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\ w Lesbtan
Services Maw 2007
_ Organization
A Publication of the Lexington any and Lesbian services flrgamzutwn
Volume 22 Number3
The Pride ldol Contest preliminaries _ _ _ ,
are complete and we have 13 contestants Spring [S m the a" and that can only
- who will perform at the State Theater on mean that SisterSound '3 gearing up for
Tuesday May 22 Admission is $5 and the second half of the concert season.
the doors open at 8 pm. Come show your "Music Colors Our World, Part 2" will be
support. held at Singletary Center ForTheArts on
The finals will be held at the Pride May 19th, at 8 pm. Tickets are $11 ($1
Picnic on June 10 at Windy Knoll Farm. At Singletary 'Sewice Fee) for adults and
that time, the audience will vote for their $6_ ($1 Singletary Sewice Fee) for
favoritesinger. children 12 years and under. Tickets
The winnerwill receiveatrophy , agift may be purchased through any
certificate for Disc Jockey in Lexington SisterSound member or at the
Green and studio time at Grooves S'“9'et?ry Center box office. _
Professional Recording Studio to make ““8 concert wrll feature mu5ic that
ten copies of two song CD. colors our world. As colors vary, so does
the music SisterSound has prepared for
may events this spring. Whether you're a fan of
sweet melodic tunes like "I'd Like To
May 2 Imperial Court Ms Derby Pride - pg 3 :30: The Wfr'gTo 83mg; OFJYOU We:
. e rive o ig an azz, WI
other imperialCourtnews...page6 "Jukebox Jumpin", you.re sure to find
May 5 Fa'mess Derby Part)“ 399 93992 the music that colors your world. Don't
May16-Robbie Bartlettin concert-page3 miss out! Buy your tickets early and
May31 Free Estate Planning Seminar-pg 8 come celebrO’re 0 night of music 0nd
Pride Center events _ page 8 eniertoinmentwith SisterSound.
Sponsor of the Month
GLSO Pride Month S oncer ,
P Windy Knoll farm
Scott Ackerman ,
(mobile)859 338-8483 E: If
For all your real estate needs ,. "f 359 299—7410

 2007 - Thirty Year Anniversary of the
O I I 0
Gay Lesbian Servrce Organization

Over the years, the needs of our community have changed some but GLBT people
and their families still benefit from the work of many organizations in our community. The
two major projects of the GLSO are the GLSO News and The Pride Center where many
organizations and support groups meet, where people check out books almost every day,
and where people receive help with coming out or other issues.

To celebrate our anniversary, we are planning an Art Show and Open House on
Thursday, June 14 from 6 to 8. There will be photography and other work on display
and for sale. Call Mary if you have art you would like to display. (266-5904)

Would you like to get involved? If we had more Volunteers and Board Members we
could do more. Call Mary if you are interested or come to one of these meetings:

volunteer meeting on Saturday, May 12 at noon and
board meetings are on the 4th Monday of any month.

We are now offering premium ad placement on the back cover, inside the back
cover, and in the center of the newsletter. There is an additional $25 charge for a full
page except for the June Pride Issue when the additional cost is $50.

The Bluegrass Chapter of the Kentucky Fairness Alliance is hosting a derby party on
Saturday, May 5, at Vlfindy Knoll Farm. Watch the Run for the Roses among friends. Buy into
betting pools (very low stakes). Enjoy a potluck lunch and the ambiance of the beautiful horse
farm. Afive-dollar donation is requested. To get to Vlfindy Knoll, go east on Winchester Road to
Cleveland Rd. and turn left. 3263 Cleveland will be on the left, just past the church. For more
information, please call 299-7410.

at Wl ndy Knoll Fa rm

,' rmwmwbmmld.
A Mxndllsmdiehflputfinchumh
I; 1}) _-.».;. Safu rdaY’ May 5’ 3-8 Pm
L'H J $55; Placeyourbctsand cnjoythe festivities

I“ as; ,- ”733‘ “a; _ “7.5;; 5 Bring food and refshments For: potluck Fast

”“378 ""fim‘i‘; ‘ .- I, ~ 35"": . ‘ .....~~ Please donate $5 For admission

- " ' ‘V‘ "e ' is? 5;..- »=\ m»

