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The University of Kentucky campus is only a small part of the United States and of the state of Kentucky, yet there are within this area that comprises the University of Kentucky all the things that have made the country and state great. The University is a training ground for tomorrow's citizens; it is here they learn the concepts and traditions that have made possible the growth of our country, so that when they leave, they will be fitted to be citizens of the United States and Kentucky, even as they have been citizens of their University.
That they may never forget their life here on the campus, we present this, the 1953 KENTUCKIAN, for the students of the University of Kentucky.
 _  The University of Kentucky is rich in tradition, for every institution must have those things that are individual to it alone. The things that are reverenced through beauty, honor, dignity, or sentiment; the things that are remembered when college days are over.
Memorial Hall has become the symbol of the University to all who pass" through its majestic white columns or set their watches by the tower clock and its chimes. Memorial Hall and many other buildings have seen .the styles and the tempo of the times change; but they themselves remain the same; symbols of the educational center of the state and of traditions that will and should be carried on. . . .
Leaning trees, the lover's legend
Down, boy!   Our university has taken on a new look as she has continued to grow. The many new buildings have given it a new and modern look physically. But, it is not the buildings alone that make our university modern, it is a thing that cannot be photographed, the minds of men.
Within the expanding university appears a new attitude and approach to higher learning. In effect, we have a kind of student, a man who sees college as a means to an end rather than the end itself, a man whose chosen field is most likely measured in degree of opportunity, a man who is not content to simply drift. Where he has seen need, he has spoken up or has taken direct action. Of tradition and the collegiate mode of life, he has accepted part, rejected part and developed still more.
With growth we have mass education. Timing and farsightedness are requisite. There, the executive leadership has observed and has taken action.
Finally, we have the spirit of the people of our state and nation. Today, they fully realize that education is the bulwark of our way of life and the foundation for an even greater America.
We'll talk about it later
WBKY, student operated The University of Kentucky is democratic in spirit. A university is the leader of the people in its state; it sets the standards and formulates the concepts of democracy that its people will have.
In the University this year, we have students from farms and cities, from many states and foreign countries. Good education without good citizens is valueless; for a university can only be called great when it recognizes the needs and capabilities of each and every student and accords him his deserved place.
Thus the need for a democratic spirit. . .
SGA in action?
   The University of Kentucky is spirited and triumphant through loyalty. Love for one's school; a feeling of pride in its accomplishments; and joy and anticipation in its possibilities for the futurethese are the things that make a school live and occupy a place in the hearts of its students. Called school spirit or loyalty, it means that no university can make any real progress or contribution to its country or to its state without the cooperation of its students.
The University of Kentucky is a great universityrich in tradition, modern as tomorrow, democratic in spirit, triumphant through loyaltythe future of the state of Kentucky is the future of its University.
     We wish to dedicate this, the 1953 KENTUCKLAN, to MISS MARGUERITE McLAUGHLIN, whose efforts have contributed and are contributing to the progress of the University of Kentucky.
Miss Margie, graduated from UK in 1903, was an instructor in the School of Journalism from 1914 until her reassignment last year. Miss Margie is one of the best known and best loved persons among students, faculty, and alumni.   MEMORIAL HALL . . .
       Spring . . .   Presenting
The 1953 Kentuckian Queen and her court. . .
Kentucky is a land of beautiful women. No one who saw the array of loveliness on Memorial Hall stage this year could deny this. With 19 graceful girls gliding past them, the judges were lost in a confusion of beauty.
We feel that the judges did an excellent job in selecting the queen, Gay Hamilton, and her attendants, and we are greatly indebted to them for their splendid cooperation.
The contest was co-sponsored by Lamp and Cross and the Kentuckian.
Judges: William Ogden, Cissy Gregg, H. Harold Davis
31 With Pride, We Present ... THE 7953 KENTUCKIAN QUEEN
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