Top ranked transfer students are also on the rise Students agree — it’s all about the campus
Members of Transfer Recruitment are traveling throughout the state to make ViSitJ “When I ViSith) Ifehih 10W? With the
sure the best and the brightest transfer students know what UK has to offer. campus,” says Bauer. “NOt onlythat, blit the
Transfer Recruitment puts a special focus on the Kentucky Community and Tech- UKCmPIOYCeS took the time to connect with
nical College System (KCTCS),to make sure students at those institutions are me onapersonal level and make me feel as
encouraged to transfer to UK. “As long as students are holding a certain GPA at thoughthiswas myhome.”
KCTCS, they can transfer in to UK,” says Prim Wathen, associate director of Another area of concern for prospective
Transfer Recruitment in the Office of Undergraduate Admission. students is the risingcost of a college educa—
Senior Travis Leffew transferred to UK from KCTCS in Somerset after obtain- don, “More and more students and their film.
ing the Trustees Scholarship for Transfer Students.“Going to UK had always been ilies are havingconversations about the
a personal dream of mine,” he says. He credits Wathen, along with the Student economy and how they’re goingto payfora
Ambassador Program, as being major factors in his successful transfer. college education. We are very empathetic
“KCTCS and UK have an amazing system called Block Transfer where students with families and we’re open to havingvery
can take certain classes that are completely transferable,” says .Leffew.“Outside candid conversations with students and Pat'
of ajn amazmg recruiter and adequate future planning, transferring to UK was ents about what the process ofpayingfor col—
ma e eaSIer y Jomlng extracurricular programs, IncludingWIldcat Marching le ll 1 kslike” l in Tr r
, . .. . . gereayoo ,expa s oye.
Band and Men s Chou“, lIVIng on campus, and enrolling In UK 20| , a class to help For this reason manyUK PreviewNights
transfer students adjust to UK life.” Leffew says the personal touch and one-on- f ’ ksh ll d“F' .
. . eature separate wor ops ca e mancmg
one attention transfer students receive from UK cannot be underrated. Y F ,, h d _ l _
“Our job is to make that a seamless process for the students,” says Wathen. our uture _W ere stu ents can gamva u
To make the transfer option even more desirable, an option exists to help ease able mformatlon aboht academic scholar—
the financial strain of paying for a degree at a top ranked university. BCTC Blue + Shlps’ such as the Presidents SChOlaIShIP
is a transfer/dual enrollment program between Bluegrass Community Technical Initiative, financial aid and account services in
College and UK that includes advising, guaranteed admission, UK courses at mmformalsettmg‘AdVisors at UKwalk stu—
BCTC tuition rates, and much more for students considering transferring to UK dents through the application process, all the
from that institution. way from getting admitted to how they’re
goingto pay their bills once they get to UK.
time again from prospective students when director of the UK Visitor Center, ex— “We’re very open and up front with families
they’re visiting that once they get on cam— plains, “ We’re a one—stop shop. Prospective about the cost,” says Troyer. “And knowing
pus they are blown away by how personal students and their families can get all the that our tuition rates are relatively competi—
their experience is,” says Witt. information they need in just one visit to tive, we find that it’s one of the reasons stu—
It all starts with the UK Visitor Center. campus. With a few weeks advance notice, dents are choosing UK.”
Prospective students can attend an infor— we can set up individualized appointments
mation session, followed by a student— with any department on campus they’d like Rolling out the Wildcat welcome mat
guided campus tour. Individual itineraries to talk with, for a truly personalized cam— Application. Acceptance. Decision.
can also be arranged. Christine Spiecher, pus tour.” These are major steps on the journey to
higher education, but it doesn’t stop
First time, first-year student profile once the students get to UK, The Chen-
gren Center for Undergraduate Excel—
lence has been identifying and
2008-09 2009- l 0 20 I 0- I I supporting talented undergraduate stu—
Tot-3| 4" l0 4, l 53 4,329 dents at UK since 2005. Its mission is to
advance the university in three areas:
Female 2,099 2,l l8 2,2 l 9 student excellence, teaching excellence
and program excellence.
African American 347 403 4 I 8 “The highest level of academic attainment
requires talent and the right experiences.
OUt Of State 999 897 I ’0 I 2 The Chellgren Center strives to affect the
International 32 44 47 latter,” says Philipp Kraemer, Chellgren
Chair for Undergraduate Excellence. “We
Full Time 4,079 4, l l I 4,283 provide the kinds of guidance and opportu—
nities that enable our most talented students
GovernorIs SChOIarS and to excel well beyond their stellar perform—
Governor’s School for the Arts 389 404 37 | ance in the classroom. Equally important,
. we attem t to instill in these students the
Merlt SChOIars 32 3 I 3 3 confidenfe, ambition and tools to realize ex—
Valedictorians | 3 3 | 4 | | 47 “aordinary ”Pimtmns‘”
18 Summer 2011