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Two Battles Won, Two Battles Lost Cutting Off Colorado
Voters addressed 4 issues in various
places on lesbigay rights on Nov. 3. Colorado voters decided on Nov. 3
While Portland, Maine, voters upheld to amend their state constitution to ban
their city's inclusion of ”sexual any state or local level protections
orientation” in the city' s from discrimination for lesbigays. It
anti—discrimination ordinance by a 57 to does not pass moral judgment on lesbigays
43% margin, Tampa, Florida, voters chose as did Oregon's Measure 9 and was
to repeal a similar ordinance by a 58 to campaigned for by religious, right —wing
42% vote. extremists as a ”no special rights for
After an ugly and violent campaign gays" platform. Also unlike in Oregon
leading to the deaths by arson of a where almost all state officials and
lesbian and her gay roommate, Oregon then presidential candidate Bill Clinton
voted down Measure 9 which would have condemned it, Colorado's Proposition 2
amended the state constitution to ban had the support of prominent figures and
any type of rights for homo/bisexuals politicians such as Bill McCartney,
and forced'the state to teach that outspoken homophobic, anti-choice coach
homosexuality was "perverse and unclean.” of the Colorado Buffalos football team
The final tally was 56% against vs. 44% and head of the sponsoring group for
for the hate-ridden measure. Prop. 2, the Coalition for Family Value
Disturbingly, Colorado voters (CFV) . The Religous Right spearheaded
passed the less publicized Amendment 2 its funds towards these amendments in
to the Colorado State constitution by a Oregon, Colorado and a now defeated
52 to 47% margin. It amends Sec. 30 to statewide ERA in Iowa. It lost only in
state: ”Neither the State of Colorado, Oregon and by a much lower margin there
through any of its branches or than expected by opponents. There is
departments, nor any of its agencies, already talk by these right-wing groups
political subdivisions, municipalities to put similar amendments on the ballots
or school districts, shall enact, adopt of more traditionally conservative states
or enforce any statute, regulation, throughout the South, Utah, etc.
ordinance or policy whereby homosexual, CONTINUED TO pAGE l4
lesbian or bisexual orientation, conduct, _ . . '
practices or relationships shall Have you been discrlmmated against
constitute or otherwise be the basis of, in the commonwealth 0f Kentucky
or entitle any person or class of persons . . ,
to have or claim any minority status, for your sexuaionemaflom
quota preferences, protected status or THEN REPORT IT!
claim of discrimination. This Section
of the Constitution shall be in all 231-0335
respects self -executing." This amendment
effective 1y repeals any Current or Eggggggggggggg?":f'fggg“‘j:;E:'~”"€g§;§"'""Eizizizlififizitiziziz21:3:355,38335:1;5:113:31""i135:32¢=§11=35=§5§gf“"513552::115$2:511:31311:3:1"'E;§;§;§§§3533;.
future public protections from GLSffimaflfiflw
discrimination for homo /bisexuals on