‘ , . } ... “.~ ; I}; , ‘ .. 9°
. , .. - . “w. .1, » ~a~ , g:- Wrgm
':| P, ‘MS'J; ’.__ .1 ' I ‘ .1 5‘ . 3‘1“: ~'_»\:..K. f r “ ”WM
:- is. 311% .t:-‘.- - _" v', £3; {Filsj‘ -.. ‘.
' . -. ' “ ' ‘ " f 333- u~ 5 '. . .‘F' 14??" w." fx Infe¢999)299-7‘1O
‘K’. m. 2 .. - ~ .3 . - -.-,, "lav.-
Page 2

 L'ummunitu News
Imper’a/ Court Robbie Bartlett, LIVE
‘9 Miss Derby Priale Pageant
Rbbie Bartlett will be performing at
y, Join the Imperial Court of Kentucky on The Bar on Wednesday, May 16, from 8 to
Wednesday, May 2nd as we kick off the 9:30. Thereisa$5 covercharge. Robbie
Kentucky Derby party season with our and her warm, smokey alto voice are
annual Miss Derby Pride Pageant. Drag heard regularly at popular clubs. Her
the Easter hats back out, set the DVR to talent and strong sense of musical
9 record the American Idol results show, and direction is electric and engaging.
come on out and enjoy what has proven to Robbie and her band play a variety of
be one of our most popular events. Doors music, including R&B. Blues. Jazz and a
open at 8:30, with the show starting at 9:30. tOUCh 0f ROCk- Come see what YOU have
1 Cover is $5, with proceeds benefiting the been missing.
fu” Court's designated charities, including
Moveable Feast, GLSO,AVOL, and KFA. send-0" I’flI‘I” Ffll‘
Ml'. III! leather 07
OUTSOUI'CQ A Send-off Party/Uniform Night will
be held at Triangles in Louisville, KY on
A new space for GLBTQQA students - .
.3: at of taterteefztaftrszsgtill
rse Kentucky. Their mission is to provide an getundeyilwa at 10 m '
:lto affirming, safe, and confidential space Th f yd . p ' t . b .
where students can learn more about e un raismg even '5 eing
ore en der identity human sexuality and hosted by Kentucky sthreeleatherclubs:
gelate d issues. They hope to change the the Louisville Trailblazers-the Louisville
campus climate and culture to become Nightwmgs; and the Lexington Lyons.
more inclusive of GLBTQQA students. There WI” be a $50 cash p rize forthe best
For more information contact Susan leather outfit or uniform, a 5D/50raffle,
atsusanmatsubara@yahoo.com. raffle . prizes, JOCK auction and
Bill Howard will be traveling to
Bluegrass Women's Network Chicago to compete as Kentucky's
Bluegrass Women's Network is a representative at the International Mr.
social group for women of all ages. We Leather Contest over Memorial Day
have gone camping, shared dinner at local . _
restaurants, and gone to the comedy Club lEXIhQI'Oh IJIOM [Either/[WI Club
SgricepartyianplilTQytZ:thtlr11:rithvjiIrzianne: The'Lexington Lyons will meetApril 9
attend some Pride Events. at the Pride Center, 389 Waller Ave. at 7
Debby and Lynn are building a list of pm. The Lyons area group offriends who
women interested in receiving emails ”We together .to celebrate strength,
about events. Contact them at unity, and diversity for those who enjoy
debb omang mail.com. the Leather /LeVI Lifestyle. For info VISIt
- Page 3

