Alumni Are




Mrs. Ollino C. Wilson, Class
Writes to Class
of 1911

Editor W. C. Wilson, Alumni Secretary
Assistant Editor, Helen J. Osborne

Class secretaries nre busy getting
with the members
of their classes urging that they
be present for the alumni reunion this
yenr. If you hnve not written to
the members of your class get busy.
There Is n list of them elsewhere on
this page.
The following very enthusiastic letter has been sent to the members of
the class of 1911 by their secretary
Mrs. R. C. Wilson, formerly Miss
Olllnc P. Crulckshank.
"Class of 1911,
"University of Kentucky
"Dear Classmates:
"Another year has passed since we
left 'old State' and now we have
renched our 15th anniversary. Quite
old, are we not? Don't you wnnt to



(First Saturday


Regular) luncheon

nt 1:15, Elk's


Philadelphia, May
(First Saturday Regular)
at 1:15,
Engineers Club, 1317 Spruce street.
Buffalo, May 8 (Second Saturday
Regular) luncheon at 1:16, Chamber
of Commerce, corner of Main and
Seneca streets.
Chicago, May 17 (Third Monday-Reg- ular)
luncheon at 12:15 Marshall
Field Men's Store. (Grill Room).
Lexington, Mny 29

The following is n list of the members of the classes which will hold
reunions this yenr and their addresses. Drop a line to your old classmates
and tell them thut you will be at the University for alumni reunion this
yenr, remind them that just so many years ago you left the University
"torether. and tell them you would like to see them here.

University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky.

Prof. Merry L. Pence

Ti,r,.,u tt


Pnlnmhin Ilnivorsitv. New York City.
Bushong Building, Fort Worth, Texas.



Marzclla-Greenu- p


Mrs. Josepn
olulu, T. H.

n. ftasue

iaiue a. nmuui;




Smith E. Alford 5 Locust Street, Flushing, Long Island, N. Y.
James W. Carnahnn, 221 Sast 20th Street, Chicago, Illinois.
Daniel M. Case Lawrcnceburg, Ky.
Dr. Harry A. Davidson 660 Francis Building, Louisville, Ky.
Thomas R. Dean P. O. Box 547, Miami, Oklahoma.
Alice Duck 173 North Broadway, Lexington, Ky.
Joel I. Lvle 750 Frelinehuysen Avenue, Newark, New Jersey.
Edward C. McDowell Southern Engine and Boiler Works, Jackson,
John H. Trigg Georgetown, Ky.
John W. Woods 111 2 North Winchester Avenue, Ashland, Ky.


Harry P. Bassett 739 Drexel Building, Philadelphia, Penn.
Henry Bewlay Imperial Electric Company, Akron, Ohio.
Charlotte M. Bliss 1141 First Street, Louisville, Ky.
Charles W. Bradley Gas & Electric Supply Co., Norfolk, Va.
Mrs. S. R. Buchanan (Nannie Etta Butler) 139 LaFayette Avenue,
Lexington, Ky.
William J. Craig Nashville Blvd., Bowling Green, Ky.
Frank G. Cutler 2651 Pike Avenue, Ensley Alabama.
Major Albert S. Dabney Care of Staff School, Fort Leavenworth, Kans
Frank Daugherty 1324 Commercial Trust Building, Philadelphia, Pa
Dr. Nicholas H. Ellis, Williamstown, Ky.
Dr. John W. Gilbert, Lawrenceburg, Ky.
Mary L. Gordon, Alabama School for the Deaf, Talledega, Ala.
George H. Hailey 108 Lyric Building, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Robert B. Hunt Florida East Coast Ry., St. Augustine, Florida.
William P. Johnson Bagdad, Ky.
Mrs. T. L. Richmond (Leila E. Jones) Box 411, Arlington, Calif
Philip L. Kaufman Straus Bascule Bridge Company, Chicago, Illinois.
Garnett R. Klein 632 Florence Avenue, Avalon, Penn.
Mrs. W. S. Webb (Alleen P. Lary) Cherokee Park, Nicholasville Pike,
Lexington, Ky.
Dr. Drew W. Luten 519 University Club Building, St. Louis, Mo.
Albert R. Marshall 300 Trust Company Building, Lexington, Ky.
Frank W. Milbourn The Coe Mfg. Co., Painesvlle, Ohio.
Mrs. George M. Ewell (Jamie M. Offutt) Fort Sam Houston, Texas.
William Lee Pennington Y.M.C.A., Louisville, Ky.
Wade II. Perkins 732 E. Colfax Street, Denver, Colorado.
Mrs. Robert M. Tuttle Box 230, R. R. 2, San Leandro, California.
Guy W. Rice 309 E. Gamarack Ave., Inglewood, Calif.
Box 411, Arlington, California.
Thomas L. Richmond
Oliver M. SHedd Kentucky "Agricultural Experiment Station, Lex
ington, Ky.
Frank T. Siebert 414 Post Office Building, Philadelphia, Penn.
Charles Treas Aberdeen Lumber Company, Aberdeen Mississippi.
Prof. Wm. S. Webb Cherokee Park, Nicholasville Pike, Lexington, Ky,
Perry West 13 Central Avenue, Newark, New Jersey.
Ella C. Williams Senior High School, Lexington, Ky.


