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Kentucky Kernel. Friday. November 20. 1992 - 3


T—By iiris Tlpton '

Staff Writer

After last week‘s unplanned
Blue-White scrimmage. the UK
Cool Cats actually are going to
play another team this weekend.

The hockey club will travel to
Atlanta for a onegame battle
against the Georgia Tech Yellow

UK coach Carl Montgomery
said he does not think the recent
layoff will hurt the team.

“Although we didn’t have prac-
tice this week, I think the guys
will be ready to play,“ he said. “I



By Brant Welch
Senior Staff Writer

When Jason Smithwick was a
young hockey player growing up
in Minneapolis, Minn., he never
dreamed of scoring goals for the
UK Cool Cats —— let alone even
living in the Bluegrass.

“I knew about the Kentucky
Derby and Kentucky Bourbon.
but that was about it," said Smith-
wick. senior winger and Cool
Cats vice president.

Smithwick grew up hoping to
play hockey for the Minnesota
Golden Gophers the way kids in
Kentucky grow up yearning to
shoot threes for the UK basketball

“Minnesota ,hockey is beyond
Kentucky basketball. Everyone
plays hockey. It was the thing to
do. You played in rinks, outside,
anywhere you could play," Smith-
wick said.

“We looked up to a lot of the
1980 Olympic hockey team. A lot
of those guys were from Minneso-

“There is more emphasis on
high school and college hockey
than on professional hockey," he

Smithwick, who moved to Min-
neapolis from Fargo, N.D., when
he was 10. said that most youth
pick up a hockey stick shortly af-
ter they have learned to walk in



playing organized


After scrimmage, UK
prepared for real foe

was talking to some of the guys
yesterday, and they were biting at
the chops to get back on the ice and

Montgomery will have to use a
little guesswork in constructing his
game plan, since he is not too fa-
miliar with the Yellow Jackets.

“If they're anything like the
Georgia Tech teams of the past,
we're in for a very physical game.
They've always come out and hit us
in recent years."

After Saturday night's meeting,
the Cool Cats have a two week lay-
off before playing at home again.

Smithwick’s one UK
import Who paid off

hockey by first grade. You had mid-
get. pee-wee, bantom and traveling
city teams. When you get to high
school, you have your junior varsity
and varsity teams." he said.

Smithwick said starting young
really helped his game.

“It's definitely an advantage.
Back home, kids will pick tip a
stick when they're 4 or 5 years

Smithwick said that is one reason
he thinks the majority of UK's
hockey players will continue to mi»
grate from the East.

“I’ve seen some kids skating
around at the (Lexington) Ice Cen-
ter (the Cool Cats home rink),
which is promising. I think most of
the players will still come from the
East because they get such a head
start‘ he said.

Cool Cats manager Mark Schupe

“I‘m not optimistic that we can
have a championship hockey team
with players just from Kentucky."
Schupe said. “Most of our players
will continue to come from the

Smithwick said that fan support
in Minnesota for hockey is compar»
able to what Kentucky‘s high
school football teams draw.

“You have about as many people
attend hockey games back home as
you have people attending football
games here. They drew over a mil-
lion fans to last year's high school

Smithwick moved to Lexington






UK's Jason Smithwick hails from Minnesota, where he toi-
Iowed the Minnesota varsity team enthusiastically.

in 1985 and attended Lafayette
High School, which doesn't have a
hockey team.

When he arrived in Lexington. he
wasn‘t aware that the Cool Cats ex-
isted. He later learned of them and
practiced with the Cool Cats when
he was a senior in high school.
However, he still had no intentions
of playing for the team.

“I had no interest of really play!
mg for them. Back then, it was a to-
tally different team. It wasn‘t orga-
nized like it is now,“ he said.

After graduating from Lafayette.
Smithwick sat out a year before at-
tending UK and playing for the
Cool Cats in I989. Former Cool
Cats head coach Phil Davenport
eventually persuaded Smithwick to
put on the skates for UK.

“I knew Phil Davenport, and he
talked me into playing.“ Smithwick
said. “I got to know a lot of the
guys on the team. and Ijust decided
I wanted to play."

Smithwick, playing in his fourth
year for the Cool Cats, doesn't reA
gret his decision one bit. Smithwick
said getting to play in the Southern
Collegiate Hockey Championship
in Chicago last year was one of his
biggest thrills at UK. However. he
said the friendships he has made are
the best things that have come from
devoting his time to the ice.

“The best thing about playing has
been the friends I have made," he

said. “The overall comraderie of the
players anti the fans has been



Schupe said he hasn't regretted
Smithwick‘s decision to play for
the Cool Cats, either.

