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June 25, 1867

                 Morrison College Ky. University
                      June 25, 1867

     The Board of Curators met at 12 N. Present, E. M. Bishop.
Prest., John G. Allen, Benjamin Gratz, Andrew Steele, Joseph
Wasson, D. S. Goodloe, D. T. Morton, J. S. Woolfolk, A. H.
Bowman, Joseph Smith, R. C. Ricketts, John Shackelford, Z. F.
Smith, J. P. Tarbitt, John Shackelford, Jr. R. J. White.
     On motion the Board adjourned to meet at 2' P. M.

Sale of
the grounds
in Lexing.

Report of

itu favor
S. McBreyer

Petion from

Afternoon Session, 2- P. M. The Board wet pursuant to adjournment.
Present in addition to those recorded in the morning, Curators J.
B. Bowman, G. W. Elley, and Jas. L. Caldwell.
     After reading the minutes of the last meeting, held in July
1866, the Report of the Regent was read, and accepted.
     On motion of Curator Elley, a Committee of three was appointed
by the Chair to consider that part of the   egent's report which
contains the recommendation of Prof. McGarvey respecting instruc-
tion in the Bible Committee, Curators Elley, Goodloe, and Jno
Shackelford, Jr.
On motion of Curator Wasson, it was resolved that a Committee of
three practical farmers, members of this Board, be appointed, to
consider the recommendation of the Regent respecting the manage-
ment and improvement of the farm, and they be requested to report
on its present condition, its crops, its wants, and that manage-
ment which will best induce to its productiveness and profit.
     Committee, Curators Steele, White, and woolfolk. /139/
     On motion of Curator White, a committee of three was appointed
by the Chair to consider that part of the Regent's report which
relates to the sale of the College grounds and buildings in the
city of Lexington, and the employment of the proceeds in erecting
buildings on the farm.
     Committee, Curators Gratz, Caldwell, and Z. F. Smith.
     The report of the Treasurer was read, and received.
     The report of the Executive Committee, embracing a full record
     of their proceedings since the last meeting of the Board, was
 read and received, and its consideration postponed till tomorrow
 at 10 A. M.
     J. B. T. Daviss of Harrodsburg called the attention of the
 Curators to the judgement against them issued from the Mercer
 Circuit Court, in favor of Sansford McBreyer. On notice, this
 subject was referred to the Executive Committee.
     A petition from the Literary Societies of the College of Arts
 respecting certain books formerly belonging to the Societies of
 Transylvania University having been presented, it was referred to
 a Committee consisting of Curators Joseph Smith, Wasson and Tarbitt.



June 26, 1867

    A Gommittee on nominations for officers of the Board was
appointed by the Chair, as follows; Curators Joseph Smith, Jno.
Shackelford and A. H. Bowman .
    On motion of Curator Joseph Smith a Committee of three was
appointed by the Chair to report on the Finances of the Univer-
sity with reference to the expenditures for the next session.
    Committee , Curators Caldwell. Tarbitt, and Z. F. Smith.
    On motion of Curator Steele, the Executive Committee were re-
quested to apply to the Kentucky University for such changcs in
the charter as have been rendered necessary by the removel of the
University from Harrodsburg to Lexington.
    The Board then adjourned to meet tomorrow, at 8 A. M.

/P. 140/

Morrison College, Ky. University
  June 26, 1867, 8 A. M.

Report of
Commi ttee
on Petition
of the So-

    The Board met pursuant to adjournment, Present, R. M. Bishop,
President, J. B. Bowma.n, Benjamin Gratz, Joseph Wasson, D. T.
Morton, G. W. Elley, ,ge H. Bowman, Joseph Smith, Jno. Shackelford,
J. P. Trabitt, Jno. Shoakelford, Jr. Z. F. Smith, D. S. Goodloe,
Jas. Caldwell.
    On motion, strangers present were invited to attend the delib-
crations of this Board.
Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky., June 26, 1867.
    Report of Committee on Petition of Students concerning books
in Library was read, and adopted. It is as follows& The under-
signed would recommend that such books as can be identified as
having belonged to the Literary Societies of Transylvania Univer-.
zity, be transferred to the Periclean and Cecropian Societies, by
the Librarian. Joseph Smith, Chairman
               J . P. Tarbi tt
               Joseph Wasson.
    The report of the Committee on the recommendation of Prof.
McGarvey respecting instruction in the Bible in the College of
Arts, was read and adopted. It is as follows. We recommend that
the Executive Committee devise and execute some plan by which any
present difficulties in the study of the Bible in the College of
Arts be obviated; and the same time the Bible be retained as a
Te)(t book in the College.

G. W. Elley, Chairman
Jno. Shecaelford, Jr.

on nomi-