David H. Allen Allen National Bank, Edna, Texas
William J. Baxter Nicholasville, Ky.
Frank Bogard 507 S. Trenton Street, Ruston, La.
Llewellyn C. Brown Care of Evening Independent, St. Petersburg. Fla
Coleman C. Cartwright
Buechul, Ky.
Henry B. Darling P.O. Box 1128, Atlanta, Ga.
William F. Downing, Jr., South Riverside Avenue, St. Cluir, Michigan.
Robert h. Dragoo Kussellville, Indiana.
Rankin P. DuValle Maxwelton Court, Lexington, Ky.
George P. Edmonds
7780 Dante Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
Thomas W. Freeman 305 Capitol Apartment, Raleigh, North Caro
Mrs. L. J. Parrigin (Besse E. Goggin)
Paintsville, Ky.
Dean Achilles C. Gough Idaho Tech. Inst., Pocatello, Idaho.
lumy j. uicgory loti aomn nuru oireei, ijOUisvilie, Ky.
James C. Hamilton 121 W. Third Street, Oklahoma City, Okla.
Joseph N. Harper 789 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Ga.
Prof. Charles C. Hedges A. and M. College of Texas, College Station,

Roy C Hopgood


Thorton Way, Golders Green, N. W. 11, London,

Mrs. Robert B. Hamilton (Katherine T. Hopson)
107 South Fullerton,
Montclair, New Jersey.
Mrs. Robert Graham (Lucy K. Hutchcraft)
1010 South Burey, Urbana,

Sadocie C. Jones 903 South Limestone, Lexington, Ky.
Edward P. Kelly Hawesvillc, Ky.
William P. Kemper Care of Highway Department, Austin, Texas.
Charles P. Lancaster Box 186, Harrison, Ohio.
John W. Lancaster Georgetown, Ky.
Alexander T. Lewis 1502 Locust Street, Philadelphia, Penn.
Byron McClelland
Richmond Road, Lexington, Ky.
Mrs. Abberh Krieger (Eugenia S. McCulloch)
2304 Alta Avenue,


Omar McDowell Euclid, 40th Street, Market Arcade, Cleveland, Ohio.
James S. McIIargue Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station.
Lexington, Ky.
Charles J. McPherson
1998 Upland Way, Philadelphia, Penn.
Wallace II. Magee 534 Powell Place, Indianapolis, Indiana.
Fred C. Mahan Highsplint, Ky.
. vi. vj. ii miHiiia yiuHijmck
dlU b, 1rUWIUrU,

