xt798s4jq087 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt798s4jq087/data/mets.xml Kentucky Kentucky Press Association Kentucky Press Service University of Kentucky. School of Journalism 1938 Call Number: PN4700.K37 Issues not published 1935 Aug - 1937 Oct, 1937 Jul - 1937 Aug, 1939 Oct - Dec, 1940 Jan - Mar, 1951 Aug - 1956 Sep. Includes Supplementary Material:  2005/2006, Kentucky High School Journalism Association contest 2004-2005, Advertising excellence in Kentucky newspapers 2003-2005, Excellence in Kentucky newspapers newsletters  English Lexington, KY.: School of Journalism, University of Kentucky Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Kentucky Press Press -- Kentucky -- Periodicals The Kentucky Press, March 1938 Vol.9 No.8 text The Kentucky Press, March 1938 Vol.9 No.8 1938 2019 true xt798s4jq087 section xt798s4jq087 wary, 1933 o ._._...,, ' .- , , . , . .
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E L Published I :“LL? LL
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EL [fix J terest 013 Community ‘ LLLL,
= y L o 5: 7 L‘ L
g EEL ournallsm - _ Li)
L L LLL 0L, by, and For Lg:
g L I _ Kentucky Newspapers L. LILLLLLLLLII
= 1 ‘LL ' i 1‘: ‘L
E .‘L.,:§‘;.;;Lay
E L L‘L '
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E ‘L‘ > . ELL LL ,
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E L " ’ ii L 1
== LsLL' L:
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E L L 1* E L '
E "P - :‘r L LLILLL
= ‘L‘ . z .
g . V°'""‘e ”me Number Eight . L: LL
2 3 ' . L: L '
Llllllllllllllllllllllfi . L L
L ’ L g LL'L ‘,
- L . ‘ a L,
7 . LL‘L L ;