 ('1' 0'7 . - .
[1%, gmm‘g ‘42,) ASPeCIaIHollday Thank You
Published Monthly by the by Jeff Jones l
Mata); 9591/ Igimggwlu rI'he holidays and end of the year are a
time to thank the people who make the
015m" GLSO News possible. As a volunteer
PO. Box 11471,Lexington,KY4OS75 project, the newsletter is the product
Editors: of at least a dozen hard—working people
Jeff Jones and Kristin Smith who donate their time, money and labor
each month. I would like to thank
GLSO Annual Dues - $10.00 several people:
Dues for Couples - $15.00 —Kristin Smith, my fellow co—editor, who
does all the layout and has given GLSO
w News its great new look with her clip art
ij’jifmfiuifil’ffi: fgfia°m —Lee, Willy, Mark and Steve: for years
52W.w--immu_uo_.m swam-mm of patiently folding the News every
mygflfmmfl;rigfitfgfl“jx month and to Lee for feeding us and ,
=° “cw-him We: "(en-rm rial-H" “5°“ having the folding in her home
Within-1m. Filo-mt of lflv-rtllugmth- arson-undo.- _ . .
m Mum”. ”mi names“ m. mm"- —Craig Clere: for collecting, sorting
, KW “mu“ -. , u and delivering the mail and phone
~\‘, I}? (Cut . .7/3- messages for GLSO News
\ " " 1 -Mary Crone/Bill Loggins: for paying
Note: GLSO News thanks Geoff Gilmore, the bills and billing our advertisers
Libertarian candidate for the 75th St. —Beth Daly: for updating and printing
Rep. district for returning the 1992 our growing subscription labels list
GLSO News Candidate Survey. His responses each month
dld not reach us by press time “the folks at The Copy Company: for
unfortunately. doing a great job for years in printing
Stu“ It! our ”alternative" family news
Due to a much-appreciated, increasing —Laura Jones: for writing my favorite
demand, we now have increased monthly column, Esmerelda's Parlour
copies of GLSO News from SEQ/month to -Christopher Robyn, Tom Murphy, Brad
700(month. You may have also noticed the Garrett, Gina, John Geoghagen and all
additional pages often appearing through the others who have contributed articles
the money prov1ded by advertisers. Due to the News
2? tieacfglghigglelsi'nglig “$353,531 DESI: —Bev Lauderback: for suffering long,
. . sleepless nights as Kristin and I type
folding and envelope Stuffing. Our core th t . h h
group of 5 is swamped! If you can help away on e compu er in er lome ,,
and want to join in the informal potluck —Lee Berman: my own favorite breeder
afterwards with these stalwart souls, who 511,10“? us to translate my IBM world
please, PLEASEl, call. The folding is to Krlstle's MacIntosh world _
normally on the last Tuesday of each -Chuck “Smith: who 18 responsible for
month at 6:30pm. For the holiday expanding the News: getting new
schedule and directions, please call Lee advertisers and glVlng the new crew a
at 277—9365. great starting place
sources Needed —our advertisers: who have allowed us
For a novel depicting gay life in to expand the ”News a.“ prSVlded our
Lexington in 1946 I need sources who can commqu-ty With gay-friendly places to
describe what Lexington was like for patronize , _ ,
gays at that time. Please, if you were -our subscribers: for prov1ding the
. foundation for paying to have our
here then, I need your help. Call Linda newsletter
West at 233'7075- Thank you all and Happy Holidays!

