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Waveland ji l
UK’s Museum of Kentucky Life l if
UK Meets the Challenge   Y
of Educating Mature Women 7 A _  
» Alumni as Artists l0      
J Who's in Charge? l2 l  
= Nostalgia That Lingers 29 l   , ~
UK’s First Woman Ph.D. l  
A —Dr. Virginia McClure 34 A ..  
  Alumni News 35 A    
E Class Notes 37
i   "
Volume 43, Number l Spring 1969  
` COVER STORY: Whether your preference . 1
Q . in art is abstract expressionism, with its `
  4 emotional, physical and unrestrained meta-
l physical images, or realism, you would have
l enjoyed the alumni art exhibit last fall for
l it offered a wide range of subjects and
techniques. The still life on the cover is by
Jack Goldenberg ’4l, Somerset; the train
¤ depot by Nancy Shreve Lippold '59, Jeffer-
sontown; and the three gentlemen by E.
Greenfield ’28, Lexington. Other entries i
are reproduced on the back cover and pages   \i4
l0 through l2. — ‘ ` A
0f 011
The Kentucky Alumnus is published ` sibilit
quarterly by the University of Kentucky P · “.ith
Alumni Association and is issued to all _ .y ~»> ~· t _
alumni who are active members of the As-   l   Colm`]
sociation. lt is edited by the department of   ‘’‘ 4.;§' lll
public relations and printed under its direc- Hm H
tion. Second Class postage paid at Lexington, ih ll
Kentucky 40506.     Wl
3 ,. ·‘   (lisp];
EDITORS: W. B. Ardery 7-   _,,, ml
Joyce Todd   W   ” ` l ‘l
  »,r.·· flw ¤
DESIGN: Thomas E. Clark, Jr.   .     ‘ lived
Assocwrou OFFICERS:   »».`·   V   ~ will
Charles O. Landrum, president; Joe A li lv ll   ""i:‘* ';£f"  h_
Creason, vice president; Mrs. Joe F. S
Morris, treasurer; Miss Helen G. King, Eileen Floyd phillips ’53, A_B_ Arg “`Ol'¤‘
director of Alumni Affairs Education M.A. Education Cannelton, Cum
  Indiana. Story on page 10. Som?