 BELMONT BBO LGBT and "Redneck"?
Everybody has Derby plans_ What There isanew e-group started by Patrick
are you doing forthe Belmont? Moveable Buck for gay, lesbian, bisexual and
Feast is having a BBQ on June 9 , from 3 transgender individuals, their friends and
tonm, and you'reinvited. ltwill be onthe families who are already involved in or
grounds of Conoid Farm, a beautiful farm interested in exploring and experiencing
at 2492 N. Cleveland Rd. There will be working class, blue collar, and rural lifestyles
music by Club Dub, performances by and communities including but not limited to
ladies of the Imperial Court, food, fun and those commonly referred to as "Redneck."
a cash bar. Bring a chair or blanket and The list is Open to folks from any place but
join us to watch the race on large screen there will be local activities as interest grows.
TV. Please help publicize the list locally and
Moveable Feast delivers hot, nutritious worldwide! htt :// rou s. ahoo.com/ rou /
meals to people in Fayette County with Lesbi a ransRednecks/members
HIV disease or those on Hospice care for .
any reason, their caregiver, and any Dress and Gender Alllance
dependant children in the home. For The Lexington Dress and Gender
example, a local man moved to Knoxvflle Alliance meets on the first Saturday of each
and met aPal’mer he has been mm for .20 month at a private location. For information
178:8". H's mojthher was diagnosed wf'th email Cassie at cassiemtf@yahoo.com.
h Z Emerita“ te r: WT: o-“cafre hf” Lex DGA is a peer support group for
.ir' '5 pa ner saye m noxw e or '3 anyone who transcends gender norms. This
’0 ' U f rt t | h d includes transsexuals, intersexuals, cross
b k hn o unade y, as 32°” at: e mXIVSS dressers, drag kings, drag queens, gender
alct de was iaglose w' an” H' queers, and people who are unsure what
re it e cantce‘r an b ecgme veiéy '2' £8 their gender identity might be. This is not a
pa ner qu' Is Jo an move ere 0 therapy group but we offer conversation and
care for them both. They had only a little
. . . support.
money from somal security for housmg,
utilities and food. Thanks to Moveable ‘ fl .
Feast, there will be food on thetable. age Keep the love you {‘"d‘
~ . . . __ fl, ”*1"? p:
Another reCIpient is an elderly » 3%?” Gel "’9 low you want.
mother, who has a myriad of medical
problems herself, and istaking care of her L’ . _
daughter who has terminal breast cancer. Jessma Bollinger LCSW
They are both too ill to prepare dinner Imago ReIationship Therapist
every night so lVloveable Feast takes that EMDR Trauma Work
burden offoftheirplate(soto speak). . . .
. . . Couples, Family, Indiwdual
Moveable Feast Will be servmg Its _ ,
200 000m meal in June and we are imagoconnection.com 552-6533
throwing the Belmont BBQ to celebrate.
can help launch us on the way to the next it?" gouple cavuntselinglgj. [She teaches . t
200,000. Tickets are available at the Pride 9" ""1”“ a ca” 9 P yo.“ commun’ca e
and bnng more understanding and
Center 859.253.3233 or Moveable Feast - - - - .
_ intimacy into your relationship. She also
859-252-2867- They are $25 "1 advance, offers Couples Relationship Workshops.
or $45 per couple. At the gate they are Call her formfonnafion
$35. Children under 1 2 free.
Page 4

 _ Sponsor of the Month
,IIes C
Wlnd K110”
ck." ,
but ' ‘
each .
ition Jennifer Crossen
>T;9r 3265 Cleveland Rd. E
FOSS 859 299-7410
lot a
indoor Arena
Cross Country Course
Acreage for Trail Riding
Stadium Jumping Course
Outdoer Sand Dressage Arena
Sate Lessons in Dressage and Jumping
'3' Boarding Training
Page 5