 March on Washington Platform Finahzed Coneratulaflons Lexmeton and Kentucky!
An Oct. 3, Denver meeting of the National
Steering Committee of the 1993 March on 1992 has been a special year for Kentucky’s
Washington has finalized 7 demands to focus lesbigay communities. Here in Lexington we
on within the general purpose for the March: have seen a surge in lesbigay services and
calling attention to demands for equal networking with the birth of the: Gay/
rights and liberation for lesbians, gays and Lesbian Services Network, Diversity Business
bisexuals. The 7 major demands as quoted Coaltion, the Pink Pages, GLSO Discrimination
from the MOW Steering Committee: Project, Bluegrass Bisexual Network, Lesbian
1. We demand the passage of a Lesbian, Gay, Overeaters Anonymous, Lesbigay Parents Group,
Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) civil rights Women's Chorus, HIV+ Youth Support Group,
bill and an end to discrimination by state Fairness of Lexington, and Neo Db a‘htdfiin 90¢ wad?
‘ the Supreme Diva Princess to dish the ' 1-"3‘1‘
i dirt on all your favorite famous fags #
‘ (not to mention those delicious dykes gléone’VWwayOffmafwzfiwdmm0/6“ngMd
1 and bodacious hie!) W.miguaymmfmmwswammoewmrmfim
The anther of all fag bags has dme WWW/MMM-MS-
it again: With a media blitz that WOIlld B50514] (mooniy), ggané you. [[01 figs £5125
make the dead stand up and take notice, t 5% (g at) alt/i t %
Madonna has been the hot topic for the 55“” 09 5" 5c" a” E woymu( 5a.
last month. She has a new album, 75%) connectsdto t/Zs Miami agabdflclo twig
Erotica, with a video showing her [ ”cf [1 Bali ,[
frolicking with actress Isabella OUEHOU’HOU‘ “mi/i EmH 55”“
Rossellini and supermodel Naomi Campbell. £002 ga,,g<’tiiflfl (9009300)
slipped Disc Records here in Lexington - . .
release date and believe me when I tell Activism
you every gay man in town showedup to New Morning Coffee House/ Community
buy it! Then, Of course, there. ls the Peace Center has begun publications of
book: (Madonna+.Isabella+ Naomi + Blg a weekly newsletter. The ”New Morning
Biifiinxin‘éJm‘i‘i‘ZliiéiiS * 23% 3:3 no nn a on
. . ‘ providing short notice publicity for the
hated lt’. at least 1t knocked talk show activities of the activist communities.
host/rabid pit bull Rush Limbaugh off ”New Morning News” will be printed every
the tOp Of the bestseller llSt' . Wednesday and is available only at the
In other Madonna news: (why 13 New Morning Coffee House. Deadline for
there always so much. Madonna news?), submissions is every Tuesday night.
Madomé‘ Stole My Lesbian Lover" accuses Call 268-2983 and leave a message on the
her friend/ shadow/ plaything, Sandra machine
Bernhardt, according to the rarely '
reliable Star Magazine. The large—lipped .
lesbian has a recurring role on ABC's The Gay/LGSblan
Roseanne as the business partner of
Roseanne and her sister. A recent _ .
episode had her character, a recent PreS|dent|al Vote
divorcee, show up with her lesbian . .
lover, perennial soap opera slut Morgan Nat'onal EXIt PO“
Fairchild. Roseanne was reportedly
upset with the departure of the show's
only gay character, played by Martin mg?“
Mull, and demanded the writers add a new
one in order to live up to her reputation
for portraying real life.
Disco Divas Erasure are OUT on
tour in support of their new record, an "i:§:}:§:§:}:}:}:3:}:’;:§:'
EP of ABBA songs. I haven't seen the /i:3:}:f:}:{:}:}gfg}:'
show, but it is reportedly more festively /1:E:}:}:f:}:-_:v Perot
decorated than a trailer park at /’-1133}:: 16
Christmas. ' /'
This month's "Big, Butch and //
Beautiful" award goes to Martina Bligh
Navratilova for filing a lawsuit against
the State of Colorado for passing
Amendment 2, which prevents cities from “um, an. mm... 1,, p“ 53....“


state or local level in Colorado. This passing gay rights legislation. The tennis
amendment is thought to be the first in the star has a home in Aspen, a traditional
U.S. every voted on whereby an entire group magnet for Hollywood homos.

. of people are denied all civil rights under Worth checking out is (unless you are
this group identity. The anti-discrimination in Frankfort's MTV wasteland) MTV's The Real
ordinances that included "sexual orientation" World. This show is overflowing with
for the cities of Denver, Boulder and Aspen diversity and has the most adorable gay man
are also repealed by this amendment. For in it. Also, it has a hot (but obnoxious)
more information on this, refer to ”Cutting model who struts around topless much of the
Off Colorado" . time.

' ' "811" Finally, two snaps up go to Elton
Gay/Lesplan SCWICCS ark meets John, the most successful ”out" pop star in
Representatives for over 12 local history for announcing that all the profits
organizations and services attended from the singles he releases in America
SerVicesNet s second meeting. This new (we’re talking big bucks, baby!) will go to
group meets the first‘Satu'rday of. each month AIDS charities, including the Gay Men’ s
at 10am at the Unitarian Universalist Health Crisis.
Church. Every lesbigay serVice or_ organization Editors: Watch for more Home Hollywood
is urged-to send a representativeto share in upcoming issues as we ”unleash the queen."
information on each group's actiVities and
to hopefully share resources and communication G/L/B veterans Abound
networks for the betterment of our community Chapters of the Gay,Lesbian and Bisexual
as a whole. The November meeting featured Veterans of America are spreading around the
Jimmy Gates and Jim Turner, owners of Stone country. Both Indianapolis and Columbus
Mtn. Estate in Russellville, KY, who will have chapters as well as several North
appear on the Maury Povich Show. The Carolina groups. If local veterans are
December meeting will serve as a distribution interested in this group, you can join for
point for The Pink Pages, the new listing of $15 which includes The Forward Observer, a
gay friendly businesses and organizations. newsletter coming out every for months.
For more information, please call Ann at Write GLBVA, 1350 North 37th Pl., Milwaukee,
266-6568. WI 53208—2834.
N0 1‘ Afl ' t
can call 24 [101113 a day.
Reach us round the clock 7 days a week .3 m
393 “Hill“? RUE.
[606] 233-7486 ”I
6 - GLSO/DECEMBER 1992 HAppy you“; n y