 ' 1 {"11" x 1' ‘11
‘ ; Page Two THE KENTUCKY PRESS March, 1938 M
1 1 \_\E\E‘K_. _ _ ___-\ ,,
1 C||MdF E 'l P' C
, _ a a e or ntries n l938 rlze ontests ,1,
1 . . . F. Si
- 1 1 11 Call is hereby Issued for thet 19138 (if any), and contrast. 1—EEH '7‘ ville]
. 111 , prize contests of the Ken uc y (Note—Special emphasis will be - - '
. 1 Press Association. Every editor of1placed on the make-up of the en— Entries Wanted For COZlne Trophy 1 Effie]
'_ 11 1 the state, whether member of the ' tries in the above two contests.) a ° ‘ ' ' 1 1 c
.. 1 A K. P. A. or not is eligible to enter1 Best Editorial Contest CUp F01 MerltOI'lOUS Edltorlal Page .1.. Nfildk
-1 1 the contest. Announcement is made In order to stimulate the editors fi‘ . . 1 a hib
j1‘1 in this issue of the contests; an- in expressing individuality, initia— Kentucky Press Association newspapers Will compete again this year 1, ex
1-_ nouiicement of the prizes Will be tive, and leadership in this depart— for the Ben ICozme Memorial Cup. awarded possessmn to that paper in mic
' 1 1 made in the April issue of the Press. 1 ment which is the editor‘s own, at- 1 the ,State adjudged as haying the heft editorial page. The Cozme Me- 1 p: or
‘ 1 1 Please read the rules governing1tractive prizes are offered in this 1 morial Cup was offered for the first mm m 1935 through the gehemSity 1 6.1;.“
1 1 ‘ each contest and follow them to the 1' contest. The factors which Will be .1 0f Wage M‘ IMcCoy, managing editor 0f .the IShelbyINeWs, Shelbyville, b1 letl
~ 1 letter. Any violation of the rules1considered in the judging are: sub- The Winner In that year was Warren Fishers Carhsle Mercury. Mr. mfrhI
3 1 1:1 1 will result in the entries being dis- ject matter, thought sequence, com- Fisher won again m 1936‘ Grachali M Pedley, hyon County Herald, 1 do
11 .1 1 carded. Send in as many entries1munity appeal, rhetoric (diction, won the 1937.con.teSt'. The contest ls Wld? Open1 t his year. Come on in! clude
j 1 1 as you please, but observe the dead— unity, figure of speech, punctua— As the title implies, this handsome Silver lovmg cup is dedicated to 1‘ 011 t1
j 1 1 line, The rule that no newspaper 1 tion), and vocabulary. Each edi- the memory Of our b‘hOVEd Ben 9021,1181 who made hls. editorial page an 1 pun
‘ 1 , 3 is eligible to enter any contest in torial should be pasted on a sheet OUtStandmg example 0f the hESt m journalism, and his editorials h far- 1 itemt
. 1 1 which it has won first place during of paper with the notation of name felt force In his town and ms state. To retain permanent possessmn M 1h: l
.1 1.1 the preceding two Years will be of newspaper, date of issue. and the cup, the newspaper qust Wm It three times. . 211
1 strictly enforced and your coopera- writer’s name. No “canned” or With the adVice and direction of Mr. McCoy, the followmg rules were . -
1 , 1. tion is requested when you send in clipped editorials W111 be considered made to govern the selection of the Winner each year: 012- I
1 your entries.I . .in this contest. ' 1. Page content: the page must contain articles of literary, feature, '~ 4. I
1 Attention is particularly called tor Best News Story Contest and editorial matter only. - 5 I
‘ 11 1 the requirement that entries in the1 At the request of a number of ed- , . . . . . 61 l
1 1 1 editorial, news, and advertising con- itors, this contest is continued for 2. No advertisements should appeai on the page. II-Iowevei,Ithis Will 1? .
1 1 tests must each be pasted on a sep- competition this year on the best nothar contestants usmg such advertisements, but said use Will count 1— 7.:
1 arate slip of paper, or cardboard, community news story. The factors against perfection. (See note below.) 1 81x
‘1 1 elsewise the entry Will not be con- to be considered are content, sen- 3. Editorial matter: preference will be given to “home-written” edi- 1 9-
I 1 sidered. The exhibit this year prom— tence and paragraph structure, torials While “canned’” editorials will be a detriment. 1‘1)-
11 1 iSBS 1'0 be one Of the largest and thought, unity, coherence, vocabu- 4. Clipped editorials of community nature will be acceptable. 12’
‘ 1 best since the contest began. lary, the lead, and community serv- 5. Features and Literary: features such as “Twenty Years Ago,” 1 job.‘;
1 1.1 1 IA new . Contest forI daily papers ice value. Each story iSI ‘30 be pasted syndicate materials such as written by Doctor Copeland, Bob Burns, etc, 1o
, 1 1 wm be_ included thls year If , It 0h a sheet or paper Wlth the nota— essays, poems, etc, will be acceptable. 1 "'—
11 1 Ewen Vlvtmh applioval 0f thetassotcriai tion Of .the name 0f newspaper, 6. A column, whether serious, humorous, or a mixture, will be con- ‘ t
1 11 1 1 on. as 166-11 sugges e "-a date 0f issue, “all” Of editor, and sidered editorial page material.
.I 1 1. 1 the contest be limited to those daily name of the writer of the story. . . . make
3 1 papers published in cities With less Open to Weekly, semi—weekly, and '7. Editorial cartoons Will be acceptable. conte
1 than 15,000 population. If this con— country dailies in the state. Only 8. Headlines, whether spot heads or standing department heads, will 1 shall
‘ 1 1 test meets With your approval, crime stories W111 be barred from be judged for typographical balance. of th