 Tride Month Events Imperial Court
‘Nom Scheduled
Th th t h th Join the Imperial Court of Kentucky on
P 'd MesihaSeh zelvegls we at]: Otn,| 3 Wednesday, May 2nd as we kick off the
inrflo:naiign inctlufiinu zlateefitsrieegelaceealaid Kentucky Derby party season With our annual
tt b M 190f ' | F; n: _ MISS Derby Pride Pageant. Drag the easter
cos 0 us y ay _ or earyna ve ismg hats back out, set the DVR to record the
and by May 15 for inclu3ion 'n the June American Idol results show, and come on out
Newsletter. Sendto _ _ and enjoy what has proven to be one of our
ma crone 'nS' htbb.com most popular events. Doors open at 8:30,
and t0 lexmgtonglso@yahoo.com with the show starting at 9:30. Cover is $5,
June1 Pride Prom for GSA with proceeds benefiting the Court's
. designated charities, including Moveable
h'gh SChOO' youm Feast GLSO AVOL and KFA.
June 1 - 3 The Imperial Court of Kentucky During May, be on the lookout for our
Coronation Weekend Monarch Candidates’ fundraiser shows,
June 9 Moveable Feast Belmont Stakes which will lead into Coronation Weekend, the
Party and Fundraiser firstweekend in June.
J 9 M' K t k' P 'd F t' l Friday, June 1st, will be the In—Town
une stgezhttuchtiigvilie e es Na Show, location to be announced at a later
' date, cost $5
June 10 Pride Picnic Saturday, June 2nd, will be the State
June 14 GLSO Open House, Art Show& Dinner_at Spirits Lounge at the Radisson
30 Year Anniversary Celebration Hotel, time TBA, cost $25. Laterthat evening,
J 15 K t k' P 'd P d & we will host The Out ofTown show featuring
une P913 ucFiartiaLrl .e Indra e entertainers from across the country and
n 8 es ' OUISV' e immediately following, we will have our very
June 16 Kentuckiana Pride Festival, popular Male Review featuring entertainers
continues in Louisville from All Worlds Video, locations to be
June 22 Reception for GLBT Veterans :niihournced. A $10 donation Will get you into
. o s ows.
' June 23 OUTLOUd Health Dent. Fa" _ Sunday Evening, June 3rd is Coronation
June 22- 23 & 29- 30 Act Cut Play: The'Paris‘ 26: Through The Looking Glass: A Mad,
Letter i by J0“ Reb'h Be'tZ Mad, Mad Tea Party at the Radisson Plaza
June 30 AVOLWakaorthe Cure Hotel. Doors open at 5:30 pm, with the
. . Opening Production starting promptly at 6
Watch for Details m late May pm. Expect appetizers, petit fours, and an
D G B dH b' evening of fabulous entertainment from our
0g one a a ltS Command Performances.
Dog Psychology and Behaviors
Is your dog driving you crazy? KeHCUCky Raln
Do you feel that you've lost control? Body Lotion personally made by
Is your dog's behavior frightening? Clancy McClanaban
DogGone BadHabits H 859 278-7203
- i
Call for an apomtment today. C 859 576-2186
359-221-0937 Essential Oils Available
Page 6

 in ‘ . .., .1
e “gar ‘ aw; If 53. “‘3 '
. -.5:.3.,~3,..~;3:3‘3-v""'3 ,, . J -' ‘ ‘
al . x C .- ”3" .732. - '1." ,, h
.I' fl ~ ~ . ii' 3 315;. ..
e .5: 7‘9; I .,_ if 54 ., :%,
. .. Rim. 5: '3" ' ’
ut 1 .." ~ \ ,, I 1H8 . 3’3
. 52' _ ~ , ....”." 3.32;" “‘ ‘ ‘
0 . ' .. a “a W 5
5. ”t 3% , 3w" 2:... ” 5‘52?- * o
. a» - ,_ 14”» 1.. ’ I
s 5 3*" x. ‘ ’55 "” ”in "' ~
.. . . . “"
Ie ' \l " "
n . 3535‘ '
.. Miss DERBY W
.e weanesoav HEW 2"”
9, mm; mm; C I
g DOORS Giii’ 8:30
.y sI-Iow afii‘ q-so
, 25 GOVER m
to may BENEFiT mam 0F 333m
I n I I
' a
e .
V ‘ . > " \ "5 .. 1.46;} . ,. mink > ;’ 33w pg“. .
ur , - “415% 3 WW
. . . . . .13:.;,-,==.’~ ,3.g.~- 3’ ,. THE’ “A: 1 I
. . 3 “ ”‘33 ' ”3
. if”. 52% ‘3‘ ‘ 3 ; '3 'L'
.-., ‘ \n’flg’fifif , v. :55.sz V“ é 1:51." a
'..:,..;. "1“} 35‘ . :x‘ 3“]... ” 492?. 5 5". ‘3’" M/
. 4,}; .. V21? “5.? .m- 5%)! Tee- . w 33:.» 5‘3"»
‘ h 1 . ‘ _ ...‘_ {15,1335 ':.!"’_.”"" %‘ L‘fix f: “v" :3..3.;,‘§,.§ \_, 4‘.
Wt; 4156* \. "' gig - 3“ 33‘3- M ””-
5.; .1 . . -. .. .,.'53.» 4339:; 3 2,... <9) 5.; .’:3“3 "
. 9 ".3 ‘ :‘: ‘1. .5»... an 3.1“”, % Vi Eff I a | :21; \l ‘1}, ’L‘
‘2" J" , . ..:if*,,:.:;, .3. 31¢“? , .
35.53.3335 3t
Page 7

