xt798s4jnc0k https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt798s4jnc0k/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19800530 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean and The Wax Bean, May 30, 1980, no. 325 text The Green Bean and The Wax Bean, May 30, 1980, no. 325 1980 2014 true xt798s4jnc0k section xt798s4jnc0k /’ ' ,
June 2 Fire alarms will be checked between 7:30 and 8:30 AM.
June 3-4 Computer workshop, Frankfort, Kentucky (see Green Bean,
no. 324, page 5)
June 5 ACTS meeting, Gallery, King North, 9:00 AM.
June l3—l4 AACR 2 Bibliographic Control of Nonprint Material
(story inside)
` University Archives
Margaret I. Wing Library - North
University oi Kentucky
Lccxizrgton, Kentucky 40505
Contributors: Nancy Baker, Amelie Charron, Philip Dare, Pam Fields,
Faith Harders, Rebekah Harleston, Emily Lihani, Terry Warth (editor),
Ron Weber.

 - -2-
The next general ACTS meeting will be on June 5th at 9:00 AM in the Gallery,
King North. Completing the series of speakers from Personnel will be Peggy 1
McClintock. There will also be information on the annual meeting. Please
attend and be informed!
This is a reminder to turn in the record of your telephone calls at the end
of each month to Administrative Services. If you need more forms, call me
and I will be happy to supply you. Keeping good records (include telegrams)
of your calls is important for verifying the monthly phone bills. Your
cooperation is appreciated. Thank you.
Amelie Charron
Administrative Services
UKTV was in King Library recently filming in the newspaper area and in
Reference. They were taking shots for a new module on newspapers and their Q
indexes to be used by Instructional Services in its ANNUAL sessions with the
freshman English program this fall.
The reference department has just received SPEC KIT #63 on Collective
Bargaining. I
A NOON TIME FILM FESTIVAL, sponsored by the Appalachian Center and Audio-
Visual Services of the Office of Instructional Resources, will be presented
at the Student Center, weekly June 18 through July 30 - 12:05 - 1:00. 1
EACH WEDNESDAY at noon, come to the Student Center and see Appalachia come “
to life through its people with their strength, talent, dignity, experience (
and wisdom. Free to UK Faculty, Staff, and Students.
The College of Library Science, UK, is offering a two-day workshop introducing
AACR 2 for nonprint formats on June 13-14, 1980. Instruction will be provided
by Dr. JoAnn Rogers.
The workshop will bring into focus past and present practice in handling non-
print (including sound recordings, motion pictures and video recordings, .
graphic materials, and three dimensional artefacts and realia) in all types ‘
of libraries. i
For additional information and registration forms please contact: Nancy S. Q
Little, College of Library Science, 258-8877. T
By Public Law 204 of the 83d Congress, approved August 7, 1953 (67 Stat. 407) I
Congress corrected an oversight of one and a half centuries and formally ad-  
mitted the state of Ohio to the Union, setting March 1, 1803 as the effective 5
date of admission. - A

 -3- ’ `
The following openings will be available for July l in the library system.
People currently employed in the library who are interested in being con- '
sidered for these positions should see Faith Harders by June 9 so their names
can be listed on the job requisition; people not already in the system need
to make application at University Personnel (350 Service Bldg.) after June 9. f
Secretary 018 Director's Office
Machine Operator 017 Adminstrative Services
LT I Agriculture
LT II Reference
Chief, Support Division, Library Technical Services Group. Columbia Uni-
versity. Application deadline: July 15, 1980.
Director of Library Technical Services, Indiana State University. Salary
$23,000 minimum. Application deadline: July 28, 1980. p
Associate Librarian or Librarian/Head, Reference Services Division, Loui— 2
siana State University. Salary $18,000 minimum. Application deadline:
July 1, 1980.
General Librarian, Serials Department, Louisiana State University. Salary
$11,500. Available: July 1, 1980.

 - 4 ..
— " The Book·world is one sphere in which l
always find myself youthful in heart and
memories. As flowers are the earth’s first
sweetest mercies, so are books one of the
souI’s most exquisite delights — frequently ?
the balm for wounded affections, and the
genial companions of our silent hours. What _
memories linger about our acquaintance— ’Q
ship with books? Back through the long  
years they have been our companions - i
nay, more, our friends .... What glowing 5
revelations and intensity of soul-joy l have E
experienced in these long bygone years '
_ from books, my heart alone can tell.  
— Alexander Lamont  