U. of





Under the nblc leadership of Miss
Held Last
Mnrgueret McLaughlin '03, president,

the Lexington Alumni club has accomplished much for which Its members should feel proud,
It was the
president who conceived the idea of
giving dances in the basketball building as a form of entcrtinmcnt for locnl alumni and students nnd nt the
snme time charge n nominal ndmislon.
Four of these (lances have been given
during the pnst two years nnd have
been the means of bringing into the
trensury of the Lexington Alumni
club more than $1,200.00.
Miss McLaughlin began to plan a




St., Covington, Ky.
Henry S. Berry 18 N.
Victor C. Muncy No. 104 West Ninth, Flat No. 15, Cincinnati,
Marks, Mississippi.
William R. Wallis

On last Saturday evening, April 24,
n dnnce wns held in the basketball
building under the nuspices of the
of the general association. The Kentucky Kernels furnished the music.
About three hundred couples were
present and as usual seemed to enjoy
themselves very much. This wns the
fourth of n series of dances which
has been given under the direction of
the locnl club. Those most active in
Its arrangements
were Mnrguerite
'03, Nancy Innls '17,
Mnrie Mnrklcy '20, J. White Guyn ex-'0- 4,
Howell D. Spears '07, Viley
nnd Reed Wilson. '10.

Ky. Educational Assn. LEXINGTON ALUMNI
Meeting Well Attended

Hundreds of teacherH from nil parts
of Kentucky nttended the meeting of
the Kentucky Educational Association
last week in Louisville.
One of the most enjoyable parts
of the program was the University of
Kentucky banquet which was held in
the Brown hotel, Thursday, April 22,
at 6 p.m. Several thoroughly enjoyed
numbers were given by the university
glee club nnd quartette nnd the remainder of the program consisted of
program with her ndvlsory committee
the following highly appreciated
If so, let me know immediately! Our
and it wns decided to entertain the
reunion dinner will probnbly be on
"The University of Kentucky a De- - various teams as soon as the Special
Monday afternoon. Make reservations
cade Ago" Joseph Roemer '04, Pro for each sport had closed.
have been held at the La- fessor of Education nt University of I luncheonsnotel
"Third: Only eleven out of 76 Plnj .
for tno teams nnd have
(living) members have paid dues for
been well nttended by those who are
"The University of Today" John most interested in athletics and other
1925-2What is the mntter? Has
All the class of 1911 gone bankrupt? Re- Y. Brown, student in the College of phases of university life. The Suky
go bnck home to Commencement?
hands up, please!
deem yourselves nnd send In that three Law and grndunte of Centre College. circle has also been remembered. It
"The University of the Future"
has become the policy of the club to
"Now three things hnve prompted dollars today!
Now for n pnrting word, we wnnt Dr. Frank L. McVey, President of the have nil the members of the circle,
this letter nnd hero they are in
numbering about fifty, and at their
a Round Robin for our reunion. To University of Kentucky.
order of their appearance:
to present new
"First: Calendar for Commence- make this it is necessary that every CollegeJ. C. T. Noe, professor in the luncheonhave been purchased sweaters
by the
Education, University which
member of our class send in his or her
history since 1911. Make it snappy of Kentucky, whs the tonstmaster.
"Annual Alumni Business Meeting and illustrate with snapshots. To