 Pride center LGBT Estate Planning
389 WallerAve. 859 253.3233 LGBT individuals and couples have
_i# ,__._,-..,,,,_‘_ particular incentives to plan their estates
. deliberately. Vlfithout enforceable, written
Games Night planning in place, your property and money
will be subject to "default" rules that favor
samrday' May 1 2 relationships based on marital or biological
7 t0 9 pm ties and do not recognize the relationships
LGBT people have with partners and friends.
DISCUSSION GROUP Walter C. Cox, Jr. and Associates are
Every Wed. 7 pm Open to all offering a free seminar that will explain how
Jane: ladyjaneky@yahoo com to insure that your wishes will be followed
' after your death. Estate planning also
IGXihg‘I’OI'I Insight includes how to manage property during
P fl k 40' . Gr your lifetime, minimize taxes, plan for
0 {’6 4” ’36a88/o” 0”!” temporary or long term disability or medical
Pride Center 7100 pm emergencies, and protect the mutual
Topics for May interests of couples in long term
1' Non-Violence and SocialJustice relatlI‘DDrnes-Inlergsi.ster for this seminar by calling
2' Dan”? 101: Finding Mr. or MIS' R'ght_ _ or sending in the coupon below and join us
3.Traveling the World: interesting destinations. on Thursday, May 31 at the pride Center.
4. The Art of Yoga .
‘ You owe it is yo‘Eirself and yoyir loved one to get the facts.
returnthe coupon belo "Tr call 1-88’8—323-0306
e; .. '
Free Seminar for couples @ Bride entefThursday, May 31st. 7:00 pm
acre-reesterfor Estate Plannin- b callin 859 253-3233.
iName: W
iCity, State, Zip:______._____..________.._§
i Phone: Age: l
E Attorney, Walter C. Cox Jr. i
i 1018 E. New Circle RC]. Lexington, _K___Y. 405Q5
Page 8

:es 3‘ «2% ATTORNEY AT LAW
zen 1'" “f" ' .
ley « , OFFICE: 8592252348
I0r “ CELL: 502-220-5555
is. I
3W . ~r‘.,
rm Member, Kentucky Bar Association; Fayette County Bar Association;
ng Louisville Bar Association; American Bar Aesoclatlon.
us Section on Farnily Law &.Committee on Alternative Families. &
National LesbIan 8. Gay Law Associatlon.
’ “Al" -.‘-" I, :3» ‘ ’ ‘
' ..;_\'§"« My” , ,_ ,‘
a .,l;<\-\-\c ; . -: :1: . . h Internailpnqiflhythmcc BIuegSlnger;
($90 ' ; , , .-, i
‘23:. ‘ ‘ [1176111 Concert,-
, _. ., e y, _ , 1'. _ .
. / .
.- I ,;1;_',,Wecinesdczry, May 16.1.2002;
. “ 300 ”1930 m
Glided Cage Showroom " j P ‘ p
1 in 2% fl
7 as? Kg, Vila-”ILL; .
' 224Easr Main Street, ,5 > .E
Cexmgz‘onKentuc/cy $5006 over charge
*' (859) 2551551 " ‘ '* "
- J H I ‘ ‘ I ' Page9

 Bluegrass Fairness Steering Committee ranks as a VO'Umee“ l app'eClated the
work that KFA was dorng for me for all
Welcomes New Members members of the GLBTQ community. I had i
_ . the privilege of working with the current
Three new members have Jorned the chair of the Bluegrass chapter, Pablo
steering committee of the Bluegrass Brown. He was very energetic and
Chapter 01‘ KFA- We asked each Of them to persuasive in encouraging me to return to
say a few words about themselves. volunteer again.
Phil Mulholland After a few times volunteering, l was