 Sermon from the Keyboard: How Queer
Are You?
by JeffJones
Esmere‘da's Parlour Recently, a gay Unitarian minister named
Life and Relationship Changes After Exoo did a study of men who_have sex with
Baby other men at four South Carolina rest stops.
His concern was AIDS prevention for this
This article could also be subtitled: group. Frighteningly, lExoo found that 80%
"I thought you picked him up from preschool" of the men did not practice safer sex. Also
or "I'm too tired to breathe much less kiss interestingly, _85%_ Of the men were in a
you. I. And, no matter what anyone tells you bonded relationship Wlth a man and identified
NOTHING can completely prepare you for the themselves mostly as strayts. None identified
impact of the arrival of a child. Having the themselves as gay and Ole. a handful as
knowledge of the intensity of this impact can bisexual. These men dlsllked gays and
help in two ways. avOided health serVices and practices that
First, you perhaps won't feel as alone might ldehtlfy themselves as ”gay." .
with the inevitable frustration and despair. _ The .question th}s study poses ls:
Raising Alex is terrific and has also just what 1’5 thls quality Of "beg-r19. gay.”
magnified the stresses of life.We've found (For these men in SC, °bV1°uleI being gay or
talking to other couples (both gay and bisexual is not defined by who you have sex
strayt) with kids a real cmfort. It not only With.) Moreover, who can be a "lesbianf' or
alleviates that feeling of isolation but a ”bisexual.” For that matter, when ls a
lets us see we are not the only parents facing heterosexual ”st-rayt?” . _
these types of feelings. We've discovered Talking With aetJ-Vlst and researcher
, that way before he was born, we erected a set Nora Brashear at the University of LouiSVille,
‘ of expectations for us as parents and Alex she pOints t? six factors that make up our
- as baby. And each day as we fail to meet these sexual identity. I felt our readers would
expectations our feeling of frustration flnd this Of interest:' '
increases. It is when we talk with others 1. SEX: Your physiological characteristics
that we discover how ludicrous these (penis, vagina, both organs). Aperson can
expectations are. And, these discussions be female, male or other (hermaphrodite):
help us realize that the stresses our 2. GENDER: Often confusedIWith SE-X, this is
relationship is facing are for the most part actually the characteristics deSignated by
the same as those experienced by every couple society to belong to a certain SEX‘ Our
with a 2 year old. society generally sees only_ two genders
The second reason to recognize the (feminine woman and masculine man) but
impact of parenthood is to stress the occasionally concedes there. are androgynous
importance of creating a certain attitude people. Some other societies have up to 7
before hand to protect your peace of mind and genders, and Native Americans usually had 3‘
relationship. In our community we create Transvestites and transgendered people
enlarged families in several ways: the birth Challenge our sOCiety’s construction Of only
of an infant, adoption of an older child, or two genders by a) being males, 10) sometimes
the merging of two adults, one or both with dressing "like women” and c) yet poss1bly
children from previos relationships. I have being alheterosexual'male ("unlike a woman")
lived through both the infant and merged or taking the dominant position in sex
family experiences and find them a little generally thought Of as more "male".
different. In fact, Ann and I, have found 3. GENDER IDENTITY: How one experiences
that we share more similar issues with strayt "maleness/femaleness/ otherness." A
couples with infants than with lesbian transgendered person may have the male sex
couples with merged families. and be expected by society to have a "male"
Next month I will share with you my list gender. Yet, he may identify himself as a
of considerations when preparing for ”herself”: there may be a feeling that the
parenthood no matter which course you take person 1s a woman 1h a man's body. .
and also the prospects of adoption. 4. 8EX/GENDER_ROLES: These are the ”jobs"
Happy Holidays, a culture asSigns to certaineexes/genders
Laura, such as ”women care for the children” or "men
Ann, do the hunting.” American society in the
and last decades have seen many of these roles
Alex challenged by feminists.