The university nnd Alumni associa- these luncheons local alumni nnd the
Saturday morning, Mny 29,
have it bound it Is necessary that the tion
headquarters in the Brown members of the teams and of the Suky
"Class Day Exercises Saturday sheets be of bond paper and the same hotel. had
Among those who registered circle are brought into close contact
and a better understanding and appreinches). Mail
size (8 inches by 10
"Trip to Dix River Dam Saturday your letter flat to me as soon as pos- there nre the following:
ciation is had of the efforts of these
young men and women and the alumni.
The Robin will be mailed to
J. C. Gordan, Walton, Ky.
"Alumni Banquet at Shakertown Inn
The work of the local club does not
all members of the Class of 1911 after
'01 Saturday night.
stop with these things but, realizing'
it is bound. Thus you will see how
W. L. Pennington, 1923 Second the hard financial battles that the
Sunday everybody looks today. Do It now! !
"Baccalaureate Sermon
street, Louisville.
afternoon May 30.
general Alumni association has been
"Hoping that everyone of you will
Mon"Commencement exercises
having, it has donated $200.00 to the
arrive in Lexington on May 29 and
day, May 31.
general association and has promised
Nancy Belle Buford, Newcastle.
expecting your letter very, very soon
This is our reunion and
further support. Our task would be
we want every member to be present T dm, as ever,
Ina Kuy Smith, East Maxwell street, much easier and results far better if
you come ?
for Kentucky.
with all his family. Can't
other clubs would follow the LexingLexington.
W. S. Hamilton," 903 Realty Build ton club's lead.
ing, Louisville.
We congratulate Miss McLaughlin
Street, Paris, Illinois.
for the accomplishments of her club
Henry Ray Moore Western Electric Company, Hawthorne Station
and wish to thank her and her club
Miss Inez Luten, Hickman.
Chicago, 111.
for its assistance.
P. H. Neblett, Hazard.
James C. Newman 621 Maryland Avenue, Norfolk, Va.
Hubert C. Carpenter ex-- , The Court
James C. Nisbet Madisonville, Ky. "Please Forward."
land, 'Louisville.
G. M.
French W, Rankin The James Seffel Co., Springfield, Ohio.
Owensboro Club
Henry E. Read 711 Realty Building, Louisville, Ky.
Frank Bruner, Whitesville.
Philip M. Riefkin 816 Union Trust Building, Washington, D. C.
J. O. Lewis, 520 Locust' street,
Rotarians Elect U. K. Graduate
Herman C. Robinson R.F.D. 3. Lexington, Ky.
of 1916 President of Their
H. A. Babbs, Mt. Sterling.
James Dell Rogers 122 South Michigan avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
O. E. Baird, Barlow.
Henry S. Scott 6422 Kenwood avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
Mrs. Percival Fansler (Mary E. Scott) Norton Heights, Connecticut
Pedley, a
Gracean McGoodwin
Mrs. Cleo Gillis Hester, Lexington
Mary Scrugham Todd's Road, Lexington, Ky.
A. H. Gernert ex, 1907 Deer Park, graduate of the College of AgriculTaylor street, San Francisco, Calif. (Last
Frank R. Sellman 1224
ture of the university in the class,
known address.)
Miss Virginia McClure, Lexington. of 1916, now a prominent business
Maxwell W. Smith Box 1019, Dayton, Ohio.
man of Owensboro, was elected pres13
Harold E. Stevens P.O. Box 596, Fort Myers, Florida.
ident of the Owensboro Rotary club
C. H. Richardson, Georgetown.
at the annual election of officers of
Mary E. Sweeney 71 Ferry street, Detroit Michigan.
