Psychology program
New data shows UK Markey Cancer rates than patients treated at other took the No. 1 spot in a national study
Center patients who have certain cancer centers nationwide. of productivity rankings, meaning that
types of cancer have higher survival Data was collected from 1998—2007 UK psychology graduate students and
rates than patients with the same can— and the selection criteria included pa— professors in the College of Arts 8c Sci—
cers treated elsewhere in the state or tients older than 20 years of age who ences are generating novel research that
even the nation. Markey patients have were experiencing their first primary is effective and influential.
significantly better five—year survival malignant cancer only. All patients In a published study “Leading North
rates than those Kentucky cancer pa— were actively followed throughout the American Programs in Clinical Assess—
tients who were treated elsewhere for treatment process and for the subse— ment Research: An Assessment of Pro—
brain, breast, liver, lung, ovarian, pan— quent five years after treatment. ductivity and Impact” by Texas A&M
creatic and prostate cancer, as well as Dr. Mark Evers, director of the University psychology professor Leslie
for stage IV colorectal cancer. Markey Cancer Center, says the new C. Morey, UK’s Clinical Psychology
Markey patients treated for liver data is a measure of Markey’s quality program ranked No. 1 in h—index. Pub—
cancer are two—and—a—half times more of care. He predicts that soon all can— lications, citations, and h—indexes de—
likely to survive five years after their cer centers will be required to release rived from four top assessment journals
cancer diagnosis when compared to similar data for the public. I were calculated over a 10—year period
other Kentucky patients. Other signif— (1999—2009).
icant numbers include higher rates of . “ The h—index is an objective measure of
survival after five years for lung (18 Compiled from news reports a program’s national and international
. . about research at UK. 5 . . . . .
percent), ovarian (23 percent), brain . . 5 research impact, and it is gratifying to
(36 percent), and Stage IV colorectal For more Information abOUt know that our research is playing such an
cancer (49 percent). Markey patients research ta king place at UK’ important role in the field of clinical psy—
_ _ _ _ VlSlt www.research.uky.edu : ,, _
wrth brain, lung, liver and ovarian chology, says Greg Smith, UK psychol—
cancers show higher five—year survival ogy professor and clinical psychology
program director. I
www.uka|umni.net 11

 - New Developments
, .3 7:77.;
. J 7‘1” I i . I
;: _ f" Myra Tobin 62
= . Seeing blue and
V making a difference...
Home economics grad blazes trail for
women as International Insurance
executive and philanthropist
“Myra Tobin is one of the most fascinating University of Ken— regional, district, state and even national levels. Often travel
tucky alumnae I know,” says Mike Richey, ’73 ’79 AG, UK vice was involved to state meetings, some of them on the campus
president for Development. “Throughout her life and career she of the University of Kentucky. Tobin also attended 4—H con—
has been a trailblazer for women in areas that historically have ferences as far away as Chicago and Washington, D.C.
been men’s domains. She has achieved extraordinary success While she was working