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·' OF   srormme. gg >
_ )   Kentucky Trotting Horse Breeders’ Association   C
hefld   Trotting meeting 10 days at association grounds  
lP1*lm» .2* in October of each year R P Stoll Pres, L gg '|'I
st Sat- Broadhead 1st Vice Pres, E W Shanklin Sec  
TS till? .   Navarre Athletic Club, E L March Bus. Mngr   E
[G9 lllg : V 1,
i=aAu.wAYs. SQ >
jelgggé   Chesapeake and Ohio Depot. cor Limestone and c Z
No 12   _\Vater, ticket oftice Phoenix Hotel gg,.
Iowan i Louisville and Nashville Depot Mill and Water. ·<
,S irs ” Queen and Crescent Depot. S Broadway nr limits gy
Chim] Lexington and Eastern Railway Co, George Cop- 2 m
Fran]; land Vice Pres, J Rogers Barr Genl Mngr, ¤ _-I
ThuI_S_ ( Arthur Cary Genl Solr, Charles Scott G l" & P A un
‘ V » 1-13 Hernando bldg I I
(j yy y Blue Grass Blade (weekly), James Hughes publisher I?-1 C
V P T . 101 (120) E Third gg m
gm at = Gazette (semi—weekly), H H Gratz editor and pro- "
J i prietor 301 (1) XV Short I2
yt, JOB __ The Kentucky Stock l&`arm, a weekly newspaper de- > P
night   voted entirely to trotting horses A G Leonard 3
i' editor Otlice 125 (101l-) E Main
Ci1pt’   The Morning Herald (published by The Lexington S
wut ‘ ‘ Publishing Co daily and Sunday at 141 (35) N 0
  Upper Desha Breckenridge Mngr E 0
Lexington Leader, an afternoon, Sunday and weekly Q -
m_mD · Q S·J Roberts editor and propr 137 (33) N Upper x
Xqsté (Q Lexington Morning Democrat (daily), \Y P )Valton Q E 3
‘ ` ” editor and propr 120 (20) N Limestone > E  
;· Press Transcript (weekly), Lexington Pub Co proprs ; Q, fg
VQ 111 (35) N Upper rn S'}.-,
i: Quo \Varranto (monthly), Quo \)'arranto Pub Co z FB
? publishers Otlice 138 (5% e) \V Short aa" g ;
‘ Southern School Journal, John C \Villis Pres and E °
t editor 139 (33%) N Upper ' 9,5
J The Thoroughbred Record, a weekly newspaper de- I'I'I 2 E
Ti;§ voted to the interest of strictly thoroughbred g zig
  horses Oiiice 109 (S9§) E Main ' ‘ "
VEST   com·nAc·rmc;
new     S. POER & CO. uousna mmizns
    00r.$h0rt&LImasi0no j0bbcrs&RetailDcalex·sin P1at¤,Art&Wind¤wGi¤ss,
1;   Sts., LEXINGTON, KY. Mirrors,Artists‘Materials,Paints,Oils,Varni¤bes,Etc.
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