E . HIV? E
g; HIV is transmitted by having E:
gunprotected sexual intercourseéé
E or sharing needles/syringes E
§§ with someone who is infected.§
i; If you think you are at risk 2%
g consider taking the E
i HIV Antibody Test. E
2% For more information, call g
2% your local health department i;

0 . BISBXUBIS Meet m the Bluegrass
M OW M The Bluegrass Bisexual Network is a group
B‘ ‘ : '1” meeting in Lexington to provide a forum for
1-— qullll Huh“! .Ll - - - -
_ — actiVities and support for people in the
I I middle of the continuum between exclusively
- - homosexual and heterosexual: the millions
LeXIngton men SIDE OUT of bi-affectional/sexual Americans. If you
by John Geoghegan or a friend are bisexual in orientation and
, identification or wish to know more about
Anyone who happens to be walking by a this often misunderstood part of our queer
certain big, Old! red 'house' 1n downtown community, contact Barbara at 268—8053.
LeXington on a Thursday night might well have Both bi singles and couples (same-sex or
reason to pause for a moment, maybe even opposite-sex) are welcome.
stretch her/his neck a bit to peer through
the window. The picture before them would ' ‘
be that of 25 men sitting shoulder—to- shoulder 5“” 800k Dnve contlnues
in rows of folding chairs, their eyes EKU' 5 Gay & Lesbian Student Service
transfixed on the robust, energetic young organization seeks bOth fictional and
lady standing before them. No, it's not some non—fictional books and reading materials on
unsavory scene from a bachelor party, but the homo/bisexuality for a collection to be
weekly rehearsal of the Lexington Men’s housed at EKU'B Counseling Center ‘10 51119!“th
Chorus’ upcoming Winter E'estivel of Song. the University's meager library materials.

Even before MCAlpin's began trimming 36 books have already been donated, but there
its first Christmas trees of the season, the is Still a great need especially for bOOkB
Lexington Men’s Chorus has been busy honing on bisexuality and non—fictional resources.
a heart-warming mix of winter-thaned melodies Considering the elite in library budgets and
for its upcoming concert under the musical the high COBt Of many lesbigay-related
direction of Nancy Ward. The group, a member books, please consider donating to this
of the international Gay 5. Lesbian Association drive. For more information call Laurie at
of choruses (GALA), has made over a dozen (606) 623-3072 or in Lexington, Jeff at
appearances since its inception just two 275—5383.
years ago. The Chorus has appeared at a Civil ,

War encampment in Harrodsburg to a gig with New Law Journal Available
the nationally touring musical production, Law and Sexuality is a new law journal
"Heart Strings." covering issues related to lesbigays, legal

"The chorus has really been a positive issues and sexual orientation. For $12 a
force in Lexington,” says Shelby Reynolds, year for an individual, a person can
the group’s president. "I think we not only subscribe for this new journal from the
help to instill a sense of pride in Tulane Law School. For more info, write: Lew
Lexington's gay and lesbian community, bUt A”: Sexuality, 6801 Freret St. , New Orleans,
hopefully we can help portray the community LA 70118.
in a positive light to the rest of the city
as well." - ' '

”Our upcoming performance includes a . [.85wa Parents meetmg In December ,
few of the traditional Christmas songs," LeXington’s new Lesbigay Parents group Wlll
Reynolds says, "but also features numbers hold its next meeting at 5pm on Saturday,
that are not traditionally associated with Dec. _5' If you or your partner have children
the Christmas season per se; some with and issues relating to the special needs 9f
wintery-type themes, and others that simply lesbigay parents and their children, this
make you feel warm inside." group might be for you. For more information,

The Winter Festival of Song will be contact Cyndy at 276—5473“
held on Sunday, Dec. 13, at the Unitarian
Universalist Church at 3564 Clays Mill Rd. Frontrunners welcomed
Performances are at 3pm and 7pm. Tickets are Do you like to jog or walk in the company of
$10 for adults, $5 for children 12 and under, others? Then, Lexington’s chapter of
and can be ordered by calling Shelby Reynolds Frontrunners, the national lesbigay running
at (606) 231-8900 days/ 231-0090 evenings. club, might be for you. This group meets
Free refreshments will be served following every Saturday morning at Sam at the UK water
each performance, and both performances will tower off Alumni Rd. for exercise followed
be artistically signed for the hearing by a light breakfast somewhere. For more
impaired. information, contact Heith at 255—2945.