- 1' 1 1 please notify Chairman Portmann. this contest. 9. Mast heads: the typographical appearance, the content, and rela- 1
11‘1 1 1 Official announcement 0f thIiSICOh‘ 1 BESt Advertising Composition tion to the page as a Whole will be considered . 1 All
* 1f. 3 1 teiitazvhuchfiigiiitmrfigs :ggitIS:::1thiiiypggiiirglih tllrfisaghiltgsti' :21 10. Art work: if any, Will be given full consideration. ; if:
11 ' 1 1 issue of his paper between June 1,1for best fu11_page advertisement; $5 11. Makeup and balance: the page makeup With emphasis onIbaiiancIeI, .- clude
11 I 1 1937, and April 1, 1938, for his en-1f0r best half-page advertisement; symmetry, and contrast Will be given closeIscruItiny. Extia Widt1 0(1)]- T entry
1 1 1 I 1 try in any contest. This change $5 for best quarter—page, or less,‘ad— :iicriifitiiéinsymmetry With the rest of the page, Will be given speCia co the (
l 1 from requiring SPCCifiC issues of vertisement. Factors to be judged ‘ . . I mark
1 i . newspapers was made at the re- include type content, type arrange— 12. Subject matter: as a. community paper should emphaSize com .1. test,”
, ‘ quest of many of our members. It 1 merit, value of illustrations, selec— munity news and community interests. too much “outside” news W111 be 1 R. P
1 1 is $113chth that “BICCtion” issues 1 tion of border and decorative mate— ‘marked down. / tucky
( should not be included among the rial, and fulfillment of the three 13. Special attention will be given to the rhetoric, punctuation, unity, that
1 1 1 cntriféSI: functions of advertising—attention, coherence, expression, dignity, vocabulary, and fitness of the subject mat- 1 noun
‘1 1 1 All-Around Contest interest, and conviction. The en- ter in the contents of this page. 1 sent,
‘ 1 1I 1? For guidance hf the competitors tries are limited to advertisements 14. Each contestant Will submit three consecutive issues of his neWS- 11 1088 1
( 1 the following “”11 constitute the that have been 5917 in the COHtESt‘ 1 paper from which the judges Will select the best single issue for com- I
1 1 r 1 percentages by which the newspa- ant’s office, either hand or machine petition. y\ Bi
1 t 11 pers Will be scored: composition. . I in. 3t
1 1 General appearance, 30 per cent; Each contestant may select any On account of the time limit until the association meeting, entries Ito " 10h
c 1 local news, 25 per cent; country cor— advertisement that appeared dur- this special contest may be submitted up to and including June 1. Entries 1 9013‘
' 2 1 respondence, 5 per cent; personal ing the year, June 1, 1937, and April should be mailed to Professor Portmann, U. of K., and should be plalllly 1 no 1°
k 1 items. 10 per cent; farm news or 1, 1933; each entry to be mounted marked as to contents. 1351:};
1 . . . f . _ 1 . .“‘
I 1 gngfpihialgaiho vglhircehilihe 13:3; :gtaaticfililefs 0th Cihiboggfnewfi? :11}: 1 In regard to the second rule, Mr.IMcCoy has written the following: I ediIto
l: 1 is published, 5 per cent; general newspaper, date of issue, and name] “Several days ago I was sold decidedly on the idea of eliminating ad- Ir . {1&1
‘ ' t 1 news, 5 per cent; and editorial, 20 of contestant. vertising and foreign matter from the editorial page, which is in ac: .‘ Nb 1
1 11 G 1 percent. Factors to be considered Best Editorial Page Contest 1cordance with the best ideals concerning such pages. The idea still is 1. D.I
. f 1 in scoring of general appearance This contest, again sponsored by good, I believe, but I have discussed the matter recently from this Standd 1., $5111}
1 t 1 include make-up of front page and The Shelby News through the Ben pomt With Kentucky printers and newspapermen (not by letter? apl 1 him
V ‘ .1 inside pages, advertising makevup Cozine Trophy is announced in an- the common VieWpOint was ‘that Kentucky editors look upon the editoua - = I an
2 and composition, headline schedule, other column. page as a good advertising page, in many cases promismg Imerchants in-ac
P 1 literary excellence, community serv- Open to Every Newspaper preferred pIos1tioInIs upon it. Probably such editors cannot be induced “I: ~\ ClIn
a ice, headlines’ content, illustrations, Each and every contest is open to change their opinions by just a contest.’ The suggestion was made thae )1 thayc
» 1‘3 typography and press work. every weekly or semi—weekly in the if the rule held, few newspapers could qualify. The thought came WI “115 f t e ~I
. , t3 '1 Front Page Contest state. The news story contest is that the ground was fertile for such a restriction—just as Indiana editIol IoIti:
I n Factors to be judged include open to country dailies. Every edi— are beginning to eliminate ads, hooey, cannedeubliCity, and leIan tripe . n11:
‘ f‘ headline content, headline sched— tor is urged to send in his entries from their pages by the examples shown them in state contests. FA
1 y ule, type balance, make-up, name for each contest and every entryl The chairman agrees with Mr. McCoy, but, together, we have amended Gbr
1 3 plate and ears, press Work and ink- will be judged on its merits. Let us the rule to serve again for this year’s contest at least. Le us have plenty (£1115
ing, appearance and illustrations (Continued on Page Three) 10f entries. ' -

