nature of the cause with which it is associated.
And the champion of the unfettered freedom of the
soul in its approaches to Deity, stands on the utmost
confines of human virtue; merits the love and vene-
ration of his race, and will be crowned with the
honQrs of eternity.
  Many have been the martyr-heroes of this sublime
principle; checkered have been their achievements,
and mournful their sufferings. Often overwhelmed,
but never defeated; crushed, but never destroyed;
when they have retired from the field, it has been
to gather up their energies for a fresh and more
vigorous onset.
  Against them and their cause, have ignorance
and bigotry, false religion and tyranny, ever been
allied. But boldly have they battled, aggressive
and unflinching, accepting no compromise between
liberty or death. Now scattered and single-handed,
and now ranged in solid column, they have waged
unceasing war. Nor has the struggle been in vain.
One land, at least, is a trophy of their triumph-has
emblazoned on her escutcheon the emblems of reli-
gious liberty. This liberty is ours-our richest boon;
( ur cherished privilege; our happiness and our glory.
Every encroachment on its sacred precincts, every
approach of hidden foes, we should I)romptly repel,
and sleeplessly guard, ever remembering that
" eternal vigilance is the price of freedom." " The
removal of the yoke of soul-oppression," said the
first apostle of freedom on this continent,+ 'i as it

 Roger Williams. Hireling Ministry.