the club, Thursday, April 15. While
Hugh W. Taylor Dept. of Agr., Salisbury, Rhodesia, So. Africa.
John Howard Payne, Richmond.
H. L. Donovan, Peabody College, a student here Mr. Pedley was a memRobert C. Terrell Box 230, Lexington.
ber of Kappa Alpha, social fraternity
Nashv'lle, Tenn.
John B. Trice Earlington, Ky.
and of Lamp and Cross, men's hon15
Mrs. Alice Volkman Kiefer (Alice Volkman) 3308 Carlisle avenue
orary senior fraternity, and was promRalph R. Morgan, Louisville.
Baltimore, Maryland.
inent in campus activities.
Miss Mary F. Marten ex, JFulton.
Anna Wallis Ky Agr. Experiment Station, Lexington, Ky.
After graduating from the universChas.'J. Petrie, Bowling Green.
Hampton Ave., Newport
Mrs. Houston Wilson (Fanny
Miss Elizabeth Colegrove, Bellevue. ity, Mr. Pedley was agricultural ediNews, Va. (Last known address.)
tor of the Lexington Herald for a
Miss Grace A. Cruickshank, ColumShipp street, Louisville, Ky.
Wylie B. Wendt-1- 00
year. Then he returned to Owensbia avenue, Lexington.
boro, his home town, where he was
Miss Elsie Luten ex, Louisville.
Montana Building, Missoila, Montana.
Albert N. Whitlock
managing editor of the Owensboro
Rodman Wiley 2313 Carolina avenue, Louisville, Ky.
Enquirer and secretary-treasurCarolyn Lutkemeier, Frankfort.
Florence Wilkie Edgewood Ave., New Haven, Conn. (Last known add.)
the Owensboro Poster Advertising
Nata Lee Woodruff, Eminence.
Horace H. Wilson 139 N. Mill street, Lexington, Ky.
He is now president of
Orem LaMaster, Bedford.
this company and general manager
Louise L. Adams Care L. & N. R.R. Co., Louisville, Ky.
of the Strand Amusement
. Oliver Aulick Wickenburg, Arizona.
Ruth E. Mathews, So. Limestone
A. Babb Mt. Sterling, Ky.
street, Lexington.
Charles C. Bain St. Joseph Lead Company, Bonne Terre, Mo.
Russell A. Hunt, Liberty.
Powell E. Barker, Catlettsburg.
Elmer Weldon, Clay.
Obed E. Baird Barlow, Ky.
C. S. Lowry, Murray.
Arthur C. Ball 206 Republic Building, Louisville, Ky.
Lee McClain, Bardstown.
Ernest L. Beckner 1544 Ruth avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Kenneth R. Patterson, Mayfield.
D. D. Dugan, Crab Orchard.
James A. Boyd 1100 Boulevard, Miami, Florida. (Last known address.)
Miss Esther W. Fertig, Louisville.
'20 Jacob F. Bruner Whitesburg, Ky.
Miss Rowena Ccates, Richmond.
H. L. Hounchell, Bethel.
Thomas II. Burruss, Jr. P.O. Box 1146, Lakeland,
L. V. Burge, Livermore.
John P. Campbell National Electric Service Co., Morganfield, W. Va,
R. F. Peters, Cloverport.
C. S. Acra, Kenton.
C. R. Lisanby, Taylorsville.
William T. Capers 108 West French Place, San Antonio, Texas.
Miss Dorcas Lyons, Lexington.
R. A. Belt, Tolu.
Miss Dorothy Cooper, Lexington.
Mrs. Gentry McCauley (Mattie Virginia Carey) rVersailles, Ky.
Mif5 Judith Yungblut, Dayton.
Perry R. Cassidy 85 Liberty street, New York City.
Neville Fincel, Frankfort.
Miss Sara J. Cole ex- Lexington.
19 So. La Salle street, Chicago, Illinois.
Minor A. Cleveland
Gordie Young, Mayslick.
J. H. Barnes, McHenry.
Benjamin II. Collings Care Andrews Asphalt Paving Co., Halimton, O
Miss Louise George, Liberty.
93 Mill street, Geneva
Mrs. Richard Wellington (Minerva Collins)
R. E. Jagers, Richmond.
H. S. Long, Crestwood.
New York.
Miss Laura Parrish, Lexington.
Miss Louise Smathers, Mt. Sterling.
G. Colson
Pineville, Ky.
Miss Mary Esther Haggan, LexingMiss Katherine Truman, Paducah.