 VI h Vi h 1938 H E EEE EE’ Ei’
.arc . are l E" ‘2 i" E

, 193s , ,_ , a, T E KElNTUCKY PRESS Page Three . ,EEE Eli
——-—~~\ / fl— _-———————fi_____._____ I '! E E E i:

L Martha“... . 0gp - - “E E

r JOB P H BIT D b F t 0‘: :‘r E ii a .,
lteSEZS __ Icer escrl es u ure ounty ee Ies Ii .EE l E" -

Through the courtesy of Thomas So _ . . _ . , g ; . E ; jag E
F. Smith, president of the Louis- ntre exceElent advrce to publish .used in the moulding of public sen- Will Withstand the onslaughts of the f .E :lE EE.’ ' '
—\ g." .11 Paper Company a special con- ers o coun ry weeklies was given timent—in short, that the neWs- future 1 ‘EE H E '
V19 , ~ ~ .- .,. .. , '. i E.",‘1"1
7 I tst is open for the editors of the by Walter H. Crim, publisher of the paper is now passmg into obliVion. Ours is no mean profession. It is .E l..“EEE E“; I C
5 fSate at the mid-summer meeting. Salem (1nd.) Republican and treas- Now comes the new movement of one of dignity, of honor, one of 'E .I:E.EE_‘ 31E, " ' 5
g :41; Smith will present a handsome :ireiatof the Igational Editorial As- the Consumers’ League, which holds responsibility to the public that is ‘E .; E E.EE;:EE EE. E
T and valuable trophy for the best Eggltuigln, 112mg]: Zggreisst'befonte :26 as one; of its prinCipal tenets the not exceeded by any Other, if we .EE‘E .; E E E . I
again this , exhibit of job printing at the meet— L ; .1137 . oca ion a e COI’lVlCthIl' that advertismg is un— E live up to this responsibility. It is E, EE‘EE g.‘ E gil‘ _
.0 th t year ,, 'n Every editor is urged to pre- ouisvi e meeting in January. moral, it is wasteful, it lays great at once the opportunity for helping i3 E ‘EEEM
Th a paper In E g' an exhibit preferably mount- Speaking on the subject of “The burdens on the consuming public—E in the building of a community—at E E iE EEE 3E» EE
[1 tifzzlgie Me- g. 53in a large cardboard for exhi- Weekly Newspaper—What Is Its ergo, it must be abolished. the same time the means of es- E EEE "E E E 2‘72 ‘
. er . , 9,, . - .. ,. . .
BWS, Shelbysislll? bition and judging during the Future. Mi. Crim said. f Pronghthe iight comes the demand tablishing a profitable and interest- g; FE LE ‘ E; E
a Mercury M'E meeting. No man knows what the morrow rom e administration that the ing livehood, and of maintaining El, .
County' IieralcEiE The following items are to be in- may bring. weekly newspaper publisher relin— leadership in many worthwhile en- E! IEE' E .E E”
.r. Come on inIE eluded. Exhibitors are urged to in- Today We are faced with perplex— (luff? £1.15 Eilght, to dEStrEbUEe his deavors: ; E ‘. E E
is dedicated to elude every item, but, to aid that ities and doubts. In business weEpu ica ion in_ his county on rural ;Ours is a professwn that carries E g 5‘ E, E, ,
ditorial page an E printer who might not have every are confronted with constant vi- routes, free, Wlthcut paying the one Wlth It a bit 0f, many other profes— E ‘ E.E E E E EE
editorials a far- . item in his files, at least eight of cissitudes and dangers, the merch— gent a pound rate now effective; Sions and we Will be derelict in our E E,i ElE‘EE .
nt possession of E the twelve listed must be included: ant and the manufacturer alike are log. the 16ft comes the plea that duty as; editors If we do not profit E EEE E ‘
1, Letter head——one color. studying their course ahead, in the Eu ication 0f bankruptcy notices by the“ Virtues and aVOEd their E” EEEElEEE E
IWing‘ rules were 2. Letter head—two or more col— professions the constant demand y newspapers serves no good Pur' faults. E ‘1! .E EE" i.
ors. for greater skill and more modern pose, and that such legal. publica-E From. the clergy we should learn E: ‘e E El. E
. 3. Envelope—one color. methods keep the doctor, the den- tion be abolished; on the right flank to Inspire our readers with editorial E E" i E E
iterai‘y feature, " 4. Envelope—two or more colors. tist, the engineer and the lawyer we ale attacked by the demands 0f E and news. matter that Will lift them E E ii E. EEEE
5, Program. on their toes to meet this demand the wage and hour bln that In many E from; their depressmn; to learn'to EEEE E; “t
)Wevei', this will P 6. Booklet—four or more pages. by adopting new practices, new lab— case; If not modified greatly, would gsepaiate good news from eVil; t0.m' E E E5; .’ EE 3 "I E
use Will count 7. Business card. oratory methods, new inventions .VZOI , untold hardships on the pub- E st 1E1 m them the Virtues. 0f fight ‘ EE‘ E E. E E