I am n t' Le in tonian with a BA asked to come to the committee meetings
. . . a a we x g . . and I did. Iwas reluctant to join for fear of
in Political Scrence from the Unrversrty of . . ,,

. . . . . further obligations, but I figured I am
Virginia and a JD from the Unrversrty of . _
already volunteering, I may as well get a
Kentucky Law School,though|have never . . . . ,,
racticed law l have had various vorcernsrdethe committee aswell.
p . . ' . . lanticipate that throughthe Bluegrass
occupations including horse breeder, retail . .

. chapter, | Will get the opportunity to create
clothing, real estate, the Cancer change increase involvement and
Information Service and now the ' . .'
Lexin ton-Fa ette 'Count Health educate people on fairness issues
De a rtgnent y y statewide. I am learning more about the

p I am a divorced man with a dau hterin politics of our state and what is needed to
colle e l have not been involvcgd with create change. I hope that I have a long

. g ' . . . futurewith KFA,andlwanttosaythankyou
fairness issues prior to servrng on the

. . . to the members of the Bluegrass chapter
steering committee of Bluegrass Fairness for making me feel included and important
Alliance. i look fonivard to the day when all

. . . from the very start.

people enjoy equal rights and protections, . _

not only under the laws of Kentucky, but KelliO’Brren .

every other state aswell.lhope by serving I moved to Lexrngton from northern

onthe steering committeeofthe Bluegrass Kentucky when lIgraduated from. lllgh

Fairness Alliance that I can contribute to SChOOl In 1988- Whlle l was at UK, liorned

thatend UKLambda and began lobbying for
- Burle Thomas Fairness. After receiving a BS in

' lam ve excite d with the ossibilities accounting, lwent to work for the state and

ry p _ packed away my inner activist along with

that stand before me now as a new mybackpack

memberofKFA.lanticipate beingahelpful Several years later I listened to the

hand, asocial outlet, andavalued source president say that one of the greatest

g: alrrilsaJtlonglh[Igndlezvgnngmofgllifcaial dangers facing the country was same sex

skills I have been a volunteer with man marriage even though we were atwar. After

or anizations datin back to m hi h sitting in the House gallery during the 2004

scgool da 5 in ldafio I hel ed with tge legislative session I realized that I needed

. .y ' p . . _ to participateinamore meaningfulway.
organization of the first Art + Activrsm — I look fon/var d to makin a difference
Social Change event. lworked on the “No through my work with ”$9 Bluegrass
on the Amendment. campaign, and Chapter of KFA. The other members ofthe
learnedalotabouttheimportanceofthese KFA Bluegrass steering committee are'
organizations. . Paul Brown, Jennifer Crossen, Beth

lsomehow ended up onalistserve for Ha rtmann Aaron Hutson Jeffrey Moore
KFA, and sawachance last yeartojointhe and Shannon Stuart-Smith ’
Page 10

 WaryllrfilummnsPrefiwlsp '[l 20“]
Sunday JUI1824, 2am
HulmaylnnSuulh~LaxmumMY. . Dears[menat6:00PM,PaueamaHz3fl

.E: . \\\% "4

the k? f

W m ”MW
22:: 1 WW“ {

2:: ‘ “ Q; ‘ £2" 3:

 fl 7% I .
H SW SW '¢
f SM 2007 W
- - ,4: (346 m
Ticket prices: $11, $6 children
(ticket price includes a $1 ser—
vice fee)
Tickets are available from any
SisterSound member (859-
“ 806‘0243)' 0’ from the
Singletary Box Office (25 7-
. 4929)
www. geocities. com/
——-I Sistersound