 l F"
ll—Ir; I     L L    
The Un,we/wuty 05 Kentucky   _Sm66 Ongan/éza/tion mcvtthty auppkeinevut
» to the Gnecn Bean
I May 1980
As most of you know the Kentucky Sampler is a cookbook put out by
the LSO as a money making project. At the end of last year a supplement
was begun and production on it was not completed until the beginning of
May. Many people are responsible for the Sampler and its supplement.
Many staff members from across the system contributed recipes and a
number of people worked very hard to put out the original sampler and
its supplement.
The major complaint about the Kentucky Sampler was its binding. It
seems that those people who had the glued copies were experiencing
problems with the pages falling out. For those of you who do not
already know, we are trying to do something about that. I checked with
a local binder and it seems we can have a plastic spiral binding put on
the old SAMPLERS at a cost of 90 cents per book. If you wish we can
also have the supplement bound in at no extra charge. There is one
slight difficulty with this. In my zest for getting out the supplement
S to the Kentucky Sampler I made one slight error in judgment. I decided
that in order to save money I would have the supplement to the sampler
printed on both sides. I spent the better part of one Saturday
afternoon trying to figure out how to arrange the pages so that the
right pages would be printed back to back. That worked out perfectly.
What I didn’t remember is that the margins are reversed on the backside
of the page, hence there is no binding edge on the left side of all the
pages. Being basically lazy and not wanting to redo the supplement I
decided that the best way out of this mess was to bind the books at the I
top. We would lose some page numbers and perhaps one or two recipe
titles but all the recipes would be there. I took a sample to the
binder and then brought the book home and gave it the TONI TEST. It
passed on ease of use. I stood mine up; it's a bit flimsy but at least
it did not fall in my dough and I managed to get the Hamburger Pot Pie
together with no stains on the book. By the way the Hamburger Pot Pie
is delicious (on page S25, Supplement).
The Sampler has been well received. We have received orders for it
from retired staff members, former staff members, and people who don't
even know us (I have one order from Paducah Community College -- the
GREEN BEAN is read near and far). If all goes well the first batch of
the books will go to the binder either late this week or early next week
(it depends on how long my cutting arm holds out). If you missed the
tasting party do not dispair! There is an order blank on this WAX BEAN.
Just fill it out and send it to me with your check (made payable to the
UK Library Staff Organization). Be sure to put your phone number down
so if I have any questions I will be able to call you. The choices are
the second edition of the Kentucky Sampler (the first edition with the
Supplement bound in -- it has a zippy red cover); the Kentucky Sampler

 II (supplement only) bound separately; or make arrangements for me to
get your first edition of the Kentucky Sampler and I'll have the
supplement bound in it. I'll be accepting orders until June 20th.
After that you‘ll have to wait until next year for your cookbook. If `
you have any questions please call me at 258-2758.
` Toni Powell, LSO President
, N E W S N E W S N E W S N E W S N E W S N E W S
MARY RUTH BROWN of the Director's Office and VIVIAN HALL from the
Geology Library have an article "Proposal Writing for Libraries" in the
spring 1980 Kentucky Library Association Bulletin. g
WILLIAM COOPER, JR. Coordinator of the Modern Political Manuscripts in
the Special Collections and Archives Department, has an article in the
winter 1979/80 issue of The Kentucky Review entitled "An Interview with
Sarah Blanding." Bill has also been to Washington, D.C., continuing to
interview John Sherman Cooper. So far six sessions have been completed
with Mr Cooper (John Sherman), totaling 12 1/2 hours on tape and
reaching only 1955.
EVELYN EVANS in the Cataloging Department is a grandmother for the sixth
time! Lucy Vaughn Evans was born May 5, 1980 and she makes the fifth
granddaughter in the Evans family.
BRAD GRISSOM, cataloger at the Agriculture Library attended a Lockheed
- seminar at Proctor and Gamble in Cincinnati on April 29th and 30th.
This was done in anticipation of access to computerized literature
searching at the Agricuture Library.
Congratulations to BARBARA HOLTHAUS in Acquisitions on her graduation
from the University of Kentucky and her acceptance to New York Law
The Monday issue of the Lexington Herald-Leader featured a story on the
· sons of JOHN AND EMILY LIHANI. The story was written by Tom Easterling
and was in section D of the May 26th Herald-Leader. Emily Lihani is in
Special Collections and Archives.
WILLIAM MARSHALL and JAMES BIRCHFIELD of Special Collections and
Archives participated in a conference entitled “Jesse Stuart; the Greebo
Sessions" on May 22nd to May 25th, at the Greenbo Lodge. Bill discussed
the holdings of the departmental Jesse Stuart Collection.
Congratulations to SUSAN PAYNE and GARY PICKERING on their marriage in
Berea last Sunday. Susan was a staff member in CSR but has left
recently to make her home with her new husband in Virginia.
GAY READING and the assistants of the King Library Press, participated
in the celebration of the Bicentennial of Transylvania University. Gay
was part of the crafts fair, doing book-binding the way it was done 200
years ago.

