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University 01 Ke11tucky---C0IIcge 01 Agriculture
THOMAS P. COOPER. Dean and Director
1·11_,]1`~.11 111 ···111111·1·ti1111 with tI1·· :1:1i111It111.1I ·\;t1·11~11111 11*111*11 1·;111·i1·1I
1.y11,1· .~·~·111·1.1111·11 111 1111- 1'·11I1·:·· 1·I` .\1;111·11I1111»·, I'111·.1·1~i1y 11t` }{1·111111·},;,_
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..1 1;,1 111111. 11111\11I·1I I11I‘ III 1111- .\11 111 t`11t1;11·>s ·11 _\I.1y ~_ IUI;}
I. Care of the Cream Separator on the Farm.
{Q'? • • •
II. Var1at10n 1n Cream Tests.
'1`111· 1-1*1-11111 s1·11111*111111* is 1I1‘>ILE'IIi‘1I 111 1111 111 {.[`I`1‘2II IINSISIIIIIIJC 111
1111· 1'111*1111·1*. I11· 111i1·l1l1* 11x11*111·t111--1 11111 I111tt1·1*f111 I.l'<1II1 11111 milk
,/2 . I . 1—
F/11-1/1 £1IItI 11111k1:1;; it 1111ss1I111·t11111·111I111·1·111*11·I1.s1111111tI11·1*1·11111111111w111*111
1'1·1,· 11I'1‘ k1·11t. 1I.1‘I`1‘2I1ll is $(lI(I I.l`(1lll 1110 I.2lI‘lIl.
TI1t* 1`11Il1111·i11g s11gg1·sti1111s 111111* 1111 I111l111`11l 111 s1111111*11t111· 1\[11‘1`i11(1I`$.
l. S1·t 1I11· $1']1(11`iI1(I1` I(‘\`1‘I 1111 11 S(1II1I t`1111111l11ti1111 :11111 111111 it 11111111
1II`llII)`. 11 is w1·ll 111 II2I\'1‘ 11 11i111·11 11t` 1·11I1I1111· ])11l'I{1I1K 111* l1111tl1111*.
lII11I1‘l` 11:11*11 1111; (II. 11111 :<11]1111‘:1l111‘ 111 $\‘I`\'l* 11s il 1·1tSI111111 I`11t` l1I)S0l`I)·
111;* vi111*:1ti1111.
1 2. S011 111111 1111 I111111‘i11;;s iII`(‘ 1·l1·1111 111111 (11I€lI 111 1111 times. (`lez111 1110
' I1011ri11;:s 111~1111si111111lly wit11 g11s11li1111 11r kcr11s011e 111 1`01llO\`€ all
Krause 111111 1l11I)' 11111*11 1100011111 §l1l11I1l)' 111111 which 1llZ1}' 111115 prevent
l11*1111111· l11l11·i1·11ti1111 111111 1·1111s11 11111*11 l`1ll1I1Ill}§ 111 s0p111·111111‘.
LI. 1111 $111*11 111 1111*11 11111 S(‘1)11I‘1I1111` 111 111111101* s11111111. Time speed with ll
_ \\`211(‘I1 11r $1Il‘01I i1111i1=11t111*. Most s0p11r11t111‘s 111*0 11ll`110(I 100 sl0wl}’
111111 11s 11 <'1l1l$L‘(|1l(‘l1(`C 1`11t is l11s1 111 11111 SI(IIl1—l111II(.
5. Ill 1-11111 \\`(‘111I1Ql` 1*1111 Z1 1:11111111 111` \\`ill`I11 \\'i11Cl` 1111*11 11111 1111wl 10 \\`(`Il`l1l
` it I)l‘1`i1¤·  _ dag
necessary inisnnderstandings between the l`ar1ner and the G1‘0¤m it of
buyer. ’ °O"

 Cure of the CI'('(l//l »q(`[)(l)’[H‘1‘4l ot' :1 >··p:11·:1t·»1· 1*lI2Ill;!t‘s the p1·1·1·:·11tof
mm; i ljl]iI(“I‘l'2li i11 the <‘l`CE1I1l. The l1i:l1<·1· tl1e S¢‘[>l1I`ilt0l‘ is placed the
greater the Zllllflllllt of slf¤11>·111m1 111:1y make ii, 11iH’e1·eii1·e. if the ]11lll{ of a herd 0f
p eews whose average test is 4 per vent. is separ:1t‘ed so 1-ream tests ~

 _ 4 liorztuclxy Circular N0. J-15
40 per vent, uml the riehness of the milk suddenly rises lo ll
l per cent. which amount of variation often occurs, the ereum muv
rise to 42.5 per eent. ln the spring when the eows are in the
lurgest tlow of milk the riehness of the 1nilk uml of the ¤‘I'¤‘Zlll1
fret uentlv averages lower.
1 . r
\\`urm milk uml cream will llow more freely thru the sepuru-
· lor uml thus will give u cleaner skimming: uml lhiuuep i-;-,·;m,_
Cold ereum frequently elogs the bowl, uml a bowl that is elogueil
with eold milk or cold ereum cannot do good work.
Cream Screw.
The per vent of fut in cream is readily ehunged by regulat-
ing the ereum svrew. but this is seldom done on the furm uu»l
cannot by any means he eonnted the ehief, or even u Vllllllllhll
cause of cream tests varying.
The Feed.
The idea that the feed of the cow regulates the test of the
  cream is quite common, but this opinion is entirely without fmiir