.g - 8. Calling card. and by continuous study. 1iciitaflin the country shops; on the E living and of right thinking. The E . E'E; EE E EE. E

le-written” edi- 9. Wedding invitation. In politics. with its multitude of fe t ank appeais the paper inanu: editor 0f the future weekly W111 have , '7 E E it E
10. Statement or bill head. uncertainties, its ever shifting plat- ac urei and says emphaticaly we E to be somewhat Of an evangelist If E E ‘E SE EE ~
ceptable, ll. Blotter forms; its obsessions and its reces» gust pay tribute to this Caesar of E he would hold the subscribers on -E; '_, j E E: EE‘

E 12. ”What you consider your best sionsathere is turmoil and experi- e north WOOdS m the amount Of E his IISt' E E V -EEEE1E
gybYears Ago,” job ment—there is a changing order OfEfrom $10 to $15 per ton on news- From the lawyer we should absorb f -‘; .: E iEE

0 B - .- - , ‘E’ * “EI'EE
urns, etc, 1' things, perhaps for the better—per—Epnnt' the habit of accurate and careful E, EEEI‘EE
haps not! Truly, no man knows What the reporting of events, accuracy of 2 a: EEEEEE'EE?

re, Will be con- E (Continued from Page Two) So in every walk of life, in the morrolgvo HEW TIE?! ititemfgtitphafi mayttenmesh us;if 9E .EEE EE'EEE

E’ _ . . _ School and in the church, in the fac- . ome mg About It au e 1ca y-Wu' en. From hm] E E El E

i make this 1938 contest the biggest Only if We DO something about we should acquire the ability to E ‘E -. EEE ‘ E

, tory and on the farm, we talk a . . . . 'E’ ‘ 3 ill; 'E
, E contest of them all. No newspaper it may be rightfully challenge the make 0111” editorial comment and ‘ ' ‘ ‘EiE

ient heads, Will , - ,. great deal about What the future . . . E . 'E .E . fl "1'

, shall be eligible for more than one holds for ach f . h‘ statements regarding the decadence 0111‘ news stories track With the ' E “El ".E ”E.

of the above first prizes. _ e 0 us In ls own VO' of the press; we may meet the facts. Sloppiness in reporting and E EE EEEEE EEE E

[tent, and rela- E June 1, Deadline 03mm 0r prOfeSSIOn—What the m" E criticism of the Consumers’ Lea ‘u disregard for the truth will have no EEE E E iii 5
.. - tul‘e may be in our own business. . . g e . E E “ ‘5"

All entries must be in the hands _ by showmg the public the fallacy place in the weekly newspaper of E . . EEE . =

l f P‘ f . t We talk and talk ,and are remind— . , ‘ i=E 5' ‘ .~.,E§ H.

E 0 io . Vic or R. Portmann on'or ed of the stor of th d k h of their arguments, we are faced the future. E E'EE NEE Eli
isis on balance, before dune 1- Entries can be m" a lied for 3:1. ,E e f ar ey; W 0 With the necessity of combating the Consider the teacher—whether in E E E E EsEE‘EEEE
:tra Width 001- E cluded in the same bundle, but each qggcious s 0:56 Nome rom h.s 10' mandates of unwise governmental the one—room SChOOi 01‘ the univer- E E E EEEEEEEEEEEEE
311 special con- entry must be plainly marked as to (E p ' interference through closer coopera— sity. how much We can get from his ,E E, EEEE E E

theeontsst. The package must be f ‘What grounds E110 you 313W, MOSBE,tion of our publishers and presen— DI‘OfeSSiGD; it iS 0111' daily task to 5E ; EE 'EEEEEE'
nphasize com- marked K. P. A. Newspaper Con— _01 Seeking the ‘dinJrce? asked the E tation of facts to refute theories educate the public on all matters E . EEEEEEEE
E, news will be .; . test, and addressed to Prof. Victor Judge. ”Is your Wife cruel 01; un— that are plainly erroneous. by a fair and unbiased presentation Eu _ E E; E .EEEE:

E R. Portmann, University of Ken- falthflfl? ; E Therefore, my fellow publishers of Of facts—by informing it Of the E E EEE EEEE
"tuat' 't I tucky, Lexington. It is suggested . “N0, suh, Judge, said Mose, “she Kentucky, because of this serious events of the day, of the affairs of l E; ii EEE EELEEE
esubgelctuifiatE-E that the editor write a note an— Jess talk an’ talk an’ talk.” indictment of American newspapers the community and its inhabitants E EEE EEEEEEEE

, nouncmg that the package has been “Wellgwhat does she talk about?” in general and of the great catho- and their accomplishments. _“ SEE ,E“EE.‘EEEE

f h; — . Tent, to aVOid delay and pOSSible r{‘hats ”the trouble, Judge, she'lic group of some eleven thousand Cure Civic Ills ‘,‘~ .EE ,E EE‘EEE'EEEE?
.5 o fis news‘ oss of the entries. dont say! . weeklies in particular that coverE Then there is the doctor, to Whom E ‘EiE EE ‘EZEEEEEEEEEE
issue or com ;\ That is the trouble With all of our the continent Wherever the sun we turn in time of illness. The E ; .EEEE‘, EEEEEEEE-E

I By adding a new heading to the :ctionsareg'arding the future of our shines (and in Califomja, tomes weekly newspaper can help cure the ,E ‘VE‘EE E‘EEEE‘E
;ing, entries to .~ front page of the Burlington Re— tul:UES~—We Just talkAand talk and and because there exists now more GIVE? 1115 Of a community, can by E E: 5 EEIE
Iune 1. Entries COI‘der, A. E. Stephens has made a a and talk, hilt fall to find the urgently than ever before the pl‘Ob' CC'nEmuous. pybhcjty help prevent [Er E EEE iéEEEEEIEE-LE
)uld be plainly l noticeable improvement in the ap- answer. , , lem Cf building better and more in‘ acoldents m industry, on highways E EEEEE EEEEEI

pcarance of the paper. From time to time, sojcalled eco— telligently edited newspapers. I feel and in the mine. can secure sani— EEE .‘EEEEEEEEEE
. Beginning March 1, J. R. Bernard, nomists, clever columnists, radio- it is timely for us to talk with one tation and better health, can help E EE! ;E EEEEEsEE