Page 12

 We are now offering premium ad placement

5 On the back cover
Inside the back cover
g In the center of the Newsletter
Pride Month - an additional $50 charge
D For all other months - an additional $25 charge
6 Get Involved in your Community— We need your Help
’ Low Cost Printing at the Pride Center Volunteer Meeting
7 Black arid Wh'le $06 Saturday, May 5 noon
'4 Color Prm'l'lng $.50 Board Meeting
at call 253-3233 Monday, May 28 7:30
289 Waller Ave. both at the Pride Center
7 Get the News at your doorstep and support the GLSO
5‘ Subscriptions help us pay Pride Center expenses
7/ and supports our many projects
\ Pr/Ve ”007% ActOul‘ Gay Slvoith Alliance low Voulli
'1: Discussion Group lexingion Insight
'4 Pride Library The Diversity in Gender Alliance
an Name : Phone:
2) Address:
9- oily: Slate: Zig:
7' [ ] $20 -’i year Membership & News/eiier for Individuals or Coup/es
9) [ ]/ would like The news/eiier ai inis reduced rate S [$12 or up]
[ ]/am enclosing an additional ooniribuiion of S
:9 Please mail to: GISO News PO Box 1 172 Lexington, KY 40588 1172
_ _—______—__—
Page 13

 The Imperial Court of Kentucky.......................252-3914
A Charity Organization
Scott Ackerman....................................................(mobile) 338-8483
For all your real estate needs

SisterSound 8060243
Diverse music for all women

Richardson Vision Center

1757 Alexandria Drive Gardenside..............................................278-4201
Ernesto Scorsone

Attorney At Law 2545766
Unitarian Universalist Church

Seeking a Diverse Congregation................................................223-1448
kentucky Fairness Alliance

Bluegrass Chapter8064114
Windy Knoll Farm

Riding Lessons, Trail Riding, Boarding......................................299-7410
Quirk Café and Coffee859 846-4688
Railroad Street in Midway

Debra Hensley lnsurance.............................................................276-3244
1513 Nicholasville Rd.

Lexington Lyons 6193650
Levi and Leather Club

Ky. Department for Public Health1 800 420-7431

Page 14

 ' ' German Parliament to repeal the anti- gay
Transgender Activism Paragraph 175 ofthe Penal Code.
by mary crone Hirschfeld founded the Institute of
If you don’t read this entire article, Sexology in Bgrlin in 1919' One Of his
do read the part about the Compton's goals we? to- .lmptove the treatment 0f
_ . H _ sexual minorities including transgender
Cafeteria Riot and the Screemlng people He employed transgender
QueenS"0n pages 16- 17- individuals on the staff of his institute and
There are a variety of terms to refer to worked with Berlin's police department to
gender orientation including male, female, curtail the arrest 0f cross-dressed
trans, transgende r, genderqueer, individuals on suspicion ofprostitution.
intersexual, andtranssexual./ am usingthe He promoted enocrinological
term transgender to include everyone that (hormone treatments) and surgical
transgresses gender norms including all services for transgender people who
the labels above and more. The term wished to Change the gendered
transsexual indicates those of us who live appearance 0f their bodies. The first
(or want to live) a good part of their/ives as modern "sex-change" surgeries were
the gender other than the one assigned at carried out in collaboration with Hirschfeld
birth. and his medical staff in the early 19305.
Historically, trans people have beena There is a docudrama film about
part of world cultures in many ways not Hirschfeld, The Einstein ofSex, thatwill be
covered in this article. This article focuses shown during Pride Month.

0“ European‘and American transgender Louise Lawrence: MTFTransActivist
activisminthelast150years. Little information is available
l have had the mistaken impression . .. . . .
that transgender activism has been a concerning trans political aCt'V'ty m the
relatively new endeavor, following in the United States m the first half .Of the

. . . twentieth century. A central yet Virtually
footsteps of gay-lesbian actiwsm. I knew unknown figure in the history of
that the 1969 Stonewall riots were . .