 TRACEY ROBINSON daughter of CHRISTI ROBINSON in Cataloging, was named
I the most valuable swimmer at Bryan Station Sr. High School. Tracey, her
two sisters, and one other swimmer won third place team trophy at a swim
meet in Lafayette, Indiana.
Congratulations to JIM SHAEFFER (Acquisitions Department) on his
graduation from the University of Kentucky this month. Jim has been
` accepted into the MLS program in the College of Library Science.
FRANK STANGER of Special Collections and Archives attended the meeting
of the Kentucky Council on Archives at Transylvania Universty on April
i kth.
VICKIE WALKER of Special Collections and Archives interviewed former
staff members of Rogers Morton (former congressman from Maryland,
Secretary of the Inteior, Secretary of Commerce and brother of Thruston
Morton) in Washington, D.C. on May 22nd through May 23rd.
PAUL WILLIS, Director of Libraries has been elected to the SOLINET Board
of Directors for a three year term. Paul was elected at the Atlanta
meeting on May 9th.
MARY WELCH of Cataloging has just returned from visiting her sister in
Texas. Mary visited Dallas and Houston and returned with a tan!
ANDREA BRYANT of Business and Economics Information Center has returned
* from a rafting trip in West Virginia last weekend.
` JEAN KARSTEN of Acquisitions who is going to New Jersey to visit
her daughter. Jean's daughter Janet is a professor at Rutgers
EVELYN EVANS who will be vacationing in Austria, Germany and
Switzerland from May 2l to June 9.
ANDREA BRYANT who will be visting New York City next week. Andrea
will be visiting the Picasso exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art.
The LSO TASTING PARTY was successful. The food was an excellent
advertisement for our cookbook and the decoration was beautiful. Our
thanks to Barbara Randolph who worked so hard in arranging the event, _
Melda McHone, Betsy Peters, Juanita Bybee, and Evelyn Evans who helped
with the setup and cleanup for the event. And of course thanks to all
of those people who spent the money and effort to bring a dish so the
rest of us could enjoy the food.
The second LSO LUNCH HOUR PROGRAM was held on May 21st in the Staff
Lounge. Stephanie Reese of the Rape Crisis Center spoke on rape

 I prevention and the work of the Rape Crisis Center. Most of the session
was in the question and answer format and could have gone most of the
y afternoon. 35 Staff members attended. Thanks to Stephanie for coming
and Jean Robinson for arranging such a fine program.
The LSO PICNIC has been set for July llth at Jacobson Park. The picnic
will be a potluck dinner with the meat and soft drinks provided by the
LSO. Plans are to have adult games, children's games and dirty bingo.
There will be a nominal charge for non-members of the Library Staff
June 25 LSO lunch hour program
July II LSO picnic —- Jacobson Park
July 25 LSO lunch hour program
August 20 LSO lunch hour program
September zh LSO lunch hour program "
· October 22 LSO lunch hour program
November ? LSO silver jubilee
December ? LSO Christmas party
We will also be serving coffee and donuts (for a modest fee) at various
library functions. This calendar is subject to change.
POTENTIAL PROGRAMS: We have had a suggestion for two LSO sponsored
programs. One is an LSO sponsored trip to Kings Island (by bus) and the
other is a walking tour of historic downtown Lexington. If you are
interested in either or both of these programs send me a note by June
6th. Toni Powell.
FOR SALE: Fireplace accessories, black iron - shovel, brush, poker, and
stand. One year old, rarely used. $30 new, selling for SI2. Also
fireplace popcorn popper, Sh. Contact Janis Pivarnik, GPD 7-2639.
FOR SALE: Clairol electric curling iron and a set of Clairol electric
curlers. Nearly new. $l0 each. Contact Andrea Bryant, Business and
Economicslnformation Center.
WANTED: Universal Product Code (UPC) symbols from Bolt Paper Towels.
(These are the bar codes found on most national brands.) These codes
are needed through August only. Send them to Rebecca Bombe,
Acquisitions Department.
I am treading on dangerous ground with all you serial catalogers out
there. As best I can determine NEWS AND NOTES was followed by STAFF
NOTES in l96h and then by NEWS NOTES in 1968 and then by STAFF
NEWSLETTER in 1972 and finally by the WAX BEAN in l980. What next?
Many staff members have given their time as officers or served on _
various committees of the Library Staff Organization over the years.
Who were the officers of the Library Staff Organization in l968? (Hint:
all of them are still prominent members of the library staff.)

I _ YES -- xpmuvmeroesrmvcopv or me LSO COOI