! HAPPY NEW YEAR 1!! 5150/ DECEMBER I992 - 9

 D b 1992 if
ecem er ..
. .1 ,0 Z
. ,~— dam f, 172,le WW
Happy Hohdays from GLSO! .. . ’
.6375: .iii 6/14/02/ fire/(M Wei/“er
1 2 3 4 5 — gi/Wfl/mfe Karo-1W1?
Bi Network Mtg. 5:30pm Lesbian O.A. 7:00pm WKU Lambda ' . . 9:0011m Fromrunnem . 436 M «520011 gt.
7:30pm Gay/Lesbian Al-Anon 6:30pm MCC-L'ville 7:30pm UK Lambda 7.00pm 1313th 10:00am HIV/AIDS 43. .LG .. ‘km" ”/‘g’fl’eW/WM I“ [740507
713m Partners of HIV+ 5... 7:00pm GLOBAL-L’ville 7:30pm Men‘s Chorus Mass ‘P‘I‘W‘W" 606 23.4 9772
8:00pm Gay/Lesbian AA 8:00pm GLSSO-EKU . —6’m‘ flat/mas / / -
. - : '5‘
8:45pm Rainbow Bowling-So... 9.00pm COLTS Mtg.-Cmss1ngs 8 XOAPm Gay/Lesblan m arems 7‘ _
MCC-L’ville: Ham/6:30pm 5:30pm CAP (AVOL) 7:30pm Gay/Lesbian Al-Anon 5:30pm Lesbian O.A. 7:00 m WKU Lambda ,,//,4 ,W’;
4:00pm Gay/Lesbian AA 7:: .m NMCH M . 7:30pm Partners of HIV+ 6:30pm MCC—L'ville 7 30:“) M enis Chorus GLSO News Dead)“ . . KIPWAC Meets 1” Lex. (3;//’~’?2
4:00pm Tri-Smte Rodeo Mtg. Sppl.Grp. 7:00pm GLOBAL-L'ville 8:00 GLSSO EKU 7:00pm Gay Men 5 SplnLGrp. 9:00am Frontrunners {1; "///:/:M /‘//'::/,,fl,/
5:00pm Imperial Court 8:45pm Rainbow Bowling~ 8:00pm Gay/LesbianAA - Pm — Potluck 4 1000 HIV / AIDS / 4 ,WM/ [42:31? 5 .14.: .1 ///
MCC-L‘ville: Ham/6:30pm . 7:30pm Gay/Lesbian Al-Anon 7:00 WKU L bd . . . ; 4/ , ,,/~/
AVOL M :54 u 523 m B1 Network Mt' - 7:30pm Farmers of HIV+ 2'" m AVOL Voluntocr A” 7.30pm , Carin 8' 7.00pm Dignity 9 00am Frontmnners 2/:2 2a%;»/:,,/, ”:4,~,:f
, 5:30pm Lesbian 0.A. - Pm MC“ 5 OTUS M 10.00am HIV/AIDS ;/ x, 4/ 4,» M 4 4.; , 4,
5-30 m CAP (AVOL) SIM-GW- , ~ 7-30 bd ass a , . 2‘ 2
. ‘ p 8:45pm Rainbow Bowling- 613019111 MCC-L Ville . Pm UK Lam a . Sppt-Grp. 42%wxw/a44’,Zy/§
4=00Pm Gay/lesbian 6A 7:00pm NMCH Mtg. Southland 7:001:11: GLOB&>L’fiHe Mtg. 8:00pm Gay/Lesbian - 7’/’f’/’/‘"
4:00pm Dwersxty Busmess C... 8:00pm Gay/Lnsbian AA 8‘00pm GLSSO-EKU AA WZ’é/‘ju , V 4 ,, .. , . “4:4;1‘15’;
' 444/ The r a p eu t 1 c 4/4};
20 21 22 23 24 25 26 2// Ma s s a g e wi th 474/4”;
W' - 7301”“ Gay/1‘5““ N'Am“ 5:30 in Lesbian O.A. 9:002111 Frontrunners "w‘* - - “9%;
mter begms/ Yule . P Phyl l 1 s G1 be r s on 44;;
MCC'L'Vin51113m/5i30l3m 5 30 CAP (AVOL) 73%?“ “f “I” 6:30pm MCC-L’ville 2:00pm Gay Men's Spimsrp. 10:OOam HIV/AIDS
Lesbian Potluck : pm 8451,5143}an Bowling 8-00 m Ga /Lesbian Potluck S t G /i.:;:‘%,;: ,4
4:00pm Gay/1.58m AA . _ . p y 8:00pm Gay/Lesbian AA pp . {p.31 ; 11/4 A . 4:1}; 44,4: a, V7,: ,,:
MCC-L’ville: Ham/6:30pm . 7:30pm Gay/mum Al-Amn 5:30pm whim 0A. ; I 4
4:00pm Gay/Lesbian AA 5 :30pm CAP (AVOL) 7:30pm Partners of mv+ 6:00pm Rape Criaia Ctr. New Year’ S Eve Ii: VfILE'i'T'Q;
4:00pm Diversity Business 7-00pm NMCH Mtg‘ Sppt.Grp. Benefit Bingo 9‘0011'15 Evénts ”A” v: V. ,4: ”1:44:14 ,1, 7/
Coal. 8:45pm Rainbow Bowling- 6:30pm MCC-L'ville ' Pm __,4
Southland 8:00pm Gay/Lesbian AA Dance ' I ' :1: P 2 T l ‘
November 1992 January 1993 fl/k/fie mfetir - 6mm — 75am
.8. _ M T___W.. _ T _F S... _S__M_T_w__TF_s
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2040 Idle Hour Center
December 1 is World AIDS Day 11/21/1992 Richmond Road, Lexington, KY 40502
4 800 228-4337 606 268-4337
W GLSO Donation with Each Purchase!