. . . transgender community formation was
instigated largely by drag queens, butldid Louise Lawrence, a male-to-female
not understand this event as a part of a t . .
. . . ransgender person who began livmg
longer history of trans actIVIsm. l have f . . . .
. . ulltime as a woman in San Francrsco in
learned that transgender actIVIsm has a the 19403
long history. L ' .
awrence developed a Widespread
MagnusHirschfeld: correspondence network with
FirstGLBT Political Organization and transgender people throughout Europe
FirstSex ReassignmentSurgeries and the United States by the 1950s, and
Individuals have worked to decrease worked closely with Alfred Kinsey to bring
the oppression and discrimination against the needs Of transgender people to the
people who do not fit into the gender norms attention of somal solentists and sex
of western culture since the late nineteenth reformers.
century. In 1897, physician Magnus Virginia Prince: First PeerSupport and
Hirschfeldjoined with others in founding the Advocacy Groups
Scientific—Humanitarian Committee, the Lawrence was also a mentor to
gresdicgfelgictglwhgawniezfigld irritovt/hcfonmsllertl: Virginia Prince, who founded the first peer
su ort and advocac rou s for male
GLBT rights. They worked unsuccessfully USES-dressers in m); gUnited States.
for several decades to persuade the continued on next page

 Prince believed that the binary gender Hose and Heels Club, one of the first
system harmed both men and women by support groups for cross dressers and
alienating them from their full human transsexual individuals. Support
potential, and she considered cross- organizations for male cross-dressers
dressing to be one means of redressing proliferated in the 1970s and 19803, most
this perceived socialill. traced their roots Prince's pioneering
In 1952, Prince and a handful of other organizations.
transgender people in Southern California Compton's Cafeteria: “Screaming
published Transvestia: The Journal of the Queens” The pre- Stonewall Riot
Amencan Socrety for Equality ”7 Dr”?- Militanttranssexualresistancefirstoccurred
Th°99h_ 't lasted only “”9 Issues, ”“5 in San Francisco in 1966, on a hot August
. publication marks the beginning _0f the night at a popular all—night restaurant,
transgender rights movement In the Compton's Cafeteria, in the seedy
UnrtedStates. _ . ' Tenderloin district. Compton's Cafeteria
Also _'n 1952' 9hr'8tmf Jorgensen was one of the few places where trans
had a wrdely publrcrzed sex-change people could congregate publicly in the city.
operation that made her an International They were not always welcome in gay bars
celebrity and brought transgender [$593 at that time because cross-dressing was
to.publrc attention. In 1960' Virginia illegal. Police could use the presence of
Prince again tried DUbI'Sh'ng a journal, cross dressed people in a bar as a pretext
also called Transvestia. This time it for making a raid and closing it down.
became a success and provrded Hustlers, street people, cross dressers, ‘
information about transgender Issues for drag queens, gays, lesbians and other 1
many years. In 1962, she founded the commued on next page
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Page 16

 ,1 gender queer folks frequented this newly installed plate-glass windows being
1 restaurant until early morning hours. smashed again.
t On this particular night, a belligerent This act of resistance was a dramatic
s cop accustomed to manhandling turning point for the transgender
_'t Compton's clientele, attempted to arrest community. A network of transgender
9 one of the queens. Instead of going quietly, social, psychological, and medical support

she threw her coffee in his face. The crowd services was established. Activists worked

erupted, cups, saucers, and trays began with Harry Benjamin who set the "standards

flying through the air. The police retreated for care” for medical treatment including

outside and called in reinforcements. The “sex change” or, what is now called sexual
d Compton's management ordered the reassignment surgery for transsexuals.
‘t place closed, and those still inside began They also received support and money from 7
t, breaking windows. Police reinforcements the Erickson Educational Foundation and in
y arrived, and the fighting became serious. 1968 created the National Transsexual
a For the first time, drag queens and trans Counseling Unit, the first peer-run support
5 people fought back. A number of and advocacy organization intheworld.
" policemen were injured, stomped by size Not only did trans people receive
3 1O high-heeled shoes or hit in the face with recognition, services, and hope from the
S aheavy purse. Compton resistance, gay, lesbian, and
’f The next night, more transgender bisexual people also were encouraged to
{t people, hustlers, Tenderloin street people, work for an end to oppression. Stonewall
" as well as middle class gays and lesbians occurred three years after Compton and
;’ joined in a picket line outside the cafeteria, was another event led by trans people.
’r which would not allow transgender people An examination of our history tells me

backin.The demonstration ended with the that Stonewall was not the start of our

resistance or our civil rights movement.
GLBT people have been working steadily
NEED YARD ”ftp and will continue to do so untill all
' oppression ends. Seere/atedarticlep921.
H AULING Lexington, Kentucky