“We have been lucky to have
two or three guys who are inter-
ested in the organization of the
team." he said. “Jason has been
one of the best leaders we have
had. He and Kris (Kocan. Cool
(‘ats president) have worked real-
ly hard. They have advertised and
gotten the team to understand our

Smithwick said he is optimistic
about the future of the Cool Cats.
though he may not be involved.

“We have some good young
talent that‘s starting to come
along. I know I‘m not playing.
We‘re going to lose a handful of
the guys l started out with. As far
as the organization of the team
goes, we'll be fine."

Smithwick said he had no fu-
ture plans of playing hockey but
will be involved in one way or

“No, I don't think I'll be play-
ing organized hockey after this
year." Smithwick said. “But I‘ll
be involved in some capacity ei-
ther with the (‘ool (‘ats or
wherever I move alter gradua-

Schiipe said that coaching
could be in Smithwick‘s future.

“I think he could be a good
coach. He would be a good role
model. You need a person like Ja-
son in club hockey."


UK can’t beat Vols because band is going

Here we go again.
UK, now 4-6 after losing its last

four, travels to Tennessee tomor- -

row to play the 6-3 Volunteers.

Yes, two of the Vols three losses
were against “less than average”
teams, Arkansas and South Caroli-
na. By the way, what has gotten
into the Gamecocks?

Anyway, the Vols can be beaten.
The fact is, they won’t be, at least
not this week. The Cats haven't
won in Tennessee since, well, since
they went to a bowl game.

Here’s why the Cats won’t win:

-Tennessee leads this series, the
88th meeting between the two
schools, 55—23-9. For some strange
reason, I think the series will be 56-
23-9 come Sunday. I don’t know
what it is exactly, just a hunch. Call
me crazy.

-Johnny Majors, Tennessee
coach. will be coaching his last
game in Neyland Stadium, which
holds 91,902 fans.

~Neyland Stadium, which holds
91,902 fans.

-UK is bringing its band on the
trip. The Cats never win when the
band goes.


Ty Halpln
Assistant Sports Editor

oThe Cats proved me wrong
against Vanderbilt and Cincinnati.
losing to teams with losing records.
How do they expect to beat UT,
who came within a touchdown of
defeating second-ranked Alabama?

-Tennessee has a history of being
really good. UK doesn‘t.

I‘m sorry. Really, I am. I‘d like
to believe the Cats could go to
Knoxville and win. It‘s just that,
well, we can’t. I don’t mean we
can‘t ever do it, but just not this

To quote UK basketball coach
Rick Pitino: “I’m not being nega-
tive. I’m being realistic."

He was talking about this year’s
basketball team, but that‘s not the

Not to be too negative, the possi-
bility still exists that the Cats could
pull of a victory tomorrow.

If they do, it would be a huge up-
set. Last time I looked, we were a
I7-and-a-half point underdog.





This time —
we play to w_in!

*Free t-shirt, sticker,

Friday, November 20
Patterson Office Tower, Mezzanine
8:30am - 4:30pm

Central Kentucky Blood Center m


That's probably a fair assessment.

There are some bright spots. no
matter how small they are. that Will
work in the Cats favor, however.

~Pookie Jones. The sophoiriore
has Icamcd a lot this year and has
had a few great games. The (‘ats
need another career day from him.

-(‘oach Bill Curry. He is a great
coach. and I do believe him when
he says we will have a good tool-
ball team someday. Did you read
that? Someday.

-A pretty good defense. It also
will need a career performance to
beat UT.

-Wc wear blue uniforms. Orange
is pretty ugly. Plus, their end zones

fonn a checker board I mean. how
dumb can you get‘.’ Anybody
knows not to mix sports.

Yes, I know, the reasons were
getting pretty weak there at the end,
but I think that just proves my

I‘ll be in Knoxville this weekend
to see the game. I'll cheer for the
Cats. and I hope, God willing, they
come up big and win. Realistically,
Ijust can‘t believe that they will.

I‘m sorry. Really, I am.

Airtimnt Sports Editor 'I‘y Halpln
is a business management sopho-
more and a Kentucky Kernel (‘01-


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Volleyball team travels to LSU

.. teamheudstoBaumnge 1a.,»
to mi the i’Zthmltcd LSU Tigers.
giro Cats, who are 2245, lost to LSU earlier this year in Lexington

. LSU :3 10-2816 m second place the Southeastern Conference UK


- Smithy, UK faces Ole Miss in Oxford, Miss. The Rebels are 3-10

ffgththoSECaod in eighth place.

The Catshavenot lost in theirlastfive matches. Sophomore Krista

VRobinson has led UK during that span with 76 kills, averaging 4 .47

“has" perm .

Junior Eunice Tharm was named SEC player of the week for her

" outsiamingpiay iastwcek. Thomas had 36 kills with print oaeerror
Whit fora $3hmmgpercetimge ‘i‘hcmiddie biockeratsoconnib