3 following; editor of the Russell Springs Ban— ccmmentalgors, and others who dare another for a brief period on What . fight disease and pestilence, EEEE .“EEE EEEEE E‘EEEE;' .
liminating ad- ,, ner increased his advertising and to a-seit they speak With authori— the future holds for the weekly And What of the actor? Cannot E lel ; .E 2 EEE
iich is in ac- 4‘ - job printing prices. ‘ ty, have decried the efforts of the newspaper—the backbone of Amerp the weekly editor, by dramatizing ,5? E'EEE' ,1: EEE ,EEEEE
1e idea still is i D, w, areal, editor of the H0d_ average gneWSDaper to carry 0n, they can democracy—the very cradle of his news, that is news, by carrying , gal IE“ E ii? EIE‘E-
,m this stand- genville Herald—News, removed all have raised the question of the ef- American liberty, Ehis stories attractively, make them {i {E iEE EE
Ey letter) and E delinquent Subscribers from his list ficacy of newspapers in general, and Janus, of Roman mythology, we realistic as the stories of the screen EE EEEE E11 1E; EE EE‘E‘E;
n the editorial , , March 5’ When he adopted the cash- have challenged. the power of the are told, was the god of doors and or stage, make them so interesting E ESE EE‘EEE'E [IE
ng merchants iii-advance policy. press In the nation. gates, and presided over the dawn that they are read with eagerness! E :9; gig]! lEE’EEE EEEEE
be induced to In less than a month Homer 3, A few of these self—appointed of every day, and the commence— Did you ever he?“ a subscriber say E SEE EE‘EEE ,E‘E,
ras made that ,7 Clay, editor, was able to increase critics have gone so far as to ex— Ement 0f BVBTY undertaking. From so‘r‘nething to this effect? r -.E=EEEE EJEE‘ EEEEE
it came to me a the size of his London Weekly News press the belief that public opinion . him the first month of the year re— W811, I believe I’ll look in the E jig . ,‘E ESEEE irEEEf
adiana editors / to. l2 pages. The paper made its will no longer be governed even in ceived its name, so it is perhaps paper and see if there is any E_EE 'EE EEE'EEIEE EEEEE,
nd plan tripe , 1mm“ appEarance February 24. part. by the newspaper; that the fitting that a this, your January NEWS-"E EgrEEE EE'E‘EEEE E‘EE
tests. A third birthday was celebrated newspaper has become decadent be- meeting, we as editors and publish-. Men of Kentucky, if your weekly :E EE EEEE i.
nave amended Fabruary 24 by the Grayson En- cause of false political phophecies ers of weekly newspapers should newspaper is to have a place in the 'EiiEEE'EE ESE; E E27
13 have plenty quirer, managed by Oscar Haight, and lack of moral courage; that begin Without further parley the future, there should be news and E.’ 3.“ng EEIE‘EEEE EEE
Jr- other media Will in the future be task of building a newspaper that (Continued on Page Five) EEé'E EggE ,‘ Egg? “E2655
:5ij "E El JEEE.
E '; a; ,.‘E 2E1.

. ' g‘EEEi, IE'