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-.- '- “—4." ._ by lesbians and gay men, foster parenting is
M‘- NEWS SHORTS fires; not banned. A lesbian who directs an AIDS
‘ " family counseling center received a license
CANADA' The Federal COUIt Of Canada ruled on to foster a HIV-infected child. At the same
October 27th that barring homosexuals from time, a lesbian couple lost their 6-yr.—old
the Canadian military violated the Canadian foster child because Florida law does not
Charter Of Rights and Freedoms and ordered allow unmarried couples to foster children.
that the military no longer discriminate In a Catch-22, Florida law does not allow the
against homosexuals. The military said it women to legally marry.
would comply fully.
SAN DIEGO- A California jury convicted l9
ATMNTA' Arson is to blame for a fire that year old Todd Fluette, a Wisconsin sailor
badly damaged a clinic at the Atlanta Gay based in San Diego, of planning and carrying
Center on August 28- There are currently no out the stabbing murder of a married bisexual
suspects hilt fundraising has begun to man in Balboa Park. He faces a life sentence
rebuild the clinic. without parole. -
OREGON‘ The City Of Springfield: OR: WhiCh WABHINGTON,DC- The Bush administration
recently voted in an anti-gay ordinance, had decided to support a New Orleans court
its city liability insurance suspended for decision allowing employers to cut HIV+
24 days by the Fireman's Fund in response to workers health coverage insurance.
fears of possible losses arising from
discrimination lawsuits over the new LOUISVILLE- The General Assembly Permanent
ordinance. Coverage has been reinstated but Judicial Commission of the Presbyterian
will now only cover $1 million rather than Church (USA) issued a judgement on Nov. 4
$3 million in losses. that Rev. Jane Spahr, a "self-affirmed,
practicing homosexual” as quoted by the
ABHIVILLE, NC' An unnamed gay man won decision, was imprope