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     The Board of Trustees of the Agricultural and Mechanical
Collegesof Kentucky met in the President's room in the
College June 5, 3 P. M. 1888.

Present                  Dr. R. J. Spurr
                         W. D. Nicholas
                         R. A. Spurr
                         J. M. Unthank
                         L. J. Bradford
                         Philemon Bird
                         J. D. Clardy

     In the absence of His Excellency S. B. Buckner,
Governor of Kentucky and Ex Officio Chairman, Dr. R. J. Spurr
was unanimously chosen Chairman.

     The Minutes of the last Meeting of the Board of
Trustees were read and there being no changes suggested
were ordered to be signed.

     The Report of the President of the College was then
called for and read. It was with the accompanying reports
of the Heads of the Departments referred to a committee
consisting of Dr. J. D. Clardy Chairman, Philip Bird
and J. M. Unthank with instructions to report at their
earliest convenience.

     The Chairman of the Executive Committee then presented
a report reciting in detail the struggle in which the
College was involved during the last session of the
Legislature and its triumph. The Report was commended,
ordered to be received and filed.



     The Minutes of the Executive Committee covering the
period since the adjournment of the Board of Trustees 1887
were then read. Their management was commended, the
Minutes recorded, approved and ratified. The Minutes of
the Faculty were also submitted.

     Attention - having been called to the fact that Gen'l.
S. B. Buckner by his election to the office of Governor of
the Commonwealth has by virtue of his office become Ex
Officio Chairman of the Board of Trustees and his seat as
Trustee for the term extending from January 10, 1884 to
January 10, 1890 has thereby become vacant, on motion of
R. A. Spurr Judge W. B. Kinkead has by virtue of the powers
vested in the Board of Trustees as Sec. 10 of the Charter
unanimously elected to fill the unexpired term, and the
secretary directed to notify him accordingly.

     Trustee J. M. Unthank was then excused to go to Mount
Sterling promising to return in the morning. in the absence
of Trustee Unthank there being no quorum a variety of
matters was discussed informally after which the Board
Adjourned to meet at 9 A. M. June 6th.

     Trustees Bradford and Unthank were appointed a committee
to examine the accounts of Treasurer Nicholas for the year
preceding the date of the present meeting.


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