 ,. E .
.. E , w I
, E Page Four THE KENTUCKY PRESS March, 1938 E M
. , '3 MFR: ,
I ' ' ' H— sumer against unfair and decep- en to worthy enterprises in the City, E OFFI
> E tive acts in commerce. Civil pen- Larry Whiting will make a thOI-i
, . E 2/78 alties up to $5,000 for each viola- ough analysis of pictures which ap_L
I ‘3 tion are provided. pear in the papers, calculating flie‘ (1
' I f 1»: .: . .15. , ’ 3- E False advertising is defined as amount of space used, hOW mama} plen‘
.‘. 532,3 V any WhiCh is misleading in any deal with war, crime, persons, for’ mom
-- Er material respect, either by state- eign news national and local. that
3 l . . , , , _ merits, or suggestions that a prod- Billy Weber will estimate theE iessI:
'7 E Offiual Publication Of The Kentucky Press ASSOCIatIon uct will accomplish certain thingsy amount of space devoted to new: Fifi
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, PRESS ASSOCIATION OFFICERS and desist orders against products Jimmy Moss will make a study of pro;
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, ‘ .‘ J. Curtis Alcock _. Secretary-Treasurer Messenger, Danville —— 1301101951 and 13111 Haun and D011 and
« E Gracean M. Pedlcy, Herald, Eddyville. Chairman; Harry Lee Waterfield, Ga- __ ,, . advertisjng WhiCh appears in pa'E pel‘f
‘ assistant attains? sitter. Messiaen “HOW “’39“ the MW” 15 pers- In listing the difiicu“ WW 1“ 1
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. 1 E R. Portmann. Kentucky Press, Lexington; Joe Costello, Democrat, Cynthiana; 303 Class at Ballet Junior High Johnson Will attempt to prove that sent
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I . LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE for-deeper study Of newspapers and understand by the average reader, tutu
E E Thomas R. Underwood, Herald, Lexington, Chairman; Cecil Williams. Journal, thEII' InterBStS than IS ordinarily Many news magazines and all the‘. W
: j Somerset; Tyler Mumford. Advocate. Morganfield; George A. Joplin Jr., Conr— done' . Enew books available on newspaper‘ the
:E monwealth, Somerset; Vance Armentrout, Courier-Journal, Louisville. The students have subscribed to work and the press are being used has
3 . ADVERTISING COMMITTEE leading papers in different parts Of to furnish a background for these’ wee
, Shelton M. SaufleyE Register, Richmond, Chairman; Jody P; Gozder, News— the United States. These publica— studies. DI‘. Edgar Dale of Ohio.\ the
V : 33:31: glillhleJEfHEsi'gleLa réi’t‘if‘gi,TA. ‘g‘livmé‘rhl‘r‘f Kiraiglui‘kycssrtfihhaali‘: gird: tions are being compared and con- state University visited this class' art
.' E | tow” trasted for values in news Of all recently and started them in theiri picl
~ ‘ NEWSPAPER EXHIBIT COMMITTEE kinds, as well as the policies of the work. Dr. Dale is doing research othl
3- E Victor R. Portmann. Kentucky Press, Lexington, Chairman: W. C. Caywcod a ers. Groups of students are un- . - ~ . eve)
.1 INS E . Jr., Sun, Winchester; Denny B. Spragens, Marion Falcon, Lebanon. IE geftaking research work on prob- :1?;:C:10:;g £2321: 1:23-35. difliiggtlfi: Gaul
,..E E‘ lems which interest them. Miss Mary R. Hodge. __ Courier- ) the
. . ‘. ~__i _» > What women contribute to news Jounal. E con
' .l‘ j I IJournal and Herald for the honors Will be worked out from .various The 121-953 heartily endorses this 30‘
V E ', E .50 richly and deservedly won. angles by Jean Bruce Jusme and worthwhile project as started at A
3‘ E E' E MEMBER 15%? i x Barbara Thurman. , Barret and asks the cooperation of tha
. 3,. E . IW EKENTUCKY EDITOR WINS Maps of the world are being pre— the editors of the state in propos- the
‘ EAWARD AT HARVARD pared by Bobby Jones, Horace Ad— ing this plan to their own school‘ abl‘
E 5 I K ‘ TUCKY PRES I _‘ Edams and George Boston, and they instructors. The coming generation onl;
, "if E Five editorial writers and four w111 record all places-on the globe with such instruction and knowledgel the
E ASSOCIATION rreporters, chosen from 312 news- WhiCh are mentlone‘i “1 papers and in their ken, will have a direct in- has
“f‘ .' ; onumzzn “NW” '8“ Epapers in forty-four States, were the frequency of their. appearance. fiuence on the policies and ethicsE illu
EE . , named winners of the first Nieman Famous people mentioned In 1021- of the newspapers of the futureE put
1.. ' I _ . fellowships for study at Harvard pers Will form the basis 01" an en— Such movements surely should have I. ma;
. E E Vou do not judge a show by the University. cyclopedia which Betty Toschel‘ and the cooperation and encouragementE the
l : E price you Pay for the .ticket. You Those chosen include EdWih J- Elise Lorenz will publish, “mg of the newspapers in the nation. ‘ by
E 1 J l 3 pass Upon 1t after seelng the. per' EPa,xt0ny Jr” 2‘5y chief editorial writ- news articles for thEir material. *— me]
. E E formance. Your customers judge E er and associate editor of the Pa— Ernest King and Jack Babbitt LET’ S HEAR FROM YOU i. “on
1 E YOU? newspaper much the samevducah (Ky.) Sun-Democrat. will record all news items which W01
( E . way; - E The fellowships were established they find that relate to the careers If you have a bit of news, ) 1:
‘ i E 3 tunder the Lucius W. Nieman and they have chosen. Send it in. par
_ 1- E STATE NEWSPAPERS HONORED Agnes Wahl Nieman Fund of ap- Robert Speith and Watson Dab— Or a joke that will amuse, , ‘9
‘ ‘ 1 E — E proximately $1,000,000, which was ney will listen to popular news com- Send it in. , f?
1 E The Louisville Courier—Journal E bequeathed to Harvard “to promote mentators and compare the items A story that is true, ’ 0
C E and the Lexington Herald Welje E and elevate the standards of journ- they give with those appearing in An incident that’s new, L ma
1 E given honorable mention in their alism in the United States and ed— the papers. We want to hear from you_ ,r Eire
‘ t E respective classes in the annual Eucate persons deemed specially Vernon Wetherby and Tillie Send it in. r a
. E Ayer Cup award for typographical E qualified for journalism.” Barnes intend to study news ar— Will your story make us laugh?’ E
E E E excellence, announced this Week. I Under the broad plan adopted byEticles on crime, the amount of Send it in. E my
5 E The Courier-Journal was One Of E Harvard earlier this year, after re- space devoted to it and the manner Send along a photograph, E e
E 147 entrants in the “diViSiOh 0f,ceiving hundreds of suggestions in which such articles