xt79s46h2f29 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt79s46h2f29/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19770527 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, May 27, 1977, no. 180 text The Green Bean, May 27, 1977, no. 180 1977 2014 true xt79s46h2f29 section xt79s46h2f29 I I 3:9-
27 May - Administrative Council Meeting — Agriculture
Science North, Room A—6 (Ground Floor)
2 June — Reception for Janet Sheets, candidate for position
of Assistant Director of Public Services, l0-ll AM,
Solarium. (
3 June - Library Faculty Meeting - 8:30AM, Gallery
2-4 June - Kentucky Film Conference, Kentucky State University,
Frankfort (see note.)
l0 June - Library Staff Organization picnic - Jacobson Park,
5PM, (see note)
Current Exhibits: Gallery, Department of Special Collections-
"Books and Graphics from Die Eremiten Presse" (through 6 June):
Foyer, King Library North-Spanish Manuscripts and Imprints
(l3—l7th centuries); a selection from the collections of the
University of Kentucky Libraries.
Contributors to this number: Wanda Dole, Faith Harders, Rebekah_ (
Harleston, Claire McCann (Guest Editor), Jeanne Stevens, Boby‘ -
Turner, Martha J. Whiteside and Paul Willis. `.“1 »

Q Art Libraries Society Election:
Q At the May 14th meeting of the Kentucky—Tennessee Chapter of
y the Art Libraries Society (ARLIS), Wanda Dole, Architecture
» Librarian, was elected chairperson of the chapter for 1977- _
i 1979 term. z
Q Government Documents Workshop: I
g Twenty librarians from the designated U.S. depositories in I
? Kentucky met on May 20, 1977, at the University of Kentucky
Q for a one—day workshop.
I Rebekah Harleston reported on the meetings she attended in
Boulder, Colorado in April, which dealt with changes in the y
law (44 USC) which governs the federal depositor system. The
morning discussion included the new Monthly Catalog, with its I
_ entries cataloged according to AACR, and use of Library of
j Congress subject headings instead of earlier indexing terms.
The approximately 1500 documents entered each month can now
be accessed by OCLC. Information on methods of arranging
A collections, circulation and interlibrary loan policies, and
‘ "the public" of the depositories was exchanged. Sources of
Z acquisitions of and bibliographic control of Kentucky documents
was another subject of concern to the group.
i Following lunch in the President's Room of the Student Center
g at which Paul Willis made welcoming remarks, the group moved
from the Government Publications Department to the King Library
North Gallery.
Publicity and problems, Special Libraries and GODORT were also
addressed. Class instruction of documents and one-on—one ·
teaching--methods and materials——are of concern. Samples of I
audio—visual materials and other types of teaching and reference
helps were illustrated.
A time schedule for duties devolving upon the selective depositories
and the Regional (University of Kentucky) was developed. Continued
efforts at cooperative acquisitions among the various libraries
are being formalized, and stated policies for serving areas sur-
rounding the libraries are being studied.
? This workshop was one way that the Regional library may serve as
_ a clearinghouse for the state.
· Staff Picnic Planned:
. The Library Staff Organization is planning a picnic for all library
staff and their families to be held Friday, June l0, 5PM at Jacob-
Q son Park. Sign—up sheets will be sent to all departments within
f the next week. If you have not yet paid your LSO dues, now is the
* time to do so; fu1l—time staff-—$l.00 for the remainder of the
j year and part-time staff (associate members) who work less than
§ 32 hours per week-—50¢. Dues should be paid to Mary Welch,
' Cataloging Department, MIK-North.

{ Professional Vacanc : i
Cynthia Amann will be leaving July 31, Anyone interested in
transferring to Instructional Services should see Faith Harders
as soon as possible.
The professional position (Jean Graef) that was once in Circulation
may be returned to that department in July. Anyone interested in
an internal transfer should see Faith Harders as soon as possible.
LT Vacanc :
Administrative Services is considering adding a person to the V
staff to coordinate day to day operations..Any LT IV interested
in a lateral transfer should see Faith Harders as soon as possible.
Correction: V
The vacancy in the Business Library announced in last week's
Green Bean was listed incorrectly. It is an LT III, not an
The Kentucky Film Conference will be held at Kentucky State
University, Frankfort. The program opens on June 2 with the 7
Kentucky premiere of the film Harlan Count , USA. The program _
is designed to encourage film programming at the local level
in Kentucky. For more specific information, see memorandum
in Director's Office. ‘ ,
P S P 0 OPP0 U § V
Assistant Librarian. University of Florida, Gainesville. _
Available: July 1, 1977. Salary: $9,300-$12,204. Q
Assistant Director, Technical Services. Louisiana State University. ·
Baton Rouge. Applications due: July 31, 1977. Available: July 1, 1977. `
Salary: minimum $20,000.