Charles E. Daniel 101 Park Avenue, New York City.
Miss Mary Elizabeth Barnett, Grove
Miss Margaret II. Cole, Lexington. Center.
Oscar Lee Day 1513 Rockefeller Building, Cleveland, Ohio.
Miss Mary Adams, Danville.
Miss Mary Lee Taylor, Bowling
Ernest T. Douglas 126 Stiltz avenue, Louisville, Ky.
Mrs. Jere Beam (Lucy Kavanaugh), Green.
Virgil L. Downing 4611 Pope street, St. Louis, Mo.
C. V. Mattingly ex- Warsaw.
Wallace G. Duncan
Orchard Square, Caldwell, New Jersey.
H. E. Netherton, Flemingsburg.
George C. Dunlap Dry Ridge, Ky.
Mrs. Belle Walker, Murray.
Alenne Leach, Central City.
Charles F. Dunn 1914 So. 9th Avenue, Maywood, Illinois.
Miss Margaret Ligon, Princeton.
W. B. Stallard, Catlettsburg.
Harry D. Easton 304 Ardis Building, Shrevport, La:
Miss Ruth Hughson, Hickman.
J. II. Powell, GlasgoWj
Sprigg C. Ebbert P.O. Box 592, Birmingham, Ala.
Miss Kitty Conroy, Anchorage.
Miss Mary Elizabeth Atkins, Bow
H. V. Tempel, Lawrenceburg.
Mrs. Warner M. Proctor 326 Peterson avenue, Louisville, Ky.
ling Green.
W. F. Coslow, Simpsonville.
Miss Sarah Thorn, Greenville.
John J. Fitzpatrick Apartado 51, Avenida de Miraflores, 34, Sevilla,
Miss Catherine Dunne ex-- , Lexing
Miss Alleen Lemons, Greenville.
Miss Frances F. , Coleman, LexingMcDowell A. Fogle Hartford, Ky.
John B. Williams, Lewisburg.
John M. Foster State College Station, Raleigh, No. Carolina.
Miss Helen Porter Roberts, Lexing
Miss Ritchie Stevenson, Fulton.
Paul Francis Pioneer Jellico Coal Co., Pioneer, Tenn.
Miss Margaret Mae Todd, Lexington.
Walter A. Ham Avon Lake, Ohio.
Arthur B. Haswell P.O. Box 245, Ensley, Alabama.
Miss Jean L. Smith, 140 Maxwell
Turner Gregg, Louisville.
Mrs. Otta Herrenkohl (Jessie F. Hibler) Care Forest Hall, Bridal street, Lexington.
Miss Katherine Roberts, Lexington.
Miss Gertrude Collins, Maysville.
Miss Jennie Louise Stamler,
Vail, Oregon.
E. A. Gans, lied House.
Phil Holloway Nicholasville, Ky.
Wm. Edward Hudson, Lexington, Ky. (Last known address),
Mrs. A. T. Ramsey Winton avenue, R.F.D. 1, Louisville, Ky.
Mrs. Lee Kirkpatrick (Marion G. Johnson) Paris, Ky.
James O. Lewis 520 Locust street, Owensboro, Ky.
William A. Lurtey Maysville, Ky.
Hendrix G. Lytic 3810 Swiss avenue, Dallas, Texas. ,
6 p. m.,
May 29.
Otto C. Martin Hartford, Ky.
James E. Martin 24, West 83rd Street, New York City.
Evert Mathis West Liberty, Ky.
I also wish
George B. Merchant Andrews Asphalt Paving Co., Hamilton, Ohio.
to Dix
Grover C, Mills 305 W. Wayne avenue, Pittsburgh, Penn. (La
known address.)
II. Lee Moore Buffalo Forge Co., Union Trust Building, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Bernard T. Moynahan Nicholasville.
Floyd R. Naylor Room 1003 T. & P. Building, Dallas, Texas.
'John A. Needy 1716 Meharry street, Lafayette, Indiana.
in communication

Alumni In Art Department, 9:00 to
10:00 a.m.
Lexington, Mny 20 Class Day
10:00 to 11:00 a.m.
Lexington, Mny 29 Annual Alumni
Little Theater,
Business Meeting
11:15 a. m.
Lexington, Mny 29 Alumni trip to
Dix River dam, 2:00 p.m.
Lexington, May 29 Alumni Banquet Shnkertown Inn, 6:00 p.m.
Lexington, May 30 Bnccnulaurcate
New Gymnnsium, 3:30 p.m.
Lexington, May 31 Commencement
Exercises New Gymnasium,

Sec-retnr- y,


Pedley Is
Head of






plates for
Please reserve
at the
Alumni Banquet to held at Shakertown
Inn, at
to make reservations for
to take the automobile trip
that afternoon.